Spiderman (PS4): What You Should Know | The Leaderboard

Spiderman (PS4): What You Should Know | The Leaderboard

Spider-man is back with a brand new game
and my Spidey Senses are telling me that the world is ready for it. I’m talking
Bone Saw McGraw levels of ready. So let’s celebrate our favorite web-slinger’s
homecoming– well his video game homecoming, by
looking at what we know about his new game. I’m Jet Set with The Leaderboard
and it’s time for 107 Facts about Spider-Man on PS4. Marvel’s Spider-Man is
an upcoming title scheduled to release on September 7th 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. So if you don’t have a PS4 here’s a
serious FOMO warning. Spider-Man is an open world,
action-adventure game being developed by Insomniac Games. Since their founding in
1994, Insomniac Games has worked on some of the most iconic video game titles.
Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and Sunset Overdrive just to name a few. So
how exactly did this crossover come to be? Well it was actually Sony who first
approached insomniac about working in conjunction with Marvel Studios. After
insomniac enthusiastically agreed, Marvel asked the studio what property they
would like to work on. It was Insomniac Games employee Brian Intihar who first
suggested they develop a Spider Man game. As a result, Intihar was appointed as
the creative director for the project. With great suggestions comes great
responsibility. Prior to Spider-Man, Insomniac Games had
never worked on another studios property. Everything had been an in-house idea. The
studio reports that although developing Spider-Man was challenging, the game had
enough in common with their earlier titles to make for an easy transition.
The upcoming PS4 exclusive was heavily inspired by classic Spider-Man issues
like Amazing Fantasy Number 15, the Ultimate Spider-Man run, and the works of
Dan Slott. The Sam Raimi movies were also cited as major influences. Hopefully
Spider-Man 3 wasn’t too much of an inspiration, because I don’t want to see
this new Spider-Man swinging around Manhattan in an emo haircut. While it is
certainly inspired by all the great works that came before it,
Insomniac’s narrative take on Spider-Man is completely original. However, given
that Spider-Man is so well-known, Insomniac probably won’t be venturing
too far out there for this game. With that being said, the story is in good
hands. It’s being written by the four-man team of John Paquette, Ben Arfmann,
Christos Gage and Dan Slott. Paquette and Arfmann are writers at
Insomniac Games and Christos Gage and Dan Slott have written a combined total
of over 700 Marvel comics, many of which star the Webcrawler himself. So just to
reiterate, the game is in good hands. According to John Paquette, this script
is approximately the same length as a 3, 333 page novel. It looks like Insomniac
Games has posed an interesting question: Why choose quality over quantity when
you can have both? On top of its dynamic team of writers, Insomniac has also
worked closely with Marvel’s Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann, who
suggested that the best Spider-Man stories are the ones where the worlds of
Peter Parker and Spider-Man collide. Insomniac Games has reportedly put in a
lot of effort to showcase and preserve one of Spider-Man’s most important and
iconic characteristics: his sense of humor. Christos Gage has confirmed that
Spidey is full of quips, explaining that, compared to comics, video games allow for
infinitely more one-liners. Gage speculates that he dreamed up about a
thousand one-liners for Spider-Man throughout development. I imagine a
decent chunk of those got cut from the final game, but I’m sure some of them
will stick. *BA DUM TSS* Rosemann also stressed the
importance of making Spider-Man and Peter Parker feel distinct. Spider-Man is
heroic and confident while Peter Parker is timid and unassuming. You would never
mistake one for the other. All in all the game only takes place over the course of
a few weeks in October. To subtly mark the passage of time in the progression
of the story, Peter and other characters will continually change clothes. By now,
nearly everyone knows Spider-Man’s origin story and let’s face it we’re all
kind of tired of hearing of it. But good news! Insomniac Games has assured
everyone that Peter Parker’s origin story isn’t part of the upcoming game. In
fact, it’s ancient history! In Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, Peter Parker is 23
years old and has been the web slinger for eight years. As such, we won’t have to
worry about slowly progressing through the game in order to unlock a competent
spider-man. Right from the get-go, Spider-Man already does whatever a
spider can, spinning webs any size, and catching villains just like flies.
