Wrestling Origins: Xavier Woods

Wrestling Origins: Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods may not strike you as a typical
wrestler; he doesn’t have the usual look, has an extensive background in education,
and even runs a huge gaming channel on YouTube. However, Woods has proven that he belongs
in the WWE over the past few years. Here is Wrestling Origins: Xavier Woods. Austin Watson was born on September 4th, 1986,
in Columbus, Georgia. Austin says that he was a very socially awkward
child who used music to connect with others, namely his father. He also says that he grew up in a rough neighborhood
that was filled with gangs and other illegal activity, but his parents always kept him
on the right path. Austin has been a huge fan of video games
all his life, and he is a self-proclaimed nerd. He liked wrestling of course, but as a kid
it seems that gaming was his true passion. Watson would attend Sprayberry High School
where he took up amateur wrestling, along with things like choir and band. Austin was actually a pretty decent wrestler,
one of the best in his school, and said that he had a rivalry with this kid from another
local school named Cody Rhodes. Austin said he once wrestled two weight classes
up so that he could compete against Cody Rhodes in hopes that he could impress his father,
Dusty Rhodes, as he had this grand plan that ended with Dusty taking him under his wing
and making him into a superstar. However, despite his best efforts, Cody defeated
Austin when they finally met up, which only spurred their rivalry. After graduating from high school in 2004,
Watson would attend Furman University in South Carolina where he studied psychology and philosophy. He would eventually graduate with a Master’s
degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and on top of that he’s attempting
to get his PHD in the present day. In 2005, Austin began learning to wrestle
alongside his studies, and soon after he began to wrestle part-time. He would make his debut at Ultimate Christian
Wrestling after being trained by its owner Rob Adonis. He would soon develop a character named Austin
Creed who was heavily influenced by Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies. Creed would spend some time in NWA Anarchy
where he became the longest reigning tag team champion with Hayden Young, and in 2007 would
become the first Deep South Heavyweight Champion after the promotion split from WWE. In 2007, Austin Creed would debut in TNA where
he teamed with Ron Killings, but instead under the name Rasheed Lucius “Consequences”
Creed. Consequences Creed would officially sign with
TNA on October 21st, 2007, but wouldn’t appear on TV for a while as his partner Ron
Killings was amidst contract disputes. When Creed appeared in 2008, he would quickly
land himself a shot at Petey Williams for the X Division Championship, but he lost. He would get more shots later on, but Sheik
Abdul Bashir would defeat him twice. In late 2008, Creed would join a faction known
as The Frontline that also featured Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Jay Lethal, and Petey Williams
to name a few. As part of The Frontline, Creed would win
the World Tag Team Championships with Jay Lethal. The two, who became known as Lethal Consequences,
would only hold their titles for 3 days as Robert Roode and James Storm won them back. The pair would try and win them back to no
avail, and Creed failed to capture the X Division title too. During that ladder match for the belt, Creed
would slam his head hard on the mat which caused him to visibly vomit during the match. In 2010, Consequences Creed would participate
in New Japan’s Super J Tag Tournament with partner Kota Ibushi, but they were eliminated
in the first round. He would return to NJPW for the odd match,
most notably making it to the second round of the J Sports Crown Openweight 6 Man Tag
Tournament where they were eliminated by a team led by Shinsuke Nakamura. On July 22nd, 2010, Austin Watson signed a
developmental contract with WWE. He would compete under his real name in Florida
Championship Wrestling, making his debut just a week later in a tag team match with Percy
Watson, but lost to Brodus Clay and Donny Marlow. He soon became known as Xavier Woods, and
would begin racking up wins as a tag team with Wes Brisco. The two would eventually win the FCW Tag Team
Championships, but were forced to vacate after Brisco was injured. Woods would develop over the next couple years
in FCW as a singles competitor. WWE would eventually rebrand FCW to NXT in
2012, and Woods would continue working as a singles wrestler there as well. He began incorporating 90’s pop culture
into his character, adding things like the Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z into his attire
and wrestling style, though would drop it when he made it to the main roster. Speaking of that, Xavier Woods would debut
on RAW on November 13th, 2013. He tagged with former TNA partner R-Truth
to defeat 3MB in his debut. He would next feud with Tons of Funk, eventually
winning after a series of both singles and tag team matches. Woods wouldn’t really do much the next little
while though; he competed and lost in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, lost
to Alexander Rusev before separating from R-Truth, and failed to win both the US and
Intercontinental Championships. In July of 2014 on RAW, Xavier Woods would
align himself with Kofi Kingston and Big E, forming the stable that would become known
as The New Day. The stable would silently separate however
before being formally reintroduced to the WWE Universe a few months later as The New
Day. Now, I’ve already covered the history of
The New Day in my Wrestling Origins: Big E video, so if you want to know more about them,
check it out. Long story short, The New Day would become
the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history by holding the belts for 483 days
before losing them to Cesaro and Sheamus, and have failed to win them back thus far. I should also mention that Austin has a huge
gaming channel here on YouTube called UpUpDownDown where he notably features other wrestlers
playing games with and against him. It’s actually pretty entertaining so if
you like wrestling and like video games, it might be something you want to check out. And that was Wrestling Origins: Xavier Woods. If you enjoyed this video, then maybe give
it a thumbs up and subscribe for another episode of Wrestling Origins every Friday. Also, if I left anything out you think was
important, leave a comment down below. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!

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