WWE Raw 8/13/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: DEAN AMBROSE RETURNS ! Go Home Show.

WWE Raw 8/13/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: DEAN AMBROSE RETURNS ! Go Home Show.

you know where was we’re just what’s six
days away from SummerSlam and last night Monday Night Raw episode was the go home
show for Summer Slam or should I call it Roman slam right you would think that
WWE would do everything in their power to get you excited for SummerSlam but WWWE does the absolute opposite to get
you non excited for Summer Slam this show was fucking horrendous like always
this show was fucking just horrendous I was on my phone probably the whole night
while I was trying to watch this on television god I was so bored that I was
on my phone texting or I was on my phone looking at social media or I was doing
things that had nothing to do watching the WWE product last night I mean they
had one segment on the show that was actually good the end of the show when
Dean Ambrose returned was great but you have some people on social media saying
that the show was good because of one fucking segment we have 16 segments on
this show and only one segment at all 16 segments out of the three-hour show we
had one good segment one good segment now how the fuck does that make Monday
Night Raw a good show I would love to know what these people are smoking that
think that Monday Night Raw last night was a good show I would love to know
what they’re smoking a they probably know nothing about the WWE product –
they standard level is fucking low as fuck or
three they gotta be a fucking Roman reigns fat one of those three let me let
me run down the card here for you people that we saw last night of money in that
role and that the four poor poor poor people that paid all that money to go to
the show scene last night we had a match between amber moon and Alexa bliss I
mean who cares about that match we had a match between Tyler breeze and Baron
Corbin we had a match with braun strowman and finn bálor vs kevin owens
and ginger Mahal we had another horrible segment with a liason Bobby Lashley
we had a triple threat tag team match B team the the leader of worlds versus the
revival three horrible tag teams we had a six-man tag Bobby Roode and Titus
worldwide versus mojo Riley and the altars of fucking pain my god we’re in
pain watching Monday Night Raw Sasha banks vs. Ruby riots I mean and that’s
all the matches that were on the card none of the matches were anything
anything compared to a match that you will see on NXT weekend and a week out
none of these matches were exciting whatsoever I’m going to start this
fucking review and talk about Roman reigns what else are we gonna talk about
right we’re going to talk about Roman reigns to start this fucking review you
know for the last four years WWE almost had me invested and seeing what would
happen with Roman reigns at SummerSlam for five minutes they had me invested
what was going to happy with Roman reigns at SummerSlam
versus Brock Lesnar the way Paul Heyman was talking with Brock lesner saying
that he wants Roman reigns to be a Paul Heyman guy he even uttered some words in
Samoan that his dad Roman reigns dad taught Paul Heyman back
in the days when he was riding along with his dad he handed Roman reigns a
note and told him think over it giving some intrigue to the match that’s going
to happen at SummerSlam everyone in the arena was chanting yes yes yes people
want Roman reigns to turn heel the WWE knows that the fans want Roman reigns to
turn heel it needs to fucking happen but what does WWE do they throw it right
down the fucking drain just like that when Paul Heyman out of the words your
new undisputed Universal champion Roman reigns everyone was like is this going
to happen at SummerSlam and then Paul Heyman comes out and sprays Roman reigns
with pepper spray and they threw everything away they go right back to
the Roman reigns agenda and they show Roman reigns defenseless he’s blinded
here comes the Beast to eat up his prey and everyone is like all poor Roman
reigns is defenseless he’s getting his ass kicked once again by Brock Lesnar
and they ruin everything the match right now with Roman reigns
and Brock Lester at SummerSlam I give WWE credit because the match is very
unpredictable before when they announced this match on Monday Night Raw when
Roman reigns beat Bobby Lashley to become the number one contender for the
University ensure the match was very predictable everybody knew what was
probably going to happen and Brock Lesnar was going to drop the title and
Roman reigns gonna win the match but now things are looking very unpredictable
okay they tease you with a Paul Heyman interview with Renee young when he
finishes the interview and he says if or he says he says if and then Renee says
if what and Paul Heyman leaves the interview they tease the last week when
Brock Lesnar attacks Paul Heyman maybe Paul Heyman was gonna turn on Brock
Lesnar now they teased it again and they throw everything away I mean it can