According to Insomniac, this new version of Spider-Man won’t be connected to the
MCU. He will instead be integrated into the comic book universe as part of the
upcoming Spidergeddon event, which serves as a follow-up to 2014’s
Spider-Verse, the very same from the upcoming movie Spider-Man: Into The
Spider-Verse. The Spidergeddon story line is written
by Christos Gage, whose name should sound familiar.
Gage noted that Spidergeddon takes place after the events of the game, so if
you’re only going to check out the comic, be sure to finish the game first.
The first issue, Spidergeddon Zero, has a release date of September 26th, 2018. Now,
before we talk about Spidey’s allies and enemies featured in the new game, we have
to mention the most important character of all: New York City. That’s right,
Insomniac treated NYC as its very own character. Each of the city’s
neighborhoods have their personality and feel, making them easily identifiable. To
be as true to NYC as possible, the Insomniac team even hired real-life
graffiti artists to create the in-game wall paintings. Because it’s New York, the
game will also feature dynamic citizens. Did you expect anything less? Because
Spider-Man is already an established hero in this game, citizens of New York
will react appropriately as he swings around the city. They’ll take selfies,
high-five, or even just wave at him as a zips across the skyline. True to the
comics and real-life, NYC has a love-hate relationship with Spider-Man. While some
citizens will be itching to give him a big hug, others will try to stick the New
York native web-slinger behind bars. While the game is an open-world, it isn’t
like Grand Theft Auto. No matter how annoyed you get at the people who hate
you, you can’t just go around punching them. Spider-Man is a hero after all.
In real life, Manhattan may only be 22 miles, but on the PS4,
it’s unimaginably gigantic. Spider-Man’s version of New York City is four to six
times the size of Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games’ previous foray
into open-world games. The best news is that all of the city will be available
from the start of the game! You won’t need to progress in the story in order
to unlock certain parts of New York. I think we should all take a moment to
breathe a sigh of relief together. *Sigh* One look at the game’s footage and you
might notice something new: Spider-Man’s suit! I could try to verbally describe
all the changes but it’s probably just easier to compare these two pictures
side-by-side, so here you go. The spider suit in the game has
officially, and canonically in Marvel Comics, been dubbed the Advanced Suit.
The Advanced Suit is inspired by athletic gear, with the red parts being
actually made of armored panels. The suit is stronger in those places because it’s
where Spider-Man usually gets attacked. On the flipside, the blue pieces are made of
a more flexible material, providing Spidey the range of motion needed to perform
these impossible gymnastic maneuvers. You may notice that Spidey’s classic boots
are gone too! That’s primarily because the design team at Insomniac thought a
23-year old superhero would prefer more of an advanced sport shoe to a clunky
boot. Even though this Spider-man isn’t a part of the MCU,
he does have one thing distinctly in common with the Tom Holland version:
expressive eyes. Just like our silver screen Spider-man, Insomniac Spidey will
have eyes that move in emotionally expressive ways, at least while he’s
wearing the Advanced Suit. Since Spider-Man is already eight years into
his gig, designing him proved to be fairly tricky for Insomniac. Early
designs for Spider-Man had him much thinner and lankier. The design team
however didn’t think he looked mature enough. To fix it, they bulked Spider-Man
way up and consequently made him look like a linebacker, far too large to
aerobically swing through the concrete jungle. They finally settled on a sort of
fighter’s build, with Spider-Man looking both athletic and experienced. The white
coloring has been added to Spidey’s suit for a specific narrative reason that
hasn’t been revealed at the time of our recording this. And even if it had, we
probably wouldn’t spoil it. If you’re hoping the white is related to the
Symbiote, I wouldn’t hold your breath. it’s actually a flexible carbon fiber
and the strongest part of his suit. That’s why you can see it on
Spider-Man’s chest, knuckles, and feet: the areas that need to be able to take the
most impact. In fact, there’s a good chance that the Symbiote won’t appear in
the game at all. During Sony’s E3 2018 press conference, we got our first look
at the dastardly Sinister Six. Surprisingly, Venom wasn’t there. Many
fans were shocked as the Symbiote has usually been a mainstay of the
villainous syndicate. Since five Sinister members were shown in the footage, it is
reasonable to think that Venom could still make an appearance.
