WWE On WrestleMania Spoilers ( WWE Leaks For 2020 )! Where Is Rusev Right Now? Wrestling News!

WWE On WrestleMania Spoilers ( WWE Leaks For 2020 )! Where Is Rusev Right Now? Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
March 25 2020 We’re starting today with
news from WrestleMania,
as several matches for the showcase of the immortals
have been changed. On RAW this week, it was
announced that the Street
Profits will defend their RAW Tag Team Titles against Angel
Garza and United States
Champion Andrade, but this wasn’t the original plan. According to Dave Meltzer
on the latest edition of
Wrestling Observer Radio, the original plan was for Andrade
to defend the title against
Rey Mysterio, but this has changed as the former 8888
Champion is unavailable.
Meltzer said: “There were a lot of different
ideas, multiple different ideas
for U.S. Title matches. From last week, the main
idea was probably going to be
Andrade and Rey. Rey is in 888888888 so he’s off the
show. You got to be safe
rather than sorry for sure.” As for the Street Profits,
Meltzer said that the pair were
expected to defend their titles against the AOP, but
that match was nixed after
Rezar tore his bicep. Yesterday, we reported that
Dana Brooke had been
removed from the SmackDown Women’s
Championship 6-pack challenge
at WrestleMania, and now Meltzer has explained why
the fitness enthusiast won’t
be competing. He said: “She’s in 888888888 right now.
They don’t want to take any
chances. They pulled her from the match because
she’s 8888. They are concerned,
so there you go. She’s in 888888888.” Needless to say, this year’s
WrestleMania will be much
different than the one fans expected just a few months
ago, and whilst it’ll go down
in history, it probably won’t be for the reasons
WWE want. Though WrestleMania 36 has
been 8888888by what is
happening in the 8888 right now, the showcase of the
Immortals is just one show out
of a huge week of WWE content that has also
been moved. Before these changes, the
original plan was for NXT
TakeOver: Tampa Bay to take place on April 4th at the
Amalie Arena, but this has
been cancelled due to 8888 888888888 to avoid large
888888888. Prior to the cancellation, the
only match confirmed for the
show was a 6-woman number-one contender ladder
match, and just because the
show is off, that doesn’t mean this match
won’t take place. Justin Barasso of Sports
Illustrated reported that all
matches planned for TakeOver: Tampa Bay, will
now air over April, and this
was later confirmed on social media by WWE them
selves, who also promoted
an appearance by Triple H for tonight’s show. Barrasso also noted that
these TakeOver matches
will start from the April 1st episode of NXT, and with
rumoured bouts Johnny
Gargano Vs. Tommaso Ciampa and NXT Champion
Adam Cole Vs. Velveteen
Dream, there’ll be plenty of reasons for fans to tune in
to the USA Network. One Superstar fans won’t see
at the NXT episodes or
WrestleMania 36, is Ember Moon, as the self-professed
War Goddess has been out
of action since the September 23rd edition of
RAW with an Achilles injury. This week, the former NXT
Women’s Champion took to
Twitter to update fans about her condition, revealing
that the 888888888 center she
has been visiting has been closed down indefinitely,
leaving Moon to perform her
own Achilles 888888888 sessions at home. Hopefully this won’t cause the
return of the War Goddess to
be delayed, as Ember remains one of the most
talented stars in the company’s
women’s division, despite some questionable
booking since her main
roster call-up. We’re sticking with WWE’s
women’s division now, as at
WrestleMania, RAW Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch will put her title on the
line, against Shayna Baszler. Given how vicious both women
have been in recent weeks,
the feud has unsurprisngly been prominent
featured on the red brand and
according to reports, The Man may be prepping for
her second consecutive
WrestleMania main event. On Twitter, Wrestle Votes said
that a source told them that it
wouldn’t be surprising if The Man and the
Queen of Spades headlined
the first night of WrestleMania on April 4th,
and that both the Saturday
and Sunday shows are expected to have eight
matches each. As of right now, there’s 13
matches confirmed for the
Mania card, and with the show of shows still a week
and a half away, there’s not
much time for more matches to make it to the
biggest show of the year. Speaking of the WrestleMania
card, there may be not much
time for more matches to be added to the
show, but that may all
change this Friday. On this week’s SmackDown,
Drew Gulak will meet
Shinsuke Nakamura in singles action, with the stipulation
being that if Gulak wins,
Daniel Bryan will receive an Intercontinental title match
at WrestleMania, against
Sami Zayn. This is certainly an interesting
stipulation for the show, and
it looks like it may be a matter of time until the Eco-
Warrior regains the title he
was forced to vacate in 2015. Now, we all know that this
year’s WrestleMania isn’t
what the company had planned mere months ago,
but that hasn’t stopped the
WWE from trying to make an event to remember. Whilst peaking on the latest
edition of PW Insider Elite
Audio, Mike Johnson gave a hint at what other matches
could be added, as he said. “I was told to expect more
matches to WrestleMania,
believe it or not. I was told to expect some random sorta
zany matches announced.
