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Chairs 2019 pay-per-view my full match card prediction, but before to start I
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always we’re gonna start with the kick-off show as usual to start we have the
WWE women’s Tag Team Championships the Kabuki warriors
defending the titles against The IIconics Second and last match on this kick-off show it’s a tag-team action as well we’ve got The Street Profits facing
the best tag team in the world the original the official the only Club that
matters The O.C Now, its time for our main show and our
first match to start for the SmackDown Women’s Championship Bailey defending her
title against Carmella Next match, we have one-on-one action between Bobby Lashley with Lana on ringside, against Rusev, in a chairs match Moving forward on the card, we have for the
Intercontinental Championship Shinsuke Nakamura with Sami Zayn on
ring-side against Daniel Bryan Now it’s time for some extreme
action we have a six men tag team Tables Ladders and Chairs match Next match for the United States
Championship we have Aj Styles defending the title against Humberto Carrillo, in a ladder match. Next, it’s for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships we have The New Day against Heavy Machinery Next match on the card, it’s for the RAW Women’s Championship we have Becky Lynch defending the title against ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair in a tables match. Close to the end of this card, we have one-on-one action between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy. Now, it’s time for our co-main event match and we have a Fatal 5-way to determ the #1 Contender for the for the WWE World Championship at Royal Rumble. TODAY it’s Survivor Series day, and I think Kevin Owens will turn on RAW or maybe Seth Rollins, so maybe if that happens, Andrade could have that spot But anyways, I will play with this match, tell me what do you think about it! And it’s time for our Main Event Match, and it’s for the WWE Universal championship The Fiend defending the title, against Braun Strowman in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. and that was it my full TLC match card prediction. Today it’s Survivor Series we’ll see what happens as
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96 thoughts on “WWE TLC 2019 | MATCH CARD PREDICTION

  1. WWE TLC 2019 It's hereee! And if you watched NXT War Games last night…it wasnt only hell of a night, but also we have the pleasure to see KEVIN OWENS AGAIN!!! What does it mean that TONIGHT for Survivor Series? We'll see…I told you on the video (and I made it days ago) if that happened…Andrade could have that spot so…we'll see. Hope y'all had enjoyed and…let me know what do you think about it. T

    Thanks for watching.

  2. My winners
    Kabukki warriors
    Street profits
    Daniel bryan
    Roman & team
    Aj styles
    New day
    Charlotte flair
    Alister black
    Seth rollins
    The fiend

  3. Kabuki Warriors
    The O.C
    Daniel Bryan
    Corbin, Ziggler & Roode
    AJ Styles (intervencion OC)
    The New Day
    Becky Lynch
    Aleister Black
    The Fiend


  4. Unfortunality kabuki warriors are buried because they defended the tag titles against becky and charlotte.This match is advertised and after maybe kabuki will never back on tv for a long time again.Sadly.They want every womens titles(raw,sd.tag) to have a control against wwe 4hw and the future is mma 4hw.

  5. Do you do every wwe pay per view every year? This is my second time saying this. But what I say is..HERE COMES SURVIVOR SERIES BAY BAY.

  6. Excelente match card para #TLC esperemos que suceda tal como esta o un ejemplo xd Saludos Brother de Lima Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏻

  7. My winners
    Kabuku warrior
    O. C
    Shinuske nakamura (by the help of Sami zayn)
    Roman, Ali, shorty g
    Aj style(o. C will attack carlito)
    The new day
    Becky lynch
    Allister black
    Drew mcintyre
    The fiend

  8. My winners TLC
    Kaboki warriors
    Street profits
    Daniel Bryan
    Team Roman Reigns
    AJ Styles
    The New Day
    Becky Lynch
    Aleister Black
    Randy Ortan
    The Fiend

  9. My winners
    Kabuki Warriors
    Street Profits
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Corbin Ziggler and Roode
    Aj Styles
    New Day
    Charlotte Flair
    Aleister Black
    Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens
    The Fiend

