Run BTS! 2020 – EP.97 Full [ ENG SUB ]

Run BTS! 2020 – EP.97 Full [ ENG SUB ]

[Run BTS]
[EP.97 Pajama party 1] [For today, lie down BTS!]
– Let’s lie down! – BTS! [Special episode for a sound sleep?] Everyone. – Before we start, let me tell you something.
– What’s that? [Breaking news]
I don’t have athlete’s foot. – Everyone.
– Toe socks. [Comfortable]
I wear them a lot since I like them. He has unique taste. [Respect]
– Because those are comfortable. – Yes. [Thanks for your understanding]
Please understand that. Even if it’s not pleasing to your eyes,
please understand that. Please shout our slogan out again, then. [Once again] [So flexible]
Run BTS! [I’ll try, too] [Same gesture]
Where are we now? [Different vibe]
We have pillows. [Comfortable and cozy]
– It looks so nice to take a nap. – Right. – So…
– What are we going to do today? – Today’s topic is…
– Sleeping, sleeping… It’s a pajama party. – Pajama party!
– Pajama! [Today’s Run BTS]
[Pajama party] [BTS members will play 5 games
during the pajama party] [Members will fly paper airplanes
to choose their pajamas] [You’re invited to BTS’ pajama party!] [Starting to fold paper planes]
Ready, go! [Finding the right paper]
Gold… What? Silver. If you’re ready, hold yours
over your head. [No.1 Jin]
Jin will go first. [No.2 SUGA] [No.3 V] [Not complete yet]
Airplane… Do you know how to fold an airplane? [RM failed to fold one]
– Don’t you know? – Airplane. He asked about how to fold a paper plane. [Why…]
Why are you folding several sheets together? How do you fold it? If you don’t know, shout out loud. [Note: Obedient] The order… No, it’s not the problem. [Rules] [Fly a paper plane]
We’ll fly the paper plane [and wear pajamas it lands on]
– and wear the pajamas it falls on.
– Okay. [Kook didn’t know it]
Won’t we measure the distance? No. Not the distance. I’m going to choose the unicorn. – Unicorn?
– Good! [You’re no.1 and you chose them?]
Really? Why? I want to wear it. [Landing] – No, no, no. – The nightwear robe.
– This one. [But the head pointed at the robe]
– Robe. – Robe. International, pop K, sensation,
sunshine, rainbow, traditional, transfer, USB hub,
shrimp, BTS. – I love it.
– Take a look at it. [Love it]
– I want to bring it home. – Let me see. – This is so nice.
– Right? Cute, huh? [This 28-year-old guy loves cute things]
– Take them home. – Cute? – Cute. I’ll bring them home after this. [Thinking hard and long]
What should I choose? 5, 4, 3… [Go!]
2… [Silk robe that matches V well]
You chose something like you. [hope and Jimin’s extreme reactions]
– I think these pants are not bad.
– I don’t want to have the pants. – Here we go.
– The pants? [Go!]
Aren’t they the pants? [Me?]
j-hope, wear yourself. [hope’s turn has been moved back]
I’ll fly… [Hello?] – Bottom.
– Jimin is in last place. Please stay behind. Oh? Modernized Hanbok?
(Korean traditional clothes) [Planes don’t go where members want]
– Failed! – The head needs to point at it. [Last one, Jung Kook]
It’s my turn! [Jung Kook’s… so obvious] [Got the modernized Hanbok]
– Awesome. – It bounced back. I got these, right? [Three of them failed to get pajamas]
It’s a battle of us. Go ahead. – Let’s fly at the center.
– What’s the brand? [Jung Kook loves them]
These are so nice. What’s the worst one for you? [Anything]
I don’t care. I will wear anything. Yes! These are mine, right? [hope got a normal pajama set]
The right one! Okay. That’s normal. – Isn’t it okay?
– I think pants are not so bad. [hope loves it]
I like these. [Airplane landed on the pants] It fell down to it. [Jimin’s plane landed on the pants]
It fell straight down. [Short-sleeved T-shirt is left for RM]
– Okay. Something normal.
– I will change into these pants. [RM’s pajama]
It’s for a dry sauna. [Time to change]
The last one to come out [Jin finished changing already]
will be given a punishment. [Jimin runs to change] [Changing rapidly] [In such a hurry] Punishment! I don’t want to get it. [Everyone is flying and taking off shoes]
2 minutes are left. [Running barefoot] [Relaxed] [V was changing clothes ahead of others]
The last one will be given a punishment. [hope runs so fast] It’s Jimin. [hope announced his arrival]
I’m here! [Jimin’s back] Oh, my! I’m the last one! [Jimin will be given the punishment] [Members gathered up]
We’ve changed into pajamas. [As if they are one]
They look like part of you. Colors match well together. – Like part of you.
– Yes. – I’m the character itself.
– Right. I agree. [Can’t understand]
You could choose and you chose it. [Satisfied]
It’s warm. Please show your back. [Accent of cute SUGA’s OOTD : Back] Awesome. – Do you like it, Jung Kook? – Yes.
– Do you like it? [Jung Kook’s favorite style]
I usually wear modernized Hanbok. – So satisfied.
– What are we going to do? [The first game]
[Telestration] [Members guess a word
using the telepathy] [The first member writes a word,
the next member draws a drawing] [Players take turns and
deliver the word by writing and drawing] [Last member needs to write
the same word as the first one] [7 words] [Members will get
snack coupons for a right answer] [So confident]
We’ve been together for several years. We’ll do this easily. [Will they? Let’s see!]
– Let’s go. – Let’s go. – Jimin, did you come up with the word?
– Okay. [Playing with COOKY]
Jimin, that thing? Okay. – Okay.
