WWE Raw 6/25/18 Full Show Recap Review & Results: ROLLINS & ZIGGLER COULD NOT SAVE THIS SHOW

WWE Raw 6/25/18 Full Show Recap Review & Results: ROLLINS & ZIGGLER COULD NOT SAVE THIS SHOW

you know I just don’t understand who in
the world approves this show to be aired like this Monday Night Raw show was
aired last night I honestly thought I was watching the same exact episode from
last week it’s like WWE took this script from last week last week’s Monday Night
Raw audition and just plug some wrestlers here and there and gave the
exact same main event but with a different outcome last week we had a
match between Roman reigns and bobby lashley versus the revival this week
they do the Zack same thing last week we had a match between Steph Rollins and
Dolph Ziggler this week we get the same exact thing with different outcomes on
both matches last week we had a great six women tag right like we haven’t seen
enough fucking six women tags this week we get another six women tag last week
we had a match between mojo Riley and no way Jose guess what
WWE gives us another match between no way Jose
and mojo Riley like we really want to see that match again I don’t know what is being discussed in
these core these meetings to write these shows and to present these shows to the
board I don’t know what goes on in these meetings but it’s sad that these shows
are getting approved to air on the USA Network week in and week out on Monday
Night Raw and it’s sad that all this talent that Monday nitro has they cannot
put out a good product week in and week out we mostly get comedy segments on
Monday Night Raw if it’s not the stupid be team with Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy
stupid segments or a segment with no way Jose Conger lining like a fucking
complete buffoon down the fucking aisle I mean these fucking segments these
comedy segments supposedly call me segments because I don’t see see or find
them entertaining at all okay they are killing the product they are just
killing and eating away Monday Night Raw week in and week out and I feel bad for
the fans that are sitting in these arenas watching this shit live I mean
what was exciting on this show outside of the match between Steph Rollins and
Dolph Ziggler what else on this show was exciting what else everything else was
boring I was this close this close from turning the fucking TV off and going to
sleep but I didn’t do it because they left the best for last so I wanted to
see them to staff wrong is Dolph Ziggler Matt’s but if they would have given if
they were to giving that match like earlier on the show I would have turned
the fucking show off because it was so pathetic
the shit that they were giving on live television the whole first hour
the whole first hour we had Bob bobby lashley Roman reigns versus the revival we had the B team versus Matt Hardy and
Bray Wyatt’s that was the first hour of the show pathetic garbage the first hour of the
show I mean you put Roman reigns and Bobby Lashley
in the ring together it’s gonna set up for a fucking circus okay because these
two guys are god-awful on the mic god-awful on the mic but I must say
Roman reigns was a lot better on the mine yesterday the way he presented his
words and his facial expressions were fucking I’m the money when he was
talking about Bobby Lashley and his failed UFC career and he left for ten
years and now he’s back in the WWE – dominates dominate I don’t know what his
dominates because Bobby Lashley hasn’t done jack shit in WWE ever since he’s
gotten back and for him to say that he wants Brock Lesnar and a match when he’s
done nothing in the WWE he can’t even cut a promo right okay and he wants it
in fucking Universal Championship match I don’t understand that logic from WWE
but Roman reigns right now the Roman agenda it’s in ending okay they start to
show with Kurt Angle has a big announcement and he’s gonna addressed
the rumors about Brock Lesnar now they’re not going to have a multi man
match due to Brock Lesnar’s contract negotiations they’re not going to have a
multi man match at Extreme Rules so they’re going to set up a match between
Roman reigns and Bobby Lashley more than likely at Extreme Rules and
then the winner will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam
now Bobby Lashley does not deserve a universal championship match
and neither does Roman reigns because Roman reigns has lost clean clean to
Brock Lesnar okay and I don’t want to hear this bullshit about the greatest
Royal Rumble match that his feet hit the floor first listen his feet did not hit
the fucking floor first ok whoever fucking gets to the floor first body
touches the floor first wins the fucking match ok it doesn’t save your fucking
bodies on top of the cage Brock Lester hit the floor first before Roman reigns
so I don’t want to hear this fucking stupid agenda that Roman reigns he’s
coming out and saying every fucking week that he’s the uncrowned Universal
