WWE Raw 9/3/18 Full Show Review & Results: THE ROMAN REIGNS AGENDA CONTINUES

WWE Raw 9/3/18 Full Show Review & Results: THE ROMAN REIGNS AGENDA CONTINUES

the cancer that is Monday Night Raw continues to spread oh my god I think Monday Night Raw last night was the most bizarre the most weird the most illogical Monday Night Raw in the history of WWE television on the USA Network nothing that we saw last night made absolutely no sense everything that we saw last night made absolutely no fucking sense Monday night Raw’s creative direction it is the worst of all fucking time it is mind-boggling to me people that the Monday Night Raw executives the Monday Night Raw creative team the board members Vince McMahon have meetings about these shows and they discuss and the creative team presents these scenarios to Vince McMahon Triple A Stephanie McMahon whoever the case may be these segments are discussed before they are presented to the WWE Universe right and it’s mind-boggling to me as a fan as a hardcore WWE fan that’s been watching the product for over 30 fucking years it is mind-boggling to me that this garbage because there’s another other there’s not another way to put it this garbage gets okayed to air on fucking Monday Night Raw I mean the Fox Network just bought Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live they paid 1 million dollars for garbage if I’m the executive or the owner of Fox Network I am calling Vince McMahon ASAP and telling him to turn things around before I reject this fucking contract because if WWE is thinking to put this garbage out of the Fox Network the Fox network isn’t a fucking in for a rude awakening Monday Night Raw right now is the lowest of the lowest of lowest ratings right now this is worse than Doink the Clown Brooklyn brawler fucking Tatanka era ok I think that era was more entertaining and better than this fucking era that we have currently on Monday Night Raw right now the 1-2-3 kid right Tatanka crush fucking arm who else was in that era Doink the Clown member those gimmicks I think all of those wrestlers are doing a fucking much better job than this fucking garbage that we’re seeing right now on this fucking Network it’s all about the fucking shield and it’s all about Roman reigns right now WWE last night fed the entire fucking roster fed the entire fucking roster to the shield Finn Balor was in that group Bobby Roode was in that group the authors of pain were in that group the fucking revival was in that group the whole entire roster was fed to the shield in the beginning of the show do you know how bad that makes finn bálor look do you know how bad that look makes the revival the authors of pain Bobby Roode former NXT champion look you’re supposed to send out jabbers out there not fucking top guys of the fucking company there is so much fuckin logic gaps that I saw last night that I’m just scratching my fucking head and I’m like why why Kevin Owens returns I thought he quit last week I thought he quit last week there was a lot of speculation going around with Kevin Owens are they gonna change his gimmick is he gonna be a Paul Heyman guy what’s going on there was a lot of speculation littered a little bit of juice and a storyline that was gonna come out of this Kevin Owens shows up last night any attacks bobby logic I actually why I thought he quit last week logic gap number one the revival week before we had a match set up for this week of revival versus the fucking B team for the tag team titles everyone thought the revival we’re gonna win the Tag Team Championships tonight and revive this fucking circus that is the tag team division right what happened drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler come and attack the revival taking their place in the match and winning the tag team titles again I ask the question why why the glorious former NXT champion carried NXT on his back as a fucking heel comes up to the main roster they turned him into a babyface now he’s in the fucking bits of hell the bottom of the bottom of the fucking sea on Monday Night Raw hey Bobby Roode um we don’t have anything for you tonight on Monday Night Raw we don’t have anybody shooting for you to feud with you know what Chad Gable doesn’t have anything else to do so we’re just gonna put you with Chad gable together and put you as a tag team let’s just do that tonight again I ask the question why why is Chad gable with Bobby Roode can I get an explanation please on any of these scenarios why why Elias Elias this man had a fucking fantastic match with Steph Rollins a couple of months ago for the Intercontinental Championship a fucking great match they had with him I don’t remember the pay-per-view it’s a couple of months ago everyone thought Elias is gonna be Steph Rollins become the next Intercontinental Champion Elijah showcased his talent in the ring he’s a good damn wrestler he’s very entertaining but now on Monday Night Raw all he is is a timepiece he’s just put in a spot to take up some time and not wrestle just come out and just talk and get interrupted and then fucking get destroyed by whoever interrupts him I asked again the question why he looked like a fucking