The creation of the VEX! Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games

The creation of the VEX! Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games

And still we grappled. Our rolling bodies pushed things out of the
garden—worms and scurrying life from the fertile soil, wet things from the pools and
the leaves. They came out into the madness of primordial
space; they thrashed and became large. But by then, it didn’t matter. The game was over. The garden had given birth to creation, the
rules were in place, and there would never be a second chance. We played in the cosmos now. We played for everything. Welcome back Guardians, in today’s Destiny
lore video we are revisiting the Unveiling lore book. This lore book was first introduced with Shadowkeep
and the entries have been drip feed similar to what Bungie did with the Curse on the Dreaming
City. One of the entries in the Unveiling lore book
seems to explain the creation story of the Vex, which is really cool. So stick around to hear more. If you are looking for other kind of gaming
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this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
Just to make sure everyone is on the same page let me give you a summary of the first
6 entries in the unveiling lore book. The entries are written from the perspective
of the Darkness with the intention to convince us that the Darkness is necessary, the Darkness
is not evil, the Light is not good, it is all required for balance. The Light is referred to as the Gardener,
and the Darkness is referred to as the Winnower. They are these cosmic forces that exist in
balance before time itself, before anything exits. The Light creates and the Darkness destroys
therefore maintaining balance. The Light and the Darkness initially followed
a set of rules to maintain this balance, these set of rules was known as the Flower Game. Following the rules of the game formed a pattern,
the pattern of life. The Gardener, i.e. the light, becomes fed
up with the game and the pattern, because the pattern demands what must live must also
die. Have a listen to the lore entry, the Final
Shape, it reads, “It always ends the same,” the gardener complained. “This one stupid pattern!” The gardener got up and brushed their knees. “Every game we play, this one pattern consumes
all the others. Wipes out every interesting development. A stupid, boring exploit that cuts off entire
possibility spaces from ever arising. There’s so much that we’ll never get to see
because of this… pest.” SO, the Light no longer wants to follow the
rules, and so begins to try and change the game, change the pattern of life, during this
moment, the Light and Dark become active participants in the game, they are no longer maintaining
balance, but rather trying to out-do each other. The more the Light tries to create, the more
the Darkness needs to destroy. Have a listen to the First Knife lore entry,
where the Darkness discovers the first knife, which is symbolic of having to cut away the
excess that the Light continues to make, it reads,
“No,” the gardener said, “I am the growth and preservation of complexity. I will make myself into a law in the game.” And thus we two became parts of the game,
and the laws of the game became nomic and open to change by our influence. And I had only one purpose and one principle
in the game. And I could do nothing but continue to enact
that purpose, because it was all that I was and ever would be. I looked at the gardener. I looked at my hands. I discovered the first knife. SO, in the past, I speculated that the role
of the Vex was to try and restore and maintain the pattern of life, they are not good, bad,
evil or otherwise, their job is to restore the balance, restore the pattern, which is
why Osiris says that the only thing that matters to the Vex is the Pattern. For the most part this was speculation, however,
now we have the rest of the Unveiled lore book. The next entry, T=0 describes the Garden
and the Winnower battling, thrashing, wrestling, within the Garden, and this chaos seemed to
create the universe, multiple universes, and also seemed to push life into those universes. It is pretty confusing, and I definitely could
be wrong, but have a listen. It reads, We wrestled in the garden, in the loam of
possibility where nothing existed and everything might. A shadowed agony among the flowers. We trampled the petals beneath our feet. We stomped the fruit to pulp, and we ground
the seeds into the dust. …
Our trampling feet made waves in the garden, which were the fluctuations around which the
infant universes coalesced their first structures. The dilaton field yawned beneath existence. Symmetries snapped like glass. Like creases, flaws in space-time collected
filaments of dark matter that inhaled and kindled the first galaxies of suns. …
And still we grappled. Our rolling bodies pushed things out of the
garden—worms and scurrying life from the fertile soil, wet things from the pools and
the leaves. They came out into the madness of primordial
space; they thrashed and became large. But by then, it didn’t matter. The game was over. The garden had given birth to creation, the
rules were in place, and there would never be a second chance. We played in the cosmos now. We played for everything. And the patterns in the flowers, terrified
