Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade & Angel Garza: Raw, March 23, 2020

Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade & Angel Garza: Raw, March 23, 2020

100 thoughts on “Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade & Angel Garza: Raw, March 23, 2020

  1. Y'know, I think I can get behind the Street Profits on commentary. But only once it's safe enough to bring back crowds.

  2. Ricochet is looking like he is becoming a jobber eric Young. Really tallented but trashly used. Also, he shaved his beard

  3. andrade is supposed to be the Us champion but hasnt done anything interesting during his reign just like nakamura.

  4. Vince: Wait a minute. You mean to tell Ricochet and Cedric aren't the same person? Well dammit let's put them in a team and bury them both at the same time

  5. With the way Cedric sold it by trying to get back up to his feet I think the elbow knocked him a bit loopy and it wasn’t supposed to be the finish. I don’t recall ever seeing Andrade winning a match with that elbow. Hope Cedric is ok.

  6. On the bright side Ricochet and Cedric performed well but sadly Cedric took the elbow clean and probably got hurt

  7. Cedric & Alexander there is something there. I think be a great tag team. Andre & angel are magic. They might have something here.

  8. The ref didn’t botched. I think cedric was suppoused to kick out but that elbow tho was too hard from andrade

  9. 😂😂😂ooh my word,Cedric is definitely getting buried after this,dude was supposed to kick out at two😂yet he kicks out after 3 and the bell ring,hell of a concussion that one😂😂

  10. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet deserves to be champion and yet they are more like jobbers but Andrade should defend his US title instead of teaming up with Angel Garza

  11. Cedric legitimately got knocked the f out there. Dam. That was brutal. Now if Jericho could make his Judas Effect look like that I can believe it as a serious finisher lol. But hope Cedric is ok.

  12. I feel bad…..I want the people to be there….because I hate hearing those hits…..they sound horrible…..for example


    I had full on volume until that came and made me shiver.

  13. ricochet from getting a wwe title chance against brock to jobbing to andrade and garza witin just a month he doesnt deserve this wwe stop this hes such a talented wrestler he deserves better and about cendric maybe take him back to 205 live were he was awesome instead of burrying him every freaking time

  14. Cedric decided to get the pin earlier because of how good that elbow shot worked. Damn good decision! Sadly the ref didn't realize that :/

  15. I think I know what happened. I definitely don't think that was supposed to be the finish, based on the ref's count and the reaction of commentary. I can tell when commentary is acting and they were genuinely surprised. I think Andrade went for the elbow, connected WAY too hard, knew he connected too hard, and called an audible. You could tell Ced was dazed but he still knew that wasn't supposed to be the finish based on the way he was crawling around after and on how Andrade had to pull him to the mat. I've actually had the honor of working with Cedric in the ring a few times, and he's WAY too good to forget a finish.

  16. Of course they needed a tag team to job to Andrade & Garza (aside from the random tag team title match that's another thing), it's just sad that both Cedric and RICOCHET (that hurts way more) were that tag team.

  17. Ref didn’t mess up. That elbow legitimately rocked Cedric, he was supposed to kick out but couldn’t, so ref was confused. You can see his delayed response

  18. Brock hits stroman with punch the guy starts criticizing him
    Now andrade who was earlier booked in some kind of doping or else, hits cedric with a brutal elbow and these m*fer finds it cool

  19. Why would you not have a pay off with Humberto finally winning the U.S title at mania after so much build up of close contests?! This is just great. A random tag title match is a better option for mania over something that has been building for quite some time.

  20. 6 month earlier both cedric and ricochet beat drew mcintyre in single match but now lets see where is drew and where is cedric and ricochet

  21. Reminds me of when Dolph Ziggler won with the Fameasser….The ref counted normally so it didnt look like a botch…

  22. I just wanna say I like the setup of the ring for this weeks raw, where the ramp is just behind the ring, giving less attention on the vacant chairs.

  23. So r we all just gonna ignore the fact that they edited out the part when we accidentally saw Andrade's …… 🌚🍑
    Edit: I was uncomfortable for the rest of the match…

  24. Cedric should be US or Intercontinental champion. Hell it's funny because he is better than both your world champions. Ignorant management.

  25. I wish they'd being back the bigger than life performance aspect and stop treating it like a sport . This is essentially trampoline flip wrestling that anyone could do in there backyard. Wrestling was built on personalities not " I can do a good backflip so cheer me on".

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