Triple H wants to end the NXT-Raw-SmackDown pipeline as we know it: WWE After the Bell

Triple H wants to end the NXT-Raw-SmackDown pipeline as we know it: WWE After the Bell

100 thoughts on “Triple H wants to end the NXT-Raw-SmackDown pipeline as we know it: WWE After the Bell

  1. Good to see HHH getting some authority on NXT at least… Probably NXT will match raw/smackdown in ratings in couple of weeks

  2. NXT really shouldn't be a feeder organization because it just doesn't make mathematical sense to constantly be promoting people to Raw and Smackdown. Raw and SD already have more then enough talent for both shows and then you're always adding more talent to the roster. So you end up under usiing talent because there just isn't enough room for all of them but you still feel the need to constantly add even more talent. And its like anyone who won the the NXT title in a few months they're going to be losing the title eventually not because it makes the most sense for the storyline but it was time to promote them.

  3. Vince took away NXT women's division that Triple H built. And then Triple H goes and builds another successful one. He is the one who should be running WWE today, not Vince. Sorry Vince but your time is long gone. Just let it go please.

  4. I miss guys like batista taker eddie Hbk Hhh edge etc etc now the wwe roster is full of midgets doing kick and flips 😭 no wonder wwe is dying the roster is invested with Fruity wrestlers

  5. I think we all understand that HHH is the only “non vince “ thing that can save WWE. Please do well Hunter 😭😭😭💯💯 make the right moves .

  6. Triple H & Paul Heyman . The two men who should run all wwe 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ in terms of matches , storyline, brand running and all that .

  7. Triple h is awsome running nxt if he takes over raw and smackdown then everything will be same and die out quicker all wwe needs is a change in raw and smackdown but nxt is deffo the best brand in wwe by a long shot only thing im liking from raw is the fiend and smackdown not much

  8. I've been saying for years that Trips hates Raw and SD. I really feel like he wants NXT to have nothing to do with WWE.

  9. The one consistent that I always hear Triple H say is "there needs to be long term storylines/storytelling" THAT IS IT! I love that he said "if I see someone whose sitting and doing nothing and I have something, I'll see if I can get them." He just gets it! I'm so happy that Finn went back to NXT. I think the line that he dropped about RAW and Smackdown being Hollywood and NXT being Broadway is dead on; and I'll tell you this, if RAW, Smackdown Live and if NXT were both in my hometown and I had to go to one show. I'm going to NXT hands down! even if I had to spend more money on it. I believe in that brand more. I believe in the vision of NXT. I believe in the talent of NXT and I believe in Triple H! Thank you sir for what you're doing. You keep giving me hope that one day, one day! WWE will get it going again and hopefully you're the man leading the way!

  10. Way to try to put lipstick on a pig HHH. I guess I am not a WWE lifer where they can put out anything and I'll just soak it up no matter what. Most of these wrestlers on all their platforms don't have any personality. Also, if the main shows are uneventful, why watch the minor league show.

  11. I think NXT is the main roster now. RAW and SD are like the pop songs and NXT is the heavy metal in the pro wrestling world. NXT has substance, RAW and SD lost it post Attitude era and has been struggling to get it back ever since.

  12. Triple H declared war for nxt against raw and smack down on Friday, I’d be for it besides the fact he’s the ceo now, he can’t play the rebellious under dog like he did in the DX days, he’s just not that person anymore so it doesn’t feel the same.

  13. This man can single handedly make wwe way better than wwe today, aew njpw roh etc. if vince let him takeover wwe. HHH knows what is best for business, indeed he is this business. Respect for the game. 🙂

  14. Best Smackdown in years when NXT invaded .

    First main roster show that could actually compete creatively with either AEW or NXT . Very well done , and I know HHH hand’s were all over it .

  15. Just listened. It was ok, its always good to hear from trips but the second Bailey came on and it became 100% Kayfabe I was out. Seth going in and out of kayfabe or atleast more entertaining in it if it was 100% Kayfabe. If I want to listen to kayfabe Ill watch wwe if your going to advertise a non kayfabe show deliver on it

  16. Tripe h is a genius and it’s really being shown in nxt, it’s been amazing for 5 plus years built around storylines, building new stars constantly, playing to the talents strength.

  17. This is an interesting take on a developmental program because it's 2-way, instead of 1-way. Not only will NXT send new talent to Raw and Smackdown but it will take some talent from those shows and help build their momentum while there are no plans for them on Raw or Smackdown. I think that a key will be taking the right talent from Raw and Smackdown in order to avoid watering down NXT with people who don't fit the brand. Another key will be understanding that NXT is still a developmental brand. The goal isn't to hold onto talent for the sake of NXT; it's to build them so that they can move on.

  18. Cool interview but this is on the main WWE channel? I’d think this channel would focus more on the front end and not the behind the scenes non-kayfabe stuff

  19. I love seeing these candid natural style interviews with big players and hearing the inner workings. Cool interview

  20. So WWE is giving us a podcast when the podcasting world is already saturated with wrestling podcasts? 🙄🙄🙄

    I'M IN!!!

  21. I know one things for sure Triple H wouldn't have an empty heart Charlotte Flair in title pictures, he's still the same guy that always respects what Charlotte has done in title reigns is NOT going to change what other fans might have perceptions of her

  22. It’s just weird to see WWE play this behind the scenes but it’s still WWE.. like if it was Joe Rogan interviewing Triple H or someone’s podcast that isn’t WWE, it’d feel much more legit in my opinion.

  23. NXT implies it being a "minor-league". I know I am in the minority, but I was disappointed they handled the "major leagues" so decisively last week at Smackdown.

  24. The day that Triple H has full control of the WWE will be when we see an unbelievably amazing product week in and week out. Sadly that's not happening til Vince passes away from old age and he's probably gonna be around for another 50 years atleast lol

  25. Corey graves is garbage like seriously why they hire this guy and hot it Booker T get fired or let go and pursuit of this CLOWN.
    This Clown is as badd as Josh Matthews….
    I can't stand this clown would his pencil in his hand like I do it some with it with this eyebrow up and as hes just garbage sorry not sorry……

  26. Radical idea but idgaf…. archive wwe like nwa ect. It's old and too big for it's own good and make Nxt the flagship show nxt knows what's good whereas the wwe counterpart is making things too big for it's own good where the thought is too big to fail but what I say to that is wcw was too and look at what happened

  27. Wrestlers look great in NXT they then come to the main roster Vince changes their character burries them they become jobbers their careers are ruined most NXT wrestlers would probably prefer to stay in NXT being called up to the main roster is a career killer for most of these wrestlers

  28. mr triple h
    i didnt see any superstars tht may shine with their own identity yet…. even seth became dull and slowly became plateau….average

  29. all of these episodes needs to be face to face the facetime or whatever has soooo bad audio. i know WWE wants quality so do we^^

  30. Wrestling is unique and strange. If are going to be a Star you must have talent, charisma and the It factor but you also need help from creative.

  31. I only cling to WWE because of the Wednesday Night Wars. Big fan of NXT and AEW putting out great product every given episode. Take notes Vince.

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