TICKING CLOCK REVEAL! Scarlett Bordeaux & Kross Make SHOCKING WWE DEBUT In Jaw Dropping Fashion

TICKING CLOCK REVEAL! Scarlett Bordeaux & Kross Make SHOCKING WWE DEBUT In Jaw Dropping Fashion

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest
signings in recent months, then you already know that WWE is currently sitting on two
major talents that have yet to make their debuts These talents being Scarlett bordeaux and
Kross This popular wrestling couple has been tearing
up the wrestling scene for a while now in numerous companies Wwe was able to sign scarlett first and then
Kross was signed several weeks after that, But the important thing is that wwe was able
to get them both under contract before they signed anywhere else Scarlett was being heavily featured in impact
wrestling and really was the face of their women’s division in recent years Scarlett was their real star and they used
her as much as they could and Scarlett always delivered Scarlett had plenty of viral moments, segments,
and matches for impact wrestling. She just really put herself out there as a
talent that had a lot of layers to herself and to her character It seems like this is what made wwe take notice
of her and lead to them signing her It’s also a cool little fact that Scarlett
actually wrestled a full match on WWE Monday night Raw back in 2016 This was when Nia Jax was having several squash
matches and was building up her character and it turns out that scarlett bordeaux was
one of these opponents that Nia Jax squashed Scarlett wrestled that night for wwe simply
as “Scarlett” and was playing this role of being sasha banks’ biggest fan Scarlett was squashed within a few moments
and was never seen again Fast forward a few years after that night
and Scarlett is back as a full time wwe talent However, since signing several months ago,
we’re still waiting for Scarlett’s debut Scarlett did make one brief cameo during an
NXT episode a few months ago where she was checking in on the superstars that were attacked
outside, but that’s all we got of Scarlett on wwe television as of this moment. Now Kross has signed with the wwe, so fans
speculate that maybe wwe was holding off Scarlett’s debut so that they can debut together There’s some teasers going on in Smackdown
that feature a ticking clock and the number one suspects that fans believe could be behind
these teasers are Kross and Scarlett Scarlett even liked a tweet from a fan that
seemed to put all the pieces together on how the teasers relate to them, but we’ll find
out if it really is them behind the teasers in due time Scarlett and Kross continue to post messages
on social media such as “You’ve been warned” and “Time Is running out”, so that really
adds more fuel to them being behind the clock teasers But in today’s video, we’ll be coming
up with a concept for Scarlett and Kross’ debut and seeing if we can make it really
impactful So for this theory we can keep the ticking
clock teasers going as well, have that clock represent the fact that we’re running out
of time for whatever or whoever is coming Besides the clock, we’re gonna need something
else that really starts building up the intensity, so all of a sudden a wwe crew member is found
passed out backstage He’s not responsive and is just completely
out of it You don’t wanna make it too obvious either,
so maybe all of this could be happening over to the side during a regular backstage interview,
so a lot of fans won’t notice at first and it’ll sort of slip under the radar Fast forward to the next week and the clock
is running just a bit faster than it was during the previous week, seems to be that we’re
really running out of time In the following weeks after that we see more
and more wwe production crew members all going down and this reoccurring theme seems to be
getting stronger Now commentators are starting to address it
and apologize to fans because they don’t know what’s been going on over the past
few weeks Another group is found knocked out and this
time the attackers left a logo and a strange sign next to the downed wwe workers The note is found by triple h and he instantly
goes wild backstage trying to see who’s behind this sick joke So after starting off with the production
crew members, the attackers go up a level and now start attacking backstage interviewers
and commentators We see Kayla Braxton now knocked out backstage
and this will be a clear indicator that this guy isn’t working alone and possible has
a woman with him who’s also doing some of the work Triple H goes to help Kayla and by this point
Triple H has had enough of these games, he calls for a lockdown of the arena and to close
all exits, no one is getting in or out Triple h is making his rounds checking in
on all of the exits to see if any of the security guards have found anyone, but no one is found Triple h walks by one of the steel gates and
sees it partially opened with some security guards knocked out , it‘s clear that whoever
it was used this gate to get out of the arena Triple H turns around and we see their logo
once again on wall along with the words “see you soon” The show ends with a concerned triple h looking
at the wall and the guards It’s a nice little cliffhanger that leaves
the viewer hooked to come back the following week to see what’s revealed next We pick back up the following week on raw
the same way we left it last week, everyone is still in total panic and in lockdown Triple H brings in even more forces to protect
the arena and says that the show must go on, so raw goes on as usual Throughout the show, we see more and more
of the ticking clock and and finally after weeks of seeing it, the clock finally stops,
it looks like whoever is behind this is finally showing up Main event time, Triple H comes out with max
security watching every corner Triple h grabs a mic and tells whoever is
behind this to come out right now and tell him what they want, triple h doesn’t want
any more innocent people to get hurt from this The clock interrupts triple h on the big screen
and once again stops ticking, the lights go out and majority of the security gets taken
out again The remaining few guards all run off after
seeing what happened to the others, leaving triple h all by himself in the middle of the
ring It’s finally time for the reveal, we hear
the music hit and we see 4 masked individuals slowly approaching triple h in the ring Now originally this was going to be Just Scarlett
and Kross, but considering that they did take out so many people, you can add two other
members to the group to just make it more believable that they took out that much people They all step foot in the ring and triple
h continues to question them and want they want, but it’s clear that they aren’t
hear to talk, Kross and Scarlett point to triple h and give the instructions to the
two others to attack triple h They take triple h out in the middle of the
ring while Kross and Scarlett pull down their face mask and celebrate with a kiss while
standing over triple h Now this will lead to Kross vs Triple H and
we wanna really establish Kross, so he’ll defeat triple h without any help from Scarlett
or the other members of the group From there, Scarlett would also get a big
one on one match for herself, so they’ll all be well establish on their own Have Kross as WWE Champion, Scarlett as Women’s
Champion, and the other two members as the tag team champions and you could have something
special here with the group What are your thoughts on this story for Scarlett
and Kross? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

