WWE Raw 11/19/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: Dean Ambrose Attacks!

WWE Raw 11/19/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: Dean Ambrose Attacks!

man oh man people man oh man Monday Night Raw Monday Night Raw is
indeed the a show is indeed a show according to WWE corporate corporate and
the performance that they put on at WWE Survivor Series this past Sunday night WWE Monday Night Raw won six to nothing
quote unquote because if you are watching the fucking pre-show you
clearly saw the fucking shows that work on Smackdown live win that match but
they didn’t get counted for that win according to the fucking horrendous
horrendous fucking creative team so that win meant nothing for the you souls
fucking WWE demise Monday Night Raw coming out of the WWE Survivor Series
you thought that WWE was gonna indeed prove that they are loved legitimate a
show the WWE do that last night fuck no they didn’t fuck no they did it if you
are losing sleep at night ladies and gentlemen if you guys are losing sleep
and you guys try to go to bed and you just cannot fucking fall asleep take a
dose of fucking Monday Night Raw and you will fall asleep during the show and you
have the most comfortable fucking sleep that you have had in your fucking
lifetime mundane is fucking horrendous people I fell
asleep watching Monday Night Raw I think I fell asleep when I saw a fucking lucha
house-party versus the goddamn revival I fucking fell asleep and you know what I
woke up at like 3 o’clock in the morning and I was like wow I fucking missed
everything on Monday Night Raw and you know what I’m glad that I fell asleep
watching Monday Night Raw again because this is the third week in a row that I
legitimately fell asleep because I just don’t fucking care about this show
whatsoever ladies and gentlemen this show started off with a fucking 1 hour 1
hour 60 fucking minutes of a six-man tag-team match that meant absolutely
fucking nothing how many six-man tag-team matches are we
going to see in 2018 may I ask that question come in do these six
competitors have to go in the ring and fucking share the spotlight can we have
a fucking one-on-one with the fucking Intercontinental title on the line with
someone please can we fucking start booking a wrestler for the fucking
future I actually another fucking question why do we have a performance
Center in Orlando Florida why why do we have NXT why isn’t the performance
center supposed to groom right and help these wrestlers with their fucking
promos and help them fucking showcase their talent and help them in the ring
for the future there’s an NXT a platform for a superstar to start developing what
the WWE wants with their promo with the fan reaction why do we have a
performance center in Orlando Florida and NXT a developmental I guess
developmental fucking organization to build these fucking superstars to
eventually get to the main roster to be absolutely fuckin buried absolutely
fuckin buried finn bálor was the first man eliminated in this fucking six-man
tag team match buried AOP buried now they’re called a PP because dragon
maverick fucking pissed on his fucking pants on some WWE Survivor Series
chanting a OPP this fucking dominant tag team that we saw in NXT
that was fucking practically undefeated come up to the main roster and they are
now called a OPP and on top of that they lose to fucking Bobby Roode and Chad
fucking gable ladies and gentlemen I urge everyone I urge everyone don’t you
fucking dare buy a ticket for Wrestlemania I’m looking at this
advertisement online WWE Network selling these packages right they’re throwing an
NXT they’re throwing in the fucking WWE all of Fame they’re throwing in fucking
raw they’re trolling Smackdown deterring fucking WWE access and they’re throwing
in Wrestlemania in a package deal to lure the WWE Universe to fucking go buy
these tickets to go see these events in April I urge everyone
don’t you dare spend your thousands of hard-earned money to buy a ticket to go
to fucking WrestleMania I was gonna do it but after this shit on Monday Night
Raw I just can’t I just can’t I cannot go out there and spend $1,300 of my hurt
heart earned money to go watch one of these fucking events I have fucking
Monday Night Raw coming to my fucking area you think
I’m gonna go buy a fucking ticket and spend $180 to go watch this fucking
pathetic garbage you think I want to buy a ticket and sit there and watch Sasha
banks and Bailey versus nyah jacks and Tamina fucking snooker for fucking 30
minutes no I’d rather not I rather go take a dump in the fucking
bathroom and wipe my ass then fucking watch this fucking show you think I want
to see the revival the revival the revival that was one of the best tag
teams in NXT probably one of the best tag teams in the world get embarrassed