– Oh, that thing. Lalala… lalala… lalala… [What’s that?] Everyone… – Oh.
– I love you. [Jimin’s first word: I purple you]
– I love you. – Yes. Is it “I love you?” [Puzzled]
– What should I draw? – Love you. [Worried]
Jung Kook seems puzzled. What should we do? Jung Kook? What’s the word? [How did Jung Kook draw it?]
I think he did well. 10 seconds. [Drew a heart and a rainbow]
– 10 seconds. – Let’s put good painters [RM noticed the answer]
– in the front… – Okay. Did you get it? [Vibe from 8 years’ experiences]
Namjoon wrote a word. [Members are surprised at their turn]
Hey, are you doing now? It’s too hard to draw. [Encouraging]
You can do it. Be creative. [I purple you…?]
Will you do this? This is the only idea I got
from yours. – Pass.
– Okay. You know, it, right? What’s this? [Do you really know it?]
Do you know it? [Those who know the answer
and those who are confident without knowing it]
It ends up with that. – I think it’s correct.
– I guess so. 1, 2, 3. [What’s that…]
Hurry up. [The word for BTS]
I trust you. It’s easy. – Easy.
– We’re wrong… [They drew faces on their soles]
– It’s easy. – hope… He will put on a serious look
if it’s wrong. [Like this face on my sole] [hope is laughing out so loud]
When did you draw it? Serious look! [Unlike his usual look] [Jin got the word]
– Got it? – Let’s go! Okay, here we go! Jin… we don’t have much time. – That’s it. – It’s over.
– This? – No.
– Let’s go! [There’s no right answer on his sketchbook]
– This? – No. – This?
– Who is this? [Drew 7 members of BTS] [With a heart and a question mark] [I know, I know] [The weakest link]
– Should we put Taehyung in the front?
– He needs to be the first one. [What’s the answer?]
– I trust you. – 1, 2, 3. [ARMY]
Oh, no. [Those who don’t know the answer
[Those who know the answer]
– But…. – So… – No? Similar to the answer. [I have a lot to say]
I read ARMY bomb and I drew… [Time to show their sketchbook
in the reversed order] Keep going. – ARMY bomb.
– Please show yours. [Chattery]
– ARMY bomb. – Show yours. – What’s that? – Show yours, please.
– “I purple you”. [Four of them are so curious of the answer]
“I purple you”. ARMY, “I purple you!” [Disappointed]
– Purple in the rainbow! – Hang on. – When did it go wrong?
– I intended it. [Jimin’s big picture]
– Really? – ARMY, I purple you. – Oh. I aimed at it.
– Telepathy. – He intended it. [So bold]
– I think we succeeded.
– Let’s try the 2nd one. [Perfect teamwork?]
– It’s the right answer.
– I wanted to say “ARMY, I purple you”. [BTS’ teamwork is unbeatable!]
Our telepathy worked! – But it was “I purple you”.
– SUGA drew a wrong thing, the ARMY bomb. [It was intended but it’s SUGA’s fault]
No. [Jimin trying to help SUGA]
My telepathy worked well, [BTS without shame]
– and he got it. – Okay. Let’s do this. [Final conclusion]
– ARMY bomb looks like that?
– ARMY equals “I purple you”. – Okay, good.
– That’s it. [Strong will to get a prize]
ARMY is “I purple you,” and vice versa, too. [That’s it]
I wanted to say that. [Having many things to say]
V drew this and I thought the answer was this. [Reasonable answer]
I thought it was “BTS, I love you”. Understandable. [Members changed the order]
The 2nd one. [Right answer?]
– Will you take it the right answer?
– Of course,. They need to agree. I don’t think “Run BTS!” team
will deny “Army equals I purple you”. [Jimin wants to say]
– If they think it was wrong, – Right. – it means they deny us and ARMY.
– Right. [Production staff] [Please calm down]
Those balloons are purple, too. – It’ll be a big controversy.
– If they deny it, BTS couldn’t be born. [That much?] He’s acting cute. – Okay.
– Very cute. [Jimin acts cute a lot today] [Agreed that they scored 1]
– Okay, agreed. – Okay. – Jimin! – ARMY’s power is amazing.
– Let’s go! [Jin will give the 2nd question]
– Jimin… – Here we go. This RJ feels so nice. It makes me calm down. [So easy]
So easy. It’s super easy. [Heart]
– Shall we go? – It’s super easy. [Jung Kook lost what to say]
Don’t say anything to give a hint. [I can’t believe]
It’s too easy. [Hey] [No problem until RM]
RJ has ears. [Heart]
Here we go! [Hmm]
Done? [It’s too obvious]
– What? – I guess it’s meaningless. – What?
– It’s what you saw. [What will hope write?] [What does Jimin’s reaction mean?] – Speechless?
– Not this one? [Oh, my]
[I love you] – I guess he misunderstood it.
Oh, no. – No? [Got it from the staff members’ reactions]
I saw them reacting to it. Should I use my sense? [Jimin’s cheering squat]
– Please. – Be creative, Jimin. [Too easy to misunderstand]
Did he misunderstand it? [ㅅ-shaped mouth]
Why? Why did he do so? – Not this?
– Hurry up. [It sounds like Jung Kook gave up]
– Whatever. – What’s this? I don’t think so. [Hmm] [Will SUGA get it?] Answer! Answer! 1, 2, 3. [Jimin]
Park Jimin! [Sigh from those who know the answer]
Right? How can it become Park Jimin? [Process]
– 1, 2, 3! – How can it be Park Jimin? Is it CHIMMY? [Jimin drew CHIMMY]
1, 2, 3. I love you. [Of course]
I’m the only one who says that. [Reason why they failed]
He misunderstood it. – 1, 2, 3.
