WWE Raw 10/15/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap.

WWE Raw 10/15/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap.

where do I even start people where do I
even start with this Monday Night Raw overview this show last night was quite
possibly the lamest Monday night roll in the history of Monday Night Raw this
fucking show was awful and excuse me people I’m feeling a little bit under
the weather so I’m gonna try my best to get through this review but I don’t know
what else to say any more people this is quite possibly the worst WWE program on
television Monday Night Raw people continues to fucking suck massive balls
Monday Night Raw continues to have no excitement have no superstar development
if your name is not the shield and Roman reigns you ain’t going nowhere on Monday
nitro you ain’t going absolutely nowhere on Monday nitro I’m going to start this
review and talk about the women I’m going to start this review and talk
about evolution I’m sitting there last night watching Monday Night Raw and
watching the amber moon match with Naya Jax versus Dana Brooks and Tamia
returning I’m sitting there watching the Ronda Rousey promo with Alexa bliss and
Mickie James and I asked myself where is the evolution oh where oh where has the
evolution gone when you look at the card of WWE evolution
and you look at the battle royal that they announced all of the women that
have made this evolution or tried to make this evolution what it was are all
in this meaningless battle royal and you have all the women from the past so I
already have seen their day in the Sun in the marquee matches where is Oscar
she’s in the Mina’s a battle royal where is Ruby riots where is Bailey where is
Sasha banks where is Amber moon on the car nowhere to be seen but then you have the Bella Twins Nikki
Bella in the main events of evolution versus Ronda fucking Rousey you have
leader and Trish Stratus in a marquee match this woman’s Devils evolution of
devolution or whatever you want to call it is a completely waste of fucking time it is an exact smack in the face on
every woman on that roster this WW evolution event I hope it blows up in
WWE’s face because they fucking deserve it to be quite honest with you Sasha
banks and Bayley built this evolution when they had that great fucking match
at NXT takeover Charlotte Flair built this evolution
amber moon leader trish stratus Nikki Bella built the Divas evolution or
revolution I don’t know why they are back in the WWE taking the spotlight
away from these women this is the problem that WWE has nowadays they don’t
know how to showcase the Intel and they don’t know how to build that superstar
they don’t know how to build a superstar anymore they don’t know how to groom a
superstar anymore now they what they do if the superstar
doesn’t make it on his own they go out there and bring back these people from
the fucking past these rosters are the most actresses in WWE history in the men
and women rosters but the WWE still continues to struggle booking these
superstars and creating the future excuse me
Triple H is down there at NXT building talent for the future and then they come
to the main roster and get fucking buried Oscar Mis undefeated for fucking
two years right former NXT Women’s Champion right still has not won a
fucking title on the main roster till this fucking day oscar has not been to
Smackdown live Women’s Champion or she hasn’t been to WWE raw Women’s Champion
on Monday nitro Oscar lost her kryptonite she lost her
Cape like Clark Kent losing his fucking cape she’s not superwoman anymore she’s
just a regular fucking diva because she’s gotten buried on the main roster
WWE evolution people is gonna be a fucking complete waste that’s why the
ticket sales have not sold out yet nobody cares about Nikki Bella versus
on the Rousey nobody cares about Trish Stratus and leader versus Alexa bliss
Mickie James the only match that I am 100% intrigued just watch it Shayna
Baszler versus kerosene everything else I just don’t care I just
don’t care now we have all this hoopla about crown jewel and about the
journalists I got apparently killed in the Saudi Arabia and everybody wants the
WWE to back out of crown jewel well obviously the WWE doesn’t give two fucks
about what happened with this journalist in Saudi Arabia because right off the
bat when Monday night Rock kicked off what do they do they promoted crown
jewel people shows how much W W cares about what happened in Saudi Arabia
about their sponsors about their fans it shows how much they care they take as