and lose to the fucking lucha house party because they got distracted by a
goddamn pinata they got distracted by a goddamn pinata and the lucha house party
beat the fucking revival listen if I am the revival if I am the revival I am
looking at my WWE contract and I am circling and highlighting with the
fattest fucking highlighter that I could fucking possibly find when my
motherfucking contract expires people and I am taking the first fucking plane
to New Japan Pro Wrestling to fuckin TNA to fucking house of glory to fucking
lucha underground I don’t care anywhere but the WWE right now if I was
the fucking revival holy shit have dub WW have fucked this tag team up lose to
the lucha fucking house party what are the lucha house party doing on monday
night fucking Raw somebody explain this to me
aren’t these motherfuckers all closed awaits don’t they belong on fucking 205
live but the WWE is desperate for tag teams I wonder why I wonder why they’re
desperate for tag teams so they bring up the lucha house party from fucking 205
live and put these three clowns together in the ring to face the revival to
eventually very dull revival if there’s any
tag-team that you need to push its the revival I’m sorry it’s the fucking
revival why are we pushing the lucha house-party
and putting the loose your house party over the revival I mean you can’t write
this shit I don’t know who writes this shit I don’t know how these matches get
booked the way they do I just I just don’t get it any more people we get
fucking natalia vs. ruby riot they’re fighting over fucking sunglasses
sunglasses people they’re fucking fighting over sunglasses that you can
get in the fucking toy store and get the same exact fucking sunglasses or in the
fucking mall for fucking $12 get these fucking same sunglasses that fucking a
Ruby riot broke give me a fucking break ladies and gentlemen Monday Night Raw
was a fucking complete disaster then they show up promote our Lars I’m not
fitting they show promo a large sullivan coming to Monday Night Raw
to get what buried if I’m Lars Sullivan and I let my mind I lay my big-ass head
down at night with my fucking pillow in my king-size fucking bed I am fucking
scared to death I am scared to death coming up to the main roster if I was
him Amit Singh man told me good job son you made your way to the main roster
starting next week you’re gonna be on the raw flagship a show Monday Night Raw
you know what I’m doing if I’m Lars stuffing I’m grabbing Vince McMahon by
his fucking neck picking him up and saying no thank you sir I am staying and
NXT that’s what I’m doing it from Larsa that’s what I’m doing if I’m large so
you think large Sullivan’s gonna make an impact on Monday Night Raw do you really
think large Sullivan is going to make an impact on Monday Night Raw large
Sullivan is as green as green comes in the fucking ring his mic skills are
fucking horrendous his moveset is fucking horrendous you think he’s going
to last on Monday Night Raw he’s probably gonna be doing the fucking
conga line with fucking no way Jose in fucking two weeks and be seen never
again on Monday Night Raw okay or fucking with glorious Bobby Roose a
glorious can you imagine fucking large Sullivan saying glorious with Bobby vu
make them a stable fucking Chad gable Bobby room and large Sullivan the
glorious team give me a fucking break large Sullivan coming to mind we’re
Monday Night Raw is going to be a fucking laughingstock if you ever
fucking seen one I don’t know where to fucking begin with this show people I
can end this fucking review right now in 12 minutes that I’ve been doing this
review I can end it right now and you have missed absolutely fucking nothing Stephanie McMahon and Baron Corbin start
to show Stephanie McMahon praises Monday Night Raw for sweeping Smackdown live at
WWE Survivor Series and she the shit that comes out of her mouth she says
that WWE is to a show give me a break people I’m gonna play
this promo so you guys can fucking have your ears bleeding when you’re here
Stephanie McMahon speak last night at Survivor Series I held up my end of the
bargain now it’s time for you to hold up I want a match with this slimeball what’s a match with Baron Corbin great
and wait for that I did I did make you a promise Ronon my word is my bond so
therefore at TLC barry corbin you will get fees and braun strowman is a tired
act on money net he is an absolute fucking tired act I am
sick of seeing braun strowman and his get these hands and the monster pussy
among men shit that they’re doing once again just because Roman is not there
they’re trying to push mr. braun strowman now way to put it but baron
listen if you can defeat braun strowman at TLC
then you will officially become the permanent general manager of Monday