Champion no you are not the fucking reverse hasn’t the decision hasn’t
gotten reversed ok the referees call stands and you are not
the uncrowned Universal champion you need to hit the back of the line and
give somebody else a shot at Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley doesn’t deserve
shit he can’t even cut a goddamn promo right
and they’re gonna put these two clowns in the ring together at Extreme Rules
this is probably gonna be the worst match in WWE history so they go back at
it back and forth that it that he’s the fucking man and he’s gonna fucking fade
brockless and no this one’s gonna face Brock Lesnar then comes out the fucking
revival the revival this team that has been fucking absolutely buried on Monday
Night Raw week in and week out they’re basically a fucking jabra team they were
the best tag team in NXT and they had the fucking one of the best matches in
NXT with DIY okay one of the best tactic matches I’ve ever seen they come into
the main roster get buried last week they have a match between Roman reigns
and Bobby Lashley and they fucking lose them
okay people thought that they were gonna win the match they lost the match but I
give WW credit they did the right thing this week they booked the match this
week again and they had revival win and now hopefully revival can get a push
this is a big win for the revival they’d be Bobby Lashley and Roman reigns and
this could be a start for something good for the revival because the WWE tag-team
division definitely needs to be revived okay because the WWE and division is a
fucking joke and so is Smackdown live stacks in Division they need a revival
and hopefully this win by the revival will kind of pull this fucking tag-team
division to something okay we have the authors of pain the authors of pain are
back finally after five months but again WWE explain where they were they were
gone for two months okay they made a fucking debut on the superstars shake up
and then they haven’t been seen ever since ever since and then no explanation
where the fuck altars of pain have been nothing then they put them in a match
between two fucking jabbers I don’t even know who the fuck who the fuck they are
let me see if I could brick and Rick and racks gig I don’t even know who these
fucking guys are Rican racks I guess their names are – jabbers they put the
altars of pain in the ring with can we fucking put them in with a fucking
legitimate tag-team they’ve been gone for two months even tightest catering
put fucking tightest catering in there police or Heath Slater and Rhino
somebody that’s a a known tag-team even if they’re gonna come in the ring and be
jabbers these two oh he Slater a rhino or or fucking titus O’Neil why they
gonna put him in the ring with two guys that are not in the fucking main roster
they just NXT the developmental talents why they gonna put them in the ring why
they gonna put them on Monday Night Raw and keep a spot away from a tag team
that’s in the back is more incapable of wrestling the
others of pain and probably putting up a pretty good match this is what NXT and
WWE are like night and fucking day and it’s sad because it’s the same fucking
company it’s fucking WWE NXT is the debt the
vector the the fucking minor leagues of WWE and the WWE the major leagues NXT
grows their talent to come to the main roster and they get fucking buried you
know how many guys are on the main roster right now that would love to go
back down to NXT tied Dillinger do you think Tyler to die ty Dillinger wants to
go back to fuckin NXT I think so the revival um freeze angle all these
guys want to go back to NXT and I wish WWE allowed them go back to NXT and try
to reinvent themselves because they’ve gone completely buried on the main
roster moving back to Roman reigns and fucking Bobby Lashley mr. charisma
vacuum mr. Naik will bottle worthy both of them are here’s the promo that Roman
reigns cut with Bobby fucking boring Lashley Bobby boring Lashley here’s the
promo three years of sentence and the only
thing that we proven is that you can’t beat Brock so it’s time for you to just
move on Roman some of you may not know this but about ten years ago Bobby er
was in the main event of Wrestlemania and then what’d he do he moved on your
left you quit why you wanted to be a big superstar in the MMA and how that worked
out huh you made a real big impact the way Roman
reigns percent of his promo and the groceries back but somebody’s s Bob what
have you done around here lately exactly nothing
and while you busy doing nothing right I was main event WrestleMania four years
in a row he was gifted for main event so before you ever come up in my ring and
run your mouth to me you checked my resume
don’t you try to downplay my background Roman because I’m the only one here they
have some legit tools to be Brock and I’ll prove that an extreme running 3.54
