WWE Raw 10/1/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION RETURN!!!

WWE Raw 10/1/18 Full Show Review Results & Recap: BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION RETURN!!!

viewers and subscribers I’m going to sit
here and admit to you guys one thing I fell asleep watching Monday Night Raw
last night I am going to sit here and tell you that I fell asleep during
Monday Night Raw last night the first hour of the show I mean was the only
intriguing part of the show when they kept pushing this Roman reigns I’m sorry
this Dean Ambrose he’ll turn other than that guys after that segment I mean I
just started to doze off I just sitting there and sitting there and I’m just
bored watching Monday Night Raw I tried to you know keep myself busy texting and
sending out tweets on Twitter over my frustration on Monday Night Raw if you
guys are following me on Twitter you know exactly what I’m talking about but
after the segment with Dean Ambrose last night and his potential he’ll turn
Monday Night Raw people I mean it is just unwatchable Monday Night Raw is
just unwatchable anymore I mean when you throw at us matches like
Bobby root versus Connor when you throw at us a fucking match between the B team
and the revival when you throw fucking boring ass segments like fucking a
moment of bliss when you throw a segment with Elias and Kevin Owens the same old
garbage that we see every week especially when you throw at us a match
between Bailey and Alicia Fox I mean what do you want me to do but just for
asleep or change the channel there was times I changed the channel to watch
Monday Night Football and watch the Denver Broncos versus fucking the Kansas
City Chiefs Monday Night Raw people is just I mean what else can I say
I sound like I I sound like a broken record every week there is nothing
positive whatsoever to talk about in these reviews every week I’ve come on
here and I want to say something positive about Monday Night Raw but I
just can’t because Monday Night Raw there’s nothing positive to talk about
you know but if you guys watch my NXT reviews
I talked a lot of positivity on there lately I’ve been talking a little bit of
positivity with my stomach down live reviews but Monday Night Raw
it’s just absolutely negative every week rant and rave because this fucking
Monday Night Raw creative team I mean can they get just a little bit creative
can they show just a little bit that they care just a little bit man it’ll be
so much fucking appreciated if they would just show that they care just a
little bit for four weeks in a row we’ve had Bobby Roode and Chad gable feuding
with the Ascension in in a fucking meaningless feud that’s not going to do
anything for any of the four competitors they’re at fault in the few last week we
had I believe Chad gable versus one of the members of the Ascension the week
before we have Bobby Roode versus one of the we do members of Ascension and this
week we have Bobby Roode versus another member of the Ascension can we get a
little bit creative this well we have a pay-per-view coming out right this
Sunday called super showdown we have a triple threat match between the shield
and the dogs of war so what does Monday Night Raw do this
week when we put them in singles matches the fans ain’t gonna care right let’s
put dean ambrose vs braun strowman and then let’s put fucking Roman reigns
versus Dolph Ziggler and then this put drew McIntyre versus fucking Steph
Rollins because the fans ain’t gonna care right let’s just just kill some
time because we have nothing creative to do with these guys and we have nothing
creative to do with Monday Night Raw we have this triple threat match coming up
on Sunday so they just put these guys in singles matches which took up half of
the fucking show Monday night Raw’s creative team people I am fuckin
speechless I am absolutely speechless all three of these matches were horrible
I didn’t like any of these three matches neither of these three matches kept me
up none of them Dolph Ziggler versus Roman
reigns I mean come on it’s the same old fucking
shit with Roman reigns it’s the same match of Roman reigns every time he gets
his ass beat the whole match and what happens the two moves of do the fucking
Superman punch and spear match over the fucking title is not even underlined the
fucking title is not even underlined but when he first became Universal champion
mr. Roman reigns did state that he was going to be a fighting champion and that
he was going to defend the title every week when was the last time Roman reigns
defended his title hmm on Monday Night Raw
when against Baron Corbin really now I’ll bet against Baron Corbin Robert
reigns is quite possibly the worst fucking champion of all time the
universal title he is doing nothing for the universal title he doesn’t look like
a champion he does they talk like a champion
he doesn’t walk like a champion the universal title is fucking worthless
right now on Roman reigns every title I’m Monday night wrong when it comes to
the men it’s all routing around Roman reigns and his field I mean you got to
tag team titles on the fucking dogs of war right he had the Intercontinental
title on a shield member and you have the universal title on his shield member
how good is that for the rest of the fucking roster wouldn’t you like to see
Finn Balor be universe be fucking Intercontinental Champion and defending
it against there Kevin Owens defending it against it Elias defending it against
