Update on Matt Riddle And Brock Lesnar WWE Backstage Altercation! WWE Results Leaked! WWE News!

Update on Matt Riddle And Brock Lesnar WWE Backstage Altercation! WWE Results Leaked! WWE News!

Here is your news for
February 10, 2020. We’re starting off today with
news from the upcoming Super
Showdown event, as on this week’s SmackDown, it
was announced that The
Fiend will defend his Universal title against Goldberg. Whilst many believe that Wyatt
will defeat Goldberg, especially
as we draw closer to WrestleMania 36, the title
may change hands, according
to Dave Meltzer. Speaking on Wrestling Observer
Radio, Meltzer noted that the
WWE may be seeking Goldberg out for a
WrestleMania appearance,
and since his name has marquee value, he could be
the one that hands The
Fiend his first loss since Wyatt’s return at Summerslam
2019. He added that although many
believe that WWE will opt for
The Fiend Vs. Roman Reigns on April 5th at Wrestle
Mania, having the Big Dog
face Goldberg for the title would also have the interest
of fans. If the WWE went down this
route, then they should
prepare for backlash from fans, especially as The Fiend
has proven to be one of the
company’s most popular characters over the past year. In addition, Goldberg’s last
appearance in Saudi Arabia,
where he competed in a botch-filled match against The
Undertaker certainly didn’t
get fans hoping to see another Universal title reign for
the Hall of Famer, so hopefully
the company sees sense and keeps the title on
Bray Wyatt. Speaking of part-time Champions,
Brock Lesnar may be seen as a
lone-wolf on WWE TV, and that isn’t too
different to how the WWE
Champion acts outside of the ring, often keeping himself
secluded backstage, only
speaking to Paul Heyman. On the latest edition of After
the Bell though, Corey Graves
revealed a softer side to the Beast, as he detailed
their first meeting in 2015,
when harsh weather conditions forced the January
26th edition of RAW to be
cancelled. According to the SmackDown
commentator, Lesnar was
staying in the same hotel as several other WWE Super
stars who were left stranded
during the snowstorm, and using his own money, made
sure that the hotel bar was
kept open that night, allowing the roster to make the
best of a bad situation. Whilst Lesnar may be the
definition of a monster heel on
WWE TV, it’s interesting to see that he does have a
kinder side, especially when
his fellow Superstars are left stuck in a blizzard. Speaking of the Beast, one
person who isn’t a fan of
Lesnar is Matt Riddle, who has repeatedly said in the past
that he plans to retire the
WWE Champion. Riddle has been so vocally
against Lesnar, as well as
Goldberg, that he reportedly had a confrontation with the
Beast Incarnate at the Royal
Rumble, where Lesnar ordered him to stop
mentioning him on Twitter. Though the WWE has
reportedly put in a rule for
NXT Superstars to not call out main-roster talent without their
permission, this didn’t stop
the King of Bros, as during an NXT live show in Las
Vegas on Saturday, Riddles
once again vowed to retire the Beast. We’ll have to see just how this
will help Riddle’s career, as
Vince McMahon reportedly isn’t a fan of the
former MMA fighter’s actions,
but the NXT Superstar should definitely consider
keeping quiet about the Beast,
for the sake of his own career. Whilst Riddle is a relative fresh
face in the WWE, two Super
stars who reportedly want out is The Revival, as the
Top Guys have reportedly still
not signed a new contract with the company. This has led many fans to
question just what is happening
with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, but they won’t get
any answers from the latter, as
Wilder deleted his Twitter profile this week. It’s unclear if this has anything
to do with the WWE contract
negotiations, or whether the former Tag Team
and 24/7 Champion was just
tired of the site, but naturally, this got fans talking. Wilder’s Instagram and Scott
Dawson’s Twitter account
both remain active, and time will tell whether the Top
Guys are still with the WWE,
this time next year. One Superstar that fans can
expect to see very soon
however, is Samoa Joe, as the former United States Champion
recently returned to action. During a Live event in Oakland,
California, Joe teamed with
Kevin Owens to defeat the AOP, and this marked the
Samoan Submission
Machine’s first match in a few weeks, after suffering what
was believed to be a concussion. This return debunks the
rumours that Joe was
suspended for violating the company’s Wellness Policy, as
whilst Wrestle Votes implied
that the former NXT Champion had breached the
policy, there was no evidence
to support this claim. At the same live event in
Oakland, The Fiend defeated
Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch retained her RAW
Women’s Championship against
both Asuka and Charlotte Flair, and fans can expect to
see Joe back tonight on
Monday Night RAW. We’ve got some XFL news for
you now as yesterday saw
the second day of the new season, with the St Louis
BattleHawks and the New
York Guardians both picking up victories. The real story, however, is how
the ticket sales are for Vince
McMahon’s newest venture, and according to the
