Triple H On Paige Past! Roman Reigns Vs Robert Roode! Rusev Quitting WWE! Wrestling News!

Triple H On Paige Past! Roman Reigns Vs Robert Roode! Rusev Quitting WWE! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 14, 2020 We’re kicking off today with news
from the Royal Rumble, as Sarah
Logan has become the fourth woman to announcer
her participating in the 30
Women Rumble Match. Logan broke the news via a tweet
she sent out before RAW, and will
join Charlotte Flair, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss
who have also entered the match. As for the Men’s Rumble match,
13 Superstars have been
announced, including former winners such as Roman Reigns,
Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton,
as well as AJ Styles, Ricochet, Erick Rowan, Drew
McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler,
Elias, and Heavy Machinery. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar,
who won the 2003 Rumble match,
will also be involved, and will enter at number 1. More news from the Royal Rumble,
as the show will take place on
January 26th, at the Minute Maid Park, in Houston,
Texas. With huge matches including
both the men’s and women’s
Royal Rumble matches, Daniel Bryan taking on the
Universal Champion ‘The
Fiend’ Bray Wyatt, RAW Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch defending her title against
Asuka and Roman Reigns facing Baron Corbin before both
men enter the Men’s Rumble
match, there’s a lot for fans to tune in for, and now the
WWE has partnered with
Draftkings for a challenge that will see one fan pocket
$5,000. To enter, you simply log into a
Draftkings account, and pick
12 Superstars, 6 male and 6 female, to form your Rumble
team. From there, your team can
accumulate points through a
variety of actions, and the person with the highest score
wins the prize, or splits if things
end in a tie. There’s plenty of categories for
a Superstar to earn points as
if they enter either Rumble match, that’s 50 points,
whilst scoring the most eliminations
will earn you 500 points. 205 points will be allocated if you
choose either the number 1 or
30 participants, and if you choose the longest lasting
Superstar, you will receive 400
points, whilst picking the shortest time will score 200
points. Picking the overall Rumble match
winner will score you a whopping
600 points, meaning that one lucky fan could
be the real winner of the Royal
Rumble when they win 5-Grand. With two Rumble matches, there’ll
be plenty of Superstars on the
show, but despite rumors, Paige won’t be appearing
in the Women’s match, as
despite rumors and hopes that she will be able to
return, she still isn’t cleared to
compete. Whilst speaking on a conference
call about the rumors of Edge
and Paige returning, Triple H made the joke that Edge
has kids, and Paige probably has
some she doesn’t know of. Seemingly a reference to Paige
being the victim of personal
photos and videos being leaked, the Game’s comment got
a few laughs from reporters,
and Triple H thanked them for the warm reception
to his joke. One person who didn’t see the
funny side was Paige herself,
One person who didn’t see the
funny side was Paige herself,
who after seeing a clip of
Triple H being posted online,
tweeted “Even my boss jokes
about me… no wonder you guys still do it too.” Though the game doesn’t have
a problem referencing a dark
time in Paige’s life, the former Divas Champion has
received support from coworkers
such as Renee Young, who commented on how much
Paige has been through and
said we need real change, whilst also criticizing the Game. Nikki Bella also commented on
the situation, and though the
longest reigning WWE Divas Champion didn’t specifically
mention Paige or The King of
Kings, she did speak about how people need to respect
their coworkers, and that change
will never come if the company just see their
roster as storylines. Nia Jax simply told Paige that
she loves her, and though many
fans hope for an in-ring return for the British star, she’s
still not medically cleared to
compete. The fact that Paige has loved
wrestling, and now has to miss
something she grew up doing has clearly taken a toll on
the 27-year-old, and with her
in-ring career over because of so many injuries,
she is with WWE and being
paid to not wrestle, something that she clearly would
love to do, a situation that isn’t
funny at all. The last thing she needs is the
WWE COO commenting about
her troubling personal
life, even as a joke. There’s so far been no comment
yet by WWE or Triple H, but
we’ll keep an eye on where this story goes. We’re looking ahead to SmackDown
now, and a tables match has been
booked for this Friday’s episode. On the show, Roman Reigns and
Robert Roode will face each
other, and this follows on from the ending of last week’s
show, when the Glorious One
returned and spinebustered Reigns into the
announce table. When the table didn’t break,
Dolph Ziggler finished the job
with an elbow drop that finally broke the wood, and this
Friday’s Tables match will be
Roode’s first contest since he and Primo Colon were
suspended for 30 days on
December 10th, for failing the company’s wellness policy. At the time, Roode was written
out of the story by being laid
out by Reigns, and this was just one moment in the on
going feud that has seen the
Big Dog take on the trio of King Corbin, Roode and Ziggler. At TLC last month, Reins lost a
match to Corbin thanks to the
interference of Ziggler, Roode and The Revival, and
Reigns also had to endure
being covered in Dog Food recently, though when Corbin
tried this idea again two weeks
ago, he was blocked by the returning Usos, who came
to the aid of their cousin. It’s no doubt that Roode will be
wanting to make an impact
when he makes his in-ring return at the Greensboro
Coliseum Complex in Greensboro,
North Carolina, but that may be easier said than done
against the former Universal
Champion. Over to Impact Wrestling now,
and Tessa Blanchard had quite
the media storm before the biggest match of her year
at Hard to Kill. At the show, Blanchard became
the first female Impact World
Champion, completing a long storyline in the process,
though it seems there’s now a
reason why she never ended up in WWE after the
Mae Young Classic. During Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer said
