ZSJ claims tapping out Tanahashi is childs’ play! (#njdest)

ZSJ claims tapping out Tanahashi is childs’ play! (#njdest)

Our greatest strength in 3K is
our ability to turn a loss into a positive. Today’s loss is just another experience,
and we’re stronger for it. This will lead us to what’s next. And thinking of the ‘BLUE’, I picture
something major, that encapsulates everything. I hope to become a big-hearted man, like that. The man who represents ‘JUSTICE’ is the one who
taught me that my heart could never be defeated. I will become that kind of wrestler. Also…
I just lost my wallet… But after seeing my mentor,
that completely left my mind. The BLUE has the power to do that. Our opponents came at us harder because
SHO, YOH, and Tanahashi are all hunks. I was outside today… There’s a typhoon approaching. Please stay safe, everyone. Don’t put your lives in danger. I have the Junior Tag League coming.
I want to have a good showing. Rocky and Taguchi…
I’ll make it happen. But it seems like Rocky doesn’t want to, does he?
He doesn’t think much of me? Aren’t we friends? Well, I will definitely make Rocky notice me. We’ll be the unpredictable force
of the Junior Tag League. We’ll make our impact.
We’ll be a power in the Junior Tag League. But nothing starts unless Rocky agrees to it. Rocky, I’m looking forward to
hearing something good from you. Zack, what makes you so frustrated?
British politics? I did study law in school,
so you should take some advice from me, Are the politics really getting to you,
or is it the fact that I hold this title? Let me tell you what I like about you Zack, You’re the only one who is still calling me ‘ACE’. YOH, SHO, it serves you right. I hate phony, hipster wrestlers like you.
We’ll see each other more on this tour, huh? Get hyped. ¡HUEVOS PUTOS! 俺の引き出しを
全て出させてみせるだと? 隠してるものなんてないぞ
俺のプロレスは芸術だ 今日だって本気でやる必要もなかった 誰でも簡単にタップアウトさせてやれる
TEKKERS 俺は世界一のテクニカルレスラーであり
まだ成長途中だ お前はTVゲームの話なんかしてるが
俺は一度もゲームになど興味を持ったこともない ファイナルファンタジー?
俺も90年代はゲームボーイ持ってたけど テトリスやってたぞ 俺はゲームなんかに時間を無駄にしない
俺がやるのはプロレスだけだ まぁ たまにならバーで
ゲームはやるけど… だけどファイナルファンタジー?
お前にとってあのベルトはファンタジーなのか? だけど…ブリティッシュ・ヘビー級のベルトは
お前の腰によく似合ってる…それは認める 棚橋がレジェンドであることは
もちろん分かってる あいつが巻くことでベルトのレベルが上がる
それはメリットだ まぁもう二度とあいつが
巻くことはないが お前が巻くのは
これが最初で最後だ お前がベルトと過ごせる時間もあと一週間だ
だからキスはやめてキレイにしとけよ Where was he?
Where was he? Jyushin Liger…
Where have you been? “MOYASE, MOYASE…” “IKARI WO MOYASE…” You don’t have any anger left, do you? You have no rage, do you, Jyushin Liger? You’ve lost your fighter’s spirit, haven’t you? Did it all burn out? Don’t think you can escape this.

27 thoughts on “ZSJ claims tapping out Tanahashi is childs’ play! (#njdest)

  1. Well ZSJ, Words didn't understand like benedict arnold or boris johnson. ZSJ doesnt care his county. Tell ISIS wanna join another country?

  2. Minoru Suzuki is still stuck on facingJushin Thunder Liger. New Japan Pro Wrestling need to make this happen a lot sooner than later. I'm tired of hearing this man's name coming out of Suzuki's mouth.

  3. DOUKI finally got to do a brief post match interview. Although he didn't get the pinfall victory, it's about damn time he and his team won instead of wasting him.

  4. I want Rocky and Taguchi to win the Tag League and then the titles. I'd rather see them each take turns as US champ, but tag titles also works.

  5. If Zack takes back the title, I hope he rolls up Tanahashi or something like that. ZSJ never wins by pinfall, it would be surprising and I don't wanna see Tana tap again to this guy

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