complete buffoon last night he was tongue-tied because Alexa bliss just kept going on and on and on and on on and on and on that took forever and a life is just there agreeing with Alexa bliss I asked a question why isn’t Elias wrestling he is just coming out with his stupid guitar getting interrupted week in and week out why is he not in the ring wrestling The Bella Twins The Bella Twins why are the bella twins twins back in the WWE and to top it off they asked Ronda Rousey that they want to be her trainer again I asked the question why why would Ronda Rousey want to be trained by the fucking Bella Twins really now the Bella Twins they can’t even do a fucking suicide dive correctly Brie Bella was broke her fucking neck twice last night she can’t even execute a suicide dive but they want to train a fucking UFC Hall of Famer again I ask the question why would you make that segment and ax a stupid question like that to Ronda Rousey this fucking show Monday Night Raw I have absolutely had it with this show I won’t be surprised if we have many people on subscribing to the WWE Network as we speak because this show is just getting worse and worse and worse it’s like a cancer that is spreading and it doesn’t have a fucking cure right now this show is fucking horrendous the only thing that was good on the show was a promo that was cut by two 50 year old 50 year old legends that’s it that is absolutely it the promo that they cut last night Shawn Michaels in the Undertaker was the only great segment on Monday Night Raw the rest of it was complete garbage trash Vasudha in Spanish that’s it – 50 year-old guys caught a great fucking promo I thought I was watching Monday Night Raw from the fucking 90s I thought I was watching Monday Night Raw for in the fucking early 2000s when I heard much Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker in the ring cutting a promo that is it the wrestlers show was god-awful the fucking shield gets arrested the shield gets arrested braun strowman through fucking Roman reigns off the fucking stage right flipped it a fucking ambulance over crushed Roman reigns many times in the years back and braun strowman never got arrested braun strowman to a fucking studio fucking set stage set on top of fucking Kane almost killed him and braun strowman didn’t get arrested but the sheer get arrested last night because they want everyone to feel bad for poor Romy poor Roman Roman reigns Roman reigns is the fucking cancer right now he is the fucking cancer right now on Monday Night Raw because everything and everyone on Monday Night Raw revolves around Roman poor Steph Rollins poor Steph Rollins and Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose coming back white-hot from his injury everyone’s excited for him and he’s gotta go rub shoulders with this fucking clown Steph Rollins the hottest fucking guy in the fucking WWE putting five star matches week in and week out and what does it got to do no you ain’t getting a universal title you’re not getting a shot at Brock Lesnar you’re gonna rub shoulders with Roman because you need to leave make Roman look good we don’t care about your career we don’t care about Dean Ambrose’s career we don’t care about Finn Balor’s career we don’t care even about braun strowman’s career we need to make Roman look good that’s all it’s about people this fucking show the raw creative team and Roman reigns are running it down to the fucking ground and this show last night made absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever they should call it Monday no sense raw Monday no sense raw that’s what they should have called it last night because the show creatively was fucking horrendous logic gaps all over the fucking place they don’t explain nothing to us why is Chad Gable gonna be put together with with Bobby Roode why is Kevin Owens back did he quit last week why is drew gulick on Monday Night Raw true gulick was fuckin stomping up a fucking mud hole on Roman reigns after the fucking show before the show ended true Goulet is in the air fucking 205 live wrestler what is he doing on the main roster I acts again people why you see where I’m coming from this is fucking horrendous people horrendous I don’t know what else to say I can end this fucking review right now I can end this fucking review right now that’s what that that’s a fucking that was money and I run a nut shell I can end this fucking review right now I don’t know I don’t know man I don’t know anymore I don’t know what else to say this show is just this show is a piece of shit that’s what it is a piece of shit Lord we open up the show with braun strowman right braun strowman comes out and he says roman reigns and his boys the shield he shows what they did to it to the shield last week on the titantron basically stamping down that he is a fucking heel right out comes the shield to attack braun strowman Dolph Ziggler and Roman and then the whole entire roster comes out and is fed to the fucking shield when I saw that I was like are you fucking kidding me you’re gonna sacrifice your whole entire roster and bring them all out to look like fucking buffoons and get fucking destroyed by the