– Heart. [Four members drew and wrote hearts]
– Heart. – Me, too. – Heart. – Me, too. – Then, it became CHIMMY?
– What’s wrong with you? [Easy question may not be so easy!]
Such an easy one can change like that. – Let’s do this seriously.
– Shall we shuffle again? [Changed the seating plan again]
Let’s go, Jimin! [The 3rd one: 4 o’clock]
Let’s go! [Easy word to draw directly]
– Easy, right? – Yes. – Easy? [Hope did a great job]
Okay. [Members look so comfortable] [Did Jin get it?]
Okay? Okay. It’s too easy to misunderstand. I can do it! You can’t misunderstand this.
1, 2, 3. [RM must get it without fail]
I should. right. It’s too easy. [Easy question]
– Everyone should know it.
– If you don’t know… [You know what I’m saying]
– If you don’t know, it’ll be a big disaster.
– Let’s go, V! 1, 2, 3. [What’s this?] [These two members haven’t seen it]
What’s it? [Frozen]
– What? – Noun. – Why? [Wrong]
Why does he write so many things? All right. There you go… [That’s not wrong]
Don’t try something strange. – Good job. – What is this?
– Curious. [What’s this?] – What was it? How can I draw it?
– 10 seconds… [V made Jung Kook confused]
Jung Kook, be creative. [Really surprised]
Oh, my. [The song composed by V is this?] Who misunderstood it? Sorry, friends. Write it down. [Answer keeps changing in the rear]
– This is it… – I am not so sure. [SUGA’s answer?]
What… – Too difficult.
– 1, 2, 3. [Answer that is understandable]
[V LIVE] 3! V LIVE? He drew V LIVE. – It’s V LIVE, totally.
– What? [V made him confused]
– The first song you composed…
– The first song he made.. – Hey! It’s your fault, too. [What’s the answer?]
– What’s the song? – Spy is V. [By thinking too much]
Write what comes into your mind, directly. – Everyone.
– Don’t worry. [When things don’t go well]
Let’s change the seats. – Let’s do it. – I’ll be at the first.
– Let’s not fight about it. [Members are doing their best]
I’m doing my best. Let’s change the seats. We will continue to see each other
after playing this game! [Everyone, this is a game]
– Of course. – Of course, we will. – We’ll be together.
– V, I’m sorry but I was confused [Confession]
– With 2 o’clock? – with “Wonder”. [What’s that?]
– “Wonder?” – It didn’t come out.
– Sorry, “Scenery”. [Disappointed by the youngest member]
You got confused again… [Seating plans are changed every time]
Ready, go! [It’s so easy]
This is really easy. In fact, all words were too easy. – Why did you draw?
– I need to write a word? Okay. I’ll go. [hope got it and drew something]
Okay, here we go! What did you draw? 1, 2, 3. [Too easy]
We can’t miss it. [I know] [SUGA got the telepathy]
Okay, I got it. It’s drums. Namjoon. 1, 2, 3. [Hmm]
You know, there’s only thing. What? [KOYA’s dad who looks like KOYA]
– Don’t think too deeply.
– Right. I think Namjoon is also… [Members started laughing
after seeing RM’s drawing] [Laughing out so loud]
– Well… – Don’t think too hard. – Don’t think too hard.
– Tell me. 1, 2, 3. – Don’t think too deeply.
– I guess I misunderstood. [Positive and easy]
– Take it easy. – Let’s move on.
– Did I misunderstand it? Right, that’s a nice question. [Everything seems so okay]
– Starting from it… – Don’t think too deeply. [Everyone laughs out
whenever others draw something] Okay. [Looking at it]
Don’t think too deeply. [Writing an answer]
Please show yours from the right side. – 1, 2, 3.
– 1, 2, 3. [Ban Si Hyuk] [Cheerful series of okay]
– Okay! – Okay! – Okay! – Okay! [Finally, the correct answers]
Okay! [Why did they laugh so hard?]
I was the first [V drew something]
I drew this. [hope got it]
He drew and I got it. Next one, please. [Game goes well with V in the front]
– Let’s go!
– We should’ve done such things. [As if he’s at a sauna]
It feels like I’m at a sauna. [Kim Taehyung]
– Sauna? – Don’t think too deeply. hope, draw the first thing
that pops up into your mind. [Telepathy sent]
In one dimension. [What they say to each other]
Don’t think too deeply. Take it lightly. [Did Jin understand?]
– Easy. – Okay. – Lightly. [I think that’s a bi [Will they succeed this time, too?]
– Don’t think too hard. – Okay. 1, 2, 3. [Okay]
Take it lightly. Draw it. [Positive? Negative?]
Take it intuitively. – Why?
– Let’s do it lightly. – Lightly. – Don’t think too hard.
– 1, 2, 3. [What’s this?]
– What’s that? – Think of it intuitively. – Lightly.
– Easy. [Did Jimin get the telepathy?]
Okay. – Don’t you know it?
– Okay. [It seems they failed] [Members became silent]
Are you a spy? [Jimin is innocent!]
This popped into my mind. [Reading the room]
– Great job. – But their reactions… [Thinking so hard]
It could be. – Here we go.
– Jung Kook. [Hint]
– JK, one of the two. – One of the two. [Changed the strategy]
Think about it hard and long. Okay. [Jung Kook starts drawing]
I should think about it twice. Right. [Elder ones expecting a lot]
– It’s time to think twice.
– Right. I guessed it right after seeing
Namjoon’s drawing. Of course, this is the right answer. [Drawing things]
Nobody knows. [Drawing lines]
– Show it to him. – Ambiguous lines. – Done! Is it V LIVE? [Feeling that they will fail again]
– Again? – Take it lightly. – No. – Hey, intuitively.