That’s what I was told earlier today.” With the show just days away,
there is currently no match
announced for the SmackDown Tag Team
Championships, so maybe
Miz and Morrison will get to have the weekend off, on
April 4th and April 5th. That being said, there’s still
two editions of the blue
brand before WrestleMania weekend, so fans can expect
at least one tag team to step
up to the Dirt sheet champions in the coming
weeks. We’re looking back at this
week’s RAW now, as though
the WWE is trying to provide content during this
unpredictable time, the fans
didn’t tune in this week. According to Showbuzz Daily,
this week’s episode drew an
average 2 million viewers, the lowest number
for Monday Night RAW in
2020. For comparison, last week’s
show brought in 2.34 million,
which not only was the first RAW to take place with
out the audience, but was
also a significant increase on the week prior, which
averaged 2.16 million. It’s hardly surprising that the
ratings are struggling given
the 88888888888999 which is happening right now, and
hopefully the viewing figures
will increase, once things get back to normal. Whilst RAW failed to get the
fans to tune in this week,
the same can’t be said for ESPN which did very well
with their own WWE
content this week. With ESPN airing classic
WrestleMania events for the
next three weeks, this past Sunday’s airing of Wrestle
Mania 30 drew 839,000
viewers according to F4WOnline, the highest rated
programme on ESPN for the
entire weekend. Fans will remember that the
2014 show saw Steve
Austin, Hulk Hogan and The Rock share the ring, Daniel
Bryan finally defeat the
Authority, as well as The Undertaker’s streak being
conquered by Brock Lesnar,
so it’s hardly surprising that fans tuned in to relive the
truly historic event. Back to WrestleMania 36
now, as for the first time
ever, this year’s show will be taped in advance. Whilst the company is
allowed to continue
producing content at their Performance Center, this rule
could always change in these
unpredictable times, so it makes sense for the
WWE to film their biggest show
of the year, ahead of time. Of course, filing shows ahead
of schedule increases the
chance of spoilers, though it seems like the WWE are
taking precautions against
any results being leaked. During PW Insider Elite
Audio, Mike Johnson
explained how WWE plans on limiting spoilers, as he said: “They’re using such a small
crew that I pretty much
believe that those who are there on-site will probably be
too paranoid to want to really
go into detail about what’s going on.” Even though this year’s show
isn’t what WWE had hoped
for, WrestleMania 36 will still be a huge weekend
for the company, so hopefully
the WWE will be able to avoid spoilers leaking online
when they film the show of
shows this week. We’re taking a break from
WWE to look at All Elite
Wrestling now, as on last week’s edition of Dynamite,
Matt Hardy made his long-
rumored debut for the company. It didn’t take long after Matt’s
huge debut, for AEW
Merchandise to appear under his name, and the new All
DELETE Wrestling shirt is
doing particularly well. On Twitter, Hardy confirmed
that the shirt was the
highest selling shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees last week,
as fans are clearly behind
the former ECW 8888 Champion, in his new
home in AEW. Time will tell just how far
Hardy’s career goes in the
new promotion, but after months of being used as
either a jobber or Randy
Orton’s punching bag in WWE, things can only get better
for the Woken One, in his
new home. Back to WWE now, and given
everything that’s happened
in the 8888 lately, the company could possibly be
facing some worrying
financial times. After all, the company is set
to lose a lot of money by
not having WrestleMania at its original venue in Tampa,
Florida, and this Pay Per
view could be the first of many that the company may
have to hold without a live
crowd. Fortunately, this week the
company has filed a Form
8-K with the Securities and Exchange commission, which
should keep the company in
the money during this stressful period. Whilst the form has a lot of
legal mumbo-jumbo, the
gist of it is that the WWE will now be able to perform with
more liquidity, whilst being
able to keep investors more up to date with how the
business is doing. Vince McMahon himself has
entered into a variable
prepaid contract, and whilst everyone hopes this 888888
situation will be over soon,
the WWE’s CEO is certainly taking serious measures to
protect his company. We’re moving from wrestling
to the 8888 of football now,
as the revamped XFL has had its first season
called off, in accordance
with public health 888888888. Though the season didn’t
last as long as Vince Mc
Mahon due to factors out of his control, several players were
able to impress viewers, with
two major players being signed to NFL teams. Jordan Ta’amu, who played
as the quarterback for the
St. Louis Battle hawks has signed with the Kansas City
Chiefs, whilst the Carolina
Panthers has signed a reported two-year deal with
Houston Roughnecks
Quarterback PJ Walker. In the announcmenet where
the XFL called off their first
season, the new alternative to the NFL has
promised they will be back
next year, but it appears their roster will be quite a
bit lighter when they do
make a return to TV screens. And finally today we’re
ending with some much-
needed positivity, as one person who is trying to make the
8888 a better place right
now is Rusev. On Instagram, the Bulgarian
Brute quoted a saying from
his homeland that reads “it’s not a lot but it’s from the
heart,” and revealed that he
has pledged $20,000 to any WWE staff who are
struggling right now. This includes any production
staff or security who are
currently unable to work, in what is a truly selfless act by
the three-time former United
States Champion. It’s been a while since fans
have seen Rusev on WWE
TV, as the Bulgarian continues to negotiate a new
contract with the company,
but it’s clear that Rusev is trying his hardest to help
out the WWE staff, during
this worrying time.

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