Tucker: Bloomberg shouldn’t be on the debate stage

Tucker: Bloomberg shouldn’t be on the debate stage

63 thoughts on “Tucker: Bloomberg shouldn’t be on the debate stage

  1. a dollar bill with a family crossing the border from juaca, bahahahahahahahaha. what ever it takes to stop Bernie. So true

  2. If anyone heard this also please comment….I heard that the DNC and elites will not allow Bernie Sanders to win. Ever. And this primarily is because many years ago he preached that if he was ever elected into higher office that he would eliminate the CIA. Aka, he would remove one of the biggest plagues/corruption elements in the USA. Food for thought, he will never win.

  3. Like Trump should be all he did was lie and use childish pranks and names no facts based on facts Trumptards hate facts based in logic but they love lil kid name calling

  4. Always fun to watch the Fox “news” “reporters”…….talk about fake news….. the stories are so shallow and insignificant!

  5. Bloomberg brags he bought his way into the debates …. That’s the problem with Dems they continue to bribe their entire lives. Just like the people he bribed to say kind things about him … his reputation precedes him, he can’t hide the truth.

  6. What's the deal with these old, dishonest, sexually harassing, racist oligarchs who keep running for president? It's getting a little old.

  7. He’s just trying to copy the way Donald Trump won the Election, but in a fake way that is not going to fool the people.

  8. I agree, Tucker: Warren gave hell to Bloomberg during the debate, dredging up the truth about his peccadillos of unprofessionalism.
    BB is the target, as he should be. He is not obeying the original rules to run. The Dems flight to unite is quelled and quashed.

  9. Can' be bothered to even listen To Tucker here because of that lame propaganda of bloom on a box.
    Too low class . Only fools think this is not similar propaganda like cnn does. And i'm not a fan of Bloomberg

  10. We make fun of the Bloombergs and Steyers that throw away their own $$, but what about the scoundrels that took millions and millions from fools just for their useless, self-glorifying charade?? O'Rourke? Harris? Wang? These people TOOK in 10's of MILLIONS… then 'ran out of $$' w/ nothing but d*ck to show for it. Someone got fleeced… I wonder, 'where do all those multi-MILLIONS go?'

  11. Tucker is so, so nice to assume our system can be saved (spoiler alert, it can't and will go down in a spiral of bullets, blood, and starvation).

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