WWE Raw Sept. 24, 2018 Full Show Review Results & Recap: DEAN AMBROSE TURNING HEEL ?

WWE Raw Sept. 24, 2018 Full Show Review Results & Recap: DEAN AMBROSE TURNING HEEL ?

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start this Monday Night Raw review and I am going to address the elephant in the
room I am going to start off and address a certain individual I am going to
address what a lot of people are addressing on social media right now I am going to address the killer I am
going to address Brie Bella Brie Bella for the last three weeks we have seen
Brie Bella a almost kill herself on to suicide dives be fuck up wrestling holds
and wrestling moves constantly and see injure super stars that she is in the
ring with and last night on Monday Night Raw
I think it was the worst one of them all you know when you’re in the ring if
you’re a WWE Superstar if you’re in in um if you’re a Kevin Owens and you’re in
the ring with fucking AJ Styles you feel safe to wrestle with AJ Styles because
AJ Styles is a ring general and AJ Styles is going to make you look good
and execute the moves properly and always be in the right position at all
times when you’re in the ring with AJ Styles you trust AJ Styles to protect
your life and your body because you don’t think that AJ Styles is gonna do
something stupid and calls you an injury I mean accidents happen but continue
continuing continuing accidents that happen week in and week out with Brie
Bella this woman shouldn’t be in the fucking ring anymore this woman should
be fucking retired this woman should be home being a mother for the last three
weeks Brie Bella has fucked up consistently in the ring
and possibly injuring their he her opponent last night on Monday Night Raw
we had a match between the riot squad right versus Brie Bella Nikki Bella and
Natalya there was a spot in this match when Brie Bella went for yes kicks
yes kicks yes the same yes kicks that she continues to fucking use that her
husband uses and stealing his spotlight because she has nothing fuckin you know
to do on her own she has to steal fucking the yes kicks from Daniel
Bryan’s so she performs the yes kicks the first two were fired yes kicks but
the third the fourth and the fifth yes kicks I mean are you fucking kidding
me she kicked poorly r Mogan little Lulu
Morgan Ali Morgan in her fucking face so fucking hard that she part possibility a
Findlay Morgan a fucking concussion Sarah Logan noticed it Ruby Ryan noticed
it everyone watching at home noticed it the fucking referee I don’t know what
the fuck the referee was doing he was just standing there watching the whole
thing we should have fucking stopped a match you know and gave Lulu Morgan some
fucking time to recuperate but no the referee was the fucking douchebag of
them all that didn’t fucking notice what the fuck was really going on during the
match so Brie Bella continues the match and
she goes for the pin and I’m like why are you fucking painting a woman that’s
fucking obviously injured I was surprised that Lulu Martin Lee Morgan
fucking kicked out she was legitimate fucking knocked out and she barely
kicked out of the fucking tree cow then after that you can obviously see
Brie Bella hole Lulu Morgan’s fucking head talking to
her with her fucking hair down talking her are you okay are you okay are you
okay she’s not okay Bri so then she takes her by her neck and she drags her
to the fucking corner where the fucking riot squad is in the background you can
hear Sarah Logan oh yeah she needs out she needs
out Ruby riot fucking tags in and continues the fucking match if this
woman Brie Bella cannot execute a fucking yes kick why the fuck is she in
the ring why the fuck is she on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown life first of
all is she the fucking Undertaker is she fucking John Cena is she fucking Brock
Lesnar is she fucking Hulk Hogan and she can end up to any fucking show that she
wants to Brie Bella is fucking horrendous in the ring and last night it
was a fucking disgrace what she did last night to Lou Morgan it was an absolute
disgrace and I couldn’t believe what the fuck I was watching here are some people
on Twitter and they’re saying the exact same thing about Brie Bella and I quote
seriously if you’re having issues in the ring every week and now you’re hurting
opponents maybe it’s time to step back I don’t think people understand the
stupidity of dragging someone after a possible injury just a side note for
everyone who doesn’t know if anyone is potentially injured do not move them you
might cause more harm than anything this situation was handled horribly bleah
horrible Brie seriously needs to get herself back in
to retire before she does anything worse to
herself or someone else I also cannot believe she dragged Lee by the neck
after knocking her out either this spot on Monday nitro was fucking handled
terribly Brie Bella flat-out knew that she kicked Luke Morgan her fucking face
not once not twice but three fucking times she kicked her dead in her fucking
face and then she’s looking at Luke Morgan like what’s going on what’s going
on can you fucking tell did you just kick a human being three times in the
fucking face and they could be fucking possibly injured then you go for the
pain like a fucking dumbass go for the fucking pin