Unfortunately, Insomniac Games has confirmed that Venom will not be
featured in the game. According to the game’s art director, Venom was simply too
big to fit in a game already chock-full of fan favorite villains. Speaking of fan-favorite villains, so far we know of at least eleven villains who are slated to
appear in at least some capacity. Of these eleven, some are immediately
recognizable to even the newest Spider-Man fan, while some are a bit more
obscure. Let’s quickly do a basic rundown: Mr.Negative,
aka Martin Lee, was one of the first villains revealed by Insomniac
Games. Due to the early reveal, it was theorized that he would be the game’s
one main antagonist. However, we’ve since learned that this isn’t the case.
Don’t worry Mr. Negative fans, he’s still going to play a prominent role. As far as
the pantheon of Spider-Man villains goes, Mr. Negative is fairly new to the scene.
His first debut came only 10 years ago, as part of the Brand New Day storyline
in the amazing spider-man 546 by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez. Rounding out the
rest of the sinister six are Electro, Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, and one mystery
character. If you haven’t heard of these incredibly iconic and quintessential
Spider-Man villains, I suggest you spend some time hitting
the comic books. We’ve only got 80 facts left, and with their elaborate story and
Spider-Man lore, these guys could easily fill out 107 facts on their own.
Insomniac Games has been impressively tight-lipped about the unknown sixth
member but keen-eared Internet detectives have begun to speculate. In an
E3 video, Chris Jay Alex, who plays the role of Rhino in the game, spoke with
Call of Duty Youtuber Drifter and briefly mentioned Doctor Octopus. It
didn’t seem like he misspoke either, as Alex brought up the villain when
discussing an in-game fight scene. Next up is Herman Schultz, better known as
Shocker. Making his first debut back in March 1967 in the Amazing Spider-Man 46,
Shocker has regularly appeared in Spider-Man media ever since.
Shocker’s big claim to fame are his gauntlets and his handheld vibro-shock
units that deliver powerful and often deadly volts of electricity. You can
probably tell why they call him The Shocker.
In some comic runs Shocker has even appeared as a member of the Sinister Six.
Still, we don’t have enough evidence to tell if he’ll be part of the villainous
crew this time. Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy has also been confirmed to appear in the
game. Technically speaking, Black Cat isn’t exactly a villain but she also
isn’t necessarily a hero. Throughout her storied history with
Spider-Man, she’s appeared as everything from an enemy to ally to even a love
interest, sometimes all three! Black Cat’s Lucky Cats are hidden throughout the
environment and players need to collect them to unravel her in-game story.
Details are scarce at the moment, but one thing is for sure: Black Cat is working
on something big. In fact, Insomniac Games has already confirmed that Black Cat
will be featured in the game’s DLC. We’ll also get to see another complex member
of the Spider-Man universe: Silver Sable aka Silver Sablinova. In the comics, Silver Stable is a mercenary who hunts war criminals and as such,
she’s acted as both Spider-Man’s ally and antagonist. In Marvel’s Spider-Man,
Silver Sable has been hired to hunt down the Friendly Neighborhood Hero, suggesting that she will play a pivotal role in the plot. Marvel Games Bill
Roseman has teased that Silver Sables’ opinion of Spider-Man will evolve over
the course of the game. The real takeaway of this news is that
we probably won’t have to deal with one-dimensional villains. Speaking of
Silver sables’ job, we should probably mention her employer.
