Roman Reigns Heel Tweet On Raw Crowd! Matt Hardy Teases BROKEN WWE! | WrestleTalk News April 2017

Roman Reigns Heel Tweet On Raw Crowd! Matt Hardy Teases BROKEN WWE! | WrestleTalk News April 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments on this video as I can. Almost exactly a year after his NXT debut,
Shinsuke Nakamura was finally called up to the main roster on last night’s Smackdown
Live. Not with a promo, or any kind of physical
interaction. But with a ring entrance based on how I dance
in my bedroom when no one’s watching. Nakamura did compete for the live crowd in
a dark match following Smackdown and 205 Live, though, beating Dolph Ziggler with a Kinshasa. It appears us fans weren’t the only ones
waiting for a Nakamura call-up, as many WWE wrestlers have tweeted their congratulations
to both Shinsuke and his fellow main roster debuter Tye Dillinger. It even led huge Nakamura fan Sasha Banks
to tweet: “Hfyjkjdtklfskmhrdg King!!! Send me to #SDLive – five emoji faces with
what I hope is drool coming out the side of their mouths”
This is quite the opposite to what Banks said just 24 hours before about next week’s “superstar
shake-up”: “I like Raw and I don’t want to go. I know I’ve said before I want to go to
Smackdown, but Raw’s my home right now.” She can’t be trusted, Bayley! On last night’s Talking Smack, Shane McMahon
revealed a little more about the mysterious “superstar shake-up”, teasing that nobody
is safe from a trade – and that even champions could end up switching brands. It’s probably being kept intentionally vague,
because WWE don’t know what a “superstar shake-up” is either. The post-Wrestlemania episode of Raw pulled
in a massive average of 3.76 million viewers – which will probably be the highest rated
Raw of the year, which is good right? Well, not really when you realise that’s
8% down from last year’s post-Mania Raw average of 4.09 million, and the two years
before that both drew over 5 million viewers each. At least your Raw review poll results make
for a better read, with an overwhelming 72% of you rating it the best possible score In
Awe, while 24% thought it slightly less impressive at Cor. Watch my Raw review in about 4 minutes right
here on WrestleTalk’s YouTube channel The opening segment to that episode featured
the incredibly negative crowd reaction to Roman Reigns, where The Big Dawg stood in
silence while fans chanted ‘f you Roman’, ‘delete’, ‘you suck’, ‘Roman sucks’,
‘shut the f up’, ‘asshole’ and ‘go away’ for 8 minutes. When Reigns finally spoke it was just one
line: “This is my yard now” – in reference to the property dispute he recently won against
the Undertaker. Reigns has continued this heelish attitude
on Twitter: “Loudest seg of the show. Maybe the loudest of the past 2 decades. And I could of stood there for another 15
min. #TheGuy #RAWaftermania”
Which brings up Dave Meltzer’s comments on Wrestling Observer Radio – booing Roman
will only make him stronger. Vince McMahon sits in the back, hears those
reactions and thinks, ‘Reigns gets a great response from the crowd!’ So they continue to push him at the top. If you really want to send WWE a message,
stay silent when Roman comes out. There’s nothing worse in professional wrestling
than indifference. The Hardys Boyz are experiencing a similar
case of crowd confusion – everyone’s chanting DELETE, despite their return as Team Xtreme. This is because Matt and Jeff’s ‘Broken’
gimmick is caught in an ownership battle between the Hardyz and TNA’s parent company Anthem
Sports & Entertainment. To get round this, Matt seems to be teasing
a new character on Twitter: The sheer NIRVANA of coming home to that DEAFENING
ovation at #Wrestlemania seems to have contained my CONDISHTION. If it CAN be contained. Although all those TANTALIZING chants from
the @WWEUniverse fans at the #RAWaftermania felt like TRIGGERS.. They made me feel… SAVAGE. Could we be getting SAVAGE Matt Hardy on WWE
TV soon? Watch my review of this week’s fantastic
post-Mania episode of Raw – with Finn Balor’s return and Kurt Angle getting announced as
the new GM – and find out who’s rumoured for the “Superstar shake-up” brand trades
by clicking the videos to the left and subscribe. I’m Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Roman Reigns Heel Tweet On Raw Crowd! Matt Hardy Teases BROKEN WWE! | WrestleTalk News April 2017

  1. tbh i would not be as unhappy about roman reigns being pushed to the top if he was turned into the most diabolical heel ever, even more than Kevin Owens

  2. tbh i would not be as unhappy about roman reigns being pushed to the top if he was turned into the most diabolical heel ever, even more than Kevin Owens

  3. It's amazing how stupid fans are. Reigns is at the top for a reason: he sells more merch than any other full-time wrestler and gets stronger reactions than anyone else. Smarks are fucking morons though and will probably still pay tons of cash to go boo him in person. I'm sure Vince is laughing his ass off.

  4. People say that John Cena and Roman Reigns are what has ruined WWE. Why are you watching the ruined product then, it's not like it's going to just stop.

