WWE BLACKBALLS Talent Working With AEW?! Top WWE Star INJURED! | WrestleTalk News

WWE BLACKBALLS Talent Working With AEW?! Top WWE Star INJURED! | WrestleTalk News

Is there a superstar shakeup inbound to fix
the stale WWE rosters? WWE blackballs a former talent for working
with AEW? And a top star on Raw has picked up another
injury! Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Trustworthy
news, I’m El Fakidor Laurie Blake. We’ve got a very important announcement
at the end of this episode, so please stick around, but let’s crack on with the news. Because just when you thought you were getting
a handle on what was going on with WWE, we’d reached a comfortable point where if you turned
on Smackdown you knew you’d see Reigns and Corbin, and if you’re watching Raw your
main event is some combination of Seth Rollins Stockholm Syndrome Squad vs Kevin Owens’
Chunky Chappies. I am of course being sarcastic – the bookings,
the rosters, I think you’ll agree are in need of a shakeup. Fortunately that’s exactly what might be
happening – wrestling journalist Tom Colohue reported back in December that a Superstar
Shakeup was planned for after WrestleMania. And he’s now reporting some firmer details
about what might be happening. Colohue said that the changes will be made
to address balance issues on the current Raw and Smackdown rosters. For instance the lack of faces on Smackdown
now that Miz has turned heel once more and Daniel Bryan is portraying more of a tweener
character, not quite full YES movement D Bry. In the Raw Women’s division, Becky has basically
beaten all of the competition quite handily, that’s why Shayna Baszler has now appeared
on the scene and started to chew her way through the competition. Tom also reckons that multiple NXT stars will
take the lateral move to Raw or Smackdown, name dropping Rhea Ripley getting a trade
after her Mania match with Charlotte and the Undisputed Era who have been victims of one
of the largest gold heists in WWE history. If Adam Cole were to lose at Takeover Tampa
Bay to say Finn Balor, an appearance at Mania or the Raw after could well be on the cards
for him, and hopefully the rest of the crew too. Colohue says, as ever, plans are subject to
change but that this is the ‘working plan at the moment’. If you are looking for freshness in NXT though,
losing superstars might not be the way to do it. So here’s a fun opinion from Ryan Satin:
“In my opinion, NXT needs their next big program. Not sure Gargano/Ciampa in reverse is quite
it though. People will hate to hear this, but I think
the ace in the hole is Kyle O’Reilly turning babyface and feuding with Adam Cole/Undisputed
Era.” I mean Kyle did look bummed out to have lost
his air guitar on NXT this week – maybe he could be a one man band and become the Undisputed
O’Reilly. One other way to refresh your shows is bringing
in new talent or even older talent who haven’t been seen for a while. But that would involve being on good terms
with them wouldn’t it. Hands up who thinks WWE is good at that… For instance, back in December Vickie Guerrero
made a guest appearance on an episode of AEW Dark, joining the commentary team alongside
Excalibur and Joey Janela. WWE naturally caught wind of this, not because
they see AEW as competition or anything, and have seemingly blackballed Guerrero as a result. On her ‘Excuse Me!’ podcast she said that: “I had asked to interview some Superstars
for my podcast, and they found out I went to AEW and now they don’t even talk to me,” She said before she appeared at AEW things
had been ok in terms of her relationship with the company, negotiations for her to interview
some WWE talent were going well, but she did reveal: “They didn’t call me for two years, I haven’t
heard from them, what did they expect me to do? Just to sit here and wait for them to call
so I could do some work?” Again it’s another case of WWE’s weird
approach to loyalty, we once hired you, so you should remain loyal, even if we’re not
currently paying you or ever actually made you a proper member of staff with health benefits. WRESTLING. Vickie closed with: “I love wrestling. I love to work in the ring. And if someone is giving me an opportunity
to go and show up and have some fun, then I should be able to because I’m not obligated
to anybody. I saw that I pissed in their Cheerios, so
be it.” TBH Pissing in their cheerios might explain
why they don’t call you any more. Sticking with WWE’s talent problem, there’s
also the not insignificant matter of the injuries to the current roster. Because it appears the Raw squad have been
struck yet again. Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that Samoa
Joe has picked up another injury while filming a WWE commercial. Apparently a table spot went wrong and Joe
hit his head which could take him out of action for a “considerable amount of time”. Though no official time table has been given. Dave Meltzer followed up saying that the knock
to the head could have left Joe with a concussion. It raises the question though why was there
a table spot in an advert, don’t they have footage of that already? and why they gave
it to the guy who has been blighted by injury since moving over from NXT. Joe was shelved with a broken thumb from September
last year until January 2020, he also reportedly suffered a concussion in a tag match at the
end of January taking him out for a couple of weeks And now this? I’d say it’s adding insult to injury but
it’s adding injury to injury. And it could be bad news for any Joe future
pushes if Vince decides that he is ‘injury prone’ which to be fair, for the first time
ever, he would have evidence to suggest. I mean that’s still not taking into account
the stupid things you asked people to do that got them injured – like hey, you want to do
a table spot to sell these WWE branded Pop starts, what’s that even got to do with…
go through the table Joe. On the more positive end of the injury spectrum
– i.e. recovery. Let’s talk Cain Velasquez. Wrestling Inc are reporting that Cain is back
at 100% after having his knee scoped. Velasquez was pulled from a WWE live event
in Mexico City late last year due to reported knee issues. It was said he’d been suffering for sometime
so that may have been why he lost to Brock in such short shrift as the plan was always
for him to go and have surgery. Wrestling Inc are also saying that Cain has
reported to the Performance Center and is expected to be there for the next two weeks
as he prepares for his next big match. Fortunately it looks like it will neither
be in Saudi Arabia or against Brock Lesnar, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Cain vs
Kane in a name on a pole match. Our big announcement is up next.