Naturally, it’s Norman Osborn, Green Goblin himself. So far,
Osborn has only been seen in one clip and not in his goblin getup. As far as
the plot is concerned, Osborn is the mayor of New York. It’s also been
confirmed that Norman Osborn is up for reelection and has hired Silver Sable
and her team in a desperate attempt to rid the city of vigilantes. One of these
vigilantes of course being Spider-Man, whom Osborn declares an enemy of the
people. Remember when I mentioned how some New Yorkers won’t like you? Yeah you
can thank Norman for that. Despite all that information, one big question still
remains: Is this version of Osborn the Green Goblin and if it is, does anyone
know his secret identity? Taskmaster has also been confirmed to
make an appearance. If you want to get really technical, Taskmaster is not a
Spider-Man villain, but rather an Avengers villain. Regardless, he’s a bad
dude who has a history with Spider-Man. Taskmaster has left communication
devices around the city that prompts Skill Challenges for Spider-Man to
complete. In one demo, players had to locate a ticking bomb, throw said bomb
into the air, and then fire webs at it to contain the explosion. The more webs shot
at the bomb, the more points received for the mission rating. Taskmaster however
never showed his face, only hiding in the shadows. For this reason, it’s unknown
whether he’ll appear physically in the game. Last but certainly not least is
Wilson Fisk, one of the first villains to be revealed
alongside Mr. Negative. Kingpin made his first appearance way back in July 1967
in the Amazing Spider-Man 50. Mild spoilers, but Kingpin won’t be in the
game for very long. In fact, Marvel’s Spider-Man starts with our hero foiling
Kingpin’s plans and locking the mobster behind bars.
Although Kingpin isn’t around, his influence will still be felt in
Manhattan. These are a set of side missions where Spider-Man can infiltrate
and take Kingpin hideouts throughout the city.
With some of these villains existing Through over 50 years of Spider-Man
comics, Insomniac wanted to modernize their designs. For example, paying homage
to Electro’s signature star-shaped mask, which let’s face it looks kind of
ridiculous, Insomniac gave the electric villain a scar in the shape of the mask.
Additionally the superpowers were modernized as well. For example, instead
of having magically mutated rhino skin, Rhino stomps around in an over-sized
exoskeleton. We briefly touched on Spider-Man’s suit before, but that’s not
the only costume that Peter Parker can wear while fighting crime. One of the
coolest features of the game is that players can wear different Spiderman
costumes, all of which have their own unique perks. During an interview with
Game Informer, Brian Intihar showed an image with 24 indiscernible silhouettes,
representing different unlockable suits. And it only gets better because Intihar
said that there’s more than 24 suits! He didn’t give an exact number, but he said
there’s a lot of them. As expected, many of these unlockable suits will be
inspired by the comics and movies. Some however are entirely original and
exclusive to the game. As mentioned earlier, each suit has its own powers and
capabilities. For example, while wearing the Spider Punk suit, Spider-Man can pull
out a guitar, using it as a musical tool of justice. While some of the villains
have been modernized, all of Spidey’s classic suits will stay true to their
original designs. Intihar and the team wanted to properly respect and pay
tribute to Spider-Man’s previous designers by not changing the suits. And
if that wasn’t enough, more is on the way! Insomniac will continue to add suits
with each DLC pack released. Insomniac is dedicated to getting web-swinging right,
so much so that it was literally the first thing they worked on when starting
development. For those who don’t know, there’s a long and rocky history of
Spider-Man games and web-swinging mechanics. Back in 2004, a video game
tie-in for Spider-Man 2 was released. It was way ahead of its time,
featuring excellent web-swinging physics. Newer Spider-Man games have been trying
to measure up ever since. Needless to say, it’s been a rough 14 years but the wait