  5. I've been watching since the WWF Attitude Era/WCW up to until now. Yes The Rock, Batista, Test was occasionally booed and hated which for me has the same physique/style as Roman Reigns. New fans here might be shocked since you might have missed those previous era. I've watched it, i've seen how they hated & booed The Rock, Batista, Test. Sir we have cable, WWF was shown every week on Star World and TNT on WCW so yes i know what i saw and heard. I don't see anything wrong on how Roman Reigns wrestle. And they say it is the same as Cena? I don't hate Cena, i respect him as a wrestler and how he contributed so much in the WWE ever since the Ruthless Agression Era. No hate on Cena, just not a fan. So now about Roman Reigns? Yes i am a fan. Now lets see if you can have a mature conversation with a 30yr old which have been a fan since WWF Attitude Era without getting hostile 🙂 oh and this geek has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. An IT Manager of a BPO Company who manages 300 people. A varsity of basketball, table-tennis, part of a dance group, purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I just don't understand the hostility if i admit i am a fan of Roman Reigns.

  6. I have no problem with Roman. But he needs to add a few moves. He does not have to become an ultimate technical guy. But maybe 2 or 3 variations of slams, 2 or 3 more variations of strikes, and an additional signature move besides superman punch. With his mic skills, just don't let him speak. He has more impact when he's silent and only speaks 2-5 words per promo.

  7. I always try to lip sync: "Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News, I'm Oli Davis and I will be replying to as many comments as I can."

  8. Hardy's to Smackdown! Pile it on SD! Can you imagine once the Broken Gimmick is won over, the interactions with Shane, AJ, and Ambrose!? Ha! Tag team division needs a lift there as well.

  9. right, because they're going to put the red belts on Smackdown and blue Belts on Smackdown lol. it's pretty obvious champs won't go anywhere

  10. STAY FUCKING SILENT FOR ROMAN REIGNS !!! They like reactions !! Gene Snitsky was booed and they push him for 2 years even a clean win over Kane !

  11. I really think he should name the character TAINTED Matt Hardy….NOT SAVAGE Matt Hardy (sounds to close to Randy)

  12. The bit about Roman is so true. He gets the biggest reaction of anyone on the roster. If it's loud, it's working, and right now people have a tremendous emotional investment in him. Kayfabe is dead. This is a new era of heel work.

  13. They botched the debut of Shinsuke in spectacular fashion. How god damned stupid are the writers, HHH, and Vince? So fucking stupid.

  14. please god no, broken matt hardy was a horrible gimmick in TNA. felt like it made matt a joke, and then jeff.

  15. Also, the fans shouldn't just be quiet. They should be silent, and turn their backs. Or better yet, just walk out. If any fans could do this incredible act, it's the WWE fans.

  16. Unlike cena, roman give 0 fuck about the crowd boooing him.. He is just doing what vince saids and getting paid.

  17. OMG! Savage Matt Hardy! It would be awesome if he roasts people when he cuts promo!
    Like When Someone says-"Who do you think you are interrupting Me?!"
    Matt Hardy Replies-"Your Father!"

  18. Gotta give credit where credit is due, Roman takes some serious bumps in some matches. Those barricade destruction spots had to fucking hurt. I'm interested in seeing where Roman will take all this heat since he seems to be embracing it now. Maybe another Sid Vicious influenced angle or a cocky, smug, monster brute that can get up 'n' comers over with the over protective grumpy guard dog gimmick.

  19. Screw what you guys say…the crowd booing at Roman was the BEST thing that i've seen from Raw in recent memory. I just hope this continues to be a thing and he sucks up the limelight. He is this generation's Batista

  20. if he does use his broken gimmick and they know it works they wo
    n't do it its just wwe and how they are but it should be savage yeeesss uuhuh yeeesss!!!!!

  21. I don't get the hate for Reigns since he performs well and has good moveset but I also don't feel a single bit of "face" in that #TheGuy gimmick. Which is why a heel turn would be the best for him now. Also, heels are supposed to get an earth-shattering boo so that would solve the problem with the haters

  22. hwat brand is Paige on? cuz if a Superstar Shake-up is anything like a Shake Weight then there will be more than cameras being pointed at her. hope injuries and wellness strikes don't keep her from adding to the Women's Revolution.

  23. it took you how many videos to say that to the people just be quiet I have been saying that for years now! any reaction is a good reaction in pro wrestling!

  24. Wow, Roman really thinks he's something, doesn't he? Anybody could have been pushed to the moon and gotten the same reaction, you smug fuck.

  25. Oli, can you stop mentioning ratings if it's just TV? We know the world of TV is dying, I bet every program loses some % yearly due to the uprising of stream services etc.


  26. my only question about the broken hardy lawsuit is why does TNA want to own the gimmick if the Hardys are not in the company anymore what are they gonna try and pull a fake Razor Ramon and just use different people if so then good luck because most of the crowd will know who the Hardys are or is it because they just want to say they own it.

  27. TNA or GFW or whatever name they're calling themselves these days should just sell the "BROKEN" Gimmick for whatever they can get. Then they might be able to pay some of their stars back.

  28. i actually don't mind Roman Reigns. I hope he has a bright future in WWE. I reckon he can. What WWE needs to realise is they need to play the long game with Reigns if they want him to be the new face of WWE.

    The babyface Roman Reigns is not working. Let him be a heel. Let him feed off the fans hate. We might even get a better Roman Reigns out of it. Right now you have babyfaces that are over the moon i'm talking guys like Nakamura, Sami Zayn, Aj Styles, Seth Rollins, Matt and Jeff Hardy, and even to a degree Dean Ambrose use them as your focus right now. Use them as the faces of WWE right now. Let Roman be a heel.

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