White House responds to Barr’s concerns with Trump tweets

White House responds to Barr’s concerns with Trump tweets

100 thoughts on “White House responds to Barr’s concerns with Trump tweets

  1. DOJ is doing it's job and with OIG, and only Democrat's involve to stop draining the swamp and aid foreign policies corruption.

  2. I think Barr in been threatened by the Democrats and is getting to him just do the job and don't let the corrupt politicians scare you or he's a deep stator

  3. Eric Holder, what a joke. A total biased joke of a man who displayed leniency towards terrorists. But the media was silent, so silent it was deafening.

  4. the problem with the doj is all the obama holdovers.
    the president ought to fire a thousand or so and make barr's job very easy.

  5. Replace him with a yes man! Trump doesn't like people with a own opinion. Bye, bye Barr, just we as we have seen everybody go with a own opinion.

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    Please help help help us people all the night !

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  8. I like to talk to Xi Mingze that I take that pictures for memory only !
    Please follow the law of Human Rights of America at all tonight

  9. Trump should be saying his opinions. The AG is a grown up and can decide weather to listen or not. For the past many years nothing gets done at the doj if they are not pushed. They have been pretty useless for awhile.

  10. At least the President let's the American people know what's happening. We are sick of this injustice and want heads to roll! It's time to take action against the traitors in our government! Who knows WHAT the people will do if it looks like justice is never coming.

  11. Well, if Trump's thoughts on this are legitimate, then what's the problem? From everything I've read about this Roger Stone case lately, it pretty much all stinks & is just a political hit job by the Dems. It's "political justice" not "legal justice".

  12. Donald Trump the American citizen he is,has that First Amendment Right also.That 'DULY' elect'd stuff has all kinda' 'bells n whistles'….;). Mr.Barr can handle our President's swoll'd up bobblehead when he starts flappin' his jaws.

  13. He can tweet all he wants, it's called freedom of speech. The Republican party needs to quit making excuses and prosecute these democrats who continuously abuse their power in congress. The people are tired of the excuses, either do something or will vote someone else in to bring them to justice.

  14. Dust off your books ag and prosecute these traitors. No excuses can be accepted do your job. The list just grew while you complained.

  15. Mr President we have another Never Trumper who needs to be shown the door. He is a good friend of Rex Tillerson – no surprise in that!

  16. Wow.. Two days ago you people would have called Barr a hero and a patriot. He says that Trump's tweets interfere with him doing his job, and now he is a deep state traitor. Do you treat your family and friends that way?

  17. It is well past time for every employee of the American people to do their job FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE or be FIRED!!!

  18. Wow. Again, when someone says anything about Trump, his base turns on them. They love them and IMMEDIATELY hate them, think they are swamp, corrupt etc the second they hear the slightest negative thing about the load of lard in the White House.

  19. Trumptards keep bringing up the Tarmac and Eric Holder. Holder was censored by Congress for withholding 1 document compared to Trump and his team who defied numerous subpoenas and withheld multiple documents. So your saying Barr should be silenced as well?

  20. The President of the United States does not have the right to use his bully pulpit to influence trials involving his personal friends.

  21. Trumps doing exactly what he was elected to do: Be a "drain clogger" in the swamp. Yep got to keep all the swamp creatures in view in his swamp, so they'll know whos boss, oh excuse me king. And yes you Republicans knew exactly what he meant (dog whistle, subliminal language…whichever, when he said this back then. Same as w "Make America Great Again," s-u-r-e, meant Make America White again"! America ain't been all white since like NEVER suckers! Which means it was, it is, and ain't never [in best English to some] gonna happen! Ya'll can do no-thing without other races!!

  22. Well Barr….Do Something!…And giving Interviews to the ENEMIES of America ,makes you look like a Swamp Rat…Are You?..

  23. Barr won't let trump make him look like a puppet of his. He has had this job before and will not purgur himself with congress after saying he would stand up to trump.thats what he is doing

  24. Why aren’t these officials that are breaking Federal Law arrested by US Marshals???

    Where is John Durham??

    President Trump MUST allow Marshals to make arrests for all of the voting fraud!


  25. If Barr had a problem with the President’s tweets, why make a statement to the media about it. He should speak with the President and explain how he feels. Going to the media undercuts the President, who happens to be his boss. I don’t get it?

  26. Keep on tweeting Mr. President we are never bored of it. That’s the only way we know what’s really going on I still don’t know what AG Barr is made out of. As far as I’m concerned I still consider him a swamp creature until I see different and so far I haven’t seen anything or change my mind that he is a swamp creature

  27. AG Barr: stop crying and support your PRESIDENT!! What the hell is wrong with you anyway? Don't you love your country?