Night Raw greats can’t wait for that too but if you lose then you will lose all
authority and you will lose because your boss said
I can pick the stipulations help up by Universal Championship match against
Brock Lesnar do I really want to see another match between braun strowman and
brock lesner you guys will want to see a matter universal championship match
against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble well there goes the fucking Royal Rumble
main event braun strowman versus Brock Lesnar again okay braun strowman will be
buried again there’s no way in hell that braun strowman is gonna take the title
off of brock lesner and main event WrestleMania if you fucking believe that
you are a blithering fucking buffoon if you think braun strowman is going to
walk into the Royal Rumble and take the title off of Brock Lester and main event
WrestleMania being the fucking Universal champion you are a fucking delusional
fucker you are delusional fuck braun strowman may fucking tag-team again with
fucking the 14 year old child that he did last year braun strowman is going
nowhere he needs to go to Smackdown live and reform his fucking career again
because on Monday Night Raw he is he’s nothing he’s never going to be the
universal championship champion with Brock less than there if you can defeat
Baron Corbin at TLC I mean this is a really good deal for
you brawn right I mean come on I’m a business woman you’re a Arab a
businessman of sorts and I mean what do you think you can’t beat Baron Corbin
come on come on what do you say great way to put down Authority Stephanie
welcome to Monday Night Raw enjoy your time is acting general
manager while it lasts because remember I get to pick the stipulations and that
TLC you and I are gonna have the DLC Matt I’m not only gonna get these hands
you’re gonna get these tables you’re gonna get these ladders and you’re gonna
get these chair and wait for that oh my god counting down the days I think
that’s a terrible idea you do realize that Matt it favors me
I’m gonna leave you in a pile of twisted steel and rubble that is if you can even
make it to TLC as you see I’m still acting general manager and I’ve just
decided you’re gonna face Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre tonight in a handy you know what
no more nice match forgiven we are celebrating tonight it’s a huge night
but aggressive one up that match everything bullshit I think we need to
make that match a six-man tag team match it’s gonna be Bobby Lashley Jo McIntyre
and Baron Corbin against the team of blonde strowman oh my god I’m so excited there we go six-man tag match okay okay Bobby Lashley Baron Corbin Bobby Lashley
Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley holy shit people versus finn bálor braun
strowman and drew McIntyre now why are you gonna put these three men in the
ring together and have them interact with each other if you want in the
future to build a first time ever match or they build a feud between Finn Balor
Andrew McIntyre or Finn Balor with Bobby lastly or drew maggot our Bobby Lashley
or braun strowman with Bobby Lashley when it happens it ain’t gonna feel
special anymore because you have already put these two band or these invent
individuals in the ring or together and you seen what they can do together and
when we get to that point when we have a match between Jim McIntyre versus Finn
Balor for the Intercontinental Championship
when we get bobby lashley versus braun strowman for the universal title god
forbid it’s not gonna feel special anymore this is why I fucking absolutely
hate 610 six-man tag matches I absolutely hate it because these guys
have to share the spotlights they can’t have just say
one-on one-match and let him go toe-to-toe with one guy and let them see
what they can do in the ring together this man can make this one better and
this one can make that one better and then we can start building a career and
molding these superstars WWE in 2018 does not believe in molding a superstar
it’s all about let’s just get through the fucking day let’s fucking be on
fucking life support and this is let’s just give the fans a fucking triple
threat match it’s gonna take a fucking one hour of the show and we’ll call it a
night WWE is on pilot mode right now when it
comes WrestleMania season they’re gonna hit that switch and they’re gonna start
building fuse because they have to because they have to try to sell one of
the biggest pay-per-views of all time WrestleMania but even that still the
people are not going to care so we get a six-man tag match then ended up in the
know just in a no contest because Drew McIntyre came into the ring and hit
braun strowman with a fucking chair and then all hell broke loose same old shit
