– (FBE) Okay, it’s time for a challenge.
– I love challenges. I just don’t like ones that are hard. – (FBE) But the challenge
this time is not to flinch. – Oh, are you showing me
injuries and stuff like that? That’s… (grumbling). – It depends how gross it is.
I don’t like gross stuff. And I don’t like horror movies too. – (FBE) To defend
your title as challenge champion, you’re gonna have to defeat
many superstars again, including– – Jeez, I’m going to try
and beat her again? – Ah, I can’t watch stuff like this. (buzzer) – Was there a flinch?
(buzzer) – Was that a flinch? Aw, man!
(buzzer) – Oh my god!
(buzzer) – See, my reaction
was to totally flinch there, but I’m not flinching
because that’s the task at hand. – But I can laugh at these, right?
– (FBE) Yes! – (devious chuckle) – So I can laugh at these people? – (slight chuckle) – I’ve actually seen that one before, so I kind of knew what was coming, so it was almost cheating. – Skateboard stuff, nah.
You can see that anywhere. – (man) What is he doing?
– (cameraman) Holy [bleep]! – (bystanders groaning in disgust) – Yeah, these are the best. Did you know
there’s an entire Twitter and Instagram devoted to this? – Does he have a Twinkie on his back? – This happened to my father too, so I don’t understand
what is so impressive about this. – (cameraman) Holy [bleep]! – (gagging) I’m sorry. What is that?
(buzzer) – I bet it smells terrible! Oh my god.
(buzzer) – There’s no way all that’s in there. Ugh! (gagging) I’m good. That
was just a tickle in my throat. (buzzer) – (woman) Look at it!
– (man) Oh my god! – That’s so disgusting. – That is a lot of puss. – (groaning) Ooh! Wait, does that count as a flinch? – (FBE) Yep.
– Really? (groaning)
(buzzer) – It’s like making a sausage. Put that on the frying pan
when you’re done, mate. – He’s not long
for this earth, I don’t think. (birds chirping) – I don’t like snakes though.
I’m not into snakes at all. – “World’s largest dead snake.” – They just found it dead? – That snake ain’t dead. – Where is Ice Cube at?
Anaconda’s dead. – All right, got a long snake here. – Real life, I’ll run. (buzzer) (buzzer) – Oh, that is not dead.
That was very much alive. (buzzer) – That might count.
(buzzer) (buzzer) – Didn’t flinch. – I said the snake wasn’t dead. (indistinct conversation) – (urgently) Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Why are you doing that, man? – (cameraman) Aah! – Why would anyone put that online? (buzzer) – (cameraman) Aah! – Oh my– dude.
(buzzer) – (cameraman) Aah! (buzzer) – (cameraman) Aah! (banging table) – What were you thinking, fella?! (buzzer) – (cameraman) Aah! – (snorting) – Mmmm. – I think he’s dead. (beeping noises) – Oh, the dude just walks out. – Wow, that was pretty crazy. Still not flinching though. – He’s just limping. That’s all that he got hurt,
was an ankle. – Can I see that one again? – (fighter) Over here,
it can do a lot of damage. – Oh, not– not this. I think I’ve seen this one. – Oh, he ’bout to get his ass whup. Anybody with a stance like that. – Oh, is this where
the guy breaks his leg? – I can’t watch this. This guy’s shin’s
gonna snap or something. (fighter screaming) – Aaaaaah! (laughing) So gross! (buzzer) – I saw Anderson Silva. That happened
to Anderson Silva at the UFC fight. – He just has hyper-extended legs. This is only joke. – (laughter off camera) – Why?
(buzzer) (buzzer) – Oh my gosh! Oh wow, that one hurts. – You don’t know this,
but my arm does that. Yeah, yeah, I’m double jointed, so he might be working this, I think. – Don’t pick him up! What?! He’s standing up! – Kind of looks like an ostrich
after that kick, to be honest. – Is that real? Wow, the guy’s a gumby. – That’s pretty incredible. – Got to be terrible
if your knees do that. – (FBE) Congrats! You did it. – This was it? I am very bored. – Me being Titus O’Neil, you know, I step up to all challenges. – Dude, two for two! – (FBE) There was some flinching! – Yeah, I know, it was the bike
because I used to drive bikes. – I flinched before
I even saw a few of them. – I’m not good with
the not laughing, not flinching. I’m sorry. – (FBE) How does it feel having won
both of these challenges? – I would venture to say
that I’ll probably beat everybody, and if there’s someone
colder than me in this company, God help us all. (chuckling) ♪ (jubilant rock music) ♪


  1. Roman comes across as a nice guy irl. still gonna boo him though. he's like the epitome of terrible booking.

  2. I love Chris Jericho. He's the only one of these people I recognized. I haven't watched wrestling in like 15 years.

  3. I've saw these people in real life because I've saw them wrestle, I used to watch wrestling all the time but now I don't (I'm just always on my phone)

  4. Chris Jericho: if there is anyone colder than me in this company god help us all
    Stone cold Steve Austin: don't act like I'm not here

  5. wwe try not scared, please with
    Roman reigns
    seth rollins
    titus o`neiul
    chris jericho
    alicia fox
    enzo amore
    big cass
    kofi kingston

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