soon as the fucking show starts here we go to promote crown jewel not a
statement from mine Vince McMahon not anything addressing this incident in
Saudi Arabia Monday nitro is just the same old fucking show every week people
if you missed Monday Night Raw you missed absolutely nothing you missed
absolutely nothing because there was no progression there was no progression
there was nothing exciting there was absolutely nothing on this show excuse
me it’s all about Roman the shield braun strowman and the dogs of war that’s it
that’s pretty much money and I Ron a fuckin nutshell they promoted the World
Cup qualifying matches we had two of them last night
Steph Rollins versus dramatic entire the show started off with the dogs of
war and a shield Dean Ambrose was nowhere to be found
they say Dean Ambrose comes when he wants he runs on Ambrose time Steph
Rollins is Dolph Ziggler’s in the middle of the ring saying that they are the
best stable of all time who the fuck scripts this piece
who the fuck script Dolph Ziggler said that needs to be fired immediately
because who in the fucking right mind thinks that the dogs of war are the best
shield I mean the best the best on trio of all time are you fucking kidding me
are you out of your fucking mind and what the fuck was the NWO what the
fuck was evolution right you’re not even better than the fucking
new day people the dogs of war not even better than the
fucking new day who the fuck script this is fucking beyond me and they need to be
fucking terminated immediately after this promo with the same old garbage we
have a match between Dino Steph Rollins and drew McIntyre the winner qualifies
for the World Cup tournaments Steph Rollins wins
Seth Rollins wins and he is moving on to the World Cup tournament once again the
Intercontinental title means absolutely nothing when was the last time since the
camera has been defended now this title is not gonna get defended at crown jewel
when is this fucking title gonna get off this man’s hands Seth Rollins is doing
absolutely nothing with the Intercontinental title those titles on
Monday Night Raw are fucking worthless people are worthless Steph problems
before he came into the shield he was bringing the Intercontinental title to
another level to another level when he was on doing the Intercontinental open
challenge or whatever he was doing right fighting Elias fighting our Finn Balor
defending the title weekend weekend what happened they put him with the shield to
protect Roman and now the Intercontinental title is fucking buried
again after Stefan sprawl in the hard work into building that title the titles
on Monday Night Raw are absolutely worthless the universal titles worthless
the inter content of the titles worthless and the tag-team titles are
worthless because they’re all involved in one storyline people all these
fucking titles are involved in one fucking storyline why that is fucking
beyond me nobody on this roster can get a title shot or can get it tied around
their waist you tell me finn bálor would love to be the Intercontinental Champion
you tell me that that inter kind of title finn bálor wouldn’t make it look a
lot better than what it does now Elias being an Intercontinental Champion
what the fuck is WWE doing they are tarnishing everything
everything you can go to Walmart and get the fucking Intercontinental title and
it’s probably worth more and more valuable than the editorial title that
Steph Rollins has around his fucking shoulder same thing with the university
going to WB shop calm by the fucking universal title and it’ll be worth more
than fucking the title that Roman reigns has around his shoulder the titles are
worthless on Monday Night Raw if your name is in the shield toward the
dogs of war you my friend will never be a champion moving on we had a match
between like I said Steph Rollins drew McIntyre Steph Rollins wins and he is
now in this World Cup tournament after the match Steph Rollins is in the back
and he gets confronted by do you know Dean Ambrose is in the back he is
confronted by Steph Rollins and Roman reigns one second people if my computer
will start working I guess it has the fucking Roman reigns
disease or it has the goddamn it has the goddamn fucking Monday Night Raw disease
that my Mac computer doesn’t want to work now on fucking believable give me
one second guys let me see if I can get this going if not I am sorry for the
technical difficulties unbelievable none of my fucking sheets working right now
my fucking computer great great great great nonetheless people in the back
that Steph Rollins is in the back of Roman reigns and he gets confronted by
