Ted Cruz predicts impeachment will end with acquittal, not dismissal in Senate

Ted Cruz predicts impeachment will end with acquittal, not dismissal in Senate

100 thoughts on “Ted Cruz predicts impeachment will end with acquittal, not dismissal in Senate

  1. I want to hear from witnesses, including Joe and Hunter Biden, Schiffty Schiff, and the Whistleblower. There's nothing on television after the Super Bowl, so the impeachment trial will be great entertainment. I want to see the crazed democrats' case fall apart in front of the nation.

  2. Why legitimize it with a trial? This whole sham needs to be dismissed immediately. Stop wasting tax payer's time and money and get to f&%$ing work Dems!

  3. It will also result in the complete and total downfall of JOE BIDEN. This fake impeachment shined light on the very real and very corrupt behavior of Biden and his son. Democrats are throwing Biden under the bus because they hate the POTUS so much and just wanted to say he'd been "impeached". Short-sighted LOSER of a strategy. I used to respect the Democrats. Now they just look like the Party of FOOLS.

  4. I’ve thought this for a while but this host (don’t know his name) is a bit of an idiot. Ted Cruz clearly answered the dismissal question from the beginning, the host just wasn’t even listening. I’ve noticed this in multiple interviews from him.

  5. Rump was given every chance to defend himself and to provide witnesses. They did provide evidence of both bribery and treason . Cruz needs to recuse himself . He has admitted here that he is not a judge who is able to make an intelligent impartial judgement. Cruz also is not very bright he doesn't know how a trial actually is run

  6. This impeachment will cost maybe 50 million dollars or more, meanwhile us citizens living on foodstamps in ⛺️ in the middle of the city.

  7. Just imagine how much better the country would be, had the DNC put in the same effort trying to bring down Trump, in working with him instead? Hopefully that will be the question most Americans will ask heading into the voting booth.

  8. Senators running for president can partake in this sham claiming the president investigated an opponent is impeachable.

  9. Everything is tied to Ukraine. This trial is going to have dozens of witnesses! Clinton, Obama and Brennan, the untouchables! The Senate isn't putting Trump on trial. It's the Deep State that's in the hot seat! Hide and watch. Greatest Show on Earth! It's true.

  10. is anyone else bothered by the fact that mitch McConnell has basically said the impeachment trial will be rigged in trump's favor? No? just me and the other sane people? alright…

  11. This would be a good time to install Pence as president. All you have to do is have the Senate remove him, get it done FOX😊.

  12. Im very certain Pelosi is just not submitting it is because she rather have the case go out the window with not bringing it to the table cause its less embrassing than losing.

  13. Why are we giving this SHAM any credence? This should be dismissed for what it is; a waste of tax payer money on a scam!

  14. Ted cruz how does it feel to be one of the world's biggest brown noses? You are also a weak sap of a human being, to have Trump demean you in epic proportions with lies about your father and your wife and you then you turn around and kiss up to him so dutifully ! Maybe they were not lies he told !

  15. The house did not give Trump his due process so what ever the house should be thrown out for not allowing due process why are we redoing this crap it need to be thrown law. Wasting our money.

  16. Think of how much money Trump has charged the American people for him staying at his hotels. They upgraded security and you know he is billing the USA for everything. He is a thief that should be in prison and also take every penny he made off the american people! I am not a dem not a crooked republican. He wants to be like Putin! He want to be president for life!

  17. Lying Ted Cruz, you are gutless coward and 2 faced. Before when trump was running, you were so against Trump. Now your just another kiss a*s

  18. It better be or they will have A LOT of explaining to do to 63+ million VERY PISSED OFF Americans looking for justice. We can understand corrupt democrats doing it, but if Romney and those democrats sitting in republican seats win out, it will be thought of as end of a sovereign country and it's laws will no longer be respected. That and Im not responsible for 63+ million Americans actions.

  19. Seems the impeachment trial case wasn’t done lawfully… as Schiff lied on things before Trump became our President to now. Also the trial just wasn’t honestly done with the republicans being able to have their witnesses and also to ask their questions also. The secret meetings were done without any republicans being involved at all. It’s typically seems bias on the dem representatives just not liking President Trump at all.
    Also Pelosi has no ruling on how the senate does things. As it is to me, Pelosi and her squad should be thrown out of congress now. Also the AOC squad too. Also never have an impeachment trial like this to ever happen to any other presidents ever again.

  20. From his over exaggerating his practiced facial expressions ,his serious face his thoughtful face ,to his non understanding of even his own questions ,does anyone else think Bill Hemmer is as dumb as a bag full of rocks .


  22. No matter what happens, Democrats will cry foul unless Trump is found guilty. Everything is rigged, corrupt, and a cover up unless they win.

  23. i dont trust the cheif justice. if he appoints a deep stater to reform the FISA program, so what chance do we stand that he will be fair.