by our contention, were no longer the inevitable victors of a game whose rules had suddenly
changed, and they passed into the newborn cosmos to escape us. It is a bit confusing, but in my mind, I imagine
these cosmic forces, battling and fighting, and the chaos caused by their fighting is
pushing life out of their Garden, pushing it out of the garden an into a newly born
universe. This is reinforced by the very next entry
which is called, Cambrian Explosion, in real life, the Cambrian Explosion is an event that
occurred 541 million years ago and this event refers to the sudden appearance in the fossil
record of complex animals with mineralized skeletal remains. The Darkness claims it created this complex
life, because for there to be complex life, organisms needed to evolve through becoming
a predator, through destroying another organism. Have a listen to the lore entry, the Cambrian
Explosion, it reads, In the beginning, your world was a garden
too. The whole floor of the world-sea was a mat
of bacteria, and the very first animals, adorable blobs of ooze, grazed upon that mat in endless
idyll. They had no concept of the existence of other
beings. Why would they? Their most complex function was a kind of
gentle spasm, to scoot forward while they grazed. And if they bumped into each other on that
warm seabed, all they did was ooze onward, untroubled. There was nothing to their life except the
uptake of carbon compounds from the bacterial bed. And then—one day—the fall occurred. So much earlier and so much more necessary
than your myths remember. Some poor mutant discovered that it could
collect carbon compounds much faster if it stopped grazing on the bacterial mat and started
dissecting and eating the lumps of predigested carbon all around it: its neighbor oozeballs. It couldn’t help but do it. It couldn’t help but thrive. We don’t get a choice about the rules. We just play the game. It was the first defector—the first predator. It changed everything. Now the oozeballs needed sensors to watch
for danger, and brains to integrate those senses and generate plans of survival, and
swift neurons and muscles to enact that plan. This was the Cambrian Explosion, the great
birth of complex life on your world. I caused it. I, the defector, the destroyer, the one who
takes. Now, you might be wondering, well, how does
all of this relate to the creation of the Vex, the origin of the Vex? Well, when the Light and the Dark battled
in the Garden and pushed out life into the universe, I believe a primitive form of the
Vex, a precursor to the vex was also sent into the universe. The pattern itself was pushed into the universe,
into creation, where it would evolve into the Vex. Have a listen to the lore entry Patternfall,
it reads, The patterns that escaped the garden landed
in the water. Of course, there was no water at first. The patterns were abstract waves tumbling
through the fire of the early universe, trapped in chaos, cycling through desperate self-preservation
tautologies, while vast beings from beyond the narrow dominion of cause and effect thrashed
and battled around them. For an eon, they were nothing but screaming
equation-vermin scurrying through the quantum foam, fleeing ultimate erasure. But they were tenacious. They propagated in the saline meltwater of
comets orbiting the first stars. That broth of chemicals became their substrate,
and they learned to catalyze impossible chemistry with quantum tricks. Then, they rained from the sky into the steaming
seas of fallow worlds, and there they build their first housing from geometry and silica. In all their transformations, they retained
that kernel of ultimate self-sufficiency that had made them victors in the flower game. But they are not incontrovertibly destined
to rule this cosmos. They were made before Light and Darkness,
but the rules are different now, and even this pattern must adapt. They are not all mine, not in the way that
admirers such as my man Oryx are mine: utterly devoted to the practice of my principle. But some of them have, nonetheless, found
their way home. So, cool, even though this entry does not
confirm these beings as the vex, there are plenty of hints. For example, we know that the Vex are actually
the fluid inside the robotic bodies, and the entry talks about how they propagated in the
saline meltwater of comets, and then how they build they housing from geometry and silica,
not to mention, that they came from the pattern itself, the original pattern in the Garden
that was meant to maintain balance. I believe when the Darkness says, some have
found their way home, the Darkness is talking about the Vex in the bLack garden. This lore entry for me, confirms the origins
of the Vex, their creation story, and not only that but confirms my previously speculation,
the main goal of the Vex is to re-establish the pattern and maintain balance in the universe. And with that, that concludes this latest
Destiny 2 lore episode. If you would like to support this channel
but cannot think of a comment, you can leave the comment, Patternfall, which is the lore
entry that describes the evolution of the Vex after they are expelled from the Garden. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games, peace.

