Trey Gowdy reveals Trump’s ‘single best piece of evidence’

Trey Gowdy reveals Trump’s ‘single best piece of evidence’

100 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy reveals Trump’s ‘single best piece of evidence’

  1. "Trump knew exacty what he was doing." IN REGARDS TO WHAT SPECIFICALLY? That could be said in regard to ANYTHING at all! — quid pro quo? Or Whatever! This is unclear at best.

  2. Drag the “Whistle blower” out, kicking and screaming! Then let’s talk to Hilary… I mean the blower Monica, oops, sorry, the person of whom they say blew the whistle.

  3. How stupid can they sound before people realize that it's all a sham and we should all come away from this realizing that you can't believe anything that pelosi and her party has to say, she has completely dissolved any credibility on her part!

  4. I work hard , but can barely pay rent and feed my family. I hope all those rich Democrats appreciate those $300 pens my tax dollars just bought them .

  5. What Ukraine wanted from the US was a public show of support from Trump at preferably his Inauguration. The quid pro quo was was for Ukraine to publicly ANNOUNCE an investigation into the Biden's/Burisma. After the July 9 phone call (transcript), where Chump asked for a favor, the aid was frozen a mere 90 minutes later. The aid was only released Sept. 11, two days AFTER the media began to report on the emerging scandal. Gowdy and the rest of the sheep speak of the phone call only. This whole scandal took months, between Trump, Giuliani, Parnas, Sondland, Volker, Perry, Pence, Mulvaney, Pompeo, and Barr. Parnas had some guy with connections to Belgium to surveil Amb. Yovanovitch because the previous Ukrainian prosecutor said he would get Zelensky to announce Biden investigation, only after Trump or Pompeo – or whoever, he didn't care who – to fire Yovanovitch, Remenber the transcript when Flunk said "she's gonna go through some things." Yes, the Dems have been trying to get Trump since before he lost the popular vote. That doesn't matter one iota, cause Trump and his Hubris, called Zelensky the day after he felt Mueller 'exonerated' him at the House hearing, and decided to get 'help' (Bribery, or even extortion: withholding something of value in exchange for a demand for something else) from Ukraine. Wake up , all you haters of Liberals, and robots of Tramp (Putin)

  6. Only one that any of us fear is that we don't get the swamp drained completely…I know Pelosi is going to be history , Schummer, and Schitt oops Schiff for sure are going to be gone…hopefully America is going to vote straight Republican!!!!! Protect the Senate and take over the house!! TRUMP2020

  7. This guy is lying 100% 30 years of police work his body language is lies a fabrication memory body language and facial movement of eyes

  8. It's funny how all these people come out after the fact when the Democrats have no leg to stand on they drag in fake people to go after him.

  9. You dems are a joke. Obama was just as crooked as good ole boy bill clinton. Obama was very close to bankrupting the country by doing nothing. The biggest crime he committed was not standing by the Christian's all over the world. Not even those in the u.s.. He even told Christian's to basically quit whining. What a criminal. GOD BLESS ALL. AMEN.

  10. (0:30) Who's that young male to the right in glasses ? Is that some young college intern MSNBC has hired in the interest of reducing budget. I can understand that, I hear MSNBC's viewership isn't what it used to b……..wait , what ?! No, impossible ! Impossible ! Female ?! No ! No ! Surely you're mistaken ! Female ? Seriously ?….46 ? 46 years of age ?! Now I know you're joking !!

  11. They are calling a government corruption investigation a assault on their candidate let that sink in.. law doesn't matter..

  12. He was going to say two years but had to correct himself. There fear started two years ago and they have wanted it the whole time.

  13. FOX must have offered Trey lots of money to consult .. He is so popular, and seems to want to give real Analysis of the crazy political situation.

  14. Last. This is where we are at.. Shifty Shift wo made a joke mockery of his presentation on live TV and said is a joke is opening. 🤯

  15. "This is what America has feared for centuries" The constant lies and fearmongering goes unchecked every minute all day long! God open the eyes and ears of all Americans to see and the truth!

  16. Did Russian State TV Refer to President Trump as an ‘Agent’?

    Russian state television called U.S. President Donald Trump an "agent."

  17. It is ludicrous that Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler can come out and make all these accusations without taking a single question from the media and without any proof! They had their day in their Kangaroo court, they had their chance to call any witnesses they wanted to, but they stated that they needed to move on impeachment right away, then went on vacation, now they are trying to control the Senate! Total and Utter tyranny and the Media is letting them get away with it!

  18. It is ludicrous that Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler can come out and make all these accusations without taking a single question from the media and without any proof! They had their day in their Kangaroo court, they had their chance to call any witnesses they wanted to, but they stated that they needed to move on impeachment right away, then went on vacation, now they are trying to control the Senate! Total and Utter tyranny and the Media is letting them get away with it!