– Something that pops into your mind. Don’t think it too hard. [Take it easy!]
Think you know nothing, like a primitive man. [Actually, Jung Kook didn’t get tit]
– Hang on. What I saw… – Okay. Like a primitive man! Primitively… 2. [Too primitive] [Frustrated]
– He didn’t think too much. – 2? – 2? [I wrote my name and how come
we ended up with 2?]
– 2. – How did he get that? [Time to show their drawings]
Primitively… 2. – Take a look.
– See. It’s like a rabbit. [So proud]
Isn’t it V? Jung Kook did a great job. [Given word has changed]
Was it V? [The first one was Kim Taehyung]
– It was Kim Taehyung. – Kim Taehyung. Everyone was wrong. [Telepathy was wrong]
It’s my fault. Let’s do something easy and simple. [Easier and simpler?]
– Okay. Something easy and simple.
– Something simple. – How many do we have now?
– It’s hard to guess a person. [Confident]
– Okay. It’ll be too simple. – How many? What are you doing? [V draws again]
Something easy. I think j-hope is the weakest link. j-hope, are you the spy? – He’s the spy!
– Okay. [Instead of a person, V chose an animal]
– j-hope is the spy. – Okay, good! Think long and hard. – Think long and hard? Why?
– Long. [Giraffe?] 1, 2, 3. It’s what you see here. [Drawing that makes Jin laugh]
Not complicated. [Today’s quote]
Simple is the best. – Hurry up.
– This is the best. If you can get it… [Showing it to each other]
you have to get some punishment. – Simple.
– Let’s draw something simple. – 1, 2, 3. [Latter ones feel a lot of pressure]
If I fail… Hang on. [Giraffe?] – But it’s too simple.
– Hang on. [If it’s too simple, it becomes hard]
– Too simple. – Everyone can guess.
– Good. I’m like Picasso. [Jun-casso’s drawing]
– Okay. – 1, 2, 3. Okay. [Serious]
– It’s simple. – Don’t think too hard. [Confident RM and surprised Jimin]
What’s this? Is there anything further? [Serious]
– Jimin, we have 30 seconds.
– Do you think it’s hard? Jimin should come to the front. Let’s move on. [Elder ones trust younger ones]
I believe he got it. Isn’t it too obvious to everyone? [Jin understood why Jimin seemed confused]
It may be confusing. – Why?
– This looked confusing. – This?
– Are you kidding me? [We’ll show it later to you]
Are you kidding me? [Drawing the thing that he saw[
I am drawing what I saw. He’s really… Jung Kook is drawing now? He’s like a painter. [SUGA doesn’t know Kook is still drawing]
– Jung Kook? – He’s really… – 5 seconds. [5 seconds are enough for Jung Kook]
That’s enough. – Let’s go.
– Okay. Don’t think too deeply. [It’s the simplest and easiest]
– Easy. – You can’t miss it. [Writing an answer]
– The answer that popped up. – Okay. Let’s not say “okay or good”
when seeing others’ drawings. – Okay.
– Got it. [Showing their answers]
That’s more confusing. IS it correct? Giraffe! That’s correct! Please show your answer. [Giraffe] [Succeeded]
– Giraffe. – Right, we should do like this!
– Correct! – Giraffe.
– Nicely done! Namjoon, your drawing is quite confusing. [Giraffe plus chicken feet]
He drew chicken feet on the giraffe. – Let me see.
– So, I thought [Jimin had a hard time to understand]
What’s that? A monster? – Did you?
– I wasn’t so sure about it. [Still, he got the answer thanks
to a great sense] – A snake? – Or a dragon. [Let’s now say good or okay]
– Taehyung… – No reaction to others’ drawings. – Good.
– Okay. [The last question]
– Let’s not say anything. – Right.
– Be quiet. The last one! [What should I write?] [V starts writing] [Today’s quote]
Don’t try hard. – This is…
– Right. Very intuitive. Time to draw. [SUGA says it without knowing the answer]
It’s not complicated. Easy. Simple. [Something like an animal]
This is really… – Easy? – If you misunderstand it,
it’ll be weird. 1, 2, 3. [It’s weird but understandable] Please understand this. We have to succeed.
We failed too many times. 1, 2, 3! [Jin wrote an elephant]
It’s easy. Too easy to miss. [Self-praise]
I drew it so nicely. – Namjoon drew something?
– 1, 2, 3. – He drew and praised himself.
– I did it so nicely. [RM’s drawing is not so bad]
Not bad. I need to write a word, right? Yes. [Will Jimin get it and deliver it well?] Our questions are too easy,
enough for kids. [Can’t deny]
It seems to me like [Jimin didn’t expect they would]
drawings for the 2nd graders. [do such an easy one]
Teacher will say, “Kids, look at this”. This is the drawing that
such a teacher will use. Wow. [Today’s cutie pie] [Passed his drawing to SUGA] [Painter Kook] [Super easy word, even for the 2nd graders]
We can’t miss this. – Let’s think like children.
– Elephant. Today’s conclusion. Elephants or giraffe is the word
that BTS can understand without fail! [BTS scored 4 out of 7 Telestration]
– Elephant, giraffe. – Bang Si Hyuk. Elephant and giraffe. [2nd game: Same gesture] [7 members need to strike the same pose
for a given word] [All needs to do it in 3 seconds
after the word is shown] [Prize: snack coupon] [Start]
The first given question. [Watermelon] [Confident]
– It’s too easy. – Easy. 1, 2, 3. [Different]
– 3! – 3! Wow. What… [The youngest punishes the eldest]
What? [Reading the room]
What? – It’s right…
– Right. – Really… – Frustrated.