may finally be over. Just like in Spider-Man 2, webs stick to
buildings! Intihar and the Insomniac crew knew that this was critical to
winning over longtime fans. On top of web-swinging, Marvel’s Spider-Man also
features a movement system that allows players to run along walls, zip along
buildings, and even run up fire escapes. And when players aren’t ogling at the
physics of Spider-Man’s swings, they’ll be treated to some special Marvel Easter
Eggs around the city. The Avengers Tower, The Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan
Embassy are just a couple of the buildings players can encounter while
zipping along. In addition to the building cameos, there are even more
subtle hints to Marvel properties sprinkled throughout the game. Newspapers have real-estate advertisements for a property that shares the same address as
the Avengers Mansion, and there’s even a reference to Matthew Murdock aka
Daredevil’s Law Firm. Despite containing evidence for a ton of other Marvel
characters, this version of New York won’t include any sign of the Fantastic
Four. Brian Intihar has made it clear that the Baxter Building, the Fantastic
Four’s headquarters, will not be present in the game. The game takes place in 2018,
eight years after Peter got his powers. You can even see a poster in his bedroom
detailing his wrestling debut as Spider-Man. The poster is dated August
2010 and he participated in that wrestling match shortly after getting
his powers. Eight years later is 2018! While there are plenty of amazing
villains in the game, every hero has their allies. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter
Parker will have two very powerful allies: Miles Morales and Mary Jane
Watson. These two aren’t just your dinky little sidekicks either: Mary Jane Watson
will be a playable character. While it hasn’t been revealed how the MJ missions
will play out, Intihar has hinted at MJ working as an investigative reporter for
The Daily Bugle. On the other hand Insomniac has yet to reveal if we can
play as Miles Morales. With an appearance, and possible playability in the upcoming
game, and Into the Spider-Verse releasing a couple of months later, 2018 is shaping
up to be quite the year for Miles Morales. Since the game takes place eight
years into Peter Parker’s adventures as Spider-man, there’s going to be quite a
bit of history to cover before swinging into the game. Lucky for us, Titan Books
is working on a prequel novel to give more backstory to Spider-Man and lead us
into the beginning of Insomniac’s new game. The novel is titled Spider-Man:
Hostile Takeover and we’ll focus on Wilson Fisk’s rule as Kingpin and his
iron grip on New York City. The novel will also feature Shocker and Mary Jane
Watson, which makes sense since we know they’re in the game. Interesting enough
it also mentions Echo, The Blood Spider, and Jay Jonah Jameson. This suggests that
they may all have a role in the game as well. New Game+ might also be on the
horizon. Insomniac Games hasn’t officially ruled
it out as part of the game, even acknowledging that it would be a cool
feature. Fingers crossed! Even if New Game+ never comes, the game
doesn’t have to end when the credits roll.
Insomniac has already revealed that both Spider-Man’s PS4 collector’s edition and
digital deluxe edition will come with three extra levels as part of The City
That Never Sleeps add-on DLC. According to Insomniac, each DLC release for the
game will include a villain, a new storyline, and as previously mentioned
the first DLC has been dubbed The Heist and will involve Black Cat and an NYC
bank. Sony featured Tombstone, another classic villain in the issue two of the
Daily Bugle. In the the article, journalist Betty Brant warns about the dangers of a
new street drug known as Grave Dust. Following the trend of games nowadays,
Spider-Man PS4 will have a photo mode. Even more importantly, Spider-Man PS4
will have a selfie mode, which I’m sure will lead to all kinds of wonderful
memes. In combat, Spider-Man is given a focus bar. As he fights, the bar fills up
and can be used to execute powerful attacks or even just regain health.
