Was Jimmy Uso Born To Wrestle? | Ridiculousness

Was Jimmy Uso Born To Wrestle? | Ridiculousness

(cheering and applause) – Okay, you come from the deepest lineage of wrestling history, right? I mean, we’re talking full
family, multiple generations, were you born to wrestle? – Yeah, I think so, hell. I mean, hey, my mom didn’t
want me to do wrestling at all. She was like hell to the naw, man. ’cause you’re gonna be gone too much, I’m trying to yell you,
but hell, once I had kids, I mean, bills was starting to stack up. I was like, I gotta try something new. – Then, woo, straight to the top. – Well, actually behind her. I’m trying to get where she at, you know. – Aww! – [Rob] OK, alright. – Naw, nothing, nothing? – Na – I mean, look, you’re part of the family. – You’re way better than me. – Aw, man. – That is so cute! (laughter) – Alright, this next
category is filled with young people acting
just like their parents. It’s called “It’s in the blood.” Take a look. (cheering) (laughter) (laughter) – He called his wife a dickhead, I think. It’s just inappropriate, I don’t… – (censored) fridge, you dickhead. – [Man] None of that
imported stuff, uh-uh. Yes, there you go, come on. – [Chanel] Aww, gotta train ’em young. – [Man] Thank you. – [Child] Uncle Mike! – [Man] Yep, Uncle Mike. – None of that imported stuff. (beatboxing) (baby babbling) (laughter) – So cute! (slow club music) – [Rob] Oh, boy. – [Jimmy] Train ’em early, huh? – [Rob] Oh man, OK, oh, alright. – {Naomi] No! – [Rob] OK, alright. – [Jimmy] She’s helping her up! – [Rob] OK, oh, aww man! – [Jimmy] You can give her
other options at least! (laughter) – I don’t see anything
wrong with pole dancing, I’m taking pole dancing classes. – [Rob] Oh! – It’s a great workout. – The issue is taking off her pants. – Yes, yes. – The stripping is the problem here. – You gotta be naked before you get on. That’s the weird part. – Look, now we’re debating it way too far. (laughter) (baby crying) – [Rob] Mama, I’m just like you, mama! Mama, I’m just like you! – [Naomi] What are you doing? (laughter) – That’s so… he just
wants to feed the baby. – Man. – There you have it for “In the blood.” (cheering and applause) – [Rob] I believe
everybody’s had this dream. Have you guys ever had the desire to have a sweet little
baby monkey as a pet? – I have. – [Rob] Yeah? – For real for real, I have. And the only reason I don’t have one is ’cause we’re too…
we’re gone too much. – [Rob] So, look…
– It’s like a baby, like… – [Rob] Yeah? I want you to know, when
you guys finally retire and you get that monkey
you’ve always wanted, OK, he’s gonna be able to
provide you much more than just love and affection. He is going to be able
to work on your car. – What the (censored) ? – Because believe it or not, we have proof that monkeys literally love cars. Check out “Motor Monkeys.” (upbeat rock music) – [Rob] Alright, here we go! – [Naomi] Backing up? – [Jimmy] Geez! – [Rob] Alright, hey, little Rover. We got you, you’re good. – A mother-(censored) dog called an Uber? (laughter) – [Jimmy] He got in the back. – There’s no doubt in my
mind it’ll happen one day. Oh, coming in hot! – [Crowd] Oh! – Aw, man, he faked
injured, grabbed his arms. It’s more the reality
that this is happening somewhere in the world, you know. (laughter) – [Naomi] I wanna know
where he got the bike from. – [Rob] That monkey made it himself. – So many questions. – They’re passionate
about all things speed, including little mini motorcycles. I don’t even wanna know
what’s gonna happen here. – [Naomi] He better not
be driving this truck. – [Rob] He better not be driving. Oh, no. – [Chanel] Aww! That’s so cute! – [Rob] He looks like someone’s tired dad with his like, collared shirt on. Just been a long day,
just monkeying around. – Dang, I feel you, monkey. – [Rob] Yeah, anyway, let’s
get the hell out of here. Here we go, alright, alright, here we go! Whoa whoa whoa! (laughter) – He was gone! – And he looks literally
like a 65-year-old small man. – [Jimmy] That’s a decent outfit too. – [Steelo] Yeah. – [Rob] Uh-oh! – [Jimmy] Oh, what?
– [Rob] Wait a minute here. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! – [Jimmy] He’s standing on
the back of her kneecaps! – [Rob] OK, go, go! They love cars, but they
also love to love on cars. We’ll be right back with
more Ridiculousness. (cheering)

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  1. He was born to drink and drive. Get some help for you and your alkie wife before you KILL SOMEONE and ruin your family's name and legacy, ya dumb POS.

  2. The tag team division needs him and his brother so bad right now. I wish he would get his life together and wwe stop punishing Naomi for him. Love the three of them

  3. The second clip where the kid grabbed his dad a beer was me😂 when I was young I was popping bottles for my dad and his friends💀

  4. Naomi she look like she lost a lot of weight but still looking beautiful as always big fan of Jimmy and Jey Uso but the biggest fan of his dad Rikishi the Uso to watch WWF when I was 10 years old

  5. Hey Rob, the audio for the intro and outro is very very loud, and the audio for the actual show is very low. Could you fix that? Because it blast the outro just way to loud to enjoy mean while I have to turn up the audio to watch the show then the outro comes on and it’s just ridiculously to loud. Thanks

  6. No one is born to do something
    Life is unexpected
    There are many opportunities in life
    There are many choices in life you choose to make
    Influences exist
    Inspiration exists
    Life is a learning process
    It takes practice to eventually become a professional.

  7. WWE sucks ass but the usos are awesome Vince has ruined wwe I quit watching months ago but I get to see Lars Sullivan every day at my job guys fucking huge hes so cool and laid back

  8. People talk hella shit about USOs going to jail but nobody says anything when Jeff hardy does something and he’s just as bad as them

  9. You know when your in wrestling comment section when wrestling fans bash someone for making a mistake .. like their fucking perfect. That why most people don't watch nowmore not just because of the content it's the fucking toxic I want every thing I see nd think about fanbase..

  10. Funny how folks bring up this dude DUIs like they saints, you have done stupid stuff in your lifetime too, shut up😒

  11. Could make your own fantasy promotion with the family alone! The Rock, Rikishi, Umaga, Roman Reigns, Rosey, Yokozuna, Peter Maivia, the wild Samoans, the Usos, Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka and that's not even the wrestlers in the Indies haha

  12. The woman taking her daughters pants off to pole dance while recording it shouldn't even be allowed to have her daughter. I mean seriously, that's as bad as those parents having their son dress in drag and pretty much do strip shows for pedophiles to toss money at him. How was that clip even allowed to be shown? It's pretty much borderline child porn. But yet again, they're in California, aren't they?

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