– The 2nd one! – If it’s ambiguous, shall we pick
a gesture to do? – Let’s go! – If it’s ambiguous…
– Right. [Are you picking up a pose to do?]
This. If you don’t know the answer,
let’s do this. [BTS members agreed to do it]
We can’t do this. [Before they set further strategies]
Let’s move on to the next one. [Question: BTS] – It’s too easy.
– 1, 2, 3. [This was given for them to score] [Question: Selfie]
– 3! – This is it. – Here we go.
– Let’s go! [Question: Fishing]
It’s too easy. 1, 2, 3. [Ha!]
Three. [Oh]
What are you doing? It’s not this? What did you do?
What did you do? Three! [So unique]
– What are you doing? – Not this one? [While others are throwing fishing lines]
He caught one. – We’re throwing now.
– Right. Of course, it is this. [Our cheerful 6th-eldest member]
Who does it like this? [Everyone has unique perspective]
He has a unique perspective. [Sorry]
– He puts weight on the result. – Okay. Next question. [Question: Scary movie] – It’s easy.
– 1, 2, 3. [Too easy?] [Four gestures, four members] [Everyone struck a different pose] Hey! [Ambiguous question to RM]
– Hey! – Hey… – This is it.
– Why did you do that now? When you watch a scary movie, [Got something to tease him]
do you do this? Oh, my. I’m surprised.
Do you do this? – Not this? – This is it!
– Very easy, right? [Everyone checked out others’ gestures]
– This is it. – Already wrong. Next question. [Question: Dionysus]
– This… – 1, 2, 3. [I think we’ll be wrong]
Hey, this is it. [Someone who is extravagant]
– What’s this? – Prodigal guy. [Drinking]
One shot, two shots. Not this? What’s this? He didn’t do anything
and I did this. [V was reading the room]
He was doing it. [Question: Coke]
– This… – This is… – Let’s go!
– 1, 2, 3. 3! [Oh, my. V…]
2, 3! [Oh, my. V…] [He…] [Running away]
– No way! – Crazy. – What did he do?
– He… [Now I’m going to drink]
He opened the can. Who? Who did it? – He.
– Hey! [Making a fuss]
– No… – You focused on the result previously. You have to drink! [V has many things to say]
– You do this when filming a commercial.
– Previously… [Like this]
– You did this. – Previously… – Really…
– Okay. [Reminding them of it again]
– You know, if it’s ambiguous… – Okay. – Got it. [Question: ARMY]
1, 2, 3. [Different hearts]
Three! [In 3 groups] [Different hearts in the left,
center and the right] Three! Love… All of them means love. – Love.
– It expresses love. [Without shame again]
– You have to accept it. – Really…
– We’re one. Love you, love you. [Excuse me?]
– There are many types of love.
– You thought so, right? [Strong will to score]
– Various types. – We love ARMY.
– It’s the love you think. [RM’s quote]
There are various types of love in the world. [What if someone shoots bullets?]
If someone did this… that’d be horrible! [Love you] [Asking back]
– Will you accept this as a correct answer?
– Of course. – This is the right answer.
– They can’t help. As long as it’s related to ARMY,
it can’t be wrong! [Of course, ARMY is love]
– So… – Right. – ARMY is always right. [Question: Anpanman]
– 1, 2, 3. – This… – This… [Oh…] [The only difference]
– What? – What are you doing? [RM put his both hands up]
– What? – What are you doing? What are you doing? [hope thought all of them did the same thing]
– V did this and I thought we succeeded.
– Me, too. [The youngest seems disappointed]
What are you doing? – Why did you do this?
– Why does it mean “Anpanman?” – We do this for it!
– Right. This is the one. [RM apologizes quickly]
– Sorry. – It happens. Don’t worry. – My bad.
– Frustrating. [Members scored 3 out of 9]
You got 3 out of 10. We did a lot! – Round.
– Right, round. [Next game: Writing sentence together]
– Tell us fast. – Good. – Down there.
– It’s so nice. – It shows our teamwork!
– There you go! [They’ll score if the sentence is readable
– There? Okay. – It’s hard. V, don’t do that.
Don’t! [Great teamwork]
– Done. – That’s going to be okay. – Right. – Now, write a “ㄴ”.
– Down. – Okay. [Succeeded in writing “BTS!”]
How long did we take? [Game result] [Telestration, Same gesture,
Writing sentence together] [3 snacks per each] [BTS can choose 9 types of snacks] [Not so bad]
It’s not bad. 9 types of snacks? [BTS will choose 9 from the menu]
V, choose whatever you want. V, let’s have ice cream. [Collecting others’ opinions]
Let’s order strawberry Bingsoo.
(Ice sherbet) – Wakanda forever!
– Pat Bingsoo. (Red bean ice sherbet) [Decided]
Strawberry Bingsoo. Pat Bingsoo. [Ice cream, too]
– And 32. This… – Wakanda forever! [Everyone is having fun individually]
Shooting star, please. [Elder ones choose ice cream flavor]
Shooting star… [Younger ones are having fun]
– Mom is Alien. – Mom is Alien. [Agreed]
It’s like a kindergarten. [The 2nd eldest one said so]
– Too chaotic. – Too chaotic. 3 Shooting Star, 2 My Mom is Alien. [When Jung Kook kicks KOYA]
– Sorry? – 3 for Shooting Star,
2 for Mom is Alien. – Really. [RM kicks COOKY]
3 for Shooting Star? [Kids at the purple class
in BTS Kindergarten] [Jimin rolls over the floor while laughing]
Focus, everyone. Bring them here.