  24. Spineless Republicans in the Senate and the RINOS' caved once again. The President didn't have a fair trial in the House of Demon Rats. SHAMPEACHMENT. Why in the hell are they calling for more witnesses in the Senate trial? The trial should be dismissed as per the President. If the Senate is going to call witnesses they should call, LYING LEAKER SCHIFF, the BIDENS, the SO CALL WHISTLE-BLOWER, IG ATKINSON, SOROS and HIS PHONY ORGANIZATION, OBAMA , MR. GIULIANI and the PRESIDENT of UKRAINE.

  25. It's the Elite attacking our President. Not the people. The Elite are Satanist, they control the world, the music industry, Hollywood, the Democrats.

  26. Yep good! Treat it seriously, fully in accordance with law, protocol & the Constitution… bc that follows it all the way through, makes Dems have to step up & be fully treated. And it's far stronger & more accurate, to acquit President Trump than to dismiss.


  27. The journalist doesn't know the difference between ACQUITTAL and DISMISSAL.
    Ten-penny education. Can you read this cue card? Yeah? Job's yours.

  28. Ted Cruze please stop talking your not credible!
    You don't need to break a criminal law to be impeached ref. Clinton. Trump committed a worse crime than getting a blow job.

  29. Ted Cruz has no self-worth.. he is defending a man that called him a liar, insulted his wife and claimed his dad killed Kennedy.. classic part is Texas voted his sorry arse..

  30. This American President has never been cited for being
    sagacious, more often than not, a copycat, that did not stop others from
    following his lead by appearing blond hair dyed as a means of self-promotion.
    On a recent eposode of The 11th Hour with Brian Williams on MSNBC,
    the first line up of panelist, Peter Baker, Jill Colvin, and Philp Rucker,
    whose ages ranged from a low of thirty-five to a high of sixty-years, to reach
    that height I had to include Mr. Williams himself, all have shown a preference
    for self-promotion by appearing hair dyed, thinking it was the hair dye that
    got this President elected in the first place and not by being clever. The
    Democratic presidential candidates will be meeting in debate for the first time
    in 2020, and as expected they will be savaging each other on issues for the
    win, so, who will be taking notes for later use, you guessed it, this American
    President, in the role he was born to play, copycat…

  31. If the Senate will not call witnesses that refused to honor Congressional subpoenas, the American people will take notice since a big issue was a lack of first hand accounts. If emails are suppressed, the American people will take notice since they should only exonerate an innocent president. If the Senate votes to dismiss before there is witness testimony, the GOP will have to work hard to explain why testimony and emails were such a threat as to be suppressed during trial.

  32. Iying ted, he knows trump will be acquitted just like Clinton, but will still be an impeached president. changing the word does not change what is already done.

  33. Pelosi admitted to plotting this fraudulent impeachment for 22 months. Democratic Party has become! A party of haters! They wish for a stock market collapse, recession, chronic unemployment, higher taxes, open borders, reparations for illegal aliens. Democrats are at an all-time low in history. So very dangerous to our independence .

  34. So Cruz, you and your partisan buddies are going to vote "not guilty" (your words). What precisely is Trump not guilty of? Withholding arms from Ukraine? Imploring his henchmen to avoid appearing when summoned by Congress? Sorry Cruz, your credibility quotient is absolute zero.

  35. I think the president should be able to turn the tables and claim unfair prosecution. Send those ridiculous, mal-intented "lawmakers" to jail.

  36. No dismissal, only acquittal! Dismissal means charges can be brought again on same charges. Acquittal means no retrial for same charges (Double Jeopardy)…

  37. How can Senate even accept this impeachment as legite when president wasnt allowed due process in the house? Not one from the other side was allowed to speak – it was a china gov run operation. _hit show!! One sided – this is 100% against our constitution. Yes we have a system of checks and balances. Thank God, but the house did everything illegally !! So your gonna run a trial on WHAT ,democratic opinions and butt hurt feelings??? one sided Mind you??

  38. I don’t like dismissal, I want to see those in the house sit in and testify and be humiliated beyond belief exposing the Democrat for what thy are. If we are to believe what the media says we have a bunch of people who have commit perjury and other criminal acts that need to be held accountable.

  39. Acquittal or dismissal. Both are favorable to the president. For dismissal, there is no case, fast and less time spent to this charade. Acquittal, there is a case but it was not proven by the
    Pelosi team. The public has the chance to see the fake whistleblower and fake witnesses and less spent for campaigning by the democrats.

  40. How about calling up the so called whistleblower,Hunter Biden,creepy Joe and pencil neck Adam Schiff.Lets see what they have to say?

  41. Lying ted it’s not for the party but for the country! You are are ball-less! Trump alluded your father killed jfk, now you agree it’s true! Blod!

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