that quote “attitude issues” prevented her from being signed
to WWE years ago, and gave
a short story about the impression she left during her
WWE tryout. Meltzer said: “She did not get a developmental
deal there [in WWE] because of
attitude issues I guess is how you would put it
and she ended up in Impact.” “The reason [Impact] knew that
they had her despite how
talented she is a lot of people wanted to steer clear of
her for all of the reasons that
came out and she had a lot of enemies. She made a
tweet and whatever the deal
was it inflamed a lot of people from her past and
they all came out.” Meltzer also said that there was
nobody in Impact who didn’t
know the stories about Blanchard, but that her past
didn’t change their plans
since the title win had been building for a year. Now that Blanchard is the World
Champion, it’ll be interesting to
see where the company goes from here,
especially after Puerto Rican
wrestler La Rosa Negra released a video recently, talking
about the support she has
received. La Rosa Negra has claimed that
during a STARDOM event,
Blanchard used a racial slur against her, and this story has
been corroborated by several
others, and the Puerto Rican star used her video to
thank those who have supported
her, including NXT’s Chelsea Green. Negra also said that she generally
doesn’t talk about her personal
life, and had moved on from the incident, specifically
saying that she gave it to God. Whilst she didn’t go into details
about the incident herself, she
thanked the fans for their support as well, and like
we said, it’ll be interesting to
see what direction Impact goes from here, after everything
that has come out about their
new World Champion. Back to WWE now, and Rusev is
currently going through a
storyline on RAW that is getting quite a lot of focus, but
that doesn’t mean that former
US Champion will stay with the company. Recently, the Bulgarian Brute
changed his twitter profile
name to ‘Miro’, and though he isn’t the first WWE Superstar
to change their name on social
media to reflect their legal name, Rusev’s profile is
what has piqued the interest
of fans. In his Bio, Rusev describes
himself as a “Soon to be free
agent,” and this is very interesting considering what
details have come out about
the Bulgarian’s contract. It wasn’t too long ago that his
real-life wife Lana signed a
multi-million, five-year deal with WWE, but at the time it was
reported that Rusev had yet to
sign a deal, as he was hammering out the details. Whether Rusev resigns with
WWE remains to be seen, but
it seems like Rusev Day may finally be over, if he
chooses to leave this year. Over to RAW now, and this
week’s show saw plenty of
action, including an epic triple threat match to open the show. In the opener, Drew McIntyre
continued his path of momentum
towards the Royal Rumble, defeating two former
WWE Champions, Randy
Orton and AJ Styles. Up next, Ricochet got the victory
over Mojo Rawley in singles
action, whilst Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan in
singles action. In the tweet we mentioned earlier
where Logan announced herself
for the Women’s Royal Rumble match, the real-life
Viking also challenged the Queen,
but it seems she bit off more than she could
chew on this occasion. In his second appearance on
RAW in a row, WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar commented on being the number 1 entrant
in the Rumble match, but it
wasn’t long until the Beast was interrupted by 24/7
Champion R-Truth. As you can expect, this didn’t
end well for the rapping
Superstar, who was laid out by the Beast, though Brock chose
not to capture the 24/7
Championship. Instead, it was Mojo Rawley who
stole the gold with a quick pin
on Truth, as despite the loss he suffered earlier in
the night, Mojo’s night ended
with a win. After promising the return of the
Bulgarian Brute last week,
Rusev certainly tried to hold his ow when he faced off
against Bobby Lashley, but in
the end, it was the Destroyer who emerged victorious. This win actually came around
thanks to Liv Morgan, who
confronted Lana at ringisde, leading the momentarily distracted
Rusev to be stopped in his tracks
by a Lashley spear. Up next, the RAW Tag Team
Champions the Viking Raiders
issued an open challenge, which led to the duo making
quick work of the Singh
brothers. Fans had a break from the
action for a brief moment,
as up next was the contract signing between Becky Lynch
and Asuka, for their RAW
Women’s Championship match at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Moments after the pair inked
their deal, Asuka once again
leveled Becky with the green mist, though The Man,
never someone lost for words,
promised that if she’s going down at the Rumble, then
she’s taking Asuka with her. In a match of the year candidate,
Aleister Black and Buddy
Murphy faced off once again, and for the third time, it
was the former NXT Champion
who got the win. This loss was a tough one for
Murphy to take, as he hit a
picture-perfect Murphy’s Law that would’ve won the match if
not for a rope break, and even
kicked out of Black Mass. With Black now 3 and 0 against
the Australian, it seems this
feud is finished for good, as we wonder what these two
will do next. After Erick Rowan defeated yet
another local competitor but
was bitten by whatever he has been carrying with him
for the past few months, it was
time for the main event, which saw Seth Rollins and the
AOP face Kevin Owens, Samoa
Joe and the Big Show in the first WWE fistfight. As the three faces dominated
Rollins and the AOP in a match
that would only end via stoppage, the self-professed
‘Monday Night Messiah’ did
have a saviour on RAW, but it just wasn’t him. Instead, Rollins was able to get
the help of Buddy Murphy, who
was still distraught after losing to Black, and with
the extra man advantage,
Rollins, Akam and Rezar were able to pummel the Big Show until
the Giant was unable to compete,
giving them the victory. With Murphy as the newest
member of his flock, there’s no
telling what Rollins will be able to achieve on RAW, as it
may be just a matter of time
before the Architect wins his second Men’s Royal Rumble
match in a row, and gets another
shot, at becoming WWE Champion.

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