Everyone. Focus. [Kids who are obedient to the leader]
Namjoon… [As if a hunter brings his game] I guess they’re too excited. [Too excited] [Let’s move on to the next game]
– Let’s move on. – Okay! I said there’s the punishment. I’m going to get it unconditionally, right? If you win in this game,
you won’t get it. [Members don’t know about the punishment]
I hope it’s not wearing weird costumes. [Members can choose the punishment]
Will you decide the punishment or wear this pajama
at the airport? This? I don’t think it’s bad. [Most of them like their pajamas]
– Sorry? – I like it. It’s not bad at all. – Not bad?
– In summer… It’s okay. [It was summer when they shot this]
I can do this. Including this. Don’t think about you only. [Unexpected challenge]
He will sweat a lot. – Him…
– Let’s go! I don’t care if it’s not me. [Because of the weather]
Hey, it’s summer now. – He’ll be in a big trouble.
– To be honest… – Jung Kook…
– Will you carry this, too? [Fans will believe it’s his own outfit]
– He will like to wear them. – Sure. Even if it’s not the punishment. If I get the punishment,
I’ll prepare white rubber shoes. – Let’s decide.
– What punishment do you like? [I’m okay]
Let’s wear these at the airport. [Anything else?]
Is there anything else to do with these,
besides going to the airport? But that’s the easiest one. – It’s hard to look great at the airport.
– Even fans… [The youngest got an idea]
When we shoot “Run BTS” wearing our own outfits, [Punishment member will
wear the same pajamas]
Others will wear his own. – And…
– Then… [You know]
– The one will wear these. – Great. – Nice. [Agreed]
– That sounds nice. What do you think?
– Okay. [Someone will wear these again]
Someone will wear these, right? Yes, one more time. It’s a prize for Jung Kook. [Exception is needed for Jung Kook]
– We need an exception. – You may not believe it. One will decide the outfit. – Okay. – Okay.
– Whose outfit will it be? [Jimin’s pants?]
Mine. – Jimin’s? What do you think?
– Okay. – It’s classic and nice. [Punishment: Wear Jimin’s pants
and shoot the next episode]
– Jimin’s. – It’s cool. [Individual match:
Animals’ kingdom game] [Each member will choose an animal
and show a gesture] [so that other members can use it
to point at the member] [5 rounds]
[The member who lost will get -1] Animals’ kingdom. [Welcome to BTS’ kingdom] [V-nake]
I’m a snake. We don’t need to choose an animal, right? – It’s the kingdom of animals.
– Animals. [Gestures that’s not like the animal]
But it doesn’t need to be an animal’s gesture. – Right.
– Okay. [Sexy hope bear]
I’m a bear. Sexy. [Sexy bear they never seen before]
– A hot bear. – Right, a bear is hot. [Jim-phant]
I’m… – Move your arms, like this.
– Elephant. – Elephant.
– Elephant. – Bear.
– Jung Kook. – What should I do? – Snake.
– And you? [Ostrich]
– Okay, I’m an ostrich. – Ostrich. [Fast]
Okay! Ostrich. [He did it but he doesn’t get it]
What’s this? – A sloth?
– An anteater? – Kim Namjoon.
– Squirrel. [It doesn’t matter]
All you need is the hand gesture. [Alligator]
– I’m an alligator. – Alligator. [Born in the year of rooster]
– Rooster. – Rooster. – Okay. – What’s this?
– Rooster. – Like this.
– Okay. [Everyone chose animals and gestures]
It’s hard. Who will go first? [Let’s introduce ourselves first]
– Hurry up. – According to the beat. Kingdom of animals,
Kingdom of animals! [I’m V nake] [I’m hope bear] [I’m Jim phant] [I’m Kook strich] [I’m Nam key] [I’m Jin gator] [I’m Su ster]
It’s hard. [Su ster started]
Okay, who’s the next? [hope bear] [Kook strich] [Jim phant] [Members are doing fine] [RM… What’s up with your facial expression?] [Everyone can’t close their mouth] [RM chose by both sides] [Me!] Out, out, out! Why did you do that? My knee hurts. [Members start laughing out loud] It hurts. [Professional game players]
Let’s do it more speedily. – Right.
– Let’s do it faster. [Speed up!]
Namjoon. Kingdom of animals! [Nam key] [hope bear] [Kook strich] [Kook strich] [Su ster] [Many pointed at hope bear] [Fake motion! hope looked at
someone else and chose another member] [This is the kingdom of BTS] [They can play better
without closing their mouths] [It’s much more speedy than
the previous round] [V nake] [hope bear] [Jim phant] [Kook strich] [Members are getting tired]
Can’t we stop this? Let’s do this faster. [All you can hear is applause
and laughter] [Gesture to call someone] [Everyone laughs out together
and passes out] [It hurts]
– My knee hurts. – Right. – It hurts.
– I looked too ugly. [No way, kids. So cute]
Everyone’s face would look ugly. [While someone is laughing]
It hurts. [Sad]
My face looked too ugly. But you… [Like this]
Well… [Everyone teases each other]
Don’t try hard to make others laugh. When he does this, [Their face look longer]
Your faces become longer. While playing it…. – Everyone does this.
– Oh, my. – Let’s continue. [It’s so much fun!]
So funny. – Let’s start it, fast.
– Okay. [Moving on to the next round]
– My thighs hurt. – 5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8! [The faster it becomes,
the more their thighs hurt]
– Kingdom of animals. – It hurts a lot. [hope bear] [Jin gator] [Nam key]
Too fast… already! [Su ster] [Relaxed] [So hot] [Everyone tries a fake
but nobody falls for it] [Too busy] [Members are smiling
while playing the game] [hope bear] [V nake] [Su ster] [hope bear]
Let’s do it faster. – Faster.