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  1. If you tuned in during the premiere, please let me know if you enjoyed it. I am testing out the premiere feature. I was in the premiere live chat for about an hour on this video just chatting to people.

  2. Darkness after having some cocaine, the white powder coating his nose said to the confused king "Oryx man! Have you ever thought about this reality just being some game to other worldly beings?" Oryx have a confused and shocked Expression on his face as Is If just told a big revelation "wow..thats like fucking deep man!" The darkness fixing its bloodshot eyes onto the white brick once more "I know man I man.."

  3. what if the garden is mercury itself and the battle or the "wrestling" between the darkness and light occurs there. when our doppleganger shows up and tells us he's our salvation maybe we die, hence the grave from the corridors of time and then the darkness revives us or something.

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  5. So the vex are the pattern that caused the gardener to change the rules. The pattern that ends up dominating through a "boring trick"
    Which could be time travel or their perfect simulation.
    Their final state of the universe is the grey goo scenario. the universal paperclip multiplier. They make the whole universe them.

    So the darkness wants us dead, the light may not be our friend, and the ones in the middle that want balance also want us dead. It doesn't look good does it.

  6. Well gee, the Winnower isn’t evil at all, it the grand scheme of things. Yet to us, since it wants to ‘equalize’ us, it is evil. All about perspective.

  7. So the Vex simply Became. They attempt to restructure things to follow the Pattern but they were from before Light and Darkness. So that means, like every other enemy race in Destiny, they have their own interpretation of How Things Should Be. Hm. So they're not really following the Darkness nor the Light. Interesting.

  8. I think the light is evil, because of this disruption in order, many collapses have occured. The light is shown in these recent lore tabs to be selfish and childish in someways. Maybe the darkness wants me to think this way about the light, but reflecting on the entirety of destiny and destiny 2, what exactly have the darkness (not talking about the hive) done wrong exluding the effects the lights selfishness? Nothing I think. Vex wants to restore order, the cabal and eliskni arent of the darkness, the hive are worshipers but not the darkness itself. I think destiny is going in an interesting direction but these lore need to be shown in the smaller seasons they are selling, and thena cullimination of everything in a big DLC each year.

  9. From what you reviewed I’m not following how the vex’s pattern results in balance. In the flower game they learned the pattern that would always ensure their lone survival in the end. It’s what drove the gardener to become frustrated with the game; the lack of other possibilities blooming because the pattern consumed all. While I agree that the vex are neither good or evil, this lore does not suggest that they seek balance. The seek to win at existence and become immune to erasure.

  10. Wet things. The veil? The creatures that smell like wet earth maybe? Worms that grew large, worm gods? Scurrying things ,ahamkara maybe? Long shot but maybe

  11. When you realize that this ultimately means that the vex, as an entity, is the physical form of one of the primordial beings that brought creation, and having won the game as the inevitable outcome makes them the strongest technically speaking, and yet they're just an enemy we've been casually popping while sweating minions of the darkness like oryx etc lul

  12. I’ll keep in mind that this is a game and we are taking about lore: Does the lore mention anything in regards to the quantum screen? I believe that the pressures from the light “grinding” against the darkness created and continues to create objects, patterns, anomalies, etc. I believe that we are similar in the sense that we ourselves are meat machines. Our consciousness is no more than a fluid pattern of “forgetfulness” in which we are driven only to things we desire and to that extent expend resources for that purpose and any other larger purposes beyond that. Complex life =complex desires. We systematically knock out our goals and use them as a sort of perpetual fuel. Common goals are therefore “important” to the totality of the larger system of “life” which simply is all that is known and unknown and has probability that can be assigned to it. We are the eventuality of improbability, are we not?

  13. I remember hearing a theory from someone where they proposed that the Vex were actually an evolution of the S'pht from Marathon.

  14. Great Job Sir! I loved this Lore book so much….. While you do have to remember the darkness is the narrator and some things may be said to manipulate the narrative, it's still good to see the curtain pulled back a bit

  15. The vex are neutral…so let’s say the darkness starts to take over the light and it becomes more imbalanced does this mean the vex could possibly join the guardians to bring the balance back?

  16. I always knew the Vex were the big bad since Destiny 1. The only thing that can really stop the Vex is the power to take. There are so few guardians that the light doesn't matter to them at all and whoever had the power to take can take entire worlds at a time. Even then, the garden Vex dont need to be taken as they already worship the darkness.

    What we need is to find out what Calus knows and maybe we can find out how the Vex fare.

  17. nice to see that this channel is still around, been a while since I checked out 'fundament origin story' that snowy holiday season three years ago! <3 fond memories. don't play destiny that much anymore but your voice has always been a lulaby

  18. If you play the flower game: you must imagine that the gardener is the one is who places the beginning organization of flowers. Then at the end, when either the board has cleared or everything has evolved into the stagnant "pattern", the winnower cleans up those that remain. But the winnower is not THE pattern, it is just one who upholds it. From the way the vex are described, they are literally the Physical amalgamation of THE pattern. Which to me makes more sense when it explains their agenda. Just as the gardener pushes down his seeds i.e. the guardians, light, etc…the winnower waits for his time to come clean up. But the Vex are not waiting to clean up the pattern like the darkness is, they're the ones making it. They try to assimilate everything, just the same way that in the flower game, eventually every random starting organization gets assimilated into the pattern. They don't care about what they lose, they dont care about what they win, they're just doing whatever is necessary to play out the pattern. Because before in the flower game the pattern always prevailed but in the real world who knows for them. Only time (Literally) will tell them how its done. I believe that is why all the vex are not aligned with the darkness is because they arent completely on the same side, they're actually different factors of the game.

  19. We might not realising this now, ( or maybe we do) but this lore is VERY important. Just as much as all the events we play. Similar to crota oryx red war. This finally tells us what vex really are and how they were made. Something we didn’t know for sure and wondered since the days of vault of glass.

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