I’m surprised Lee Morgan kicked out people I am 100% surprised Lee Morgan
kicked out because they followed Lee Morgan I would have fuck him in out
conscious out conscious right here she could have a possibly neck injury she
can have a serious concussion and the referee I don’t understand he’s just
standing there he’s just fucking standing there doing nothing then she
picks her up by her neck and drags her to the ring she could even fucking stand
up she she collapsed right on the fuckin in the fucking mat again this situation
people was the worst situation that you could possibly see on Monday Night Raw I
swear to God if she would have gave her one more kick in her head I think she
would have killed her in the middle of the Ring and the referees just standing
there the referee is just standing there he
should have put the X sign up immediately
fuck this match nobody cares about this match anyway nobody cares about this
match who the fuck cares about the rice gross Brie Bella Nikki Bella Italia
nobody they should have drew up the fucking
next time on national television this is a fucking human being that’s in the ring
that’s getting seriously injured by a fucking retard that don’t know how to
fucking wrestle shoot a fuck is stay retired that should
stay they fucking mom at home I’m sorry but if I’m I’m in this woman’s division
and one of these creative fucking retards tell me hey you have a match we
breed brother tonight I’m like I’m not fucking going in the ring with that
fucking lunatic I’m not going in the ring with that lunatic because this
could have ended leave Morgan’s career and now she’s injured I’m hearing
reports that she is legitimate injured I don’t know how much time she’s gonna be
out but my God he’s fucking three kicks that Brie Bella gave her I thought she
was trying to kill her and the referee did absolutely nothing about it moving
on people let’s get into this fucking review I just wanted to start the review
off with dat’s where Bella fucking horrible she is in the ring and she
needs to fucking get out of the ring I think the shoe she should never be in
the ring again after this fucking horrible performance that she’s had in
the last three weeks the horrible performance so she’s had she almost
killed herself people on Smackdown live and Monday Night Raw when she went for
some at least she went for two suicide dives in a match and she almost fucking
broke her neck twice Brie Bella needs to get off television the Bellas need to
get off television can we put some women in the ring that can actually wrestle
like fucking na Bailey and amber moon right Sasha banks I mean where are these
fucking women they’re fucking buried on the fucking main roster but you want to
give me Brie Bella and fucking Nikki Bella two women that fucking almost
killed wrestlers in the last three weeks moving on people Brie Bella needs to go
I’m sorry I just wanted to start the review with that we start to show with
fall Baron Corbin’s job is on the line Stephanie McMahon and Triple H come out
of a limousine to address Baron Corbett Stephanie happy birthday happy birthday
to you happy birthday to you hat and there’s triple Eight’s
coming out of the limousine hey well look I’m glad you’re here I’ve got your
office set up just the way you asked let me take you to it
so you know what Baron that’s okay because everything I have to say to you
I can say right here so awkward Charlotte I’m gonna go good luck
you know Perry when Kurt went on vacation they made you acting general
manager I sort of expected that you were gonna do the job that Kurt wasn’t
honestly I’m doing the best I can but the shield I expected you to lead I
expected you to take charge I expected you to make good decisions so let me ask
you a question was putting yourself in a match for the universal championship a
good decision on your part look I admit that putting myself in that match may
have been across the line but you know Roman and his buddies the shield they
got promotion buddies they’re provoking yeah I mean the shield they’re just
running crazy right so then you have no control so then you’re not a leader
listen Baron mistakes are tolerated up to a point but excuses never are so if
you’ve got a problem with the shield how about you go get yourself to tag team
partners and take them on in a match tonight take care of your business where
Kurt Angle might be back from vacation a little sooner than we had anticipated so WWE in the beginning of the show
planting seeds to a Kurt Angle return and obviously Baron Corbin is on his way
out of the general manager position immediately when he when Stephanie
McMahon said fine to tag-team partners the first people I thought about was
fucking alters of pain the authors of pain which was a good thing to put the
authors of pain in the ring in the main event of the show which was a fucking
absolute great thing for altars of pain and I’ll get to that in a minute
I mean did you really think WWE is gonna think outside the box and think outside
the bubble and bring up the fucking wall Raiders from NXT or bring up fucking
undisputed error from NXT or bring up the street profits from NXT absolutely
not WWE doesn’t go the extra mile and gave
the fans what they really want right they give them the altars of pain which
was I think a great decision on WWE’s part design finally gave the authors of