that you see in a fucking triple threat match nobody wins this match moving on
Stev Rowling once they fight with Dean Ambrose you know it’s only been four
weeks since Dean turned his back on being a woman but it’s felt like an
eternity because as of yet he hasn’t had the guts to walk down to this ring and
face me like a man but all that changes at TLC because he’s not gonna have a
choice because it’s going to be dean ambrose vs seth rollins one-on-one for
the Intercontinental Championship and you know I sat in this ring last
week and I watched Ambrose and I listened to everything he said as he
took the shield vest and he little on fire and he said that he said that the
shield was a burden to him he said that the shield made him weak and he said
that this is the same guy he’s been this entire time you know you you think you
know somebody but the truth is I learned more from watching this chronicle of
Ambrose on the WWE Network then I knew about him the entire time we were best
friends you know I didn’t know Ambrose was in the hospital with an infection in
his elbow that almost killed him you know why I didn’t know that because
Ambrose never picked up the phone when I called him he never called back the
entire time he was out with an injury not one time and Ambrose said he loves
WWE love he said he loves WWE look I’ve known this dude for ten years and that
was the first time I’ve ever heard him say the word love I gotta be honest with you guys I didn’t
know that he was capable though he say he said wonder way things about Renee
young because it’s just two guys in this ring expressing themselves through
highly aggressive physicality and that’s real funny because for the last four
weeks Ambrose all you’ve been doing is hiding and talking but all that changes
at TLC cos we’re gonna have our match but TLC is a ways away still and I want
to talk about tonight because I am feeling highly aggressive right now and
the angles if you love it as much as you say you do why don’t you come down to
this ring and prove it because I am looking for Oh so Steph Rawlings go get
you and looks for Dean Ambrose King Dean Ambrose change pops up on the titantron
the past six years yield to we saw harm than good sure they love the shield’ all
over the world but nobody knows how we were on the camera stopped blowing
we were rying to the core from the very beginning and now time has caught up to us
we’re all gonna pay for it in different ways the saying goes what goes around
comes back around on you and it’s come back around on us in a big way and now
we’re all gonna get what we deserve I mean look at Roman look at this listen
the Romans part for what Roman did in the shield yes the answer to the man
upstairs ooh ouch and what’s worse you have to answer to me so you want to
know why your honor what’s happening you want to know what’s going on you wanna
know what’s gonna happen next well here I am come find me and I’ll show you hey hey
when I’m there goes in the bags here where do you go Rawlings goes in the
back looking for Ambrose – fucking security guard standing there that
clearly don’t know how to act or what happens security guards get beat up by
stefanos nobody arrest the staff Rollins nobody takes them out of the arena
nothing same old shit on Monday Night Raw well they’re in a video package of
large Sullivan I already talked about Lars so let me get it large Sullivan’s
coming to Monday Night Raw package great moving on Sasha banks and Bailey versus
nya Jackson Tammy Asuka who fucking continues to get WWE fucking television
time on 2018 Nige axe nya Jax and Tamia Snuka beat fucking Sasha banks and
Bailey oh my lord how the NXT talent has fallen
Bobby run check Gabe will put a damper on Drake maverick ladies and gentlemen
what you were about to listen to it’s probably the worst segment and the worst
promo or the worst skid that I have ever seen and heard on WWE Monday Night Raw
television here’s Bobby ruin Chad K will put a damper on Drake maverick listen to
this great did you uh did you try the piece
that’s for the piece everyone’s getting food so do you try to
peas saying uh P these later right I’ll do that no we should give them some
adult diapers is there something funny is there something funny
well chat Oh easy I don’t know what you’re talking about
don’t get pissed thank you pigs on a joke their old joke
on me like you like whoa whoa whoa relax relax look look there’s a problem
don’t be here okay jackknives we’re just happy to see that you’re in bladder
shame for you last night better better see butter shea butter
shake vamoose fear you’re in trouble now I’m fucking speechless I’m fuckin
speechless how much damage how much damage to WWE do in one night one night
a o P by showing drag Merrick peeing on the self at the WWE Survivor Series now