numbers, fans of the sport
are eager to see the XFL. According to XFL News, the
league has already surpassed
the number of tickets, that the defunct Alliance of
American Football league
sold for their entire season last year. Both of Saturday’s games which
saw the Houston Roughnecks
and the DC Defenders win drew impressive
attendance figures, though
these results are similar to the original XFL, which
saw falling ratings and
attendance numbers within weeks. It seems the main difference
between the original XFL and
the relaunched league, is that the 2020 season and
quality of play is being praised
by football fans, as it looks like Vince McMahon may
finally be correcting the
wrongs of the disastrous league of 2001. Back in the ring now, and this
weekend’s NXT live events
didn’t just see Matt Riddle once again threaten to
retire Brock Lesnar, but also
saw the return of former WWE Tag Team
Champion Scotty 2 Hotty. Appearing at an NXT live event
in Phoenix, the former Too
Cool member didn’t appear in a match, but did
share the ring with several
current Superstars, and performed his infamous worm. Scotty recently returned to
WWE as a coach in the
Performance Centre, and also recently called into WWE’s
The Bump, when the Street
Profits spoke about how influential the dancing Super
stars has been to their careers. With Scotty making more and
more appearances, it
wouldn’t be too surprising to see him make a brief return to
the ring, as even at 46 years
old, Hotty can still bust a move like it’s the Attitude Era. Even more NXT news for you
now, as following the Gold
brand’s move to the USA Network last October, it was
reported that whilst raises
were expected for talent, it could be a while before
they happen. Now, it seems that the WWE
have finally got around to
handing out these raises, but according to Fightful, this
extra cash comes with a price. Their report states that these
new raises come with a three-
year contract agreement, and it was also
noted that not all of the
talent offered the raise chose to take it. This news follows on from
previous reports that Taynara
Conti walked out of NXT following a disagreement about
pay, and whilst it’s good to see
the hard-working men and women of NXT getting
a much-deserved raise, the
three-year contracts agreement does raise a lot
of questions. We’re looking into the future
now, as though the WWE
Universe is still reeling from an explosive 2020 Royal
Rumble there
are already betting odds for the 2021 instalment of the
January tradition. According to Sky Bet, Daniel
Bryan, Roman Reigns and
Edge are the three most likely men to win the Men’s
Rumble match, each having
a 10/1 odds, whilst Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, Keith Lee
and Kevin Owens all have
12/1 odds. Despite being retired for
several years, CM Punk is
listed as 20/1, whilst UFC star Conor McGregor has been
given a 50/1 chance, which
is still better than stars like Rusev, Cesaro and Dolph
Ziggler. AEW World Champion Chris
Jericho is being listed as
100/1, whilst Vince McMahon himself is also an
option, and at 250/1, the Boss
could make a fan some serious money if he was to win
his second Rumble match. Of course, expect these odds
to change as the year
progresses, as both returns and injuries could change who
is considered a favourite, but
it’s still interesting to see what people think will
happen in WWE, eleven
months from now. We’ve got some news from
Hulk Hogan next, as the
former WWE Champion has made it clear that he wants to
wrestle one more time in WWE. According to the Hulkster
himself, he can’t live with the
thought that his final match in wrestling took place
in TNA, and over the past
year, Hogan has repeatedly called out Vince
McMahon for a meeting at
WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, Florida Given that Hogan recently had
another back surgery though,
it doesn’t seem like the McMahon match will be
happening at this year’s
WrestleMania, or any other show, as according to Wrestling
News.com, the company has
nothing in place for a Hulk Hogan in-ring return. According to their sources,
the Immortal One hasn’t
been medically cleared to compete, and whilst there’s
always a chance that Hogan
will appear on April 5th at WrestleMania, it’s almost
certain that he won’t be
getting physical. And finally, today we’re ending
with news from Bianca Belair,
as the EST of NXT may not be on the gold brand
for much longer. Appearing on the After the Bell
podcast, Belair said that whilst
she considers NXT her home, she isn’t content
there, and after over three
years on the same show, she is confident that she
could do plenty of big things
on either RAW or SmackDown. Belair certainly earned herself
plenty of fans following her
appearance in the Women’s Royal Rumble, where
she eliminated a record-setting
8 Superstars, and it’s clear that those fans would
support her if she ever moved
to either RAW or SmackDown. This weekend, Belair will
compete for the NXT Women’s
Championship at NXT TakeOver: Portland and
capturing the gold from Rhea
Ripley may be the final thing Belair hopes to accomplish in
NXT, before making the big
jump to either brand.

