The Fiend Attacks Braun Strowman | WWE Raw 9/23/19 Full Show Review & Results

The Fiend Attacks Braun Strowman | WWE Raw 9/23/19 Full Show Review & Results

ladies and gentlemen let me know in the
comment section down below if you were absolutely fuckin bore tonight watching
Monday Night Raw let me know in the comment section down below if you
started to fall asleep during this fucking piece or show ladies and
gentlemen my god was this fucking show boring no fucking excitement whatsoever
not even the fucking Firefly funhouse can save this fucking show a fatal five
way match for the universal fucking title number one contendership fucking
directionless braun strowman versus fucking steph rollins ladies and
gentlemen this fucking shell was absolutely dead and you can fucking tell
how fucking absolutely dead this fucking show was by the reaction of the fucking
crowd in San Francisco tonight my god these people must have been fucking in a
coma in absolute fuck in a coma because this crowd was absolutely fucking dead
absolutely dead ladies and gentlemen Ricochet got no ax no no fucking
reaction when he came out the universal champion Steph Rollins got no reaction
when he came out braun strowman never gets a fucking reaction he got no fuckin
reaction tonight AJ Styles did you hear any AJ Styles chance tonight ladies and
gentlemen San Francisco crowd was absolutely fuckin dead but can you
fuckin blame them can you absolutely blame them from being so dead
this show was awful once again and ladies and gentlemen next week we have
this season premiere the season premiere of Monday Night Raw next ladies and gentlemen I said it once I
said it twice I’ve said it a thousand motherfucking times this show needs an
absolute makeover and he’s a fresh new start they need to fucking pull the
trigger on this god-awful fucking booking and just flip this show upside
down and hopefully Oh bully next week we get the start of that ladies and
gentlemen I had no excitement in this fucking man and this show tonight I’ve
gotten I mean this show was awful people this show was absolutely god-awful
Becky Lynch interviewed the Viking raiders versus the OSI more 24/7 fucking
championship garbage ec3 buried buried again by fucking rusev sasha banks
versus Nicky cross three prophets making another fucking miserable fucking promo
fatal five-way match to determine who’s gonna be the number one contender who’s
gonna eventually lose to Steve Rollins cuz Stephan has a match with the fucking
Fein at Hell in a Cell does anybody think that Ray Mysterio is going to beat
step roars next week for the universal title people this fate of 508 match was
meaningless because whoever won the match was going to eventually lose to
Steph Rollins so no excitement whatsoever in this
match because you already know the outcome of the winner that is going to
face Steph rods braun strowman versus Steph Rong’s at the end of the fucking
match who appears again the fien didn’t we end a show like this last week and we
have to end the show this week same exact way ladies and gentlemen this
show was fucking god-awful once again I don’t know what else to tell you people
I don’t know who the hell is gonna come on social media tonight and praise this
show like this show was any fucking good this show was fucking awful and I don’t
know what more to say ladies and gentlemen I really don’t know what more
to say but you can tell how bad this show was with the crowd of reactions
that these superstars got tonight with the crowd reactions that ricochet got
tonight with the crowd reaction your Universal champions that Rollins got
tonight you can tell how fuckin much damage WWE has done to us by putting on
piss-poor show after piss-poor show after piss-poor show they have just
sucked every ounce of excitement out of everyone they have buried these shows
beyond fuckin burial they have buried these superstars beyond repairable that
no one is excited for Monday Night Raw anymore and that’s including me ladies
and gentlemen what are they gonna do so different next week on the season
premiere what are they gonna do so different what are they gonna do with
the superstars shake-up or the fucking superstar Draft that they didn’t do at
the superstars shake-up everybody thought we were gonna hit that restart
button at the superstar shake-up and the fucking shows got worse what are we
gonna do so differently now ladies and gentlemen they have to do something they
have to do something different because right now WWE is just pushing all the
wrong buttons they’re pushing all the wrong buttons that people are just not
invested in these shows they are not invested in any fucking storyline the
only thing that people are invested in is in the fucking theme and they’re
little bit killing the fiend slowly but surely they
are fucking killing the feet this is the third week in a row that the feena’s
