The Fiend Bray Wyatt’s WEAKNESS REVEALED! Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns – WWE Smackdown

The Fiend Bray Wyatt’s WEAKNESS REVEALED! Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns – WWE Smackdown

Ever since his return, Bray Wyatt’s new
character has been filled with a lot of great theories and speculation At first bray had the fans going through all
the Firefly Funhouse episodes, looking for little Easter eggs and other hidden things
that bray said was there And some of the little Easter eggs were discovered An example of this being huskus the pig, the
name of his pig character, it’s a reference to his old persona husky Harris And there’s been other little discoveries
along the way such as the fiend’s sirens actually being first used for bray Wyatt several
years ago at a payback pay per view event Then we obviously had the entire sister Abigail
Liv Morgan theory that everyone was discussing Then the other theory that fans came up with
that really made a lot of sense was that Bray Wyatt and The Fiend could be played by two
separate people, Which could always be a possibility But wwe has just completely opened the door
on a brand new theory and that of course is the fiend’s weakness So yes, believe it or not, the fiend actually
does have a weakness that could easily make another superstar defeat him And it makes a lot of sense that wwe is going
in this direction In movies and tv shows, no matter how big
and bad the villain is, everyone has a weakness that ultimately leads to their defeat So it makes sense that wwe is starting to
hint at that idea for the fiend So this all comes from Firefly Funhouse character,
Rabbling Rabbit Now rabbling rabbit is probably one of the
most intriguing characters out of all the puppets All the other puppets just seem like brainless
zombies that follow everything bray Wyatt says But the rabbit seems to be a rebel and goes
against bray Wyatt and the fiend time and time again You can basically say that rabbling rabbit
is the babyface out of the entire puppet cast He’ll warn superstars about the fiend weeks
in advance and will always be supportive of whoever the fiend is facing Rabbling Rabbit will always refer to himself
as the “biggest fan” of whoever bray Wyatt is facing that time We saw that with Seth Rollins, rabbling rabbit
said he was seth’s biggest fan and he definitely paid the price for it Bray put the rabbit in a hell in a cell match
which lead to him just being ripped to pieces So rabbling rabbit’s feud with bray Wyatt
definitely goes way back Well now rabbling rabbit reached out to Daniel
Bryan in a hurry claiming that there is a way to easily defeat the fiend and that he
knows that secret Rabbling rabbit goes on to say the secret
but gets his mouth covered by bray Wyatt with bray responding, “snitches get stitches” Bray Wyatt then wraps up a beaten down rabbling
rabbit and hands him over to Daniel Bryan as a gift So we got the reveal that there is a weakness
but we just didn’t get the actual reveal of what it was Now will rabbling rabbit come back to life? That’s the question that’s on everyone’s
mind Rabbling rabbit has been revived multiple
times in the past and this isn’t the first time bray has took him out as well So we’ll have to see if rambling rabbit
will be revived by bray and if he continues to try to expose the fiend’s secret But what is the fiend’s secret? There are already a few fan theories out there
on this big secret First of all is the actual mask, some fans
wondered if removing that fiend’s mask will just put an end to him But that does seem a bit too anti climatic Another theory which is a little better is
the red light theory Minus his debut match at Summerslam 2019,
The Fiend has always wrestled entire matches with this red light So fans are wondering if this red light is
blocked or turned off, Will this weaken the fiend and make him just a bit more vulnerable? Fans and even superstars have been complaining
about how annoying the red light is from a viewing stand point, but what if it turns
out to be the source of the fiend’s power? That theory makes a little more sense than
the unmasking but it’s still going to be pretty hard to pull off But those fans wondering what the secret is
probably won’t have to wait that long The highly talked about and rumored date for
the fiend’s first loss could reportedly happen at Wrestlemania at the hands of Roman
Reigns So will the fiend’s weakness be on full
display for when he falls to Roman reigns? That’s going to be really interesting to
find out Another thing to be concerned about is how
will the fiend will be handled once he suffers his first loss and has his secret revealed? Will he still even be a threat after he gets
exposed that bad especially on the biggest stage of the year? That’s the part to be a little fearful of
but hopefully wwe comes up with a way that doesn’t completely ruin the fiend when he
eventually does have to face defeat Either way, there has to be something, some
source of power that is feeding the fiend bray Wyatt and making him so unbeatable And if some superstar is able to learn that
source of power, we may see a horribly weaken fiend come into play So this is a really interesting theory that
wwe just opened up the door too So keep a close eye on rabbling rabbit and
the other Firefly Funhouse members to see if we get any more hints about the fiend’s
weakness What are your thoughts on this situation? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
in the next one!

