The Great Khali: WWE Star Turns Teacher With Wrestling Academy

The Great Khali: WWE Star Turns Teacher With Wrestling Academy

COMM: This seven foot one inch wrestler known as The Great Khali, once ruled the glitzy
world of WWE. Now he’s set up his own wrestling academy. And he’s a though taskmaster. 00:58
COMM: Khali left India to wrestle in Japan, before ending up at the pinnacle of WWE in
the USA. There he starred in four Hollywood films and a handful of TV shows. But now he’s
left the showbiz world behind and returned to his roots. Determined to train the next
generation of professional wrestlers. 01:33
COMM: Khali now has fifty students at the academy. Including two women. 02:10
COMM: Khali’s no nonsense approach seems to be working. Three
of his students have already made it to WWE, and each has an annual contract worth over
two million US dollars.

100 thoughts on “The Great Khali: WWE Star Turns Teacher With Wrestling Academy

  1. Khali had the strength however his body is way rigid for wrestling or most sports. But if he had the flexibility like Rey Mysterio he would be the most dangerous man on planet. Imagine Khali giving 619 😂😂

  2. Great Khali ke andar Himmat Hai Tumhare Pakistan ke Khan Baba se 5 ladke dikhayen isme Himmat Hai To

  3. Mai Khali Sir ki academy me kese jau I don't have money please Khali Sir WWE is my Dream my life

  4. Sir aap india me wwe jesi santha open kijiye
    Tali indian westling me Pramod ho
    Or ishe indian maket ka development ho na ki forgien maket ka

  5. Please I don't have money mujhe Ap Na WWE ka Dream Pura Karna hai mujhe koi sport NHI Karta girl's BHI SAB Kuch Kar Sakti hai mujhe Mom ka Dream Pura Karna hai please Khali Sir

  6. मुझे भी ट्रेनिंग लेना है क्या करना होगा

  7. Khali bhai humko bhaut shouk hai wwe ka per koi humko le k jata nahi aap tak

  8. Sir mujhe bhi join karna hai hi mein Jammu and Kashmir mein rehta hoon please sir mujhe a personal number chahiye jisse mein call kar paunga aur aap se baat karunga

  9. हैल्लो सर…
    मेरी तरफ से प्रणाम
    मुझे भी आना है मेरी भी इच्छा है
    बहोत गोल भी है…?

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