appeared and attack someone he attacked Mick Foley he attacked braun
strowman he attacked fucking a Kurt Angle how many fucking times is the
finger appear and put the fucking mandible claw down someone’s fucking
throw we have to do something differently people he came back and
attacked Kane I mean what do you do with the feem what are you doing with the
thing we already seen that he’s fucking music hits he appears he sticks his
fingers down someone’s fucking throat and Monday Night Raw goes off the
fucking air you think that’s what we want to see to end Monday Night Raw the
fene again sticking his fucking fingers down someone’s fucking throat and
laughing it’s that’s the dead that just fucking calls for lazy booking that’s
what that is lazy fucking book this is the second
week in a row we have seen staff wrong in the corner like a little fucking
pussy your current Universal champion staring at the feem in fucking absolute
fucking fear absolute fucking fear ladies and gentlemen I don’t know folks
but you know I I really didn’t even want to come on here review the show I really
just wanted to go straight to fucking bed because this show was so fucking
boring it was absolutely fucking boring it was
absolutely fucking boring to the point that I was just flipping from channel to
channel to see something that was gonna fucking get me entry to watch because
Monday never aw I just wasn’t intrigued to watch even when WWE announced his
fate of five we match for the number one contendership for the universal title
I’m like why are we doing this why are we having a number one contendership
isn’t the fiend the number one fucking contender isn’t the fucking fiend the
number one contender shouldn’t you put that focus for the universal title
against Steph Rollins and the fucking fiend
let let that fucking be why are we gonna do a fatal five way match to determine
the number one contender when there’s already a fucking number one contender and with that being said ladies and
gentlemen who ever has whoever was going to win this number one contendership you
already knew they were gonna live they were gonna fucking eventually lose Rey
Mysterio ended up winning this fucking match tonight do you fucking think that
Rey Mysterio is going to walk into next week’s Monday Night Raw show and beat
fucking Steph Rollins do you do you and if you do you’re an absolute fucking
clown because nobody wants to see the fene versus fucking Rey Mysterio at Hell
in a Cell and ain’t gonna fucking happen I’m sorry for you Rey Mysterio Marx and
all you fucking Rey Mysterio fans mr. fucking mask man is not going to win the
fucking universal title next week you’re gonna win the universe on next week
what’s gonna happen next week is we’re all gonna go off the air and the fiends
gonna appear again and he’s gonna pull his fucking fingers down fucking Rey
Mysterio’s throw next mark my fucking words ladies gentlemen I’m predicting it
right now right here I’m squaring the circle on your Monday Night Raw Nerve
you next week to close Monday Night Raw the fene will appear and he’s going to
put his two fucking fingers down Rey Mysterio’s throat just like he did
tonight with braun strowman I guaran-fucking-tee it because that’s how
predictable WWE is nowadays that’s what’s gonna happen next week ladies Jim
you heard it first here right here on squaring the circle that is exactly
what’s gonna happen next week one of the outcome is gonna come from this match
well the outcome they have to build Hell in a Cell right the fein versus fucking
Steph Rollins it’s gonna happen the same thing the only difference it’s not gonna
be fucking Kane this time getting fucking his fingers the fiends fingers
shoved down his throat it’s not gonna be fucking braun strowman
getting the fiends fingers shoved down his throat it’s gonna be Ramos Theriot I
wouldn’t put it past ww2 have the fiend interrupt the fucking Miz TV show and
put the mandible claw down fuckin Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair’s throat – how many
times are we gonna do this people how many times the fiend is great but they
are slowly but surely killing his fucking character by bringing him out
every fucking week and putting the mandible claw on a fucking hall-of-famer
or our superstar it’s getting fucking dead the first time it was cool the
second time it was cool enough already please we don’t want to see that anymore
we’ve seen it already too many times WWE has to go to the well way too many times
and over expose their fucking superstars to the point that we lose interest in
them we lose interest in them and they make things too fucking predictable
nowadays that people already know the outcome of the matches and know the
outcome of what’s gonna happen in the ring
I don’t know ladies and gentlemen but this show is fucking miserable