pain some sort sort of spotlight moving on the shield start to show in the ring
addressing the dogs of war I absolutely hate that name how fucking uncreate if
Kim money and our creative team be the dogs of war could they gave him another
fucking you know stable name that but the dogs of war I mean come on now
that’s just fucking lazy booking but Robert Raines speaks and says that the
shield are the workhorses of the WWE I’m sorry that was Dean Ambrose who spoke
and said that the shield are the workhorses of WWE and Roman reigns says
we hold the keys to the kingdom as soon as this man fucking talks and picks up a
mic he gets fucking booed out the building so whatever the fuck Vincent
Kennedy McMahon Stephanie McMahon and Triple H and everyone else that runs
this fucking circus this fucking Roman reigns agenda shield thing isn’t working
because this man continues to get booed out of the fucking building but here is
Dean Ambrose gets an unexpected offer are the three workhorses in WWE no we
may have lost a few battles here and there but we have never lost a war and
as you can see we’re still standing I mean you could read off our resumes
but it would take probably all whoo Roman and he’s laughing does he know
there boy anything at the same time move simple fact is all we have to do is this
and he holds a title up in there the title that means nothing in the WWE he
holds Universal Time like it means anything as Steph Rollins it’s the same
thing like the Intercontinental title means anything right now the universal
title and names the kind little tired of me shit mean shit you can go to WWE shop
calm right now and get the universal title plastic mode and is worth more
than these two fucking titles on money net whoa
Roman reigns does nothing for the universal title Roman reigns is the
worst Universal champion of all time yes he’s worse than fucking Goldberg was
people at least Goldberg you know held a title and you knew he was a legitimate
badass you know that can fucking hold the title and me let it mean something
to him but Roman reigns are you kidding me this guy is fucking horrendous as the
universal title and I cannot wait to see someone take the tire off of him I hope
fucking at crown jewel Brock lesner takes the title offer off for him
because you know Brock Lesnar was a legitimate fuckin badass champion even
though he didn’t show up on Monday Night Raw every week but everyone knew that he
was the badass and knew that no one could take the fucking title off of this
guy and Steph Rollins being this kind of champion it’s just a waste it’s just a
fucking waste you got Elias you got Finn Balor you got Kevin Owens on that roster
that should fucking be be the Intercontinental Champion right now it
held the title defend the tide every fucking week these two titles last time
on an eye-roll weren’t even fucking defended didn’t Roman reigns the same
when you became Universe champion there’s gonna be a fighting champion
that he was gonna defend the title week in and week out what the fuck happened
to that what the fuck happened the stavros open challenge that he was
defending the title every week and putting a 5 star match after 5 star
match after five star match what happened with that
that was just a flash in the fucking pan these two champions are fucking
horrendous on Monday Night Raw because these
championships are the keys to the keys to the kingdom keys of the kingdom
motherfucker you are the keys to the fucking kingdom are you kidding me those
two titles are the keys of the kingdom Roman you already fucking own the keys
of the kingdom my friend tonight hmm Baron Corbin I mean the world’s largest
substitute teacher he seems to think the shield’s a problem and if I overheard
correctly I think Seth Seth told him to round up a couple of partners that come
out of here and show the shield who’s boss well Baron Corbin we’re out here
and we’d love to show you how big of a problem we could be right me Super Show it’s gonna be the two you
versus the four of us and I ain’t talking about Corbin what do you I know
you probably didn’t graduate the third grade but your math your math is a
little off there why don’t you consult dummy wanna dummy – on your left
get that thing straight how corny Megan want to run that math by your
brother Dean Ambrose because I think Dean is starting to see the light you
see Dean the shield needs you listen to this but Greg don’t Brahma heal from
Dolph Ziggler it’s ridiculous Roman and said do not appreciate you demon you
deserve more possible he’ll turn true extreme plant disposable Dean or team
Hollywood they call you behind your back you see when Seth couldn’t beat me at
SummerSlam who did he beg to come back and help him WWE you know you sacrifice
myself per set then would you get from it being a little cretin how about the
very next storyline Monday Night Raw mr. monster in the bank is cashing in for
his chance at the universal championship and Dean what happened you sacrifice
yourself for Roman everyone sacrifices himself for Roman everyone on Monday
Night Raw sacrifices himself on Roman I’m glad that Dolph Ziggler brung this
up and threw it into a storyline because everything that Dolph Ziggler said last
night was absolutely factual truth he said that Dean Ambrose sacrificed
himself full Roman braun strowman is sacrificing himself for Roman Finn Balor