people are chanting a OPP a OPP every time they come out your raw tag team
champions great way to build your tag team champions I hope you’re proud of
yourself this is a fucking embarrassment to every tag team champion that we have
seen an absolute embarrassment moving on the lucha house party and their pinata
beat the revival Ronda Rousey demands a challenger demands and challenger after
her beating that she took from Charlotte Flair
this past Sunday she comes out brooder and fucking beat and she wants a
challenger on Monday Night Raw do we get Shayna Baszler
fuck no to begin Nikki cross fuck no do we get an NXT call up fuck no we get
fucking Mickie James great way to excite your crowd they’ll be w/e great weight
having everyone in the stands in Los Angeles in the Staples Center waste
their fucking hard-earned money to see me
James get buried by Rhonda Rousey Bobby Roode and Chad Gable versus a OPP a OPP
lose to Bobby Roode Chad cable you know the tag teams that we’re supposed to be
building like a OPM in a revival both got buried tonight
by teams that don’t need to get billed to don’t need to get pushed so you mean
to tell me that you rather push Bobby ruined Chad gave over a Opie and
you rather push the fucking lucha house-party over the fucking revival
they should call this Monday Night Raw backwards not Monday Night Raw they
should call Monday Night Raw backwards because that’s the way Monday Night Raw
operates they operate fucking backwards people instead of doing the right thing
they do the absolute fucking opposite I don’t know I just don’t care you just
got a fucking scratch your fucking head scratch your fucking head with this
fucking show I just don’t get it Natalya versus Ruby rights do I have to go over
this match please people do I have to go over this fucking match Natalya beats
fucking Ruby right again another case of another superstar that gets pushed over
the real superstar that needs to get pushed why are we pushing Natalia
Natalia has seen her sign in the fucking sauna ready Ruby ride is the future but
we continue to bury the talent for the future again scratch your head people
Monday Night Raw backwards what else happened on the shit show I
don’t know what else happened on the shit show nothing on this show was
exciting to me nothing I fell asleep I absolutely fell asleep stavros attacks
Dean Ambrose finally there’s a stare-off fucking Dean Ambrose sighting instead of
seeing him on the fucking titantron weekend and week out he finally comes
out he attacks Steph Rollins hits him with to dirty deeds devastating dirty
deeds and the show goes off the air and our fucking unseparable
three hours are over are over ladies and gentlemen Monday Night Raw is
just on life support right now it’s in a fucking coma and I don’t know what is
going to save this show I don’t know what is gonna save this show and I don’t
know what type of fucking fields are coming for Wrestlemania I don’t know how
the fuck WrestleMania is gonna plan out because right now it’s a fucking
complete circus right now by this time you would already know what the
WrestleMania main events are going to be right now I’m completely fucking lost
I’m completely fucking lost and now I’m hearing that braun strowman is gonna be
written off a television that’s why they fucking absolutely destroyed him
yesterday I heard he’s gonna be written off television that he’s gonna be quiet
surgery for his fucking knees so now money and everyone’s gonna be even more
unsubtle if braun strowman isn’t gonna be there – braun strowman Roman reigns
Sami Zayn Kevin Owens all injured the state of the WWE right now is in the
worst of worst but yet well yet we want to call this shoulder issue the ACO give
me a fucking break and that has been your Monday Night Raw on sufferable 3
our fucking program review for last night’s show November 19th 2018 I’m AC
from New York so you guys want to follow me on social media twitter is the place
to go if you want to be up-to-date for everything on this channel because
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video and I will see you guys tonight for smack down thank you guys so much

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  2. Great job on your video. Keep up the good work. Great quality content. I herd rumors that Lars Sullivan is coming to raw.

  3. I mean with the way wwe is booking things would you really be surprised if Strowman wins the rumble and face Brock at wrestlemania?

    Honestly compared to Roman vs Brock I would take Braun over Roman. Not really the route I would go, but I’m up for anything at this point as long as it ain’t Roman. My expectations are so low for wrestlemania because it sucks every year anyways.

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