Dean Ambrose in the back and Dean Ambrose insulted because he got called a
lunatic by Steph Rollins Samantha I’m here too man holy cows in
there don’t worry about it I didn’t show up he’s not a lunatic time
and all that but he always shows up my lunatic died man it’s good Island time
by the time what’d you call me nothing really
no no yeah I mean it like that that’s all thank you guys right I’m just good
for a few laughs right we’re real riot until you guys need bailing out I’m like
yeah I know we met I got my own master worry about sure hey
wait it’s not like that so Dean Ambrose gets offended because Steph Rollins
calls him a lunatic obviously it isn’t that little people Dean Ambrose is going
to turn him and it couldn’t happen any fucking sooner the shield has to be
broken up immediately Steph braless needs to go on his fucking
own and defend that unit Intercontinental title and become the
architect again because right now he is protecting Roman and it is hurting the
raw product Steph Rollins should be fighting Finn Balor for the into kind of
title that brother should be defending the its kind of title against Bobby
Lashley step Rollins should be defending its kind of title against Elias everyone
on the roster is hurting right now because Rollins is in the shield and
Ambrose as well the shield and the dogs of war have to break up immediately
because it’s hurting the whole fucking roster moving on the Brothers of
Destruction respond to the Generation X how fucking scripted was this promo it
is fucking ridiculous people horrible promo buddy Undertaker and Kane these
guys have to retire and never be seen again I am done with fucking Knoxville
Tennessee Kane with his fucking hairy chest and I
am done with fucking the Undertaker I don’t want to hear any more gongs okay I
don’t want to see any more eyes being rolled back I am done with the
Undertaker he should have retired at WrestleMania 34 and been done with it whose BuChE BuChE Halloween respect
Triple A – Shawn Michaels Willa lecture us about respect our respect for them
died from their dishonesty after reunification of d-generation X is built
on a bed of lies how scripted does this sound but deep down is black soul Shawn
knows that what kept him in the shadows for eight and a half years was nothing
but fear fear that my blood would make Shawn Michaels feel helpless and
worthless again fear that my brother would humiliate Shawn Michaels again
fear that my brother would puts on Michaels down again I have a fear about
watching Monday Night Raw every week because I have a fear it’s going to pull
me in a deep deep sleep this time so deep in the ground
that song could never return a crown jewel with the Brothers of
Destruction reunite to unleash hell on degeneration X for the first time ever
all of Shawn Michaels fears will come true Triple H may have won a battle in
Australia but he started a war that will begin and end a crown jewel and when it
ends Triple H can sleep back to the comfort of the boardroom and Shawn
Michaels can shuffle back off to their safety of retirement Triple H and Shawn
Michaels you had three words for us are you ready what we have three words for
you wrists
yeah please and then he puts his eyeballs behind his
head and that is the end of the promo how horrible did this promo look on
television you can see the Undertaker looking away from the camera reading a
fucking cue card this promo was horrific just like Monday Night Raw this promo
did nothing to enhance this rivalry this rivalry the DX versus the Brothers of
Destruction is 10 years too late people if this what happened 10 years ago I
would have been fuckin hyped up for this match but right now I just don’t give a
fuck I don’t give a fuck I can care less who the fuck wins I can care less
because this match to me is not going to be exciting these guys are not gonna lay
everything on the line they can’t they’re fuckin 50 years old
plus they can’t waste of everyone’s time people moving on more waste of our times
this is when I fuckin change the channel and watch fuckin Monday Night Football
nya Jackson amber moon vs. Dana broke into me who the fuck booked this match
who can someone show me the person who booked this match and the person that
approved this match the air on Monday Night Raw
who cares about these four women I’m sorry I shouldn’t say that because
people care about amber moon but who cares about Dana Brooks them to me the
people want to see these women on television wrestling I know I don’t and
Tamia I thought she was on Smackdown live didn’t she get drafted to SmackDown