sacrificed himself for Rome in the first night that Roman reigns was a universal
champion right they fed Finn ballots Roman reigns right everyone sacrificed
himself for Roman including on fucking Smackdown live people I’m glad that
Dolph Ziggler brung this up now is champion Roman is champion and Dean is
just a sucker I guess so think about this Dean you
hang with us Intercontinental title it’s all yours brother I know it’s not
easy and it would be nothing short of committing treason to turn your back on
them but here we are ready man just shut up all right
Roman reigns has to kill the great fucking frog
that’s all this man has to say shut up all right shut up Roman had to kill the
fucking promo I’m much more the Rattus I’m much better with the seen it
offstage to continue to promo for next 5 minutes then Roman reigns to kill this
fucking gray promo when Dolph Ziggler is speaking fucking
truth bombs to the WWE Universe I thought I was fucking just watching CM
Punk all over again when he fucking sat down and started talking fucking pipe
bomb to fuckin the whole WWE Universe Roman reigns cuts him off – watch your
gums well yeah we paid it we paid the see you bum to fucking just whoop your
ass so let’s do it kills the whole fucking vibe of the
fucking program so then walk down the ramp no house saying yes yes yes they want to
see it tonight for the WWE doesn’t do the right thing no it’s all about the
money we have to wait wait we’ll deal with the shield and we’re gonna spoil
your little reunion before tea to begin so there you have it there you have it
so they say they’re gonna to they go and spoil their reunion tonight so Baron
Corbin versus the shield and two other partners later on tonight’s moving on
Dolph Ziggler approaches Dean Ambrose in the back and tries to get into Dean
Ambrose’s head this was great great stuff I must admit from Monday Night Raw
last night great stuff on this story listen listen listen I wanted trouble I
wanna fight I wanna find my son hey hey listen all I’m saying all I’m saying is
out there out there earlier all I was saying was the truth and you know that
all I was saying was the truth where was this shield where was this
shield when you were out for nine months you must die from a staph infection
where were they huh they don’t care they don’t care about you you mean too much
listen listen I was on Smackdown with you I was there I was there okay I saw
you I saw you do everything you can do on your own you were champion there I
saw it all my own eyes they don’t give a damn about you and you know that you’ll
always just be part of the show tonight tonight when you you go up
against Corbin and his crew you don’t have to do anything all right I know how
hard it is to turn on your brothers I know what it means you don’t have to do
anything we’ll be out there watching and just give us a signal man we’ll take
care of the rest so they keep twisting and turning and
twisting and turning this story line with Dean Ambrose this is fuckin
excellent this is fuckin excellent this is what we
wanted we want a Dean Ambrose he’ll turn just like Stef Rollins did fucking years
ago when he turned his back on Roman reigns and Dean Ambrose where did that
take Stef Rollins that brother was on the top of his fucking game he was the
fucking architect he was the fucking face of the WWE
he was the WWE Champion and hopefully WWE pushes Dean Ambrose as a heel if if
Dean Ambrose is gonna turn heel on the shield which I expect them to do because
the shoot is not gonna last forever okay Steph Rollins and Dean Ambrose are
bigger than the shield there are fucking singles competitors they shouldn’t be in
a faction the only reason they’re in a faction is that they’re there to protect
Roman reigns from getting boo that’s it and I feel bad for both of them because
they can do so so so much more on their own through McIntyre Stef Rollins claims
that Dolph Ziggler is using drew McIntyre to really help but notice
you’re talking about the truth a lot out there and I figured I’d find you and
give you a little dose of the truth that you’re talking about y’all me in Rome
and using Ambrose but the truth is that you’re the one who’s being used and you
think on strowman gives a damn about you no he’s just using you to get what he
wants and we although Dolph Ziggler’s the weak link in that team he’s been
riding your coattails since day one you’re the talented one you’re the one
picking up all the victories I understand why is it the adults getting
all the Intercontinental Championship opportunities
shouldn’t that be you and you’re carrying off every step of the way you
literally carried him out of the match at Hell in a Cell I just think before
you point fingers at me in Rome amusing Ambrose is for naught you should take a
good long look at the mirror think about who’s being used so WWE being creative
WWE planting seeds on to potential terms definitely 100% I think Dean Ambrose is
gonna turn on the shoe sooner than later and I definitely think Drew McIntyre is
going to turn on Dolph sick because room a guitar is bigger than Dolph Ziggler he
should be fucking WWE Universal Champion in my eyes and Dean Ambrose Stef Rollins
they’re going to turn someone’s going to turn on the chute and break the Sheila
because those two factions are not gonna stay around for a very long time so WWE