fucking shield that’s how much the WWE Brawl creative team and Vincent man cares about their roster it’s pathetic pathetic absolutely pathetic after that the she’ll get arrested again I asked the question why why did they get arrested I don’t know we don’t know we don’t know moving on from that garbage The Bella Twins returned and beat the riot squad three Bella almost fucking killed herself twice trying to do a fucking suicide dive definitely ring rust like a motherfucker who cares about this Bella reunion all there are as fucking celebrities now I don’t care about fuckin total Bella’s and all that fuckin political bullshit that’s the reason they’re on money never also promote right the riot squad get buried and fed to the fuckin Bella Twins moving on Chad gave on Bobby Roode versus the fucking Ascension the Ascension if I’m the century I am counting down to the days that my fuckin WWE contract is up I’m counting down the days to my WWE contract is up so I can go fucking rub shoulders with the fucking bullet club in fucking New Japan Pro Wrestling because I’m wasting my talent on Monday Night Raw the Ascension was a great fucking tag-team in NXT because tribulation knew how to utilize death but Vince McMahon his fucking clowns don’t know how to utilize nobody they were drafted the Monday Night Raw to what to get fed to everyone because they haven’t fucking won in match in fucking four years Bobby ruined Chad Gable have no fucking tag team experience together and they bury the Ascension go figure Bobby were looking who looks like a fucking complete moron with Chad Gabe when Chad Gabe looks like a complete moron next to Bobby Roode they fucking two polar opposites just lazy booking Bobby ruined Jack gave a beat the ascention Alexa bliss wants to walk with Elias this fucking segment just kept going on and on and on and on and the lies is they’re just listening to Alexa bliss run her fucking mouth can we get a lie say fucking Challenger please can we get him some fucking competition this man has probably had two matches two fucking matches in the last three months he had a match with Bobby fucking trashley Lashley and he had him matched with Steph Rollins who else’s he fought Curt Hawkins are you fucking kidding me can we put him in the ring of finn balor please can we put him in and we were in with chad gable someone that could fuckin wrestle please instead of coming out every fucking week hello I am Elias what does WWE stand for I’m gonna play a tune and his fucking god-awful City and Roop and he gets interrupted the same shit weakened and weaker he’s just a fucking time filler he’s just a time thriller to come out there and get interrupted for 20 minutes cuz wwk not fucking booked this show correctly that’s all it is after this we have a fucking match that was god-awful match Natalya versus Alexa bliss who cares who cares tops they’re gonna Drew McIntyre assault the revival in the back taking them out of the tag team picture tag team title picture the B team versus Dolph Ziggler ooh McIntyre drew Max and obstacle Erwin and they win the tag team titles I asked a question why you know why because the shield is gonna hold every fucking title on Monday Night Raw that’s why cuz Roman already has a universal championship ride and if you think that Roman reigns is gonna lose that Universal title a Hell in a Cell you are a fucking clown too Roman reigns is not gonna lose this universal title because Vince McMahon sucks that Samoan cock and the shield is going to beat eventually drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler for those tag team titles mark my fucking words the shield will have every fucking title on Monday Night Raw outside yes every fucking side on Monday Night Raw Rollins will have the Intercontinental title here and he’ll have the tag team title here and Ambrose will have a tag team title and Roman would have the universal title and the shield will fucking have every title in the fucking raw roster Drake maverick aligns himself with the authors of pain again I ask the question why how did this come about can I get an explanation where the fuck – Drake maverick come from he came from man he isn’t the fucking 205 live general manager why is he with daughters of pain now I know they need a mouthpiece but can I get an explanation please can I get an explanation why Drake maverick is aligned with the fucking odds of pain now still waiting for that answer Monday why raw Monday no sense raw I was scratching my head the whole fucking night people the whole fucking night I was scratching my fucking head Dana Brooks is finished with titus worldwide thank fucking Jesus Christ thank God Dana Brooks walks out on Titus worldwide what else happened on this fucking shit show Kevin Owens returns and lays out Bobby Lashley after a fucking stupid segment with ginger Mahal trying to find Bobby Lashley ‘he’s inner-peace all three ginger mahal and sue sing whatever the fuck a sing brother they got a carpet in the middle ring and they sit down like fucking three fucking retards I’m saying who is booking this fucking segment I don’t know where Kevin Owens comes and he fucking attacks Bobby Lashley why did