like and somebody let me know in the comment section down below I’m pretty
sure she got drafted to SmackDown life why the fuck is she on Monday Night Raw
where’s the explanation nothing from Monday Night Raw
nothing nonetheless nonetheless
who the fuck won this match I don’t even know let me look at the fucking results
ever move every morning I had Jax defeat to me I’m Dana Brooks after the match night Jax get thrown over the top rope
amber moon and then Dana Brooks throws both of them over the fucking top rope
promoting this fucking battle royal at evolution again who cares
hmm movie on Ronda Rousey he rips into the Bella Twins before destroying their
private security this was another horrible segment Oh give me a fuckin
premiere River Ronda please cry me a fucking River please cry me later she’s
fucking I just sad because the Bella team turn on her
give me a break you want an explanation we don’t owe you one no I mean please Rhonda this is show
business not show friends I mean you are the one to disrespect us you’re the one
who disregarded everything Nikki and I have done great business I mean what did
you expect for us to sit on the sidelines and watch you I mean you’re
the reason why Bri and I came back to compete
it made me cringe to watch you at the forefront of this evolution no top yes
hey go ahead turn go oh no I mean go ahead it’s all you Rhonda and let’s let
me know you’re gonna come up here and break her arms
I tried my best to be respectful I really did I I know that the WWE was
your territory first and and I really tried not to be judgmental even though
everything of the Divas arrows stood for made me sick to my stomach like me too now Rondo starts spitting truth bombs
that’s a Bella Twins which was what a good naive to see that you guys are the
embodiment of a stereotype true DMVs do nothing
Bela’s true you were there because there was a camera pointed at me and never in
my life have I seen such desperation for attention true you reached off of the names of your men
true you plagiarize and dilute their movesets true
you’re not pioneer it’s you’re a callous you’re relics of the past waiting to be
a bit serrated like smallpox okay okay so you think we’re talentless you think
we’re a disease you think we’re do-nothing Bella’s we have broken more
barriers than you ever have we have knocked down more doors
you don’t even compare to us at all knock down doors yeah that’s exactly
what I said knock down doors higher career I’ve been knocking down doors
I’ve knocked down doors and judo I knock down doors and Strikeforce I knocked on
doors the UFC and now I’m knocking down doors here at home and at WWE
Scott point they’re the only door you ever knocked down was the door to John
Cena’s bedroom that’s truly choo-choo-choo-choo true
that was the best was even better and then this is when the segment just goes
down fucking Hill The Bella Twins were forced to call first security how many
times have we seen this spot with Ronda Rousey security guards big-ass fucking
man they’re over way around the rosey by fucking 100 pounds or maybe more right
she fucking judo throws them all over the place the guys just go out they say
he’s my arm miss Rhonda don’t fucking hurt me and judo throw me that’s it and
that’s exactly what happened these fucking for retards come out dressed as
security guards and they extend their arm to Rhonda and Rhonda Rhonda gives
them the judo throw I don’t want to see any more security guards when it comes
to Ronda Rousey again they have went to this well way too many times that was
the best segment or best line of the night when Ronda Rousey said the only
door you’ve kicked down is the one from John Cena’s bedroom holy shit the crowd
popped and when she said and it’s trending everywhere on fucking social
media right now moving on Dean Ambrose versus Dolph Ziggler for the world
qualifying cup Saudi Arabia whatever Dolph Ziggler defeats Dean Amber’s due
to disqualification I’m sorry Dolph Ziggler’s defeats Dean Ambrose to
qualify for the World Cup tournaments one thing I want to say about these
qualifying matches Stef Rollins vs. drew McIntyre is a fucking main event worthy
match we have seen these guys in the ring together a meaningless meaningless
matches already that I don’t even care when they actually go on to fight for a
title or go on to fight at a pay-per-view
they have completely ruined their interaction with each other when you
seem drew magnetar got drafted the money never all you said fuck that is a dream
match McIntyre vs Ziggler for an intercontinental title for a universal