20 thoughts on “TICKING CLOCK REVEAL! Scarlett Bordeaux & Kross Make SHOCKING WWE DEBUT In Jaw Dropping Fashion

  1. Update: Killer Kross' teaser just dropped last night on NXT so we'll have to wait and see if he still relates to Smackdown's clock. A name change is also expected for Kross because of the first part of his name. But here's a fun little concept for Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux! Are you excited for their debut? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

  2. I think.. Not seeing last night's NXT yet of DVR.. that the video theory is too similar to Cross's Impact story of leaving an X card on knocked out Impact performers then.. WWE likes to distance themselves from characters from other storylines in "competing companies".. If there really is anyone that is competition besides AEW.. they may keep the persona style but never do they allow a close storyline.. Matt Hardy couldn't even get Vince to understand "Broken Matt" and look how deep even in just one episode the Broken Matt character can be.. He was awe inspiring.. I am on the edge of my seat for the next Broken Matt appearance.. What a waste.. Therefore.. Cross won't do the card thing or anything close to it.. He can still be the crazy character but they will use a different mode to introduce him or them together. I got nothing for Scarlett and look forward to what they do for her as long as it isn't "the smoke show".. I felt they wasted a lot of time in that set that would be considered too sexist for Vince.. Even if triple H gave the NXT ok.. It would die in main roster like so many great NXT stars do.. Ricochet as latest example of thrown away talent in garbage matches.

  3. It's a very good story. Smart, inventive and because it's so well thought out WWE or more specifically Vince won't do it. It makes too much sense.

  4. I think that Scarlett & Killer Cross have to go agains people like Gargano, Ciampa, Adam Cole, Finn Balor, Shayna Bazsler, Io Shirai, Bianca, Candice.

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