Strangest Superstar pinfalls: WWE Top 10, Feb. 5, 2018

Strangest Superstar pinfalls: WWE Top 10, Feb. 5, 2018

[MUSIC] It has been all Owens and Jericho,
all over Seth Rollins tonight. Now they’re going for a double superplex
for Seth Rollins, able to counter. Both men down, leg!>>Whoa.
>>Rollins got it! Rollins took them both. How the hell did he do that?>>Here’s your winner, Seth Rollins.>>Seth Rollins just pinned Jericho and
Owens to win this Triple Threat Match.>>Here we go. All you’ve got to do is coexist for
ten seconds, Double Chokeslam. A Double Chokeslam. The Undertaker and Kane,
that’s gotta be, they got it! Austin has lost the title,
Austin has lost the title. But who is the champion?>>Jericho trying to fight
out of Pedigree, but can he? No he can’t! The Pedigree, Jericho, there you see
him face first on the top of the cell. Has got the leg hook. The show is over, he locked on, it’s over!>>Wait a minute, Mr. Fuji coming close
to the talk of the official right there Between Mr. Fuji and The Dagger.>>[SOUND]
>>No! Did you hear that, did you see that?>>See what?>>Something has to happen. Come on.>>Look at this!>>His finger on Tatanka’s chest. I can’t believe it! What a way for a win streak to come to
an end, he beat him with one finger.>>But Braun Strowman thinks he
should be the universal champion and there’s the Running Power Slam.>>I don’t know too many people
that would disagree with Strowman.>>I thought we were gonna
have a new champion last week.>>Look at this, Pile of pancakes,
>>One, two, three!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Here’s your winner, Braun Strowman!>>Essa Rios is back in the fray.>>[SOUND] Whoa!>>But not for long!>>They’re still triple-teaming
The Rock in the ring, Albert, Saturn. And look at Engle, he’s definitely off!>>Engle in the ring with The Big Show.>>Look at this.
>>One, two->>Like Mexican art.>>Three!
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s amazing, that is amazing.>>Al Snow been involved in many
legendary battles in the Far East but perhaps not one as brutal as
this one against Bob Holly. And now Holly’s gonna
wrap him up in the fence. And here’s the cover now.>>One, two, three! Here’s your winner, right here.>>What?>>Ahh, get me outta here!>>On the hood of the car!>>One, two, three!>>Eddy Guerrero gets the win. System is.>>And then it gets worse.>>Don’t turn around. No!>>A Choke Slam! The cover.>>Look at this, look at this! They’re stacked up like corn wood.>>The referee’s gonna count it. And it’s over.>>[MUSIC]>>Mankind’s gonna run over Rock. That’s what he’s gonna do. Down, down, down!>>No! No, that’s gonna crush The Rock.>>Ahh!>>No, no don’t pin him, no, no. No!>>Mankind becomes a WWF champion
with the aid of a forklift. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Strangest Superstar pinfalls: WWE Top 10, Feb. 5, 2018

  1. 1:13 Poor yellow shirt kid trying to show the referee quite unaware that it's like that as per script. Innocent guy

  2. I came for the one when Jhon Cena accidently pinned triple h after being sweet chin music by Shawn Michael , sad not here😓.

  3. At 2:09 Chris Jericho was more like crushing himself to the metal door rather than being thrown by Big Show, LOL!

  4. ab pehle jese match dekhne ko ni milte he yrr…..pehle ki bat alag thi……wo players bhi gazab ke hote the or match bhi ………ab to players bhi jhatalli type ke ate he or match bhi jhatalli jesa hota he….ab dil bhi nahi krta he dekhne ka..

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