a chad gable defending it against the fucking Bobby Roode’s what do you mean
we like to see that but now it’s around the waist of staff from Rollins that’s
completely wasting all his effort that he put into last two months in building
the Intercontinental title with that open challenge that he was doing before
he got put into the shield again the tag-team titles even though the tag-team
division is fucking worthless what did you like to see the tag team champions
be the revival and defend those titles against AOP or AOP being attached to
champions and defending it against the revival drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler
have now defended the titles on Monday Night Raw in weeks when you have the
universal champion when you have the Intercontinental titles roll rolled
around one feud it is bad booking and it is bad for business
it is bad for business there’s many guys in though and that lot of my Monday
Night Raw that would love to get a shot at the Intercontinental title and hold
the Intercontinental title that Intercontinental title has been held by
legends by legends Pete pat pat paterson fucking mr. perfect
the honky Tonk Man do you all submit warrior ricky the dragon’ steamboat Bret
the Hitman Hart Shawn Michaels the list goes on and on and on grace that has
held that title and that has made that title prestigious the tag team titles
that around the waist of through McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler are they
making those titles prestigious no they’re just collecting dust these guys
are not defending the titles a week in and week out there’s not showing any
type of prestige to these titles demolition Legion of Doom the Hart
Foundation tag teams that held those Tag Team titles and gave them some prestige
to the titles in WWE people is where I’m getting to mean absolutely nothing
anymore outside of probably the WWE title with
AJ Styles every title and Monday on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live mean
absolutely nothing to the WWE and it’s a goddamn shame because WWE can be doing a
lot more with these titles and a lot more with these superstars then what
they’re doing right now when you have three titles in a feud for an agenda the
Roman reigns agenda it’s bad for business people and it’s showing its
ugly head on Monday Night Raw the fucking shell starts off with Dean
Ambrose shield loyalty coming into question Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre
suggested that you’re unhappy in the shield that you’re being used that they
need you more than you meet them any truth of these claims sorry you asked me if there’s any truth
to the things those guys said last weekend sure yeah there’s a lot of truth
to what those guys said I mean look at it
Seth and Roman are both champions I have nothing
I was a champion all of my own before come to think of it when I went down
with an injury when I lost the year of my life and career Seth Rollins
replacing me pretty quickly with Jason Jordan not did me that being said have you ever thought
about leaving the shield maybe I don’t need these anymore maybe
these don’t mean as much to me anymore as they used to hey maybe on the way
here I ran home as far off the road he’s not ain’t gonna be here tonight Cheers
people cheering Dean I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not but people
are asking a lot of questions about questions what kind of questions are
people asking and people asking questions like why after all this time
am I still in the shield am I gonna band in them turn my back on them but people
wonder are they asking questions like what is he finally just gonna snap
when’s he gonna get fed up and snap he’s such a lunatic
cuz y’all don’t know what I’m gonna do next maybe maybe people are thinking and
I’m just waiting for the perfect time nobody’s looking
when nobody’s watching the perfect time for me to slip the knife right in their
back you can stop trying to understand and you and the whole world can stop
trying to analyze me they give me out get inside my head why
don’t you just judge me by my actions I did what I always do
step up stand by my brothers and stand by my family the shield is not a business it’s not a
business the shield is not a business Dean Ambrose is the shield is not a
brand the shield is not a brand he says lies shield is a brotherhood no it’s not
the shield is not a brotherhood ok the shield is just a fucking agender to keep
Roman reigns from getting fucking booed out the building every fucking week just
being honest God honest truth right there this is when the Monday Night Raw
went down fucking Hill as soon as Baron Corbin showed up I said this fucking
show is going downhill this show is going downhill Baron Corbin is the
fucking worst general manager in fucking history history this is Seth Rollins for
the end of continental chain okay okay
– you face Roman reigns I would have been good – what did they give us little
get the stats you go one-on-one with braun strowman on cell ELISA Dean angles
if you think you’re gonna come out here and dangle some shiny carrot in front of
me and I’m just gonna sing and dance for you
we don’t know me very well how about secret option number for me there shoot
right now it’s not that easy but I’ll make the
choice for you it’s gonna be you versus braun strowman right now so Baron Corbin makes a match between
bronze Roman and fucking Dean Ambrose this match was fucking horrendous these
two guys are not generals in the ring both guys made each other look