it was absolutely fucking miserable to watch I was clicking from fucking show
to shows watching Monday Night Football I was fucking watching the fucking
Yankee met the fucking Mets games baseball I was looking for something
fucking get fucking interested in because Monday Night Raw was putting me
to absolute fucking sleep absolute fucking sleep ladies gentleman if you
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into this Monday night robbery because i really really really did not want to
come on in and review this show that’s how fucking awful it was then I really
did not even want to come on here and review this show people hopefully next
week with the season premiere we get a fucking new start we get a new stage a
new logo a new fucking theme song we get something new because this show needs a
fucking injection of something people this show is fucking god-awful and this
show was fucking just god-awful got off ladies and gentlemen we start to show we
start to show with Steph Rollins to Universal Champion Steph Rollins comes
out gets no fucking reaction from the San Francisco crowd this crowd was dead
before I even started ladies and gentlemen Steph Rollins comes out and
he’s talking about the fein and how he’s going to prevail and he’s gonna burn it
down at Hell in a Cell the fans are just like no reaction for you Universal
champion no reaction he’s talking about how how how scared he was last week from
the fucking thing looking at him in his eyes it was so scared from the fiends
Prez presents no crowd reaction like I said
then branched rubber comes out and interrupts him braun strowman also got
no fucking crowd reaction my god people this crowd was fucking dead one of the
worst fucking crowds that I have ever fucking seen on Monday Night Raw history
but can you fucking blame them can you blame them
we’re full of damn he said WWE is done can you blame them I just uh I don’t
know how to fucking even bought a ticket to this show I wouldn’t be caught dead
at a Monday Night Raw show right now lady Jim if you guys want to give me a
fucking free ticket the Monday Night Raw I will fucking rip it up in your face
and tell you to go to hell because that’s how bad these fucking shows are
that’s how fucking bad these shows are I’d rather stay home and
take a good night’s rest didn’t watch this show didn’t watch this show Liz Jim
brought Stroman interrupts he says tonight he’s gonna get these hands we
get a match set for later on in the night braun strowman versus Steph
Rollins I can didn’t we just see this match didn’t we just see this match at
clash of Champions yes we did we’re gonna get it again tonight on Monday
Night Raw because WWE is lazy absolutely lazy
moving on the Viking raiders versus the Osito so you get new theme music hmm
kind of like that then they’re not coming out the ajaces team usually they
get their own fucking theme music the Elsi versus the Viking raiders I believe
the Elsi won this match and beat the Viking raiders if I’m not mistaken
correct me if I’m wrong because I think at this point I was flipping my channel
I’m watching something else because I was not fucking interested in the
fucking show but I believe the Elsi beat the Viking raiders moving on we get
another interview from Becky Lynch hyping up her match at Hell in a Cell
against Sasha banks man I wish that they would do the fucking old-school
interviews when they did it in the fucking arena instead of fucking having
it taped in the back it just seems so fucking I don’t know ladies and
gentleman I just like the old-school aspect when Ultimate Warrior’s come on
the fucking stage and having into it with Mean Gene Okerlund can we go back
to that old-school aspect please because this was awful
moving on rules Severus is ec3 poor ec3 he is beyond fucking buried and he gets
fucking crushed by rusev no explanation from last week’s rule
said being a Maria Kanellis is baby daddy we got nothing we got nothing we
got nothing we didn’t see Maria Kanellis in the fucking show she wasn’t even
Rousseff we got no fucking no fucking explanation
typical WWE fashion Rousseff beats ec3 Rey Mysterio says that he was going to
retire but his son Dominic convinced him not to retire and tonight he is going to
win the fate of five-way match and become the number one contender for the
universal title sasha banks versus nicky cross nicky cross taps out to Sasha’s
banks bank statement this match was fucking awful I was fucking in my third
fucking dream watching this match Langella the street profits cut another
fucking miserable fucking promo my god Kanda Street profits get off of my
television people the street profits are being brought up to the main roster to
cut fucking promos and be fucking cheerleaders Wow
they announced the next week Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair coming back
yippee just who I want to see more fucking Hall of Famers taking up TV time
Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are gonna appear miss TV hmm I think that is a
ratings draw desperate ratings draw right there to bring back Hulk Hogan it
fucking Ric Flair oh boy this show is fucking awful more 24/7
tidal garbage if anything needs to go is the fucking
24/7 title Camela and our true friend ring carmella says that she’s had enough
that she can’t take it anymore that she doesn’t want to keep running away from
everyone that is stressing her out blah blah blah blah blah carmella comes in
pins our troop and becomes a 24/7 champion hmm and then they run out the
ring and everyone is fuckin chasing her and all the fucking women’s superstars
come on and chase carmella now do you care no the answer is absolutely no
moving on fatal five away match ricochet Roberts routes rey mysterio Shunsuke
Nakamura and AJ Styles Nakamura eliminates ricocheting AJ Styles
eliminates the Nakamura robber rule eliminates AJ and then Rey Mysterio
eliminates Robert root this match was okay it wasn’t great it was just okay
Rey Mysterio wins next week he’s gonna face death runs for the universal title
do you see do you see the excitement in my face next week Steph Rollins versus
Ramos dear for the universal title you know why I’m next I didn’t put his
fucking match because you already know the fucking outcome of the fucking match
that’s why you already know that Steph Rowlands is winning
Steph Ellis is not fucking losing the universal title to fucking Rey Mysterio
that’s why I have no excitement in my face back in the days you would say wow
this is this fucking dream match I’m excited but ladies and gentlemen money
never all has been so piss-poor and it’s done so much dumb damage to my
fucking WWE soul that I just don’t care about Steph Rollins versus Rey Mysterio
next week I don’t I absolutely don’t
so rey mysterio winds you next week we’re gonna have a match between Rey
Mysterio versus Steph Rollins for the University great match braun strowman
versus Steph Rollins in the main event of Monday Night Raw the match goes to no
contest the fina peers again to close Monday Night Raw last week he shoved his
fingers down Cain’s fuckin throats and now this week he shoves his fingers down
braun strowman zero it was so fucking predictable was gonna happen ladies and
gentlemen i knew this was gonna happen I was just waitin for it when was it
gonna happen the FINA peers he puts his fingers down braun strowman’s throats
and Monday Night Raw goes off the air with Steph Rollins looking at the fene
again like last week in fear ladies and gentlemen not even the fucking fene can
save Monday Night Raw right now not even the Universal champion can save Monday
Night Raw right now I don’t know what the fuck is gonna save Monday Night Raw
right now people but if you’re having trouble sleeping at night there’s the
cure for you watch Monday Night Raw for three hours and by the first hour of the
show you will be in the deepest fucking dream you have ever had in your fucking
life later Jeff but that’s your Monday Night Raw preview this show was boring
it was god-awful it was sleeping boozing television and not even the fiend can
save Monday night religion thank you guys so much you guys like the video hit
that like button subscribe to channel don’t forget to hit that Bell for all
notification when I upload a video and I will see you guys next time
thank you guys

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  2. ….so how do you build a character, like The Fiend, in your eyes?

    Would you like Seth to come out and shake it off like nothing happened to him?

    How would you book the Fiend?

  3. PPL don't understand that its the same Bray Wyatt of old. Just with a new character. Once the lights come on and you watch him wrestle, you will remember. Rusev has ruined himself in less than 3 years. Cut his hair and now the beard. The place seemed more empty. WWE can't draw a dime with Richocet, AJ, Seth Rollins, etc?!

  4. A shot gun blast to the face sounds more appealing than Monday Night Raw. You know who's going you save WWE? AEW!!! AEW is going to help put WWE out to it's misery….

  5. Nope wrong the Viking raiders beat tha O.C. And dey did get a couple of dis is awesome chants for Sasha bank and Nikki Cross match

  6. The Fiend is the only thing that's good about Raw but he turning up as much as he has recently isn't good the Firefly fun house you didn't mention

  7. Soooo your whole strategy to make it big in the wrestling social media community is she shitt on everything that is happening Bray Wyatt is a generational Talent understand your trepidation on how the creative team has used him in the past and squandered his abilities and pushes but your b***** video here he's just feeding into that narrative

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