he attack Bobby Lashley why did Kevin Owens return they didn’t Kevin Owens quit last week why why and fucking why and I bet you next week we’re still not gonna get an explanation for any of this stuff any of this stuff on the taker Shawn Michaels promo the only best thing that happened on Monday Night Raw period is Undertaker this is what you need to understand the fact of the matter is that Triple H is still the game he is still the Cerebral Assassin and as far as what’s left in the tank sorry Monday and I think he’s got a heck of a lot more left than you so I’d tell you to be super showdown the Cerebral Assassin is going to cerebral assassinate the Undertaker an undertaker one thing you need to understand is there is absolutely nothing the only best segment I’m on an eye-roll that’s it the wrestlers fucking shit let me fast-forward it before I get monetized for fucking on the takers music this just became personal I took the best that you had and I took the best a triple rate head and I put you both down and in the process I reached in and took part of your soul and your egos can’t accept it you Jose Triple H because I took the one thing from you they’re all most important your career is that what you think I’ve stayed away and stay true to my retirement because I am a man of my word because I am a man of honor a man of integrity I have stayed away and stayed retired out of respect for the system out of respect for them and most important and most importantly I’ve stayed retired out of respect for you I don’t respect respect for the Undertaker is it respect or is it feeder because if you had ever chosen to come out of retirement they would have only been one person that you come for me it make no mistake about it I would put you down all over again and there’s one other thing you know in Melbourne Australia I’m gonna put your buddy Triple H down again that was the best part of Monday nitro that segment right there that segment Undertaker says that he’s gonna put Shawn Michaels body down again this was the best segment Elise the Columbus Ohio crowd got something to pop for because the rest of the show was fucking god-awful they got the CD Undertaker moving on finn bálor my god finn bálor another one when his contract has expired bro take the fucking first flight to fucking japan and go with cody rhodes and kenny omega and the fucking young bucks and joined the fucking bullet club brother because you my friend are buried alive buried alive finn bálor smiley Finn is back buried on Monday Night Raw the demon king came up for one night only to fuck your face Baron Corbin eventually so the next night to be come back as the fucking smiley finn bálor to get buried by everyone finn bálor vs braun strowman finn bálor gets fed to braun strowman the week before he got fed to roman reigns I mean he’s just feeding he’s a feeding tool on Monday Night Raw that’s all he is this man can’t get a fucking win he gets fed to Baron Corbin to Ben Maller we’re talking about gets fed to Baron Corbin braun strowman and Roman reigns poor Finn Balor my god I’m a huge Finn Balor fan and he’s just a feeding tool now my god how they have absolutely ruined the finn bálor from the NXT finn bálor sad to say oh my god the shield get devastated get demolished by every heal on the Monday Night Raw roster we had my Canales we had the ascension we had the fucking altars of pain we had ginger Mahal I think Kevin Owens was in this group too through gulick they all stomp a mudhole on the shield and after this segment is over braun strowman Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre are on the stage mocking the shield with their fists pumps they all put their fists together mocking the shield and Monday Night Raw goes off the year that was Monday Night Raw in a nutshell you didn’t miss jack shit and if you didn’t watch it you saved yourself from scratching your fucking head all night long this has been your Monday Night Raw review for September 3rd 2018 I am AC from New York this has been scoring a circle if you guys want to follow me on Twitter Instagram Google+ and Facebook at AC from New York if you guys want to become a patreon to the page patreon.com/scishow Marcin dice is well I have merchandise if you guys want to check out squaring the circle merchandise I have a link in the description down below let me know what you guys think of this fucking Monday Night Raw disaster in the comment section down below please let me know your opinion I love to interact with my fans and I’ll do my best to reply to your comments also guys if you guys liked the video hit that like button please hit that like button because it it does wonders for the review if you hit that like button and that will definitely appreciate hit that like button subscribe to channel don’t forget to hit that Bell for all notifications when I upload a video and this was your Monday why raw review thank you guys

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  2. Looks like the Roman Three Ring Circus continues. After last night, I hope to God that Kenny, The Young Bucks, and Cody NEVER come to wwe. EVER!

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