  10. MY WINAR
    THE O.C
    Read more

  11. This is a great match card for next month TLC PPV I hope this card exists in real life because this will gives us entertaining matches and it will set things up for the Royal Rumble PPV in January

  12. buen video bro! PD: recuerdas mi predicción para Survivor series? Ya casi se cumplió, Kevin Owens uniéndose a NXT, solo falta que se confirme y Rollins traicione a Raw en medio de la lucha😂😂

  13. My winners
    Kabuki Warriors
    The OC
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Shorty G,Roman,Ali
    AJ Styles
    Heavy Machinery
    Becky Lynch
    Aleister Black
    Drew Mcintyre/Ricochet
    The Fiend nice video 🙂

  14. Nice card man!
    Here is mine!

    WWE Womens Tag Team Championship TLC Match – The Kabuki Warriors(c) DEF Becky Lynch & Charlotte, and Bayley & Sasha Banks

    Aleister Black DEF Andrade

    United States Championship – AJ Styles(c) DEF Randy Orton

    Universal Championship TLC Match – Bray Wyatt(c) DEF Braun Strowman

    RAW Tag Team Championship – The OC DEF The Viking Raiders(c) & The Street Profits

    Dog Collar Ladder Match – Roman Reigns DEF King Corbin

    Chairs Match – Rusev DEF Bobby Lashley

    WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship – The Revival DEF The New Day(c)

    Tables Match – Seth Rollins DEF Erick Rowan


    Ricochet DEF Drew McIntyre

    Intercontinental Championship – Shinsuke Nakamura(c) DEF The Miz

  15. Okay kalifax im feeling this but i think should be jus seth rollins vs Drew McIntyre in a number one contender ladder Match to face brock lesnar and i think ur right the fiend vs braun strowman but in a Table Match bobby lashley vs rusev its alot of bad blood forget the chair match i think they should punish each other in a gruesome Tables Match as well

  16. But if becky vs charlotte again at tlc or rumble and if charlotte beat becky for the title(like mitb 2019):Becky lost the last a little bit feel to charlotte and better snap than summerslam 2018.I cant wait this😁😀😂

  17. Broooo…Helluva night last night at Takeover…i mean… Rhea Ripley and Candice LeRae betrayed and still winning the match…that was literally 4-2 handicap…then Matt Riddle so close to put away balor… but he came up short by losing…then we had Pete Dunne winning a NxT title shot at Survivor Series just like you predicted…my prediction is that he'll win the title…and last…a helluva return from Kevin Owens at a 5 star WarGames match…still i'd love to see The Fiend vs Braun Strowman!!
    Great Video bro…Keep it up✌👍💪

  18. MY WINNERS –
    2. THE OC
    3. BAYLEY
    4. RUSEV
    7. AJ STYLES

  19. For the Wwe women tag team champion I want Kabuki Warrior defense the title against the Bella twins❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. My TLC Match Card Predictions:
    Kick-Off Show
    The New Day (c) vs The Revival
    Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy
    Main Show
    Viking Raiders (c) vs The O.C. vs The Street Profits
    Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Daniel Bryan
    Bobby Lashley vs Rusev (Lana on a pole match…)
    Just jk (TLC Match)
    Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns
    AJ Styles vs Humberto Carrillo (Chairs Match)
    Bayley (c) vs Carmella
    Randy Orton vs Andrade vs Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre vs Richoche (Winner faces Brock at Royal Rumble)
    Becky Lynch (c) vs Asuka (Ladder Match)
    The Fiend (c) vs Braun Strowman (TLC Match)

  21. For your kind info there's no tag team match between team roman and corbin….the match is between corbin vs reigns a dog collar match

  22. Hi My Friend! Just came here after watching Survivor Series.
    To your TLC match card predicition: Carmella vs Bayley would be nice! Wyatt vs Strowman will be too early.. I think the Fiend will get some more opponents to win against. To my mind, the Fiend will only lose to Lesnar, Reigns or Strowman… What do you think about that ?

