The Best Thing In WWE Right Now..? | WWE Smackdown Live, June 6, 2017 Review

The Best Thing In WWE Right Now..? | WWE Smackdown Live, June 6, 2017 Review

Lana-Lina debuts and immediately gets a title
match at Money in the Bank, Shinsuke Nakamura takes on Kevin Owens and is Smackdown’s
tag division the best thing in WWE right now? I’m Oli Davis, and this is the 6th June
2017 edition of Smackdown Live…in about 4 minutes. Lana-lina Debuts
Shane McMahon opened the show introducing all five women in the ladies’ Money in the
Bank match, and then unveiled the prize at the top of the ladder: a white briefcase with
gold trimmings. Considering WWE’s patchy sexist past, I’m
glad it wasn’t a handbag. After Naomi spoke about how ‘lit’ this
match is going to be – whatever that means – Lana-lina debuted her new gimmick for the
first time since moving to Smackdown. Her sexualised dancer character jarred with
the merit-based wrestlers around her, acting as a throwback to the Diva era, but at least
WWE are playing on the juxtaposition – with the others laughing at Lana-lina as she put
herself forward for Money in the Bank. It’s a shame she’s still using the Russian
accent, though. Tamina, Natalya & Carmella beat Charlotte,
Naomi & Becky Lynch This led into a Backlash rematch between Royal
Fire Glow and The Welcoming Committee, to finally decide which team has the worse name. The heels came out on top when Lana-lina interfered,
pulling Naomi off the apron. Shane later made Naomi vs Lana-lina for the
Women’s title at Money in the Bank, because…land of opportunity? AJ Styles beat Dolph Ziggler
Now with the ‘Not Hometown’ advantage, AJ Styles beat Dolph Ziggler in a very good
five minute match after losing in Georgia last week. Fashion Files: Dumb On Arrival
Breezeango are wisely playing with their Fashion Files concept to prevent it becoming stale
– first transitioning from a Law + Order parody to film noir, and now including other Smackdown
wrestlers in the skits. At first, New Day were filmed in colour, but
upon entering Breezeango’s office everything went black and white – as Big E excellently
pointed out. The New Day have a new case – they want the
lowdown on their Money in the Bank opponents, The Usos. The segment ended with the best gag of the
skits so far, Breezeango giving their final thoughts through inner monologue, while the
New Day stood completely confused. New Day beat The Colons
The New Day then made their Smackdown Live in-ring debut by beating The Colons Cologne. The Cologne Colons? The Colons’ Colon… Whatever that is, The Usos cut yet another
superb promo afterwards. Jinder Mahal beat Mojo Rawley
Mojo Rawley has lost his hype, walking around backstage glumly pointing out that nothing’s
happened for him since winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Jinder Mahal, on the other hand – the guy
he beat in that match – now gets epic celebrations wherever he goes and is WWE Champion. Shane put them both in a match where if Mojo
won, he’d be added to the men’s Money in the Bank match. Despite wearing almost blinding lime green
trunks, Jinder beat him in five minutes after raking Mojo’s eyes. Shinsuke Nakamura beat Kevin Owens
Why Sami Zayn continues to do backstage interview is beyond me, as Baron Corbin attacks him
from behind literally every time. As a result, The Lone Wolf replaced Sami on
commentary for the main event, which meant Phillips, JBL and Saxton just spoke to Corbin
for the entire match rather than calling the action in the ring. Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura was rather
underwhelming considering the talents of both men, and despite beating KO for the third
time in as many weeks, Nakamura is already starting to feel like just another guy. At least he isn’t being subject to 50/50
booking, though. Corbin took out Shinsuke after the match. So that was this week’s Smackdown Live in
about 4 minutes, here’s the usual ratings recap from top to bottom: SmackDamn, Smacktastic,
Smack Bang In The Middle, Ellsworthy and Raw. I’ll reveal my score very shortly, but first,
vote in the poll above my head to give it your own rating. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. The tag team division continues not just to
be the best thing on Smackdown, but arguably on WWE’s two main brands. The Usos and Breezeango are doing the best
work of the careers, while New Day are a solid act for them to play off. It’s a testament to the division’s new
found depth that American Alpha can just be left on the sidelines. I’m curious to see how Lana-lina’s character
is handled in the Women’s Revolution, and the AJ/Ziggler match was great, but very little
stood out in the rest of the show. This week’s Smackdown is Smack Bang in the
Middle. Two ex-TNA stars have reportedly signed with
WWE! And Raw just teased another classic TNA feud
– Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle. Click the videos to the left to watch my Raw
review, press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “The Best Thing In WWE Right Now..? | WWE Smackdown Live, June 6, 2017 Review

  1. I was there live and can attest that the crowd didn't give a rat's ass about Jinder. And we were all pissed that all Luke Harper got in his home town was a dark match.

  2. It's like Naomi is a causal fan. Her promos are appalling, she devalues the belt by saying she wants to be in the 'lit' match that her supposed competitors are also in because it'll be super fun yo. Her style is weak and non-impactful- it's makes her opponents look terrible. She acknowledged the you deserve it chants- which way to break kay-fabe (of course you deserve it in kayfabe terms you have won the belts thats all the 'deserve it' she needs. I just cringe when she speaks or wrestles- also wtf is her gimmick? she dances and makes wrestling feel like a joke while shouting 'feel the glow'. She is simply horrible.

  3. Shame she's using the Russian accent? I think not, it's hawt plus she can work with Rusev again in the future

  4. "Lana debuts her new gimmick" ? That was a new gimmick ? NO WAY !! Same old fake Russian heel character ! Same old fake Russian accent ! Same old annoying heel attitude !