being very creative with the storyline hopefully they continue it and don’t
fucking kill it moving on Finn Balor versus endured
Mahal Finn Balor versus Jinder Mahal who cares about this match obviously I don’t
I gave two fucks about this match and on top of this you got Bailey and Finn
Balor’s corner Bailey on Finn Balor’s corner and then you had Alicia Fox why
is Alicia Fox still employed with the WWE I don’t know and why is she getting
television time on WWE I don’t know meaning this match that meant absolutely
nothing Finn Balor beats ginger Mahal this is the best we have for a former
NXT Universal Champion go figure the battle twins versus the Bella Twins
and Natalya versus the riot squad like I mentioned in the beginning of this
review Brie Bella needs to be out of the fucking wrestling ring she almost killed
in poor Luo Morgan last night riot squad beat Brie Bella and The Bella Twins and
Italia I want to address another thing people the Connors cure okay the Karnas
cure I absolutely know what the WWE is doing with this cancer research
absolutely 110 percent love what they’re doing okay but when they bring this on
television and have all these superstars standing out there it hurts the
superstars characters it really really really does
you have braun strowman’s standing out that you have Kevin Owens standing out
there I mean you’re making them kill their character you’re making them come
out of character at this point I think it’s great what they do with the counter
cure but when they bring the WWE Superstars involved and on live
television it just makes the superstars look bad as their characters okay if
this was Bailey if this was a fucking full-blown babyface it’s fine
because they’re baby faces okay that’s what they do they do nice things like
this like John Cena it’s fine but when you got fucking braun strowman standing
up there he’s the monster oh man he’s a heel when you got fucking kevin owens
standing out there he’s a fucking heel right what have you had Tomaso chomp out
there right tomaso Chomper he’s fucking biggest dickhead in the fucking WWE
you’re gonna have Tommaso chomp out there representing Connors cure are you
fucking kidding me what would that do the colossal Champa it would kill his
fucking character I just did not like that aspect with this Connors cure
absolutely and absolutely 110% love what the WW doing with the Connors cure and
blah you know throwing all this money into it and trying to find a cure for
cancer right I absolutely love that but I mean when you bring those heel
wrestlers into it and have them standing out there in the ramp it just kills
their character it’s all I’m saying moving on Dolph Ziggler I’m sorry Chad
gable versus Connor how many fucking times are we going to
see the Ascension with Chad Gable and fucking Bobbie roof how many times are
we gonna see these guys in the ring together more mixed and matched this
week we had Chad gable versus Connor Connor beat Chad gable Connor finally
got a win the Ascension finally got a win after being buried for fucking years
Connor beats Chad Gable can we put please these guys in a better storyline
the Ascension were one of the best tag teams in NXT Chad gable was fuck he’s
fucking excellent in the ring and Bobby rue is a former NXT champion he’s
another one that needs to turn heel immediately I mean these four guys are
doing nothing right now on the main roster moving on
Triple H reminds the Undertaker who’s he facing at WWE super showdown Stephanie
Triple H excuse me I know we need a lot going on tonight but I’d be remiss if I
didn’t ask you Triple H about the Undertaker’s comments from last night
Charlie tonight has been an incredible night but it’s like I got this I got it
what would you like to know well last week Athena mom said that you
have a broken soul and that delusion would be your downfall because you’ve
gotten corporate the Undertaker is worrying about a suit that he has
already lost we’re not gonna be fighting in suits we’re not gonna be fighting in
a boardroom and as far as him taking my soul I sold that a long time ago anybody that is honest with themselves
can feel it in the air and coming for a while now when it comes to the
Undertaker the end is near so WWE continues to sell this Triple H
and undertake a match at super showdown Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre versus
of arrival for the raw Tag Team Championship this tag-team match was
absolutely fantastic I kind of thought several spots in this match felt like
the revival we’re going to take the tag team titles off of Dolph Ziggler and
drew McIntyre I thought they were there was a couple
of near faults and I said well the revival is gonna be this fucking team
and become finally raw tag team champions but WWE didn’t do the right
thing didn’t get the revival the tag team titles didn’t get the revival a
chance to revive the tag team division through McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler beat
the revival with a claim or 1 2 3 for the win and still your tag team
champions drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler Oh what else happened on this
show bobby lashley versus Alliance poor Elias you know what his history is just
dying a slow death his stick is just dying a slow death week in and week out
we see allies come out with his fucking guitar and who wants to walk with Elias