  19. You two as such hacks, taking snippets from that farce interview that Maddow who admitted she has been working on that smear for weeks with an indicted criminal out on bail and treating it like "evidence"! Sick of these Anti America and Anti Trump "journalists" go work at CNN that's where you belong! Fake News!

  20. Mr Gowdy seems to conveniently forget POTUS barred all his admin from testifying and tried to force the Dems into being tied up in courts trying to get them to tell what they know. Trump uses this tactic in ALL of his dealings And Parnas won't be called by the Dems. They just want the country to know that there's some truth in the Nunes, Pompeo, Pence and ultimately Trump connection to the Yovanovitch debacle.

  21. Trey Gowdy is right. The senate, upon any request for further witnesses, should just refer the whole case back to congress to complete their investigations and reconsider their ill-advised impeachment.
    Who knows, perhaps they will consider expungeing the impeachment.

  22. Someone mentioned that the Democrats using Parnas as a witness would be like a homeless person trying to sell you real estate.

  23. I Remember Hillary saying “if that bastard gets elected he is going to throw us all in jail” does that sound like an innocent person. I don’t think so.

  24. Gowdy must have not listened to the entire interview or he wouldn't be recommending Fox viewers to watch it. Or maybe he's finally seen the light and decided to turn on the president and accept the truth.

  25. Trump circus … Jordan, Nunes, Gaetz, Mitch, Barr, Pence who else ??? I am sure I forgot the circus band … LOL are all going down
    and probably you too Gowdy ..!!!!! LOL

  26. I guess half of population of United states need to be at impeachment against Trump because 120 million people knows that Trump is the biggest loser,crooks

  27. Thank you, Trey, for perfectly breaking down Parnas' answers and exposing them for the "bs" they are. Precisely what a good prosecutor does.

  28. Trey Gowdy the egg shaped head saying the transcript is the "only" best piece of evidence is nothing short of stupid. Nice try trey! If it is DT would not have locked it away in some high security locker & would've released the entire script long ago. SMH!

  29. How the hell is releasing the transcript covering anything up you fool. These Democrats are really making fools out of themselves.

  30. I’m not from the USA and are laughing on how stupid and corrupt your Dems are. They all seem bought by powers outside of USA. They just exposed how to beat America. Just buy a lot of politicians. They sell out their own Country just so they can line their own pockets. Considering you have a President that gave you the best economy in the world, lowest unemployment etc. Weird. 🙄😂

  31. Those pens were probably of different colors ,one blue ,one yellow , one red , one green etc etc just like when she was six

  32. Gowdy forgot that Trump said talk to Rudy and Barr and he is on video admitting what mr Gowdy is contesting. All the people involved are pointing their finger at Trump; this is so clear its funny.

  33. The dems are bs, and have been screwing the people by selling out your resources, and your jobs.
    Good grief, they are the biggest fools on Earth.

  34. I BELIEVE DOWDY, CNN keeps taking 'snippets' OUT OF CONTEXT, WHICH IS THE CONTINUED FAILURE TO BE TRUTHFUL AND FORTHRIGHT ABOUT "FACTS". This fraud will hopefully be blown out of the water in the legit explanations in SENATE. There will be nothing hidden that shall not be brought to light, BUT BIAS IS HAVING TOO MUCH EFFECT ON THE WAY PEOPLE ARE DEALING WITH "DISCREDITING THE FACTS"

  35. Watch how ridiculously excited Nancy is in signing those DEMonic papers of IMPEACHMENT…Pray for Trump or Pray to Trump…whichever WAY it is …it's the Way of The DEMons!!! Not Bruce Lee for sure in The Way of The Dragon…but the Dragon's Spouse for sure!!!

  36. FEAR!!!! The #1 word of the DNC. This is what they want to instill in the American people, and what Communists use to force people to bend to their will. Thank God true Patriots see this and ignore it. Without FEAR, the DNC falls on it's face.

  37. Put the Hammer down on all of the corrupt Dems. DRAIN THE SWAMP. You have to tear
    It down to build a better

  38. So the Dems weren't interested in Ukrainian testimony concerning the president not being pressured, but now they are, concerning this guy? They are so ridiculous.

  39. Gotta love Trey Gowdy! Truth and only the truth. That's how I like my politicians! Anyone want to DISAGREE? I'd think not. Get these HATERS and hypocrites out of OUR GOVERNMENT!🌹🇺🇸🤣😎🤑

  40. I have a feeling this trial is a trap for dems.
    if they open ONE wrong door in this case, their whole criminal enterprise will be exposed.
    "you are watching a movie."

  41. First time, I've seen that evil Fox news blonde-beeeeeeeech smile when they announce the 'chief of clowns,' were sworn in!!

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