  5. best wrestling news channel of all time as oli usually rate wrestling on a wrestling fanboy mindset not as a journalist
    I'm fed up of alvarez and meltzer just bashing everything about wwe even if wwe does something good

  6. i was really liking the show, but the super long commercial break during the nakamura-owens match, which they cut to just as it was gaining momentum, and then the distracting dialog from the "commentators" during the match, complete with frequent and unnecessary camera cuts to corbin et all, pissed me off so bad. i was tired af and stuck around literally just to watch nakamura fight, and they ruined it.
    but the breezango-new day skit was pretty awesome.

  7. I would give this week in wwe a solid B for its awful work on Bayley, its sub-par work on Sasha, Noam Dar, and Rick Swann, and its SUPERB work on everything else!👍

  8. And I thought I was the only one thinking that Sami Zayn shouldn"t be doing anymore promos… BC is always beating him up during his promos!!!! I hope they continue to do this, but only to "troll" us now. Kudos to Oli Davis for pointing that out. Great job sir!

  9. in all fairness, shane initially told lana she had to earn a title shot. it was only when naomi demanded the match (after being attacked by lana) that shane made the match

    fingers crossed they don't put the belt on lana – one women's champ who can't wrestle is quite enough

  10. I think rusev is going to get added in mitb match and he will be winning to face jinder Mahal as a babyface .

  11. i actually dont like smackdown tag team division.
    Usos dont look or act like dangerous guys, thugs and etc, just loud-mouthed wannabees.
    Breezango are dumb, their humor is terrible, but we dont come to wwe for humor, so breezango dont have any pros to them.
    The new day is decent, but still, there are no strong teams, in which all members are at least B-class maineventers. Remember Benoit and Angle, Edge and Orton, hhh and michales, the rock and mandkind

  12. Lana does nothing and gets a title match, Mojo Rawley wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and doesn't get anything… ok.

  13. Usos doing the best they ever did? Uh, they look homeless, and their promos have gotten worse. right now, the tag team division is a comedy act. And that's Raw and SD. Both shows seem like there's no clear direction to anything right now. Smackdown was ok, Raw was close to watchable. Kinda tired of seeing boring ass samoa joke, and pimple mahal.

  14. I think it because Sami Zain most be feeling weak fasting due to Ramadian WWE is" ok only if we have you in a match when it is dark in the location we are at and you eaten something if not we have a angle that you get beaten up or something" like he did by Bearion Corbin that why he been doing behind the scenes interviews. So I'm thinking house shows he close to the end or nain event and Money In The Banck he is in the main event if mot dark maybe a nurtion protin drink his his way to bebon the ring with out passing out from hunger.

  15. Anyone notice that Baron Corbin is a face when on commentary then suddenly turns into a douche when he's in the ring?

  16. How do so many people think it's Smacktastic? I'm confused about the ratings lately. I feel as though the shows some times get a higher rating than deserved because the entire show wasn't a pile of shit. But when you compare to pretty much any other wrestling brand you see how bad WWE really is. NXT has been getting better again but even that isn't quite as entertaining as ROH, LU or NJPW. Every week those promotions put on great matches and entertaining segments. If you're lucky you'll get one good match and one good promo across 5 hours of wrestling. Then the ppvs have been even more awful and too many of them.

    I'm a long time wwe fan but I'm also not the kind of person that will continue to buy into their force fed garbage. I cancelled my wwe network yesterday and signed up with NJ World. Even with majority of promos not being English they're still more compelling and much better matches.

    The only wwe exposure I'll have now is WTTV because it's the only way I can digest WWEs bullshit.

  17. im all for lana finally debuting but if they have her win against naomi then that would be stupid. She is okay so far but her russian accent is slowly going away as we can all see also adding its way to early

  18. Dang Oli Going raw on RAW. Also is the women's money in the bank match going to be more extreme than extreme rules?

  19. my rating > Smacktastic it should be interesting to see what happens between Lana and Naomi at MITB and I'm interested to see how the women fair in a MITB ladder match

  20. "Lana-Lina"? So Lana is using the gimmick that was meant for Emma? What's going on at WWE?! Well, maybe the Smackdown crew can make it work…I hope.

  21. best part was when he beat up zayn, naomis ass, and lana… oh and it was kinda funny when kofi was humpin the ropes when usos came out..

  22. I'm pretty sure they only gave Lana the title match because of the reaction she got. They probably expected apathy and would've left her with a 'bad' wrestler gimmick. Glad for her!

  23. 18 fuckin minutes, that's how long the woman talked ( horribly I may add) then after a commercial they had a horribly sub par match.
    ya wonder why ratings are down???! How about wasting 1/4 of Smackdown on Nothing!! seriously enough with the women's revolution. in all honesty, If you really need to have that match it should be Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch. Can you honestly see Natalya, Carmella or that other troll taking a bump off the top of the ladder? If the women's revolution is so great thanks give them their own show and let's see how it does in ratings.

  24. can lana even wrestle also now that she has a title shot will natalya and others attack her like they did charlotte

  25. For some reason when Shane denied Lana the MITB match, i thought they were setting up an actual reason for Rusev to come out and get mad at Shane…

  26. PLEASE TURN DOWN THE START OF EACH VIDEO, i can't even watch unless i mute or it blows my ears off and wakes my wife, yes,wrestling fans can have women(unless this wakes her up and i'm found out)

  27. Everyone says that raw doesn't give opportunities but Samoa joe on raw has been built like a mega star and nakamura feels like just another guy

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