Welcome once again to my channel welcome to Kalifax WWE this time we have WWE Fastlane 2020 dream match
card but this time we have subs section in our episode number four so Who!? Who!?
is the winner before to reveal to you who won
I have to tell you that the screenshot with the full match card, will be at the end
like always because if I put it now I will spoil to you the card so the winner
on this subs section chapter 4 is… Gonçalo Dias from Brazil or Portugal
because of his name so Gonçalo’s match card will be here on this WWE Fastlane Dream Match Card so now faster than ever like always we
gonna start with this Kick-Off Show As usual, we have for the SmackDown Tag
Team Championships The New Day defending the title against Dolph Ziggler and
Robert Roode. Now we have the main show but before to
go right into it I have to tell you don’t forget to subscribe because it is
free and that way you will know when will be the next episode of this series
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and now it’s time for the main show and to start we have for the United States
Championship Andrade defending the title against Ricochet. Now we have a six-woman
tag team match we have Shayna Baszler teaming with The Kabuki Warriors against
the team of Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair and Natalya Moving forward the card we have for the
Intercontinental Championship Braun Strowman defending the title in a fatal
4-way match, against Shinsuke Nakamura Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. We have another one-on-one action we
have Aleister Black facing Erick Rowan. Now we have for the RAW tag-team
championships the Viking Raiders defending their titles in an open
challenge match and the team who answered the challenge is…The Usos…
Yeah before to comment anything about it I put the opportunity to be on this
episode weeks before to The Usos come back at the Smackdown so just avoid any
comments about this Next match it is one-on-one action we have Drew
McIntyre against Rusev. Now, almost to the end of the card, it
is for the SmackDown Women’s Championship we have here Lacey Evans
with the title against Sasha Banks. Next, it is our co-main event match
and we have Seth Rollins facing Kevin Owens in a no DQ match. And also, AOP is forbidden to be at ringside at this time and now, we have our main event match here
for the WWE Universal Championship The Fiend defending the
title against our king Baron Corbin and as you can imagine Brock Lesnar is
still WWE champion and of course he will not compete on this card. So that was it, the chapter 4 on this
series subs section Gonçalo Dias was the winner on this episode on the next can
be you, so don’t forget to subscribe because it is free and you will be
available to know when will be the next episode and much more information about
the channel thanks as always for watching me and I will see you out the
next time bye champs!


  1. Great Video you always put out great content it’s so nice of you to also to let your fans do dream match cards here’s to the road to 50,000

  2. My winners
    The New Day
    Charlotte Flair And Natalya And Becky Lynch
    Braun Strowman
    Alister Black
    The Viking Raiders
    Drew McIntyre
    Sasha Banks
    Kevin Owens
    The Fiend

  3. True.Braun wins the ic title at rumble also Andrade is going to wm has us champ.But we see a couple of years every world title of mans and womens is not change the hands before wm.And also wwe have big plan for becky and bayley's reign for the wm.Yeah this two is not choosen one or shoeborn but this two change entire family of mcmahon's mind and earned this families respect.And now they have a long womens title reigns to elevate their status.But probably wince wants this two put on the line a new 2 star(lacy and shayna)to lose their titles at wm against shayna and lacey(if ronda is not happen)So lacey wins the sd.womens title but not the royal rumble,she wins the title at wm.(Also rumored bayley vs lacey evans and becky vs shayna allready.)

  4. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more! It is FREE! We are on our road to 50.000 subs before to WWE Wrestlemania 36!!! Thanks for watching it.
    And one thing about WWE Fastlane 2020. I know rumors are saying that this PPV will not take place this year, but we don't know nothing officially, so…until that…enjoy this video! Maybe we could have another PPV in Saudi Arabia (some rumors said that) but, once again, until we don't have any official record about it, we gonna still with this, thanks for watching, hope y'all had enjoyed. Love you.


  6. Bro wwe planing this year fastlane may bi in July
    Because wwe have planing elimination chamber in March and planning golbal ppv….