absolutely fucking horrible in the match what happens after the match fucking
Roman reigns comes out and Dean Ambrose come Steph Rollins come out and help
Dean Ambrose same old fucking shit that we see for the last fucking six weeks
with these fucking three guys a brawl breaks out who fucking cares people
there was no excitement no excitement the only excitement that we have the
only entry that we have in this fucking storyline is when the fuck is Dean
Ambrose going to turn heel when is the shield going to fucking break up that is
all I’m waiting for I don’t care about the shield I don’t care about the dogs
of war I don’t care about this field each individual needs to be a single
superstar drew McIntyre is bigger and better than the fucking tag team titles
and he is bigger and better than Dolph Ziggler Steph Rollins and Dean Ambrose
are bigger and better than fucking Roman reigns and they don’t have to be his
fucking coke tail they need to go their separate ways and braun strowman is the
only fucking moron that looks like a absolute fucking idiot in this fucking
field braun strowman the monster among man
people money in the bank winner right what has he got out of this feud what
has he got out of this ear field he’s going absolutely fucking nothing out of
this view where is this going to take him where is this feud going to take him
is he going to win the universal title at crown jewel hell no he’s not
and if you think that Roman reigns is losing that title around you you are a
fucking moron WWE is not taking the title off of fucking Roman reigns I can
you can take that to the fucking bank moving on the next match we have with
Roman reigns versus Dolph Ziggler like I said this was a typical Roman reigns
match Roman reigns gets his ass kicked the whole fucking match and then he
hooks up and then the two moves of doom Superman punch spear and that is it one
two three the title wasn’t even on the fucking line what a great fighting
champion we have moving on we had a match between Stef Rollins versus drew
McIntyre this was the actually decent match and the right winner one drew
McIntyre beats Stef Rollins once again the title was not on the line
I wish drew McIntyre would have had this tied on the line I beat Seth Rollins for
the Intercontinental title but nonetheless drew McIntyre beats Stef
Rollins moving on Ronda Rousey versus Ruby riots
Ronda Rousey is just fucking been absolutely awful the last fucking four
weeks why is she with Nikki Bella why is she with Brie Bella I absolutely do not
understand why the fuck it is to read fucking women together Nikki Bella and
Brie Bella they just did they just make Ronda Rousey look even worse they just
make her look even worse I don’t understand why they’re putting around
the Rousey with The Bella Twins we’re probably gonna see a fucking Brie Bella
vs ronda rousey matter evolution people that’s probably we’re gonna have we’re
gonna have happen Ronda Rousey I mean the way they’re booking her
I don’t like it whatsoever Ronda Rousey should be booked and like the women’s
version of brockless or she be she should be booked like fucking Shayna
Baszler they don’t give a fuck add to a bitch
but now she’s out there smiling and giving high-fives and
The Bella Twins I’m like you know what this is nauseating I think this is the
segment that I fucking fell asleep I think this was the match in this segment
that I fucking absolutely fell asleep it was horrendous nonetheless Ronda Rousey
beats will be right burying another woman that can actually wrestle on
Monday Night Raw moving on if we haven’t seen this already Bobby Roode vs Conor
Bobby Roode vs Conor Bobby Roode people is in the bottom of the bottom see he is
in the bottom of the bottom see and I don’t see Bobby recovering ever even if
he turns – I don’t see him recovering because last last night it was the nail
in the coffin for Bobby Roode I don’t care to see Bobby Roode on TV anymore
this is not the NXT Bobby Roode that we used to see Conner from the Ascension
beats Bobby Roode’s clean my god if Bobby rue has not been
on the bottom of the bottom see he is in the bottom of the bottom see now loses
clean 1 2 3 – Conner from the Ascension oh my god this is what I’m telling you
the fucking I just fell asleep people the fucking B team versus the revival
the fucking B team versus the goddamn revival the B team end up beating the
revival weren’t the revival going on this path to being pushed to the top
right they got a fucking tag team title match against drew McIntyre and Dolph
Ziggler we thought we were getting some momentum with the fucking revival and
what happens they lose now last night to the fucking beat after the match thank
God IOP came out and destroyed fucking both teams they saved this segment they
really did because the B team beat the revival but after the match the
Ascension I’m sorry not the Ascension the altars of pain a o P destroyed wolf
teams thank God moving on we have a segment with Kevin Owens
and Elias the same old shit with Elias with his fucking guitar not in a fucking
wrestling match they don’t fucking use this guy to rest so they just use him as
a fucking stupid ass fucking puppet every week with the fans but now they’re
gonna add Kevin Owens into the mix these guys got booed out the fucking building
this was one of the horrible segments on Monday Night Raw
once again after this segment bobby lashley versus Kevin Owens Kevin Owens
beats Bobby Lashley trashley the main event of the night people if we couldn’t
