Tucker: Why would America’s media take China’s side amid coronavirus pandemic?

Tucker: Why would America’s media take China’s side amid coronavirus pandemic?

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Why would America’s media take China’s side amid coronavirus pandemic?

  1. The U.S. and it's allies have intelligence agencies so it's highly doubtful that the trump administration wasn't advised. Trump put Wall st before Main Street.

  2. The leftist media hates Trump more than anything on earth. They would gladly see 50% of the human race die, if it meant Trump would not be re-elected.

  3. Because Americans and every white nation in the world is destructive against their own people !! No other Nations or ethnicities use the term racism and agrees to stand with the enemy . CNN and all Media that supports China or Americans enemy should be banned in United States period .

  4. China is NOT a old war adversary unless United States cannot get out of the warfare and find enemies everywhere mode. For normal healthy businesses the success of a competitor does not mean attack them, it means find ways to be more competitive in the free market. So ease up. Take your finger off the trigger cowboy and find ways to get along with other nations.

  5. The U.S. should COMPLETELY disengage with China. No trade. No diplomacy. No treaties (they are never honored anyway). NOTHING. China is the enemy. They need to be contained. The Chinese Communist Party needs to be dismantled ASAP.

  6. Outsourcing is NOT the primary problem!   There should be an abundant supply of PPE in preparation for a pandemic!!  Especially for the health care workers.  Where is the Office of Primary Responsibility in the US Government for such a pandemic preparedness??  Apparently…that office was closed…thanks to the Trump Administration.   Look at South Korea.  They are well prepared and of course they have to be in case they get a biological warfare attack from NK.  Don't jump the gun and blame China…Tucker!!   The worst enemy we have is Trump and all the pinocchios  at his Coronavirus briefing now that the good Doctor isn't attending and FOX News Propaganda!!

  7. If we were HONEST about what the PROBLEM is, BILL GATES would be in JAIL tomorrow. But I support this message. Giving China so much power was what helped, and now more people see it than ever. It's time to take what jobs we can back, and give the rest to INDIA, a country that actually wants to be friends.

  8. Why would the president tell people chloroquine is a cure or defense against covid-19? Bc scare tactics is what he based his campaign on and now a man has died from his nonsense "cure" I guess mental midgets will be mental midgets. Always coming up short.

  9. What if i told you American Journalist are compromised and even on the payroll of the Chinese Communist and the Communist are priming the USA for a take over from within and a military strike. I see way to many traitors in this country we need to be honest with ourselves

  10. Who's worse, the filthy communist Chinese regime that gave the World this, or our own politicians who sold us all out for a higher return on their portfolios?

  11. This is a scam. The earlier you start to dig into the data, the earlier you'll realize, that covid-19 isn't the real deal. This is an economic war. Not a bio-hazard.

  12. You guys really need to actually consume other media sources and not just listen to Fox. The media is not taking China's side. That's and absurd claim. If you payed any attention you would know that the media fully acknowledges that China is a power on the rise, economically, scientifically and militarily. Not calling COVID19 the Chinese virus is not taking China's side. It's about accuracy in reporting and is in keeping with previous pandemics; SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola.

  13. we used to be against communism until China gave our business leaders cheap crap labor now China's communism is fine the cold war really was a waste

  14. Because China is our enemy, and is silently waiting for an opportunity to pounce on us. Nothing stops any foreign power from hiring a US PR firm to control our media. India is doing the same thing. And most of our pols are closet communists, who are working for the Chinese gov’t. Read Bill Gertz’ books from the 90’s to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The end game is to put all Americans into slavery folks.

  15. Because they hate trump, not so hard to figure out. Anything they can weaponize against is full court press… clear it up for you?

  16. I'm not from the beautiful country of the USA and personaly i really don't understand why some of your media are taking this position.

  17. Great reporting as usual from sensationalist US media… lets not just worry about the tens of thousands that are going to die across the country in the coming weeks and months… but let’s gear up for WWIII ? Fucks sake

  18. Media is so stupid! It came from China, like a biochemical weapon against America that hurt our economy! A clear enemy of the world.

  19. very few can escape vanity and greed discussed 2009 to 2013
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    Washington can order set off Michigan University bio machine than hold against and bully taiwan political party members lure karma opoortunist attitute and desire
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  20. The most stupid film that Fox News has made. Instead of focus on the problem. Fox News is pointing fingers. The points is America is going to save ourselves.

  21. I like Tucker mostly but getting into "length measurement" fights with China is not the way to go right now.
    Nor agreeing that the US will be ready to open in 2 week so that we put the Stock Market above people's lives.
    And I am not even a leftist.

  22. This is what happens when 90% of media is owned by only 6 corporations who are under the influence of their stockholders.
    And China happens to be a major stockholder and financier of Media Corporations.
    We need to bring back smaller local media to this country.

  23. Excellent Tucker!! At least our President is trying hard to protect America from rotten politicians who are arguing with idiot "health experts" that saving 5% of the high risk via social distancing is better than saving the ENTIRE economy for the surviving 95% population. Your interviews and talks are what we need in this time of total stupidity and madness. China is laughing at our demise. We need to wake up from the dead!!