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  1. Watch How Adam Would Book on PartsFUNknown here! shorturl.at/jqvFO
    Who do you want to see moved in the WWE 2020 Draft? Let us know in the comments!
    Superstar Shake-Up – 0:34 / WWE blackballs AEW stars? – 2:53 / Samoa Joe injured – 4:39 / PartsFUNknown – 7:12

  2. Samoa joes consistency of getting injured is jus as bad n pathetic as Sasha banks both need to retire time to pack their bags n leave da wrestling business to those who knows how to protect themselves from injures lol

  3. WWE r so damn petty I mean it’s immature n pathetic it’s their fault for lookin stupid for losing the best athletes in the business lol

  4. If Undisputed Era ends up being moved to the Main Roster, I sure hope WWE does right by the group. Also, the entire group needs to make the move together.

  5. Or main roster could just use the current wrestlers they have and not go with the a barren corban push forever. The always bring up good nxt wrestlers and don’t use them.

  6. I’m just saying Vickie Guerrero with the “Excuse me” will always be a WWE thing but when she does it at AEW it’s not the same

  7. Poor Vickie. Vince McMahon is a petty manchild. An old senile superannuated delusional butthurt weirdo. He's lost what little mental cohesion he's had left. But there's always at least a few smarks that treat him like a deity.

  8. There is NO WAY the powers that be won't think Joe is injury prone at this point. He needs to go back to RoH or Impact, or head to AEW. His big roster moves are sadly over.

  9. I'd love to see Plumpy fantasy book "What if Hogan backed out at the last minute and Sting became the 3rd man?" or "What if the Montreal Screw Job didn't happen?".

  10. Another SHAKEUP?? We JUST HAD ONE!!! MAKE IT JUST STOP!! This is why raw and smackdown have an identity crisis, they don't let a roster grow for more than a year like from 2002-2004 -_-

  11. Anyone remember that SMACKDOWN had 2 future draft consideration picks. I'll use it to draft vacant and vacant. Pointless double double e shiit.

  12. I definitely think Cole/ O’Riley is not the way to go, at least not as the top feud. I’m not say Clampa/ Gargano is but I think NXT should move away from UE for a bit and give other talent a chance in the spotlight. UE has been in the top spot for the better part of two years. Don’t get me wrong UE is almost certainly the greatest team in NXT ever and one of the greatest ever in all of WWE, but I am a little tired of NXT basically being the UE show that features other talent. There is a mind boggling amount of talent in NXT that (if they get used at all) get mid card matches a large amount of the time.

  13. I’ve been saying the undisputed era will get called up after wrestlemania, and yes I know it’s not a call-up any more, but I have no better terms for what it’s called, so please go with it.

  14. The only real unbalance is the Raw women's division but to fair alot of people are hurt (Ember Nia Jax and Ruby just got back) and the Smackdown I.C. division

  15. When Adam started talking (after commercial) I was so confused. Not because he was saying nonsense, because he wasn’t, but because of how perfectly tuned it was after the commercial. I didn’t click skip so I was just watching. I legit was so confused. But then I just listened and stayed patient and it worked out in the end.

  16. If they do shake ups I would do the matches for draft picks with all three brands giving people the opportunity to move to nxt to get more tv time

  17. I was SOOO excited that Samoa Joe came to WWE and I saw all theses amazing championship years in for him in my head… but he gets injured just by looking at the ring now. Bad luck? Body breaking down with age and all the years of bumps? He either needs to take some real time away to rebuild and heal his body more than just each injury or think about retiring or becoming a coach. Guess its back on the announce desk for him again…

  18. I would like to know the number of different wrestlers in the past decade in WWE who actually held titles for longer than a month. I bet the actually number of wrestlers compared to the amount of talent they have seen over the years is fucking criminal! I just saw a picture of Cesaro and thought wow how many years has he now been at WWE and never had the big titles, he just seems like a glorified jobber now. I would love to know the percentage of wrestling talent that never ever get a chance in WWE!!

  19. Street Profits to Smackdown? Wouldn’t mind seeing them feud with Miz/Morrison. The tag matches between the Usos or New Day would be epic as well.

  20. 3 concussions in that short a span, that’s not good FOR ANYONE Joe’s career in the ring could easily be over, just ask Danial Bryan about repeated concussions! The ONLY reason he still works in the ring is because he consented to undergo concussion testing,protocol like in the NFL, AFTER EVERY MATCH!!

  21. Cain is injury prone. Anyone who's watched the UFC in the last decade knows this. They picked up the wrong fighter who beat Brock.

  22. Saddly this is why joe will never be wwe champion he gets injured too much i really wish he had become champion back when he was in a feud with lesner

  23. I thought it was pretty clear that the 4 man crew that Rollins assembled, was created solely for the sake of having the 4 man crew of UDE have a 4 man crew to battle against when they're brought up to the main roster.

  24. I hate to say this , but at this point Samoa joe may have to retire soon from in ring competition if he's going to continue to get Injured. I love joe, he's one of my favorites, but tbh he wasn't so bad when he was commentary, in fact I actually loved his commentary. So, maybe if he does have to retire from wrestling, he can go back to commentary cuz I honestly wouldn't mind seeing that.

  25. I'm not going to lie, I was never a fan of Adam. I tried, for years. He just never clicked for me. Even when he joined Wrestletalk I was like "Eh, okay, I guess." Top 10 video? I didn't like it. Fantasy booking? Couldn't bring myself to watch it. But for some gawdamn reason he got to me in this video. Today, right now, I've embraced Adam. Seeing him with Laurie and their back & forth banter popped me several times. I'm looking forward to growth of the new channel and the content it brings with Adam.

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