  7. My Dream Match Card
    Cruishweight Championship
    Angle Garza Vs Tony Nese
    2.Main Event Show
    Us Title
    Andrade Vs Cedric Alexander
    3.Raw Womens Championship
    Becky Lynch Vs Liv Morgan
    4.Singles Match
    Erick Rowan Vs Big Show
    5.SD Womens Championship
    Lacey Evans Vs Bayley
    6.IC Title
    Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs King Corbin Vs Robert Roode
    7.Singles Match
    Randy Orton Vs Aj Styles
    8.Raw Tag Titles
    Viking Raiders Vs Street Profits
    9.Brock Lesnar Open Chellenge
    10.Univerzal Championship
    Daniel Bryan Vs The Fiend

  8. parece que no va ver fatlane segun wwe brooo lo van aquitar este año no aparece en los eventos de wwe dicen que haran un programa fuera de ee.uu y bueno que elimination chamber sera en marzo ya llendo a westremania 36 en abril y en febrero parece que sera ese evento

  9. Great Match Card…i hope some of them happens…like Black vs Rowan…that would be a great match
    And like…if McIntyre doesn't win the Royal Rumble…he can fight Brock Lesnar in a match before Wrestlemania…such as Fastlane👌
    Good Day Brother…i hope i win next time 👍

  10. Excelente Video Amigo Kalifax
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    Vamos por los 50k Suscriptores Si se puede

  11. Very interesting Match card but I hope The Dirt Sheet will be the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions because Big E needs really the push he deserves.

  12. Elimination chamber 2020 prediction

    Kick off:
    SD tag yeam Championship New Day (C) vs The Dirt Sheet

    Main show:
    Intercontinental championship Braun Strowman(C) vs Sheamus
    Elimination chamber Womens Tag Team Championship Kabuki Warriors (C) vs Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Bliss and Cross vs Rose and Deville vs Carmella and Brooke vs Lynch and Charlotte
    SD Championship Bayley (c) vs Evans
    US Championship match Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carillo
    Raw Tag Team Championships Viking Raider(c) vs OC
    Morgan vs Lana
    Wwe Championship Brock Lesnar (c) vs Drew McIntyre
    Rusev vs Lashley
    Universal Championship “The fiend” (c) vs Daniel Bryan
    Co main event Rollins and AOP vs Owens,Joe,show
    Main event Men’s elimination chamber for Universal Championship Reigns vs Cena vs Nakamura vs Corbin vs Shorty G vs Ali

  13. The new day (they are going to loose to Morrison and the miz)when they do.
    Kabuki warriors and shayns baszler
    Shinsuke nakamura
    Aliester black
    The usos
    Sasha banks
    The fiend

  14. MY WINNERS –
    1. THE NEW DAY
    2. ANDRADE
    7. RUSEV
    10. FIEND

  15. Kick off
    New day will retain
    Main Show
    Ricochet will defeat Andrade
    Lacey Evans will Beat Sasha banks
    Drew McIntyre beats Rusev
    Viking raiders will beat the usos
    Kabuki warriors and baslier will beat team lynch
    I like Seth rollins and all i dnt like the Fact he turned heel but no DQ matches is his forte im gonna Give it 2 Seth rollins over owens
    Black over rowan
    Strowman will pin Daniel bryan
    I hate king Corbin but i also hate the Fiend bray Wyatt. But i do wanna See king Corbin win over The fiend
    And i hate Seeing lesnar as Champion

  16. Winners:
    New Day (John Morrison & Miz attack New Day and challenge them at WM)
    Kabuki Warriors & Shayna Baszler
    Daniel Bryan
    Aleister Black
    The Usos
    Drew McIntyre
    Lacey Evans
    Seth Rollins
    The Fiend
    Good video like always keep up the good work!!😁

  17. 1. Ziggler and Roode (but steroids aren’t glorious)
    2. Andrade
    3. Becky, Charlotte, Natalya
    4. Daniel Bryan
    5. Aleister Black (Rowan’s creature shoots mist in Ericks face
    6. The Viking Raiders (Raiders heel turn)
    7. Rusev
    8. Sasha Banks
    9. Draw (pin at the same time)
    10. The Fiend
    11. Brock doesn’t show up to work

  18. My Fastlane Match Card
    Kick-Off Show
    Buddy Murphy vs Richoche
    The Viking Raiders (c) vs The Street Profits
    Main Show
    Miz & Morrison (c) vs The New Day
    Aleister Black vs Drew McIntyre
    Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Natalya vs Kabuki Warriors & Shayna Baszler
    Braun Strowman (c) vs Daniel Bryan
    Bayley (c) vs Lacey Evans vs Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks
    Andrade (c) vs Humberto Carrillo
    Seth Rollins, Authors Of Pain vs Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio
    The Fiend (c) vs Baron Corbin (Roman Reigns interferes costing Corbin the Title leading up to a Match where Corbin's career is on the line at Wrestlemania

  19. At Rumble Evans wins SmackDown women's championship

    At WrestleMania Evans vs Sasha vs Bayley vs Shocking return Ronda Rousey

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