Stardust’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

Stardust’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

– Somewhere between his WWE debut and starting
All Elite Wrestling, Cody Rhodes put on some
face paint and a bodysuit and called himself Stardust. Why don’t we go back and look at how this character started and ended? Also, if you want a more complete look at Cody Rhodes’ career, check
out the Bell to Bell episode dedicated to him. So in 2013, Cody Rhodes and Goldust won the Tag Team Championship
and were doing pretty well. Once 2014 came around,
things began to go downhill. First, they lost the
titles at Royal Rumble and then they began a losing streak. Cody felt like he was the
weak link and at Payback 2014, he told Goldust to find a
better tag team partner. Over the next couple of
weeks, Cody would select different wrestlers for
Goldust to team with. The Bizarre One tried out a
handful of different partners but none of them worked out. After some trial and error, Cody said that he had found somebody who could match Goldust’s star power. On the June 16th, 2014, episode of Raw, we found out just who that someone was. Goldust was the first to enter and after stopping on the entranceway, we heard the theme song for the wrestler we would soon call Stardust. Covered from head to
toe in black and gold, Stardust and his brother
headed towards the ring to confront their opponents, Curtis Axel and Ryback, RybAxel. The two face-paint-wearing superstars were more aggressive during this match as they jumped their adversaries
as soon as the bell rang. Stardust kept the momentum going by hitting a double team move with Goldust and then planting Curtis Axel with a DDT. Ryback tried to help out his teammate but the golden duo got rid of
him in the blink of an eye. Stardust would continue to work on Axel, landing blows to the face and
hitting a top rope forearm. The match came to a finish when Stardust climbed to the second rope and flipped forward into a stunner. Three slaps on the mat and it was the dawn of a new beginning for
the sons of Dusty Rhodes. I thought this was a good
way to introduce Stardust by just having him give an
onslaught of moves for a minute. I also wanna say, I’m a fan
of the Stardust character. I can see why people don’t like him. Stardust is a bit out there
and he’s similar to Goldust in a lot of ways. I think the reason I like the character is that I do prefer more of
the fantasy side of wrestling than the sports side but that’s just me. Anyways, Stardust picked
up the win for his team and the Rhodes brothers
were back in the game. Gold and Stardust would
pick up a few more wins over RybAxel, solidifying their victory. Soon after, the team of
brothers would look to capture the Tag Team Championship. They got their opportunity
at Night of Champions in a match against the
title holders, the Usos. The Dust duo used some dirty
tactics during the match but they did succeed in their mission and ended the night with gold
wrapped around their waists. While they were able to retain
the titles in a rematch, Gold and Stardust lost
them in a Fatal 4-Way at Survivor Series. History began to repeat
itself when the Dust Brothers began to start losing matches
on a consistent basis. In early February of
2015, Stardust would vent his frustration to Goldust
after the team lost yet again. While trying to talk to
his tag partner backstage, Goldust would call him Cody
to which Stardust told him to never use that name. Tension would keep rising
until things finally snapped when Stardust attacked Goldust
after another tag team loss. Cody Rhodes had completely
transformed into Stardust when he said that the son
of Dusty Rhodes was dead. At Fastlane, Stardust went one on one with his former tag partner. Stardust would lose the
match after a roll-up as Goldust pleaded for his
younger sibling to come back. Shortly after that, Stardust
would beat Goldust backstage and he would attack his
older brother once more on the following episode of SmackDown. That’s where that storyline ended as Stardust would be
one of the participants in the Intercontinental
Championship Ladder Match at WrestleMania 31. Even though he brought his
own ladder to the fight, it wasn’t enough for him to win the title. The next big storyline for
Stardust was his rivalry with Stephen Amell. It started with Stardust
getting in Amell’s face on the May 25th, 2015, episode of Raw. Stardust would begin obsessing over Amell and, more specifically, Amell’s
character the Green Arrow. Things developed further on August 10th when Stardust shoved Stephen
Amell who was in the crowd. It turned out to be a poor decision as the star of “Arrow”
would jump the barricade and attack Stardust. This developed into a tag
team match at SummerSlam with Stardust teaming with King Barrett against Stephen Amell and someone else Stardust
was feuding with, Neville. Like many other
celebrity-involved matches, Amell’s side won. While the Interdimensional
Oddity was finished with the Green Arrow,
he still had his sights set on the Man Gravity Forgot. With the Ascension at his
side, the trio took on Neville and the Lucha Dragons
at Night of Champions. While they got the victory that night, the team would proceed to
lose every match thereafter until dissolving the team. Towards the end of 2015,
Stardust would have some run-ins with Titus O’Neil. They would wrestle several times with O’Neil always coming out on top. The last major event in Stardust’s, or Cody Rhodes’, WWE career was performing at WrestleMania 32 in another Intercontinental
Championship Ladder Match which he once again lost. After that, it wasn’t long before Stardust would have his last match in the company. On theMay 20th, 2016,
episode of WWE Superstars, the Prince of Dark Matter
would perform one final time. Stardust’s very last
WWE opponent was someone he had beaten multiple times
in the past, Zack Ryder. One thing that stood out to me
was at the start of the match the crowd started chanting “Cody”. – [Audience] Cody, Cody. – [Announcer] Uh oh! – [Audience] Cody, Cody, Cody. – Even though at this point WWE wasn’t doing much with Stardust, people were still invested,
at least somewhat. The former Tag Team Champion
didn’t take Ryder seriously when the match began which cost him as the Long Island Iced Z was
able to get the advantage. After being tossed around the ring and almost getting pinned, Stardust literally took off the gloves and gave Zack Ryder his full attention. Some stomps and punches slowed
the speed of the match down to a pace the silver-face-paint-wearing
wrestler preferred. This backfired on Stardust
as the leisure tempo gave the Internet Champion time to recover and gain control once again. A dropkick pushed Stardust out of the ring where he used his new surroundings to inflict some serious damage to Ryder. When they got back inside the ropes, Stardust remained in
control and began working on the now-injured left
shoulder of Zack Ryder. Even though he was more aggressive now, Stardust still took time to gloat. Moments like that proved
to be Stardust’s downfall. The brother of Goldust
got caught in the top rope during a series of punches. The Long Island Loudmouth
started picking up steam by connecting with move after move. The match almost came to a
close when Stardust got hit by the Broski Boot but he
still got the shoulder up. Stardust put an end to Ryder’s reign and when he wasn’t able to
hit the Queen’s Crossbow, he went for the Disaster Kick instead. Like the boot Ryder gave him, Stardust only got the two count. Knowing he would have to
attack with something bigger, Stardust grabbed Ryder and
headed for the top rope. Disaster struck when Ryder stunned the son of the American
Dream and followed up with a Hurricanarana
and closed out the match with a Rough Ryder. Three seconds later and
the WWE career of Stardust, as well as Cody Rhodes, would be finished. One day after this match aired, Rhodes announced via Twitter that he had requested
his release from WWE. One after that and his
request was granted. Cody has said that even though Stardust was a professional low for him, he’s still grateful for doing it as it’s helped him get
to where he is today. I would say the majority
of fans didn’t enjoy the Stardust character but
it does have its supporters. I’m one of them. It could have been improved
but I thought it was fun. Considering where Cody’s at and that he wasn’t a huge
fan of the character, I think we’re probably never
gonna see Stardust return. If you wanna see Cody Rhodes’
first and last matches before donning the face paint,
you can check it out here. I’m Zach from Tap Out Corner
and that was Bell to Bell.