guys or however many guys you want to put against me Kurt including you there will not be a multi man match at
Extreme Rules there was a snag in the contractual
agreement with Brock lesner and he pulled out of the deal
it’s about match we’re gonna have extreme roles it’s no longer on the
table at least not for now moving off the table Brock does whatever
he wants he don’t care he shows up if the money’s right he’ll show up he
doesn’t care about any of us who don’t respect you curtain don’t respect me he
doesn’t respect you he doesn’t respect anybody here anyone in the back or
anyone watching at home as a matter of fact Brock Lesnar does not give a we
know how you feel maybe you’d be had somebody legit to challenge him maybe if
we didn’t look across the ridge energy every single time maybe he had somebody
that was an actual challenge to him Roman he’s tired of seeing your face
just like all these people are that was a low blow by Bobby laughter I like that
line looks more to come down if you have a real challenge like the person
standing right before you it looks like you don’t have a match at
Extreme Rules I don’t have a match at Extreme Rules so why don’t we just do it
right here right now you can have a one-on-one match at
Extreme Rules I will take it under advisement so Roman reigns and Bobby Lashley we all
know who deserves to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam
and that person is Steph freaking Rollins Steph Rollins has been the best
thing on Monday Night Raw right now just imagine what Monday Night
Raw would be and where it would be if it wasn’t for Steph freaking Rollins
it is sad and mind-boggling that this Roman agenda is still alive Vince
McMahon will stop at nothing to get Roman reigns over people
Roman reigns started the fucking Monday nitro Roman reigns ended Monday Night
Raw by rubbing off of Steph Rollins and his fucking cheers I wish they would
keep Roman reigns away from Steph Rollins right now because all he’s doing
is rubbing off of Steph Rollins cheers from the crowd and it’s making Steph
Rollins look bad but WWE and Vince think Kennedy McMahon will stop at nothing to
get this Roman agenda over with the fans what more does this old man have to do
he has tried everything in the book to get Roman reigns over and it ain’t going
to fucking happen if Roman reigns beats Bobby Lashley at Extreme Rules if you
thought the crucifixion that happened and money in the bank and WrestleMania
was bad in Chicago and fucking New Orleans respectively if you thought
those two reactions from the crowd of Roman reigns
was way to Roman reigns enters the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York my
god is that crowd going to eat Roman and brockless alive if WWE I cannot believe
W we can beat this fucking stupid and put these guys in a ring again together
I can’t believe W we can be this fucking stupid and put Roman reigns were brought
blessed in the ring together again especially in New York City people come
on now I much rather would see wanna see fucking Bobby trashley versus Brock
Lesnar even though Bobby trashley is probably
gonna be the new mayor of fucking suplex City if he gets in the ring with Brock
Lesnar then I do not want to see Bobby Lashley be the man to beat Brock lesner
for the fucking Universal Championship if that’s gonna happen braun strowman
better cash in immediately immediately if that happens somehow Bobby Lashley or
even Roman reigns pulls this fuckin off but the New York City Barclays Center is
going to crucify a Roman reigns if he is in the ring with fucking Brock lesner
again mark my words but the revival come out they challenge
Bobby Lashley and fucking Roman reigns and another match that was fucking same
match from last week it took almost an hour of the show and I did not care
about this match I wasn’t even interested in this matter I did watch it
but I wasn’t interested in it I was just watching it taking notes and to do this
to do this review and shit all over it the revival win WWE finally does the
right thing and gives revival a fucking win on Monday Night Raw over to the
biggest fucking superstars in the WWE so WWE finally did the right thing and
gave revival ring hopefully hopefully they revived the fucking Monday Night
Raw disgusting tag-team division moving on we have a match between the B
team well one half of the B team Curtis axle and Matt Hardy
we have a one-on-one match who the fuck wants to see this match it’s fucking
beyond me but then WWE pulls the card again and has a promo of Curtis axle and
Bo Dallas imitating Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy the
first time it was fucking hilarious the first time they did it it was fucking
hilarious but now they’re going to the well way too many times and now it was
kind of like really are you gonna do this again you kind of killed the moment
that was last week because this wasn’t a good as good of promo like it was last
week and it wasn’t funny at all last week’s promo of the B team was funny and