still happen but the way the fans were chanting yes yes yes yes they should
have just left it at that Paul Heyman gives Roman reigns the
letter Roman reigns gets out of the ring he reads it in the back and he and a
segment happens and he’s just looking into into the sky like what should I do
and then we have to match at SummerSlam and we don’t know what’s going to happen
at that point you know they could have set it up so beautifully but when Paul
Heyman pulled out the pepper spray to blind Roman reigns it just threw
everything out the window it threw everything out the window I was like are
you fucking kidding me they had me there for one second and
everyone in the arena they had but all this bill that WWE has put into Roman
reigns with this match the way they’re painting brockless would be the worst
universe a champion of all time the way they’re painting Brock less gonna be the
guy that doesn’t care about the fans making painting Brock less Knar to be
this fucking piece shit that needs to lose the www
Universal Championship and then painting Roman reigns as a superhero that’s gonna
come in and conquer the Beast and bring the universal championship back to
Monday Night Raw what happened last night what happened
last night when Lesnar came out he got a fucking standing ovation right he got a
standing ovation let me repeat that once again he got a standing ovation then he fucking choked out mr. Roman
reigns then he gave him an f5 and what did the fans chant Dan they chanted one
more time one more time so how good did that work out by
painting Brock lesner as this fucking piece of shit that the fans ain’t gonna
care about no more and they’re going to cheer Roman reigns and all this bullshit
that we’ve been seeing for the last two months what happened last night
does WWE think it’s going to be any difference in the Barclays Center in
Brooklyn New York no they’re going to be chanting one more time one more time and
one more time I’m not gonna give you my prediction here what I think is going to
happen at SummerSlam I’m going to make a separate video and I’m going to make a
SummerSlam predictions video this week so if you guys want my input on what I
think is going to happen at SummerSlam between Roman reigns and Brock lesner
look out for that video because right now I don’t know what’s going to happen
with this match but I think I have an idea of what’s going to happen in this
match but this Roman reigns agenda is definitely not going to work I’ll tell
you that much the Roman reigns agenda that WWE is
trying to push it’s not going to work what so ever I’m going to play the promo
Roman reigns and Paul Heyman then Lesnar comes out in attacks
Roman reigns that’s something I tell myself every single day in my position
is leave this place better than I found it and the truth is I’m never gonna be
able to accomplish that goal with Brock Lesnar mean if you leave this place it
would be better Roman so that means it’s time for Bravo’s new to go because I’m
sick and tired of I’m sick of hearing about him I’m sick of talking about it
I’m sick of looking at him I’m sick of the lies and the rumors I’m tired of it
so it ends this Sunday at SummerSlam and at SummerSlam I’m taking back my
Universal Championship and I’m a sin brought so far back into
the u.s. I’m gonna find his head stuck in Dana White’s ass
oh he named Rob’s dana white name was Dana Weiss the future and you all Haman
exactly one week from this moment right here on Monday Night Raw after you slay
the Beast at SummerSlam check this out good luck on your future endeavors tell you what I’ll make this so easy I
prepared something it’s an agreement in principle there’s no pressure there’s no
games please please look this over don’t give me your answer tonight you give me
your answer this Sunday at SummerSlam Paul Heyman combs and pepper sprays
pepper sprays Roman reigns Roman reigns in the corner falling like this with his
eyes and he’s pouring pepper spray and Roman reigns
then Lesnar’s music hit ww throws it all away Lesnar’s music
fits Roma rain starts destroying them around
with some knees in the corner and cheering this stuff
the fans are cheering this and then Lesnar foots Roman reigns in a
guillotine chokes his ass and that’s it that’s it Haman all the
graves is completely lifeless right now and everyone is cheering Brock lesner
everyone’s cheering about this no one’s booing him then he hits him with a f5
and listen listen go cheering him one more time one more time so I just don’t get what
WWE is trying to be Adam to understand what w he’s been painting us for the
last three weeks they want us to boo Brock Lester but they bring him out and
the fans are cheering him and chanting one more time I don’t know what the fuck
W doing with this Roman reigns agenda but one week they’re painting Lesnar has
this bitch-ass motherfucker that doesn’t care about nobody and then the next week
they haven’t go out there and destroy Roman reigns and everyone’s cheering one