get any worse Bayley versus Alicia Fox its 2018 isn’t
it we are in 2018 and Alicia Fox and Bayley our main eventing Monday Night
Raw nonetheless Bayley beats Alicia Fox and
then the segment that closed the show for old washed-up veterans trying to
sell a meaningless pay-per-view this Saturday super showdown because nobody
in the fucking locker room can sell this pay-per-view so WWE has to go into their
little fucking cookie jar and grab a fucking Undertaker and grab a fucking
Kane ox knocks for Tennessee came mayor right Shawn Michaels who’ve washed up in
bald and Triple H is washed up in bald here is a segment with the Undertaker
and Kane when they lay out Triple H and Shawn Michaels do no fault of my own made this personal
a long time ago with Triple H and then he put me in a position where I had to
make a choice he wanted to know between him and Triple H who I thought was gonna
win who I believe him who I stood behind for the love of God I can tell you I
have nothing but the utmost respect for the Undertaker
but I am Telling You any day of the week twice on Sunday
I will pick my best friend over anybody on the face of God’s green earth son
Michael boy Shawn my king understand this you or anybody else tries to crowd
that ring that is God is my witness I will brush you back courtesy of some
sweet music and then here comes Knox for Tennessee
himself mayor then the Undertaker fears and the fans
just soaked all this off they just soak it up they just soak it up
the WWE Raw creative team when they sat down and to create this fucking our show
right they just said you know what let’s just make the whole fucking card and the
whole every segment on Monday Night Raw just rinse and repeat and then the last
segment let’s put Undertaker Kane Triple H and Shawn Michaels and the WWE fans
will leave happy they’ll leave happy and they’ll soak it up and everybody will be
talking about Kane Undertaker Triple H and Shawn Michaels and all the fans
soaked this segment up Michael Cole selling in a fuckin color commentary and
the topping is fucking lung Boston the fucking night Undertaker those four
tubes down as Shawn Michaels with bent sickle inch comes running out purple H and the Terr go out it’s Kane
combs to try to help you on the taker and sure the lights goes out of with
Kane Triple H goes back to Kane and some
punches Kane comes back Shawn Michaels gets into it Kane grab Shawn Michaels
let it float on to take his grab Triple H by the throat and what happens the a
chokeslam very obvious the same old shit that we would see for fucking 15 years
nobody else on Monday Night Raw can sell a fucking favor then the Undertaker
takes up Triple H and he gives them a two stone Colorado and Triple H and
Shawn Michaels were laid to waste by the Brothers of Destruction Undertaker looks
fucking horrible like he can’t move in the ring anymore
Kane looks even fucking worse and that’s it Monday Night Raw goes off to you and
everyone in the arena leaves happy because they got to see the Undertaker
and Kane and Triple H and Shawn Michaels people in the front row paid their
fucking hard earned money and thousands of thousands of dollars to see Alicia
Fox versus Bayley to see fucking Bobby Roode versus Connor right to see the B
team versus the revival boring-ass matches that puts you to fucking sleep
and then at the end of the show they’re gonna give you Kane Undertaker Triple H
and Shawn Michaels for fucking two minutes and this was a good Monday Night
Raw show Monday Night Raw is unwatchable people I fell asleep I legitimately feel
asleep watching the show Monday Night Raw is in the worst state of this it’s
of its existence I don’t care if we have the Undertaker back I don’t care we have
fucking came back I don’t care we have triple
Eight’s back I don’t care we have Shawn Michaels back they need to go they need
to go and WWE needs to build new stars and not going back
flash in a pan and bring him back these old veterans that already seen the light
of fucking day all right they already seen the fuckers the shine
in the Sun Sun in the shine whatever you know where I’m getting at WWE is
god-awful right now I’m AC from New York people if you guys want to follow me on
social media Twitter Instagram Google+ and Facebook at AC from New York you
guys want to becoming a patreon to the page help to channel expand go to
patreon.com/crashcourse Urkel thank you guys so much please hit that
like button guys don’t forget to hit that Bell for on a vacation and also
subscribe to the channel I’m AC from New York
I am very frustrated with money in a row I don’t know if I keep doing these money
now wrong reviews people Monday Night Raw I just don’t care anymore I just
don’t care about money and I roll in the war I sound like a fucking broken record
week in and week out I just don’t see any light in the end of the tunnel but
that’s all I got guys thank you guys so much for the love support I’ll see you
guys next time for my SmackDown live review and I am signing out thank you

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  2. Raw has gotten to the point that I rather watch something else now than this shit show. If I'm The Revival right now, I will totally DEMAND my release papers immediately. Please Revival get the hell out of wwe and go have Five Star classics with The Young Bucks please.

  3. Monday night raw was a terrible, an a waste of time. I hate the shield in WWE. I fell asleep while I was watching rawlast night.

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