– Faster. [Professional game players] [Oh, my]
Faster. Let’s go! [Frozen]
Let’s go! [hope bear chose Nam key]
Let’s go! [Did I make a mistake?]
It hurts a lot. [Members groan in pain]
– My palms. – Look at them, they are red. It hurts. [Red thighs]
This… – It hurts a lot.
– Since it became faster. [V nake and Nam key’s]
– yours and mine are confusing. – Really? – Okay.
– It hurts. Ok [Moving on to the next round]
– Here we go! – Let’s do it! [So serious]
I won’t smile at all. [Will they keep the promise?]
– Okay, let’s do it seriously.
– Let’s not smile. I’ll be serious. Kingdom of animals.
Kingdom of animals. They look really… [V nake is always relaxed] Faster. [It’s getting faster] [Members start struggling] [Breathing hard]
It hurts] [RM, what’s up with your facial expression?] [Jimin started getting confused]
– It’s confusing. – Faster. [V wants others to play faster]
– What? – Faster! Faster! [Shaking] [Jin failed while dancing rocking]
Faster! He missed the beat. [Hand gestures failed to follow the beat]
I missed the beat. Namjoon, will you continue
to make facial expressions? [So funny]
Will you keep doing that? [Unwillingly]
I was so immersed in it and I did it. [Park Jimin wants to take it seriously]
I don’t want to smile. Let’s calm down.
Let’s not smile and laugh. [All agreed]
– It’s the last round. – I won’t laugh. [Laughing one will be out]
Shall we eliminate someone laughs? – Eliminate someone who laughs?
– Okay. – Kingdom of animals that don’t smile.
– If you smile, you will lose. It’s okay to smile
but not make a noise. – Okay. Good. – What if we make a noise…
– If you make a noise… [Game over]
– When we hear the sound… – Okay. It’s okay to breathe hard. [Increasing numbers of exceptions]
Okay. [Last game]
– This is the last game, right? – It’s over. – If you make a noise, it’s the end.
– Let’s do it. – Okay. – Mute version. [According to the members’ opinions]
– Silent Kingdom of Animals. – Okay! – Let’s go!
– Here we go! Kingdom of animals!
Kingdom of animals! [Jin gator] [V nake] [Su ster] [hope bear] [Jim phant] [The speed is picking up] [They’re on a roll with the silent game] [You, Jung Kook!] Why aren’t you doing anything? [He was watching him blankly]
Why aren’t you doing anything? [Whew]
Why didn’t you do anything? [They all think he’s hilarious] – What, what?
– His expression was so… He was trying to hold in his laughter. [Game results] [RM-2] [Jin-1]
[j-hope-1] [Jung Kook-1] I blanked out. [2nd game, TMI quiz] [Time to meet the members’ TMI
through a quiz game!] [They take turns asking the others
for quiz questions about themselves] [The others have to guess the answers] [They win points accordingly!] [The first one to go is V!] [Q] I went to get care after work a couple
days ago, what kind of care was it? [SUGA knows?] [Don’t look at mine]
Let’s not show the answers to each other. I know what area too. 1, 2, 3! [What will the members have written down?]
OK. [They all have different answers]
– Oh yeah! – Really? [Jung Kook got it right?] – This is it! – Yeah!
– Yeah. – This is it! – This is it!
– Yeah. – Yeah. [Nail care is correct!]
– This is it. – Answer! [Jung Kook got it correctly]
– OK! – This is it. Wow. 1 point. It’s hard. – We all ate dinner together.
– Yes. [Q] How many fried rolls did I have? [Did you count?]
I counted earlier. Did you eat a lot? [Secret~]
Well… [V ad Jung Kook’s telepathy?]
I share a telepathy with Jung Kook. 1, 2, 3! – Jung Kook!
– Jung Kook, 4! [The most common answer is 4!]
– 4. – 4! – 4. [Not 4! The answer is 7!]
– 4 is a lot .- 7? – 7. – Did you have 7?
– You ate a lot. [Jung Kook ate a lot more than they expected]
– I ate a lot. – Why did you eat so many? [They’re angry that he ate so many (?)]
They were really big too. No wonder we ran out. [Speechless] There was fried squid, fried onion
rings too but you only ate the fried rolls. [Jung Kook’s TMI]
I only like the fried seaweed rolls. [Jung Kook only likes fried seaweed rolls!]
– I only like those. – OK. [Jin is next!] – Next.
– Wow. OK. [The others still don’t know what to ask]
What should I do? [Q] When I played a game yesterday, I said
“I’ll sleep after I win just one game”. What tie did I go to bed? How are we supposed to know? [The younger members are confused
about the time]
It’s either one of these two. – Yeah, one of these. – Yes!
– One of these two. 1, 2, 3! We believe in you! [They’re split into two answers]
– It’s either 6 or 8. – 6! 6! [Jin went to sleep at 6 after playing games]
6! [SUGA, j-hope, Jimin was right!] – I just guessed. – OK!
[Sad] – It was either 6 or 8. [They know each other so well]
I was confused between 8 and 6. – I got it right.
– Why did I think it was 8? I’ll go. [They’re still stuck on Jin’s question] – Was 6?
– It was either 6 or 8 but they sound similar. – I was thinking between 8 or 9.
– I brought it up. – So close. It’s hard to get delivery in our apartment. – Right?
– Yes. [They’ll know the answer to this one too?]
– So there’s not a lot to choose from. – Yes. [Question]
– There aren’t that many things to order in
Hannam-dong. – Yeah. [Q] What was the last take out food that
SUGA ordered? [Oh…]
Wait. [They’re surprised at the difficult question]
Wait. – We’re supposed to guess this?
– Shouldn’t you at least give us the category? [SUGA is not an easy person]
Remind yourselves that we live in Hannam-dong. There isn’t that much we can order. [Is there something on your mind, j-hope?]