more time for another f5 to Roman reigns I just don’t get it I don’t know what
the fuck is gonna happen at SummerSlam hopefully Roman reigns does not leave
SummerSlam with the universal championship I wouldn’t be shocked if
Brock Lester leaves SummerSlam with the universal championship I really really
don’t moving on we had a segment with Ronda Rousey my god Ronda Rousey the
opening of the show with her Jim Neidhart tribute was beautiful I give
her that but after that my god Ronda Rousey oh my god I don’t know how to
fucked up either we continue to allow her to go out there and make a fucking
complete fool of herself man everything she does look creatively scripted every
move she does looks like fucking like she’s in quicksand my god
then the segment they have fucking four or five big-ass fucking security guards
they’re just standing there getting their asses handed to them by Ronda
Rousey are you kidding me I don’t care what type of background you are I don’t
care what fucking martial arts fucking shit you know or any fucking black belts
you have you got fucking five big ass motherfuckers standing there and you
have a woman there I’m sorry the guys are gonna destroy that woman they’re
gonna kick her fucking ass if I had the four fucking guys five guys just stand
there and get their asses kicked by Ronda Rousey it just looks it doesn’t
look natural it looks stupid and it looks very
and the way the guys are just standing there like here flip me flip me please
flip me that’s what the guys were doing they didn’t fucking try to defend
themselves they didn’t try to throw a punch they just threw their arms out and
runs rather grab the arm and flip them over Mike how bad does that look people
Ronda Rousey I did not want to see her on television no more and I definitely
don’t want to see her on the mic anymore I mean she comes out smiling touching
her heart she’s about to cry in the middle of the Ring if you want this
woman to be the face of the women’s division they cannot keep bringing her
out like this and making it look like a fucking complete buffoon week in and
week out Ronda Rousey her segment beats up five security guards then she goes
after Alexa bliss and she goes after fucking Alicia Fox I don’t know why the
fuck Alicia fuck is with Alisa bliss in the first place where the fuck is Mickie
James Mickie James was a way better fucking partner than fucking leash foxes
Lisa Fox is fucking awful we’re fucking Mickie James can you can somebody
explain that to me is she fucking injured is she on fucking vacation leave
where the fuck is Mickie James I don’t know
so maybe Jim goes away and she’s gonna fucking downgrade to fucking Alicia Fox
are you fucking kidding me Alicia Fox should even be employed with the WWE as
far as I’m concerned but we have a match between amber moon and Alexa bliss comes
down to a fucking disqualification because Alicia Fox interferes who cares
moving on we had a match between Tyler breeze and constable Corbin constable
Corbin beech Tyler buries poor Tyler breeze can get a bone thrown to him this
man has all the fucking talent in the world and they brung him off from NXT
and they’re fuckin just wasting his career away he is a fucking little fish
in a big pond and he ain’t getting the time of day all he is is a fucking
chopper and I don’t know why they even bring him out there to embarrass him
poor Tyler breeze axé for your fucking release and go to
New Japan Pro Wrestling and go to TNA and make a name for yourself kid
poor Tyler breeze we have a match between braun strowman and finn bálor vs
kevin owens and ginger mahal braun strowman FM Balor beat Kevin Owens and
ginger ball then we have another horrible segment I mean this this this
show kept getting better and better tell you kept getting better and better
Elias biggest fan ver Elijah’s biggest fan is in the middle ring and Elias
comes down interrupts him and he’s gonna play a song gets interrupted by Bobby
Lashley then Elijah’s fan comes and hits Bobby
Lashley with a guitar in the back Bobby Lashley comes and gives them the biggest
spinebuster of them all and the segment is over this is the bill that we have
for Bobby lashing Elias no build whatsoever I don’t know I don’t
know I already even having a match at SummerSlam I don’t even know Bobby
Lashley is not even slated if I have a match at SummerSlam I don’t know what
the fuck is W the creative team does but they’re not creative at all our triple
threat match the B team versus the deleter of worlds and the revival the B
team win they’re still the tag team champions god-awful tag team division
still still still is running wild what else happened on this shit show oh my
god if you couldn’t get any worse Bobby roots titus O’Neil Apollo Cruz
versus mojo Riley and the poor poor poor alters of pain the authors of pain are
not even on the SummerSlam card Bobby root is not even on the SummerSlam
card what the fuck is this WWE creative team doing with this great an XT talent
that we had in NXT the authors of pain were the fucking most dominant tag team