and I have one thing to say the same old shit week in and week up being
interrupted and being interrupted we already seen bobby lashley versus elias
we get it again last night bobby lashley beats Elias Elias should
be fighting for the Intercontinental title or in a fucking main storyline and
he’s not Elias has so much talent and he’s just been absolutely wasted on the
main roster just like a lot of wrestlers are being wasted right now on the main
roster I think the lives will do a lot better on Smackdown left you put allies
in the ring will draw the sea anonymous you put Elias in the ring with fucking
AJ Styles you put Elias in the ring with fuckin Daniel Bryan you put allies in
the ring which some mojo I mean you got money there but what is the lies can
what it what does allies have on Monday night
ought to do he has nothing do you want to see a few little Finn Balor I mean
we’ve seen that already having feud with Bobby Lashley we’ve seen that already
who is he gonna feud with I think allies is just a lost soul on Monday Night Raw
right now like a lot of wrestlers are it’s just about Roman and the shield and
the dogs of war that’s it that is absolutely everyone else is just
dying a slow death more TV time for Alicia Fox my god I have seen enough
Alicia Fox in one night but we get some more of Alicia Fox this time in a
fucking wrestling ring inning match Anaya Jax with amber moon
amber moon was just a fucking manager all of a sudden now Jax with Amber moon
defeats Alicia Fox with Alexa bliss and Mickie James now Jack’s Alicia Fox I
mean could it get any worse two fucking women that can absolutely
wrestle cannot absolutely cannot wrestle whatsoever I mean it is what it is
people I just I’m just sick of saying the same thing over and over and over
again Stefan is trying to recruit drew
McIntyre into the shield boom now what now relax I should be
asking you the question I just had your partner Seth Rollins approached me there
you did everything we said to you every little truth spun them and applied them
to me oh why would he do that I have a couple of theories number one Seth has a
big idea for a four-man shield an unstoppable force or perhaps it realizes
everything we said was true maybe he enrollment should text you more
maybe they should have checked up on you maybe he’s looking for a replacement and
maybe maybe I’m just overreacting it’s not like seth has ever stab you in the
back before whoa
to the point by drum a guitar and then we have the match the shield versus bank
or and a o P the ending of the match was very very very odd when Dean Ambrose hit
dirty deeds on Baron Corp the match right there should have been over
obviously Dean Ambrose could have got the 1 2 3 count for the victory but mr.
fucking hog the spotlight himself Roman reigns does a blind tag and blind tag
himself in and hits the spear for the 1 2 3
Dean Ambrose is standing there like okay I could ended the match but Roman reigns
comes and steals the spotlight from Dean Ambrose and the shield beat Baron Corbin
and AOP after the match you got too hot the fucking dogs of where war all over
on the ramp standing there Dean Ambrose is outside and then steph Rollins and
Roman reigns are in the ring so people are wondering what Dean Ambrose is gonna
do because he’s gonna go walk with dogs of war is he gonna walk in the ring with
the shield obviously he walks in the ring with the shield and throws out his
fist and Roman throws out his fucking fist and instead I’ll throw his fist and
then the shield do their polls and Monday Night Raw goes off the air but
Monday Night Raw people it was still a fucking horrendous show it was still a
horrendous show but WWE did get a little bit creative with this storyline twist
that they’re doing now with Dean Ambrose and it’s possible here it’s he’ll turn
and true McIntyre’s possible turn on Dolph Ziggler so hopefully WWE continues
these storylines because lately the storylines on Monday Night Raw
that has really had not been a fucking story there hasn’t been a story in
months that people can grip and grasp themselves into n you know care about
the product but we’ll see what happens next week but that is gonna be your
money now robber youth September 24th 2018 I may say from New
York thank you guys so much for the love support if you guys liked the video
please guys hit that like button subscribe to channel don’t forget to hit
that Bell for all notifications when I upload a video and I will see you guys
next time

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  2. Liv Morgan was out of it after the 2nd. Knocking her out, and the Michael Cole telling us she was in the back getting help but Liv was still on the floor getting medical treatment. It was ridiculous, that the ref, who's job is to prevent serious injury. Brie's tweet about the incident soundly like something from a PR firm. She should be suspended, or she should be released. By dragging her by the neck, Brie should have known from her experience seeing her sister and what she went through, that this is very dangerous. I became paralyzed from a broken spine and a serious concussion. If I was a wrestler, and they told me that I was going to wrestle Brie, I would have come up with a sudden fever. WWE is an absolute mess.

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