  24. Many people hate them but rely on their advanced technology everyday to communicate, purchase items and write these comments. Companies like Harley Davidson even get their parts from countries like China and Mexico.

  25. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 KJV –
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but the lie!

  26. if china is in fact responsible for this (most likely), they should be accountable and a coordinate law suit should be file against them for all the damage caused to the world

  27. China is a country, not a race.

    The Chinese gov takes care of the Chinese people. They are not so much anti-American as pro-Chinese. They are number one, to hell with everyone else. I wish my gov took care of me in the same way.

  28. Tucker and Fox News are a God send. China has been investing on news agencies worldwide even here (Brazil) and now most of them work under CCP agenda, knowing it or not.

  29. Because the American media wants communism here and probably taking money under the table from those guys.

    Useful Idiots.

  30. I honestly cannot believe this is our news, completely reading off of a script and using tricknology to twist the minds to think we should attack or get away from China. Ignore their government you can’t change that, keep your eyes on yours….

  31. anyone still remember a year ago when NK was launchin missiles n stuff and everyone was worried bout ww3? even buying food and supplies irrationally back then? what about even the first day of 2020 in regards to ww3 concerns? morons is 100% accurate. most people ARE MORONS RIGHT NOW.
    there was a lady in walmart earlier when i went to get groceries, who took a picture of just the quarter section of one cooler that was empty. every other spot in the same cooler WAS FULL. she got up super close took a misleading photo and likely posted it on her social media complaining and bitching about not being able to get a certain item at the store WHEN ALMOST EVERY SHELF WAS FULL AGAIN, just after a week and a half.
    MOST people, are literal scum. ridiculous

  32. CCP is left, most mainstream is left too, left love left. By the way, the democratic party is like American Communist Party.

  33. Democrats want to legalize immoral laws and most of the media are owned by Chinese share holders.Democrats will continue to bow down to China as long as their is a democratic president in the oval office and that is what China wants.

  34. China sending medical equipment to countries to help them… step out of your bigotry bubbles ffs and deal with the problem

  35. Sorry Trucker Trump's administration is a bigger enemy than China, even me a center-right can see it. Never again a republican even Bernie Sanders is somewhat closer to the center than the Trump administration.

  36. As a Canadian, after Trump wins 2020 I want him to run for prime minister. Only border on earth that shouldn't exist.

  37. This is NOT the last pandemic in this century. More will follow until the 1% global billionaire oligarchs steal all the assets and gain the power and control their lustful, covetous hearts crave while the rest of the world suffers. The Federal Reserves is evil. That's where the real blame should lie for much of our financial woes.

  38. The virus originated from America. The world already knew that. The US has been trying to destabilize China by exporting the virus to them. However the US gov did not realise how resilient the Chinese people are n they were able to contain the virus within less than 2months. Shame on you trying to smear the Chinese n pushing the blame to the Chinese.

  39. I think the world has woken up to how dangerous China is. Hopefully common sense will prevail and manufacturing will return to the west and we will no longer be reliant on an evil, communist country.

  40. Yes, tell everybody that we should start another cold war with nukes aimed at each other, if we all have nukes ready to go we'll all be safer – Fox News

  41. Our government, media, and schools are filled with communists. They should be identified, arrested placed on trial for treason and then face execution. Please President Trump, we need you to do this. Now is the time, the enemies are behind the gates, we need your help!

  42. Simple facts, Chinese people carry the sars virus, much like bats, and spread it to other host cells in humans and it turns into covid -19 the disease. Avoid Chinese people, they spread it to other humans who have turned it into covid who spread it elsewhere, a slight mutation that is deadly to weak compromised people. Look at the numbers of Chinese in relation to the host community, Italy, Spain, England, USA. Ect…

  43. Cut all ties with China the true enemy of our country along with the Democrats send them to China they want socialism and communism

  44. Money talks BS walks. CCP spends tens of billions of dollars on foreign diplomacy each year, which includes bribing foreign politicians and experts of all fields, helping foreign media financially (for instance Bloomberg,Reuter and NYT, WSL etc) through donations from NGOs.

  45. IMPORTANT! Dr. Fauchi is the biggest liar out there! He is rolling out the biggest health ponzi scheme out there! He is a globalist friend with Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton! Thiis is a plan to force vaccination on the american population or you go to jail or forced to take it!It's the FAUCHI DECEPTION and it's explained at:"The next news network" with an interview with Dr.Shiva! Very eye opening! MAKE THIS VIRAL!

  46. the very idea that Americans allowed their essential manufacturing to be outsourced to China, a society with a political system that is the absolute antithesis of core American values is criminal! the people who did that should be rounded up and shot for high treason!

  47. What and when has China done anything positive? What has it ever contributed to the world? Cheap junk, deadly dog products and children's toys. I can't think of a single thing that country has ever done.

  48. First time I agree with Tucker – everyone needs to rely less on China, manufacturing needs to be brought back home so we can create more jobs.

  49. Everyone knows it came from China. Every media news outlet has said that. More conservative propaganda to say otherwise and I cant stand liberals.

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