in NXT history and they’ve come up to the main roster and they have feuded the
whole fucking time with titus worldwide how many times are we gonna see titus
worldwide and alters of pain in the together how many times I may ask Bobby
Roode the poorer of glorious poppy roots he is in the bottom of the barrel
he is tag teaming with titus o’neil and apollo cruz former NXT champion
the glorious Bobby Roode has come to money in that role and has done
absolutely shit at least on Smackdown live he was the
United States Champion for a couple months and a few they were Randy Orton
you know but on Monday Night Raw Bobby rue has done absolutely nothing
and he is on the bottom of the barrel if they don’t turn him he’ll immediately
his character is going to die a slow slow death Sasha banks versus Ruby riots
Ruby right wins and beats Sasha banks then we have the return of Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose returns here is the segment with Seth Rollins bringing out the Dean
Ambrose lunatic fringe all right that’s it this is overcurrent
you knew he was never coming out he’s not coming at all it we’re done
it to be fair considering the beatings were inflicted on Seth
his little travel issues could be maybe can’t get away from us fast enough that
seems like a good reason to it’s honestly Curt I’m hurt and I’m
disappointed but I’m not surprised you see Seth Rollins was a great champion
and I emphasized was you see because there’s nothing you can Google there’s
no blueprint to figure this out he can’t beat us so he quits
so let’s forgo all the conclusions let’s and all the formalities
hand me that contract and we will officially make it a Seth Rollins
forfeit and here comes step wow very predictable
I was going to come on Oh guys look I got to apologize I am
sorry I’m late that’s that’s not like me I’m usually on time look I haven’t been
completely honest with you I’ve actually I’ve been here for a little while but I
didn’t want to come out here until Dolph had officially signed that contract
because Dolph I was afraid you’d change your mind once you heard what I had to
say but the truth is the truth is I was
dealing with some travel issues they just they weren’t exactly my travels and you know that that little clause in
the contract about me having someone in my corner at SummerSlam will obviously
can’t come out will people very obvious that was put there for a very particular
reason you see I’ve kind of gotten sick and tired of dealing with you guys two
on one and since I know you’re gonna have the Scottish psychopath in your
corner at SummerSlam have a lunatic in mine Dean Ambrose comes out his fucking head
is shaved he cut his hair and he is fucking walk this time he’s not that
little skinny guy anymore cuz fuck his shoulders are his traps are popping out
he goes in the Wranglers they’re wrong and they start going ham on dolphin
through super kick Rollins dirty deeds from Dean Ambrose and the crowds going fucking crazy good
Dean Ambrose returned welcome and everyone after this segment is over
everyone is saying what a great show Monday night one was this is what pisses
me off what a great show Monday Night Raw was just because it had one good
segment with fucking Dean Ambrose return now Dean Ambrose as a babyface before he
got hurt he was in the fucking bottom of the fucking barrel himself Dean Ambrose
he’ll turn is fucking blooming and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns here
on staff Rawlings at SummerSlam and he causes Stef Rollins to fuckin WT
Intercontinental Championship but I mean Dean Ambrose returns is something to
Monday Night Raw I wish they would have saved it for fuckin SummerSlam you know
had him come out and and then Steph Rollins introduced him as his fucking
superstar in the corner for him you know having his back and being in this corner
I wish they would have fucking done it at SummerSlam but they gave it away to
go home show up on they never all so I guess they can get more viewership to
this SummerSlam pay-per-view maybe that’s why they did it but nonetheless
that’s what happened last night and the show was fucking god-awful nonetheless
that Dean Ambrose returned or not the show was awful
it was fucking god-awful this has been your Monday night robbery you for August
13th 2018 I’m AC from New York this has been scouring this circle episode 116
look out for my smackdown live review for the week my NXT review NXT
prediction video and my WWE SummerSlam predictions video if you guys like the
video hit that like button subscribe to channel don’t forget to hit that Bell
for all notifications and I will see you guys next time

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  1. great job on your episode116. keep up the good work. Monday night raw was awful. who wants pay a ticket to see a awful an terrible show. not me. I feel asleep while raw went on an off air. great job on your episode, I cant wait for summerslam pay per view.

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