Not that. – That’s… – At our apartment.
– Yeah. – We can’t get that. [I don’t know]
– I don’t know this one. – 1, 2, 3! Isn’t it chicken? [Chicken is the most common answer…?]
– Isn’t it sushi? – I don’t think we can get sushi.
– Nope. Halal food. [No one expected this at all]
This is… – I’ll go! [Sad]
I thought it was tteokbokki. [Q]
What is the color of my underwear today? [Sighs (?)]
– That’s… – I think I got a glimpse of it. – I saw it.
– You did? When? [When were changing] [Changing time]
– When you were changing. – When you
were changing. Yeah. The band color or no? – No no the overall tone [Not that band,
the main color!] – No, the main color. [SUGA knows best?]
– That color. – This is… This was an easy one. – j-hope. – No changes allowed! 1, 2!
– Hold on, let me write it down! [After 8 years, they know each other well(?)]
– j-hope only wears two kinds. – All done! j-hope only wears two. It’s one or
the either. – 1, 2, 3!
– It’s 50:50. [Black and white, blue] – I’ll take the path that
no one took. – What color is it? I’ll go the path no one took! [The answer is white]
White! [I knew it]
He only wears either black or white. – I know him well
– Yeah. [Has a lot to say] – That specific brand
in 2 colors. – Yeah. [7 soulmates] – Yeah, yeah.
– j-hope only wears one or the either.
– I wrote blue. – I got goosebumps. – I got blue.
– I got rid of blue a long time ago. [As if he stopped wearing diapers…]
– You did? – Wow. [Knows j-hope well] [They’re sharing
so much TMI] I got rid of all of them. [With this quiz] – He doesn’t wear other brands.
– White! Yeah. [Q] I went to the hospital a couple days ago.
Which hospital did I go to? What day? – Why did I have to go?
[Weekend] – I went on the weekend. [If you are interested in me a little bit] If you
know me just a little, you’ll be able to guess. [An answer that they’d be able to
guess right away!] You went this weekend? – Yes, I went this weekend.
– Last week then. [Hmm] [What was it] – Wait, wait…
[They all have a guess] – If you’re interested in me. – I heard about this.
– It’s confusing though. To be honest, it’s not easy
for me to bring this up. What was it? – I mentioned it a couple times.
– Wait, wait, wait. [An eraser please] – Let me erase this.
– Hurry… – Hold on. – Can I have 10 more seconds?
– There are so many different types of
hospitals. [What hospital is RM looking for (?)]
– 10 seconds. – What kind of hospital? Are there than many to choose from? [Jin is already done]
– Please count to 5. – Not that many. [No one can remember]
I can’t remember it. – Just right down anything.
Who would know? – I saw it too. All sorts of hospitals. [Looking forward to it]
– Isn’t it this? The dentist? – Namjoon! Isn’t it this?
– The dentist! [The answer is the dentist!]
– Answer is dentist. – The dentist. I got it right! I wrote dentist. [Knows the reason too]
– Your wisdom tooth! – Wisdom tooth. – Wisdom tooth! Wisdom tooth!
– I talked about scaling a couple times. [Too bad] – Wisdom tooth!
– I don’t go to the doctor’s that often. – Yeah. [All right] – Is your toe OK?!
– My toe is fine. – Yes, OK. [Excited]
– I’m the only one that got it right. How was the visit to the internal
medicine doctor’s office? – Internal medicine… [Never heard of it]
– I never went. – I… I didn’t go.
– It’s fun. [Confident] – I got 3 right. 4.
– I got one… [Jimin got 3]
– You go3? – 3 or 4. Let’s go. The next one please! – This is too hard.
– OK. [Wants an easy one]
Let’s go with an easy one since you got a lot
correct already. [Guess along!]
– Come on. – This is TMI. – OK! – Here I go!
– What’s the answer. [Q]
What is written on the bottom of my left foot? [His feet are an issue all day long!] The right or the left.
That’s key everyone. [Let’s all close our eyes and think]
– I remember it as the left. – Wait. – The left?
– OK, OK! Here I go! I can figure it out since I love Jimin. – OK I… [I know that much] – Jimin,
you’re talking about what’s written on your
sock, right? – Yes. [Not the picture, just the writing!]
Not the picture. Just the writing! I drew the picture too. [Confident]
The bottom of your foot, right? The left foot! 1, 2, 3! [The answer!] [Scanning the answer]
Wow? [So many Wows!] – WOW!
– WOW! – Isn’t it Home? – It’s WOW, right? [It’s WOW!]
– That’s the right side. – The answer is WOW!
– Hmm! [Jin, RM, Jung Kook, V got it correct!]
WOW is right! – It’s WOW?
– Wasn’t it Hmm? [Hmm is on the right foot…]
– Hmm is on the right. – The right side. Hmm is on the right. [There was a 1/2 chance that WOW would
be correct! ] – Are we done? – OK the end.
– We’re done? What’s the next game? – Next.
– OK, I got 2 right. – The next game.
– Another one. [Next episode] [The quiz isn’t over yet]
– Jung Kook, Jung Kook! – V, V! Jung Kook! RM. “Fire”. j-hope “FAKE LOVE”. What’s this? [A question they want to share with ARMY
fans!] Let’s get the fans to guess too. Jin, “Fire”. [ASMR with BTS]
ASMR. ARMY. Let’s go! Are you ready? [They sing hip-hop, ballad, and teuroteu too!] [A more excited BTS is going to be bac!] [RM] [SUGA] [JIN] [J-HOPE] [JIMIN] [V] [JUNGKOOK] [RUN BTS]
[EP. 97 Pajama Party 1]

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