title now I don’t even give a fuck about seeing these two guys in the ring no
more it just hurts it just hurts the future and it hurts the booking of these
superstars but Dolph Ziggler defeats Dean Ambrose to qualify for the World
Cup tournaments moving on Finn Balor versus ginger Mahal these guys are
probably neck-and-neck to see who is gonna be fucking who’s gonna hit who is
the worst of the worst and bottom of the barrel on my own fucking Monday Night
Raw Finn Balor with Bailey defeat Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox we have seen these
fucking teams in the ring together way too many times this is the best
ww has for a former NXT champion for the first time ever Universal champion Finn
Balor teaming up with fucking Bailey with fucking Bailey give me a fucking
break moving on Tyler breeze versus Bobby
Lashley poor Tyler breeze just gets fed to a superstar every fucking week guys
all fucking telling the world to be a fucking good superstar but he’s just
wasted on money and I roll like everyone else did he they should just fucking
send them back to NXT I would like to see Tyler breeze versus fucking all
Alistair black or Tyler breeze versus Johnny Gargano or Tyler breeze versus
The Velveteen dream poor Tyler breeze when your fucking contract expires leave
the WWE and go to Impact Wrestling or go to fucking Ring of Honor or go to
fucking house of glory go somewhere bro because you are done into WWE Bobby
Lashley destroys Tyler breeze moving on likes to listen Mickie James think Trish
Stratus and Lita time has passed they cut a promo together I’m not gonna play
because I don’t care about this feud Kurt Angle gets retribution against a
parent Corbin korangal comes out they had to conquistador again in the fucking
middle ring everyone’s thinking just Kurt Angle it’s
not Kurt Angle the altars of pain destroyed against the door and they take
his mask on if so there’s some fucking clam I don’t know who the fuck he is during the match Baron Corbin was at the
stage sitting down the Quran comes from behind him and gives him an angle slam
that was probably one of the worst scandal slams that crane goes done and
his whole entire fucking career and that segment ends l’Italia versus Ruby riots who won this match because this was the
time when I went to go take a shit in the bathroom Natalya defeats Ruby riot
who cares once again Apollo crews there was a Paolo Cruz siding and he says he
is tired of being the back and overlooked he destroys destroys Elias he
destroys Elias allies gets interrupted again he comes continue to do the same
old stick weekend in week out singing the fucking guitar shitting on the
fucking city he’s in allies is just he act on Monday Night Raw this guy’s all
the talent in the world they give him no fucking competition Paula Cruz destroys
Elias who cares people who fucking cares who cares cuz I don’t braun strowman
pack and blow during battle with the shield the shield defeats the pack after
the match braun strowman attacks Dolph Ziggler hopefully this is the end of
this fucking wolf pack or fucking dogs of war or wherever the fuck they called
I hope this is the end of them because braun strowman needs to turn back into a
baby face braun strowman gets a claim or by drew mcintyre after the match and
drew mcintyre walks away so hopefully the pack is over hopefully
they break up the shield next and monday never come we’re moving in the right
fucking direction people because right now monday nitro isn’t sufferable i mean
there was nothing in this show that had any impact into it had any storyline
behind it it was just boring it was lame mundane
night lane they shook home 1 ni raw because it is a horrible television show
right now nobody cares about the shield nobody cares about Roman reigns and his
fucking agenda and his cancer that is killing Monday Night Raw that’s gonna be
your money in a robbery you for October 15th 2018 I’m AC from New York if you
guys liked the video hit that like button subscribe to channel if you
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  2. If Vince can ruin Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Ember Moon. Can you imagine what he is going to do with women like Kairi Sane, Candice LeRay, Io Shirai, and Bianca Bellair when they get called up? The thought of it completely gives me nightmares. This Evolution ppv is complete Garbage. All this is just giving people to fall asleep.

  3. Monday night raw is the greatest wrestling show ever.

    Just kidding. It’s pure garbage that doesn’t even deserve 5 views.

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