There’s a skill point-based progression system in the game that will allow
players to unlock more attacks and movement abilities. The progression is at
your discretion, so you can prioritize movement or combat as necessary. Insomniac put in subtle touches here and there to make the game distinctly feel
like it belongs in Spider-Man’s multiverse. Art Director Jacinda Crew
references hundreds of Spider-Man comics to make sure everything, even the
plants in Peter Parker’s apartment, feel right. As you might expect, pre-ordering
Spider-Man comes with some bonuses. By pre-ordering, you’ll receive early access
to three alternative Spidey suits, extra skill points, the Spider-Drone gadget, and
a PS4 theme and avatar. These three suits are the Spider Punk costume, the Iron
Spider from Avengers Infinity War, and the Velocity Suit. That said, the Spider
Punk, Iron Spider, and Velocity Suit costumes are unlockable regardless of
whether you preorder Spider-Man or not. If you pre-order the game, you’ll just
have access to the suits immediately instead of unlocking them later in the
game. Sony revealed a limited edition Spider-Man 1-terabyte PS4 pro bundle,
which will release alongside the game in September. The console is spider-red and
features the white spider emblem from the advanced suit design. A matching red
and white controller is included in the bundle, along with a copy of the game and
a code for The City That Never Sleeps DLC. Unfortunately for PS Pro Users,
Insomniac Games has confirmed that the game will run
at 30FPS across all systems. Fans seem to be loving the Spiderman PS4 Special and
I don’t blame them, it’s beautiful. Despite being limited edition, the PS4
bundle hasn’t sold out yet. That doesn’t matter though, because certain consoles
are already selling on eBay for nearly double the original cost. Insomniac is
working very closely with Marvel. Literally, the Insomniac office is only
ten minutes away from Marvel Games’ office and the two teams regularly meet
to discuss all things Spidey. Since this is an Insomniac Game, Spider-Man will
have all sorts of gadgets at his disposal, all of which are upgradeable. In
stealth scenarios, Spider-Man can place a tripwire on a wall. When an enemy walks
by, the tripwire shoots out a web toward the wall and wraps them in a silky
prison. If stealthing thing isn’t your thing, you can attach the tripwire to an enemy
in combat. When that enemy walks by someone else, the two will be slammed
together. Beyond that, the tripwire also serves a critically important role for
Spidey. As we know, Spider-Man doesn’t kill, so if you’re fighting someone on a
roof and you happen to knock them off a building, Spider-Man automatically
attaches and activates a tripwire. Instead of smacking the pavement, they
smack the wall instead. Luckily, using the tripwire won’t delete
your web supply, so you don’t have to be cautious about knocking enemies off
buildings. Another gadget is the Web-Bomb, which does almost exactly what the name
implies. In combat, Spider-Man can lob one out and once it hits the ground, it
elevates, explodes, and sends out webs in every direction. The Web Bomb is mostly
intended for crowd control. Since it webs up enemies nearby, Spider-Man can swoop
in and punch’em while they’re locked in place. Like any good CC device, upgrading
the Web Bomb will increase its holding time and capacity. Another device, the
Spider Drone is, spoiler alert, a drone. Spidey isn’t too creative with his
gadget names, but that’s alright. In combat, Spider-Man can throw a Spider
Drone up in the air, which will then float above enemies and shoot out webs
like a machine gun. That might sound similar to the Web Bomb,
but the main perk of the drone is that it can act as a distraction while you’re
trying to stealth. Since this is an open-world game, there are more than just
the story missions to complete. Side quests will be abundant in Marvel’s
Spider-Man, and while we already have talked about a couple relating to the
villains, there are many many more. After all, it is New York City, home of store
robberies, car chases, drug deals, and shootouts for Spider-Man to stop. These
general crimes are also constantly changing and growing more complicated as
you progress through the game. For instance, if a gang member gets away
during a robbery mission, the quest might evolve into a car chase as you try to
catch him. There are even side quests from the one and only Harry Osborn. Harry
is in Europe during the events of the game, but before leaving he asked Peter
Parker to check in on some mobile research stations throughout the city.
And lastly, you can find and collect Peter Parker’s hidden backpacks. But
these aren’t just collectibles for the sake of collectibles, they serve an
actual purpose. By collecting these backpacks, players will get to hear some
more backstory about this new world of Spider-Man.
For example, after retrieving a certain backpack in the city, players will learn
the story of Peter’s first web- shooters. That may sound like a ton of optional
quest, but it’s not even scratching the surface.
According to Intihar, there will be even more side missions available in the
final version of the game. I’m Jet Set and thanks for watching 107 Facts about
he upcoming Spider-Man game. How excited are you for this one? Also, why not swing
over to our God of War timeline video to learn more about everyone’s friendly
neighborhood Spartan man Kratos. And if you like getting more from your games,
subscribe to The Leader Board, your home for video game facts.

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