now they had to go again to the well because W loves going to the
well again and doing the same thing over and over and over again here’s a promo
between the B team Curtis axel that’s Hardy Bray Wyatt
ours is an eternal conflict unbound by time and space horrible promo the b-team I mean these
comedy segments have to fucking go okay we get it every fucking week
there’s a comedy segment and they’re making this team a comedy act they’re
making this team a comedy act when you have fucking tag teams in the back that
are willing to be come tag team champions and get into the mix why are
we not having tag team matches consistently why are we not having the
challengers step up to the fucking Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt and Matt
Hardy still look like a fucking horrible tag team they still have separate
entrance music I mean if you’re gonna push the B team push them correctly and
stop having them like a fucking comedy act okay at the beginning I kind of
liked the B team theme I thought they were they’re gonna be the Cinderella
team but now it’s just they’re killing they’re killing this this beating
creation they’re killing it with these stupid comedy acts they’re turning it to
Brees angle how great dippers angle do with those stupid crimes that they were
trying to solve how how far how far did that go that was a fuckin comedy act
that his own they need to leave the comedy out of WWE now people are gonna
say well I see it’s fuckin entertainment first yes but this is not entertaining
can we get down to the wrestling if you look at the NXT tag to
the vision right now are you fucking kidding me it’s like night and day night
and fucking day you got the war Raiders okay if you want to talk about tag-team
division you talk about the war Raiders you talk about the street prophets you
talk about the undisputed era you talk about the mighty okay that’s a fucking
tag-team division and the NXT is doing the right thing with those tags and
divisions they’re building them up I’m gonna love to see it on this period era
versus the fucking um the war Raiders that’s gonna be a fucking war okay it’s
gonna be a war do you want to see the altars of pain versus Matt Hardy and
fucking Bray Wyatt’s is that gonna be a good match is that gonna be a mess
you’re gonna be interested in know because they’ve made Matt Hardy and Bray
Wyatt live like two fucking buffoons AOP versus the B team do you really want to
see that match is that match can do anything for you
no because they made the B team look like fucking buffoons are you interested
in seeing them fucking alp versus Titus catering no because they made Titus
carry the catering look a fucking buffoons – the only thing Titus catering
and Titus O’Neil’s known for by busting his ass and landing underneath the ring
at the greatest Royal Rumble that’s what they’re known for my god is tag-team
division they have to do something with this tag-team division
either bring some tag dues up from NXT and let’s start a fucking tag team
everyone says tag team division is dead yes it’s dead but it isn’t dead in NXT
it isn’t dead in the NXT did you guys see that match at NXT takeover Oh
Chicago with Artie Logan and his tag team partner versus Dundas Peter air
that was fucked probably the best tag team of the floor tag team match of the
year and I don’t understand how WW can not do this on the main roster a next
he’s killing the main roster right now in every fucking way possible but these
comedy acts have to go they just have to go it’s just it’s a cancer to the main
roster it really really really is moving on why the fuck is Mickie James
with fucking Alexa bliss again this is WrestleMania season all over again when
we had promo after promo with Alexa bliss and Mickie James making fun of
fucking niya Jax I don’t understand where what is niya Jax doing now okay
last week or two weeks ago she was a fucking heel being a bully to Ronda
Rousey and now she’s a fucking baby face now she’s a baby face one minute she’s a
heel the next minute she’s baby face one minute she’s a heel the next minute
she’s a baby face I don’t know what they’re doing nya Jax it is a complete
fucking circus on Monday Night Raw and where has Mickie James been Mickie James
hasn’t been on WBAL evasion for months months and all of a sudden she’s back
with nya Jax now can we get an explanation where the fuck not Mickie
James has been why is she with Alexa bliss right now I don’t get it I just
don’t get it here’s the promo that I like the Bliss
cup with Mickie James where have you been lady where have you been lady now
they’re gonna go back and bully my Ajax same thing we saw WrestleMania it’s like
they write these these scripts with fucking crayons guys take a box of
crayons like all this I’m gonna pick green this week them right Monday Night
Raw colors pink it seems like the baddest woman in the planet is nothing