  23. my winners
    1. The Kabuki Warriors
    2. The Street Profits
    3. Bayley
    4. Rusev
    5. Daniel Bryan
    6. Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, Shorty G
    7. Aj Styles
    8. The New Day
    9. Charlotte Flair
    10. Aleister Black
    11. Seth Rollins
    12. The Fiend Bray Wyatt

  24. Iiconics
    Street profits
    Team reigns
    Heavy machinery
    Becky-want liv morgan

  25. Grande Kalifax! Viendo el video… dados mis años mirando WWE y siendo un super fan, creo que el campeón va a ser Jhon Cena esta vez y no McGregor (eso espero 🙏🏼)

    Saludos, sigue así!

  26. My Dream Match Card For TLC 2019:

    Universal Championship
    Bray Wyatt vs Braun Stroman
    Chairs Match

    WWE Championship
    Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens vs Drew Mcintyre
    TLC Match

    Raw Women’s Championship
    Sasha Banks vs Naomi

    Smacdown Womens Championship
    Ember Moon vs Auska
    Ladder Match

    United States Championship
    Aj Styles vs Alister Black

    Intercontinental Championship
    Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
    Tables Match

    Top Mens Rival
    Seth Rollins vs Lars Sullivan
    TLC Match

    Top Mens Rival
    Rusev vs Bobby Lashley
    Ladder Match
    (Winner becomes #1 contender for wwe championship)

    Top Women’s Rival
    Charlotte vs Auska

    Top Womens Rival
    Nia Jax vs Natalya

  27. My winners are
    1. Becky Lynch
    2. Bayley
    3. Brown strowman
    4. Hambartocarlio
    5.The street profits
    6. In the royal rumble seth rollins.

  28. My prediction TLC :-
    1. The kabuki warriors Vs Charlotte and Becky lynch . Winner kabuki warriors
    2. Roman reigns Vs baron Corbin
    Winner Roman reigns ( TLC match)
    3. Seth Rollins Vs Kevin owens ( tables match)winner Kevin owens
    4. Alester black Vs buddy Murphy ( chairs match ) winner alester black
    5. Bayley Vs Dana Brooke winner bayley
    6. Rey Mysterio Vs AJ styles … Winner Rey Mysterio
    7. Shinshuke nakamura and samy Zayn Vs Mustafa Ali and shorty G
    Winner Ali and shorty G
    8. The Viking raiders Vs the oc
    9. The new day Vs heavy machinery
    10.the feind Vs Braun strowman winner the feind …

  29. por lo que vi esta semana raw y smandock cambiaron ya muchas cosas
    por ejemplo 1. wyatt el demon wowi wowi esta contra Daniel brayan campeonato Universal.
    2.bayle vs lacey evans por el campeonato femenino de
    3.kabuku warrios danzantes trans vs nikki crosh y alexa bliss por los campeonatos en parejas femeninas
    4..seth rollins vs kevin owens

  30. My Winner
    Kabuki Warrior
    Street Profit
    Daniel Bryan
    Ali, Shorty and ,Roman
    Humberto Carrillo
    New Day
    Becky Lyanch
    Aleister Black
    Randy Orton
    Braun Strowman

  31. My Winners
    The Kabuki Warriors
    The O.C
    Daniel bryan
    Team Regins
    Aj Styles
    The New Day
    Charlotte flairk
    Aleister Black
    Randy Orton
    The fiend

  32. My Predictions of Who Would Win Are
    The Kabuki Warriors
    The Street Profits
    Bobby Lashley
    Daniel Bryan
    Roman , Shorty & Ali
    AJ Styles
    Heavy Machinery
    Charlotte Flair
    Aleister Black
    Drew McIntyre
    The Fiend

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