Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Peek Out

Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Peek Out

On a low level cut across it’s important that
you’re pulling that knee to your chest. If I don’t pull that knee to my chest and anchor
Obe’s hip then I run the risk of him being able to work his hips back up on top of me
and stuff my head. From there you immediately start looking for peek outs. Your shot. I
drive, I set him to his hip but I’m not stuffing here. I haven’t pulled that to my chest and
he’s able to rotate back up. I feel myself under. Right away I don’t want to stay in
this position. This is a peek out position, left or right it’s preference. Up, I build,
I knee slide, I peek. (Live wrestling until the end of video)

10 thoughts on “Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Peek Out

  1. Don't forget to shoot your near side elbow back like a elbow strike to ensure your opponent's arm passed you so you can peek out. This technique is in every legit expression of Kipura, because wrestling is the most common indigenous fighting style in Afrika and probably the world. Good job with this technique

  2. Just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos. They are simple yet thorough and have been a great asset in my wrestling career.
    Anyways, I was wondering if there were any effective ways to train techniques without a partner and if their are any simple exercises to increase overall coordination. Thanks

  3. +Cary Kolat hey cary, i just want to know how to slam or pick up someone to my shoulders easily and if the opponent weights more than me. and i also want to know what exercises should i do to pick up someone to my shoulders or slam easier?which part of my body should i train to do all of this? and also what exercises or how to be faster if am wrestling with someone faster and stronger than me?

  4. do you think this advice can apply to wrestling training to get better short 5 min video joe rogan talks about how using your techniques on people who are a lower level than you will help you improve your bjj can this apply to wrestling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG5kb__hX_A

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