more than the most entitled spoiled brat in the planet and even after everything that happened
she clearly still don’t even know the rules of WWE because what I did and
money in the bank is 100% legal actually I mean personally this is my opinion I
think it may go down in history as one of the greatest money in the bank cash
ins sure it is Mickey thank you guys about how great of a moment it was and
how my hardened by having to defend my title in three weeks against the bully
nyah jacks now she’s a bully now she’s a bully she was fuckin she might still be
reattaching it from right Rhonda did to it at money in the bag she’s a bully but
now she’s a babyface with Natalia in the corner ability somehow someway paint
herself as the victim and our friendship every time every time she walks around
like all of you thinking that she is the hero in her own story by defeating me no
Alexa bliss yeah all five feet of me and at WrestleMania
Naya thinks that that was the end to her happy story backlash was the sequel I’ll
tell you what the different girl in school overcame the mean pretty popular
girl yeah Hollywood that works in the movies but
this isn’t the movies this is real life and in real life I am the real hero four
minutes in this promo wasted 23 short days until the talent and training
partner Ronda Rousey deal with you I am so impressed Natalia I am so impressed
that you and your BFF Ronda Rousey can count backwards from 30 what’s even more
surprising is that you left your 5 star vacation with the rest of the cast of
total divas in Lake Tahoe to come an erupted me everything about this how
would I know every single detail oh I know because you post every single
moment of your life on social media thanks for nothing
you’re dismissed bye bye actually no I’m not dismissed Alexa I had a talk with
Kurt Angle tonight and Kurt said that you and I have a match one on one right
here Sonia ended up having a match and Talia
vs. Alexa bliss and Natalya beats Alexa bliss
in a non-title match non-title match 9 Jax was in Natalia’s corner being a
fucking baby face when I saw this I was like why is she a baby face now I
thought she was a fucking bully first of all she was a baby face going into
WrestleMania she was getting bullied by Alexa bliss right then she turns into a
bully when she’s feuding with Ronda Rousey and now she’s turning back into a
baby face because she’s in Natalya corner the logic gaps on Monday Night
Raw are like a fucking like the fucking Grand Canyon people it’s like a Grand
Canyon it’s like you have a scar and it just keeps bleeding out keeps bleeding
out every week Monday Night Raw continues to bleed bleed and I don’t see
them curing this cut that is in Monday Night Raw anytime soon people you guys
thought when this superstar shake-up happened everything was going to change
and I said right here I’m squaring the circle that nothing will change
creatively nothing I’ve heard rumors that Road Dogg was running smack down
live and now he’s running Monday Night Raw and if that’s the case
Road dog do GG needs to get fired please fire this creative team because they’re
not doing their jobs they’re not creative my god Monday Night Raw I
cannot stand it anymore I just cannot stand it anymore
it gets worse and worse and worse week in and week out it is fucking
ridiculous ridiculous moving on finally Bayley turns heel finally
they’re gonna do something with Bailey and they’re turning her heel if they’re
turning her he they need to change her fucking image
they need to change her fucking lovable huggable fucking Baily take the little
fucking ponytail out of her hair make her hair jet-black and have her become a
fucking bitch okay a fucking bitch if they’re gonna
turn her here they got to go full-blown bitch with Bailey okay and if they’re
not this is going to be a complete complete failure failure and I don’t
doubt WWE will fail this I have no doubt in my mind that they will fail this cuz
they’re not gonna make her into a bitch do not this is just a little curve and a
hump to get over and to top it off okay she turns heel and then she’s getting um
she’s getting counseling now so you’re gonna turn her here and then now you’re
gonna have her head get counseling here’s fucking Kurt Angle telling Bailey you talked about this I guess you don’t
care about raw or the women’s evolutions we’re gonna take the next step next week
you’re gone to mandatory counseling counseling yeah what about Sasha
you just put Sasha the trainer’s room I don’t need counseling hurt you’re going
on tour or you’re fired counseling you’re turning her heel but
you’re gonna give her counseling let’s see where the fucking disk goes this is
probably gonna be another stupid segment on Monday Night Raw and just to kill
time kill time they’re gonna show her in a doctor’s office probably getting
counseling by some fucking stupid clown doctor and it’s gonna go nowhere they
turn her here they need to make her into a bitch now not have her send her off to