  28. You commentators are so ignorant.
    Now everyone's against Barr. Mr. Barr is doing this to appear to the opposing public that he's not appeasing the president.

    Anyone who'd call a Plumber when an Electrician is needed, can't be expected to understand why Barr hasn't been on FOX to complain about or to Trump. No worries, President Trump can pardon all his men placed behind bars before he leaves next year.
    Hindsight 20/20

  29. President Trump should heed AG Barr's comments on Tweeting out his opinion when it involves the AG, would hate to see AG Barr step down, especially with the great job he's doing. You do NOT want to lose a Great Ally when everyone else in DC dislikes the President! Should keep this AG around to the end.

  30. The President does have every right to voice his opinion and is entitled to his constitutional right to Freedom Of Speech just like any other American Citizen.

  31. "I'm sure he was only joking. There is nothing to see here. I let him have my wife, then he wanted me… and I obliged for the sake of the country. I think I love him… In fact, I definitely do and you should respect that.” – Lindsey Graham 2019

  32. Barr needs step up the pace. Lots of indictments to sort through. That uranium went to iran along with pallets of cash. Iran just executed a whistleblower. Obama wants Israel destroyed.
    Expose this by talking constantly about it. Don't let up. Don't let halftime shows or helicopter crashes distract you. Pallets of cash in all different currencies. That's a kickback to the sender people. Wake the F up.


  34. Why is this even news? It reminds me of high school drama and suddenly this is some great new piece? Why even give it the time of day. What about the liberal that drove into a conservative voters registration tent?

  35. Barr: "Mr. President, don't interfere in the DOJ's business!" – "Just kidding!" (wink,wink). How did I do with the Stone sentencing, Sir? Huh, was I a good boy? Can I have a treat now?

  36. Kind of hard not to keep politics and legal issues separate these days since the DEMOCRATS have turned both processes into one political legal mess! All Barr was saying is go ahead and tweet just leave MY name out of the tweets. Totally understandable. How many other presidents have shared their personal thoughts with the American people ! I love it. TWEET TWEET. TRUMP/PENCE 2020. Keep AMERICA FREE

  37. Barr needs to do his job or step down one year and no indictments .You Could go down in history as the greatest AG of all time or resign in shame

  38. Barr has ZERO credibility. He has covered for Trump, lied for Trump, committed treason for Trump and corrupted the DOJ for Trump. To suggest this is anything but a Barr/Trump ploy is preposterous.

    But you have to get a laugh from the Trump Cult’s posts on YouTube. They are now saying that they “always thought Barr was a Deep State Hack.”


  39. Trump is doing what the American people voted him in to do, be an authoritarian leader. Barr needs to listen and do what he is told, Trump has absolute power. The sooner we move to a single party rule the better for the regime.

  40. William Barr is the right man for the job. The president would be wise to lighten up with his tweets, show discernment, show understanding in these matters and let his administration officials do their job without his constant public airing of his thoughts. We live in a time of incredible vocal opinions broadcasted on social media that are not always timely, in this, even my leader, pres. Trump is not guiltless, it would serve him well to be more thoughtful of when to and when not to express his thoughts.

  41. I'm voting for Trump 2020. But honestly, I agree with Barr he has to start handling these issues with a little more tact before he pushes away all of his allies. His mouth gets him in a lot of unnecessary drama and it just leaves the door wide open for criticism, it's exhausting. It's too reminiscent of the NYC ghetto for me an I for one would like him to conduct himself more professionally at times. As a conservative God-fearing man I answer to God, not Trump and I think too many conservatives are losing sight of that.

  42. I kinda feel that Barr's been doing his job fairly well and just because he disagrees with something the president
    is doing , doesn't mean it's the end of a good relationship. Just shows the idea that someone close to the president
    is not as some say his puppet . At least we know Barr is as human as the rest of us. Now , let's move on.

  43. Nothing but diversionary BS. As Trump falls, Fox will forever be tainted with his legacy. They will always be known as the official propaganda mill for a lifelong kingpin of corruption. Their reputation, if they ever had one approaching decency, will never be restored.

  44. I don't mind there being some degree of friction because it shows that Barr has some independence from President Trump and vice versa.

  45. We need a bigger boat!!!!! Grab your life Vest bc the swamp monsters are building a dam! And the swamp is getting deeper!!! But there is not deep state BS!!! By McCade not being charged is proof the swamp is getting deeper!!!!

  46. the only thing trump is doing is clearing the swamp of any evidence of wrongdoing in our goverment and making sure they get off!
    the nsa has everything on hillary obama,comey and mccabe and company!!

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