WRESTLING DONTAKU 2018 (May 3) – Post-match Interview [7th match]

WRESTLING DONTAKU 2018 (May 3) – Post-match Interview [7th match]

It’s finally just a day away. All that’s been pent-up since I’ve been away
from the IWGP title, I’ll give it all.. To Okada. And… I will turn this world upside-down. It’s going to rain tomorrow… I’ll make it rain, with Okada’s tears. With his rain, the crops will never grow right. The sun is coming out. Okada, you can make it drizzle. Yes! Good. ちゃんとKUSHIDAにコメントを伝えてくれよ。 前にお前を痛めつけるつもりはないと
言ったが、気が変わった。 よくもDDTで俺を散々に痛めつけてくれたな。 そんなに危険な闘いがしたいのか?
いいだろう、やってやる。 明日、立ち上がれなくなるまで
思いっきりやろう。 俺のストームブレーカーで、お前は
もう歩くことも出来なくなるぞ。 Did you see Ospreay vs KUSHIDA in the warm-ups? They both got rocked.
They are going 100% towards tomorrow. But I’m the champion, it’s easy for me. Tanahashi, at the very least,
I hope you try your best. Please, give me something, out there. I know that you’ve come this far, But tomorrow you’ll see why I’m on another level.

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  1. オカダが勝とうが棚橋が勝とうが

  2. お前なんやそのいい癖

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