Suits 7×11 Teaser Promo (HD)

Suits 7×11 Teaser Promo (HD)

Suits Season 7 returns
this Winter on USA Network.

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  1. Are we all forgetting that they have already slept together when they worked together in the DAs office. You'd think they had never gone there before.

  2. OOOOMMMMGGGGGG!!!! AYEEEEEE!!! About damn timeeeeee!!!! Real Suits fan been waiting for this for yearssssss!! So far this show has mix emotions. So did Harvey cheat on his therapist gf? Does he leave her for Donna. Did Donna gonna regret doing so ? What's next for mike and Rachel ? There relationship been dry this season. What is Louis up too ?? And Alex honestly idk why he in this show. They need Jessica back. Plus I don't like how the end each there cases too quick. Last 4 seasons it took the whole season to beat a case. This season it's like every case is done after 2 episode. But anyways can't wait for winter. That's when suits always gets juicy. In second half. Until then my fellow suits !!!

  3. Its happening but for now Donna is not Harvey's secretary so they loved each other and its very romantic to see them together

  4. Interesting interview with Suits creator Aaron Korsh:

  5. I'm going to take an unpopular opinion and say that I do not agree with this writing. Harvey and Paula have been in a serious relationship for quite some time now, and regardless of Donna's history with Harvey, she is breaking up someone else's relationship by telling him. There are times when its better to walk away. We can't always be selfish with the people we love. I really ship Harvey and Donna though but this just sounds like a way for the writers to create more drama. There were so many moments before where Donna could have told him.

  6. the kiss was really underwelming too short too akward , very disappointed one of the most disappointing kiss on tv and im all for darvey to happen but damn they just got it so wrong

  7. I love Donna and Harvey as separate characters as well as close friends but I just don't want to see them together as a couple. I really like Harvey with Paula and I hope that he'll choose her and not create more drama by wanting to be with Donna

  8. Okay, okay. I know that the room is overloaded with Darvey feelings but I have to know what is the name of the song in this trailer 😀

  9. Am I the only one who doesn't care about the love stories in this show? especially about Donna and Harvey? I just wanna watch Harvey and Mike kick some ass in court and see their bromance while working on cases. I seriously never wanted to see 'Darvey' as a couple but as just friends and co-workers..

  10. This series is going downhill. Season 7 started on a note that just doesn't make sense. We rooted for darvey because it genuinely seemed to be the natural flow of writing for these many seasons. Season 7 darvey kiss is nothing but a useless teaser again. Now they will play the 'infidelity' card for remaining six episodes to not show them coming together. Damn you Aaron. Instead of finding ways to not show them together why don't you continue with the flow of characters​ emotions which is genuine and does not stretch the series unnecessarily?

  11. Seven years, 102 episodes, thousands of minutes,it finally happened and now a summer break? Just why are you doing this to us? 🙁

  12. track name? does anybody know the music? what's the title of this song? (the teaser promo theme in this video, not the actual song in the show)

  13. Uhhhh you do know she could have found out that she actually doesn't have feelings for Harvey right ? And the rest of the episodes could be about her finally putting herself before him as she knows Harvey's feelings about infidelity and what this does to his relationship. Don't mean to burst any fangirl's bubbles just sayingg..

  14. Sorry but not too sure about Harvey and Donna. Can't wait to see Harvey really embrace being head of the firm! I miss seeing Mike and Rachel in lengthy scenes but love seeing them doing well in their careers. They've got a good thing going on, really. Can't wait for next episode!


  16. Been rewatching this last episode trying to look for a good sign that Harvey does want Donna, too. I don't like that Therapist gettin in between Harvey & Donna.

  17. That shot of Donna after the kiss, I don't think it's from 7×10… by that I mean what they put in the episode (ergo, a different shot of the same moment… possibly playback in 7×11??)

  18. Since the second season the show has descended to pure cuckery. Had to be more female friendly: more romance etc. And as we see in the comments, some women don't care for this either. I lasted five minutes into the latest offering: Harvey pining to settle down with a woman his own age instead of running around with bimbos, and Lewis heartbroken because he missed out on the privelige of RAISING ANOTHER MAN'S CHILD. All seems like a fantasy for middle aged women and single mothers. Bye Suits! It's been fun.

  19. cant idiots Americans just stay friends damn it for once not everybody have to sleep with every body ..I hate this ..they became like brother and sister then this
    not to mention thats whole season 7 was a crap

  20. “it finally happened” LMAOOOOO MUCH LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ DARVEYYYYYY

  21. Whatever that kiss meant, Donna knew how Harvey feels about infidelity. I was surprised that she'd kiss him despite how Harvey's in a committed relationship and despises cheating. I'm glad he didn't kiss her back and stuck by his moral code. Harvey character's core lies on loyalty and being faithful. Damaging that would damage his entire character, in my opinon.

  22. How the heck is this a promo if it only repeats scenes that we have already seen in 7×10? Can't wait for 7×11 to finally air!

  23. I have been watching suits since it started. Something about the show I like especially the music on the show. Also the acting of the main performers. The extras not as much. But if Rachel does not invite President trump to her wedding. I will never watch the show again. I usually buy the episodes because I hate watching the commercials.

  24. I will hate it, if Donna becomes a reason for Harvey's break up with Paula.. Slut din't give a damn when he was single for years and now that he is committed in a serious relationship she suddenly hops in and tries to steal Harvey..

  25. In Season 8, new partners and Donna's psychiatrist appeared, like for three seasons to far, this people put in like flies! Linda Lavin or Lorraine Bracco for the role! DONNA FRIENDZONED'S QUEEN!

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