22 thoughts on “The Fiend Bray Wyatt’s WEAKNESS REVEALED! Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns – WWE Smackdown

  1. Bray wyatts secret weakness he doesn't know how to be original with his persona of pennywise/MR Rogers/Charles Manson

  2. You neglected to mention the theory that both FunHouse Bray Wyatt and The Fiend were born during The Ultimate Deletion the moment Bray Wyatt fell into the Lake of Reincarnation.

  3. Don't waste your time watching the entire video. He doesn't reveal his weakness.
    But here's my opinion.
    The Fiend's weakness is either the red light or the Hurt/Heal glove. Having normal lights could affect his strength.

  4. Taking off the mask in a match as he spirals outta control= Storyline weakness.) Bringing in bo dallas as his long lost brother named the fun lover= Wwe Creative Stupidity lol

  5. I think that the Fiend’s weakness is mind games . The Fiend hunts his pray through mind games . So what if someone played mind games on The Fiend ? Something like kidnapping Abby or Mercy or maybe Huskus considering he’s a reference to Bray’s old self “Husky Harris”

  6. i think Vince McMahon is wrong for letting Roman reigns beat Bray Wyatt it's better for Bray Wyatt to win at WrestleMania 36 at least wait for a perfect time to let Bray Wyatt lose but not now it's too early for him to lose especially to Roman reigns they need to build someone new to beat Bray Wyatt not Roman reigns it's too early for Bray Wyatt to lose at WrestleMania right now just give it some time for him to lose a one-time match at WrestleMania but not this year wait for another time to give someone else to Shine on top to beat Bray Wyatt just like when they weighted to built someone to beat the Undertaker streak at WrestleMania 30 or they can continue to have Bray Wyatt have a winning streak where no one can beat him until he's a little bit more older and then they can build someone new to be Bray Wyatt but I don't think it's not the right time for him to lose as of right now someone more similar and a little bit more dark and just like him but more stronger then the Fein Bray Wyatt just like how when they let the beast Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker except that was a different story it could have been sting who defeated Undertaker but instead they let Brock Lesnar so yeah somebody else needs to be bray not Roman reigns but not right now Bray Wyatt needs to just continue his winning streak as of right now he needs to continue to win match after match

  7. If there is a secret, it's probably gonna be something small, like an apology that gets you off his hit list.

    Between the "I can teach you not to feel pain" promo. And the match at tlc, it was made pretty clear that there isn't really a difference between what The Fiend and Bray Wyatt are capable of. I think he just wants to be liked, so he uses The Fiend as a scapegoat for all the fucked up stuff he does to people. Which would explain why he was so hesitant to fight back against The Miz.

  8. The Fiends weakness is the red light. Rambling Rabbit doesn’t really have a connection with the fiend. I’m sure if Daniel Bryan or anyone else dares the fiend to wrestle without the red light, they could reveal his weakness.

  9. Well, one thing is he has made it quite clear that he is vengeful and wants a family again. He does not want to be alone. As Bray Wyatt he had the Wyatt family and his fans(the fireflies). As the Fiend there's Bray Wyatt, the funhouse characters and possibly whoever let's him in. If wwe could just play off that and not allow writers to get too far off course, the weakness gimmick may not be a permanent feature. Similar to Undertaker and the urn.

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