Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

100 thoughts on “Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

  1. 1:09 thats the biggest bullshit ive ever heard. I never get picked last and im the most athletic person of my school….

  2. Ktsydkfdyrupstwaijali😊😁😑😑😠😂😃👒👙⌚👑⌚👙🐓🐤🐹🐱🐓🐥👞👓🔜🔛♌♐♏🐔🐹🐓👜👙👠👖👠👖👠👙👙👖🎒👠👚👚

  3. Theres no way you could ever say you play professional Dodgeball in the NDL. You'd just always sound like a loser.

  4. Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds are two actors that could definitely do stand up. Their comic timing and wittiness is impeccable.

  5. Kevin, can you please do one with Nicole Scherzinger? I wanna see you dance, hula or tahitian dance. That's a good workout. 🥰🥰🥰

  6. Anna: "I'm not willing to take a couple balls."
    Kevin: "Yea that's it. Take the balls."
    Pause the video at 16:28 as Kevin starts to say balls..Anna is not happy. She actually looks quite pissed.

  7. "You can walk all you want, but eventually somebody is gonna have to cook the hotdog"
    – Kevin Hart.

    "I love that saying"
    -Anna Kendrick.

  8. Your pretty accurate with your left hand. How is ur new microwave? That's my best saying as well… OMG, HOT DOG,SERIOUSLY? Your goofy.

  9. Lmaooooo

    The phycic was so uncomfortable with the std bit. Kevin hart is stupid hilarious. Like really stupid but hilariois.😅🤣

  10. Ik this was a joke but on 11:17 the guy knocked the ball to the floor with his left arm and it slightly bounced up and they said he caught it

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