53 thoughts on “Update on Matt Riddle And Brock Lesnar WWE Backstage Altercation! WWE Results Leaked! WWE News!

  1. Vince has to find a way to meet his wrestler's in the middle. Book them into a rivalry, give them a slow build to something. There's a new company to go to now as far as big TV deal in the U.S. It just got extended for some years and Jon Moxley(Dean Ambrose) success in AEW right after being burried in WWE gives hope to talent(The Revival and others) who hate the way they're being booked. These are grown men and women who know happiness is more important than these checks Vince offer. Vince knows that too, in the past and till this day there's "certain" superstar's he'll make sure stay happy while getting paid. You can say that's any company but idk if they make it as obvious as Vince does.

  2. The fact that they're even considering putting Goldberg over for a Roman vs Goldberg wrestlemania shows how out of touch the company really is. It's no wonder their stock is suffering

  3. They really need to make roman a heel frfr people just want let him be the nice guy and I'm tired of the fiend i hope he loose

  4. Goldberg is a very poor choice for anything wrestling. I don't know of any fans who don't see thru his poor work. Nope too old & not very good on anything required.

  5. XFL 2020 is pretty fun to watch. I hope it takes off, they have a lot of talent on the teams & good people who are working hard to gain some respect.

  6. Unless WWE have Goldberg vs bray Wyatt and Goldberg beats bray and the storyline is that Goldberg is the universal champion but bray comes out and says you beat me but the fiend is the actual champion then set up a match with the fiend vs Goldberg at Elimination Chamber where The Fiend beats Goldberg and takes back the bray Wyatt universal title. Then have Roman win the elimination chamber match that sets up his wrestlemania match with the fiend but have the fiend win at Mania. The fiend shouldn't lose that title until he beats the Undertaker at either Summerslam or Survivor Series then drop it at the royal rumble next year..

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  11. Riddle likely is not even remotely concerned about Vince punishing him. The worst he can do to the Riddler is pay him to sit home. He'd just smoke weed and start hyping his upcoming indie return from his couch.

  12. I think Riddle should keep doing it. Hes doing something that takes a lot of balls… and Vince is so backwards… stuff that should get guys over gets guys buried… stuff that should get guys fired gets them pushes… theres no telling what he will do. I never thought he would be a huge favorite of Vinces but,,, maybe he figures Vince doesnt like him anyways so he's going to prove that he's afraid of noone and he'd rather go down in flames of glory than just be another ass kissing WWE superstar to get buried. Would you rather be EC3 and be totally buried, after kissing Vinces ass? Or would you rather be Riddle and take a chance at Vince liking your ballsy attitude, and get buried cause you tried and failed? I'd rather at least give it a shot than just beg Vince for chances like EC3 did. He's doing someone few have, he knows hes maybe the best in ring performer in the world and that he will be a main eventer somewhere, if not WWE…. believe me, his matches are unfreaking believable. Only a few men on the planet can match his in ring abilities.

  13. The Miz will win the next Royal Rumble, its in Hollywood, he's the A-Lister, in 2021 it will be 10 years since he's been WWE champ. Im calling it now. He will finally get it! Honestly, he should get it from The Fiend at this Wrestlemania but, that will be Roman probably.

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  16. Really he been a joke last year nothing else just a clown seriously really seriously a clown .anyone can beat him u set him up like this he could never win the big one so he was just about to be fired u do this for him which was a mistake

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