100 thoughts on “Stardust’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

  1. I like stardust but I absolutely hate the font they chose for it, it just feels like it's ripped from some ubisoft game for some reason, I dunno just looks bad.

  2. Who here was Low-key hoping Cody would come out as Stardust for his and Dustin's Young Bucks tag match?

  3. I was there in Cleveland for the Stardust debut, I thought it was going to be a one off thing to end the losing streak and then Cody could go off on their own. But it wasn’t meant to be.

  4. I honestly cannot wait for his wrestling company to fail just to see him be punished for all the crap he has pulled

  5. Stardust started out really great and ended really terribly.
    But just think, without Stardust, their may never have been an AEW.

  6. I loved the character, but either they should've dropped the character when Cody wanted to drop it or they should've given it to someone else and have Cody do something else.

  7. To bad vince was an idiot and let a mid tier superstar in wwe to sign with New Japan then AEW and instantly became one of the best superstars in the world

  8. I wasn't a fan of the gimmick, but I was a fan of how Cody committed to the gimmick. He kayfabed it in a way you don't see anymore.

  9. what a shame, he could switch back and forth and use stardust as his alter ego when he turn heel or use it as bulk up.

  10. it was a good idea something that he should continue if he ever returns for wwe but stay with the black and gold look
    once wwe made him change the color mixing them acting too weird is when stardust character blew up in a bad way
    if he returns with it he should add to it,a gold robe and wig very similar to early 90's goldust, dont think cause he went
    to another company, one wwe doesnt even acknowledge, doesnt mean he cant return to wwe once he leaves aew

  11. Stardust could’ve been a main eventer. He could’ve been a villain type character who would also act like a lunatic (laugh after being hit)

  12. Starter should’ve been like finn Balor/ demon like sometimes he’ll wear the Stardust paint and Suit and sometimes he’ll just be Cody Rhodes

  13. 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

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