get counseling this is something that should have been done WrestleMania
weekend and either Sasha banks abilities should have had the fucking raw woman’s
title and we should have had this match at WrestleMania not at fucking Extreme
Rules is where it’s going okay this match should have been at WrestleMania
Bayley versus Sasha banks full overall women’s title should happen at
WrestleMania if you guys didn’t see the match that these two had at NXT takeover
you guys need to go back and watch because that’s probably one of the best
women’s matches I’ve ever seen in my life
and now they’re gonna bring this bed back up they’re gonna make this bed
again they need to make it right and then you need to turn Bailey heel I
thought they’re gonna turn sasha banks here but no they chose Bailey out of all
people they’re gonna make her heel they need to let her go
full-blown he’ll turn into a fucking bitch cunt dye her hair black and let
her go cuz I think she’ll bake a fucking good
fucking heel but apparently she’s getting counseling done I understand the
logic of w/e I just don’t understand it moving on we had a match between branch
drumming and Kevin Owens attacking partners versus finn bálor and constable
corbin constable corbin braun strowman a Kevin Owens beat finn balor and
constable corbin watts but there’s a fucking Blatz
after the match if WWE goes back to the well once again they go back to the well
once again how many fucking talk cars and tractor trailers and how many how
many of those is brought show my gonna fucking flip over in his fucking WWE
career how many times are we gonna see this after the match Baron Corbin
I’m not Baron Corbin braun strowman goes to attack Kevin Owens Kevin Owens trying
to run away from bronze robin looks for his car goes to the VIP lots try to get
his car and his keys and the guy in the fucking booth the fucking clown that’s
that has all the keys it says he has the keys and braun strowman has Kevin Owens
keys and then Kevin our stomach says there’s your car and the cars fucking
flipped over how many times we’re gonna see this please huh this is the comedy
act stuff that I’m talking about in Monday Night Raw now they’re gonna feud
kevin owens and braun strowman this is probably gonna be the match at Extreme
Rules are you interested in seeing Kevin all the roasted braun strowman I know
I’m not I am NOT braun strowman’s looks like a fucking
complete buffoon with his fucking money in the bank fucking briefcase that he’s
walking around everyone knows braun strowman did not
need this briefcase he doesn’t need it he can go
up to any champion and go up to them and say I need a fucking title match and I’m
gonna get it and who’s gonna stop him this briefcase does not fit his
character I think WWE is doing bad bad bad bad by having him have that
briefcase but who the fuck am i I’m just a fucking idiot it talks about WWE on
YouTube right here’s the fucking scared with braun strowman kevin owens every I was trying to leave the arena just another waste of a segment two
minutes of this garbage we had indoor here’s Kevin Owens with
his bag going and check out his car get into his car
hey where’s where’s my keys I mean my keys give me my keys I don’t have a
please what do you know our merchants just for the oh I don’t have your gym my
jeans I know he does here’s your keys I hope you got
insurance cuz there is your car Kevin those turns around his cars flipped over
stupid segments how many times that we’ve seen this over and over and over
and over a garage stroller they have nothing for Kevin Owens one of the most
talented men in the WWE in the mic and in the ring and they have nothing for
this man it’s fucking mind-boggling what W creative team how creative they are
moving on to finish this review we had a match between Steph Rollins and Dolph
Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship this was the best segment
of the night this match was absolutely great despite the outcome drew McIntyre
comes out and interferes disqualification Dolph Ziggler is still
your Intercontinental Champion about Steph Rollins puts up another four and a
half to five star match with Dolph Ziggler I don’t understand why the fuck
they don’t push Dolph Ziggler this man could fucking put on a great match time
and time again when he’s in the ring where is he he’s in the ring with just
like Steph Rollins Steph Rollins man continues you to fucking tear the
fucking house down burn it down literally week in and week out and it’s
sad if Steph Rollins doesn’t get that spot and that slot at WrestleMania to
face Brock Lesnar for the for the universal championship it’ll be a
fucking crime if this guy does not win two goddamn um Universal Championship at
SummerSlam or gets even a title shots very sad but that’s gonna do it for the
Monday Night Raw review for last night June 25th 2018 I’m AC from New York if
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