Richard Trumka breaks down issues in the Senate stimulus bill

Richard Trumka breaks down issues in the Senate stimulus bill

100 thoughts on “Richard Trumka breaks down issues in the Senate stimulus bill

  1. Someone once told me not to trust the government because this is the communist country I disagreed with him I am thinking otherwise…the country is heading to recession.

  2. This was all about money from the start China is the victim United States launched a chemical war against China over spilled now these things was done by The Mastermind in Russia carried out by the United States notice how all the hard-hit or enemies of Donald Trump what would happen if Donald Trump leave office in the state that is in now he probably would face jail time so why not hit New York all his enemies are getting it even in the United States but I know a lot of people won't believe what I say these chemicals were made in the United States this is not made by any animals I consumed by human and cough them someone that's so ridiculous that childish let all the scientist talk for real we need all the scientist to get together start speaking on their cell phones and social media and explain what's going on here this is not no animal caused all this they treat us like we stupid little children I wish all the scientist would explain this because there's no animals can do this this chemical warfare is going on here

  3. This dude is on this program to bad mouth "Mitch McConnell" and the Republican party… no other reason i see. it's the rats "chuck tumor" was the one with the green ad-ons that caused the delays. SHAMELESS RATS!!!! "FIRE CHUCK TUMOR" The HOUSE CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pensions?? In bill???wtf???WHY?!?😳 Money to help people is fine but money for pensions?!!? 🤔…NOOOOO WAY .

  5. Unions aren't an equal branch of the government and don't deserve special rights just cause they work at gambling casinos!

  6. So the democrats were holding out so they could satisfy their mafia union people? Once republicans take over they need to eradicate the unions and free up the economy from their chokehold.

  7. That's correct I was an RN for years. I traveled everywhere across the U.S. – no unions for nurses. Dumbasses

  8. How did the switching business ended by the blasphemers into social-liberal-secular immoral lives?
    Can you switch places of MOST🕎HOLY✡ONE. Is that Righteous?

    Now bear the all consequences coming up on earth and its being's. In a ORDER🗡🗡🏹🛡

  9. I would think the postal service of being there for sure. I watch them deliver my mail everyday 9 think that is a dangerous job you don't know what you're going to get off all this mail.I'm very careful I put it in a box and take open it with my gloves and then throw the outside envelopes out. And set the rest of it in the sun to sun kills the coronavirus then I read it later.

  10. The main necessary businesses were allowed to remain open, they always were. You don't need to bailout a functioning necessary business like the post office.

  11. If Pelosi didn't put in all her unnecessary things that had nothing to do with the coronavirus we could have used that money for the for the people.

  12. PEOPLE IT'S THE REPUBLICANS are THE ONES THAT DON'T DO FOR THE PEOPLE WHY is FAKE fox news NETWORK bringing up SOMETHING THAT wasn't on the bill GET off the airwaves YOUR USELESS to the PEOPLE

  13. The last time I sent anything through the US mail I think was back in 1986. Scale it down or get rid of it.

  14. Capitol hill policy makers dont care about pensions because they know theirs is garauntee and will never be touched.

  15. I'd bet these nurses and doctors dont have PPE because they refuse to pay the price gouges that they've hit the entire nation with for 100yrs.

  16. Democrats are doing corruption under the nose of the Americans! just imagine a Kennedy funding? WTF is that? Climate change BS, what is that? Democrats are pure evil. Wake up, people.


  18. postal workers are still working! and pensions have nothing to do with it either – and wtf why is this union guy privy to consulting whats in the bill?? so sick of the Dems

  19. Letter carriers don't congregate in large numbers on their routes, and they have no reason to touch other people. I'd think their jobs one of the safer ones.

  20. Well when we sell out all of our manufacturing to foreign countries we become dependent on those foreign countries and who is at blame for that s***.

  21. He's a jerk off ever since he became the UMW's president, I didn't vote for him and was condemned for it by my so called union brothers, so when he won he soon became the most corrupt president in the union ever. You would be better served and get better answers if you hosted a pet rock.

  22. VETO the corruption President Trump .. Congressional salaries ? Green deals? Keddedy center ? broadcasting ? Museums? Transparency please …I'm not smiling are you America? .. This debt will affects generations to come ..our children.time to reelect officials with terms … What's in the bill ??? All of it??? Please… Oh don't forget the invisible pandemic…like anyone could ..that's why all the medias harping continuously..promoting fear and panic among the masses… Next pushing the billion dollar vaccine for big pharms…may God have mercy on the people

  23. Their is a book FOR EMPLOYEES in the GOVERNMENT if DON'T do WHAT expected of in THAT book that two PARTYS signed to comply with NOT EVEN the BEST OF unions an get YOU off so don't BLAME the unions you meet the requirements of that book so DON'T complain

  24. This guy thinks we should just permanently pay people that don't feel the need to work. How looking does he expect businesses in America to be gone? New jobs will rapidly replace ones that left, they'll have to, the needs they service don't just go away.

  25. I hope we still have a country to live in after all this stimulus package – it won’t be the same USA we grew up in – WHAT DO I KNOW. Blessings to all and Best Wishes.

  26. What they are not telling you is those who need it won't get it. And, those who will get it probably won't get it for another four months. I read an article last night that said some recipients would not see their checks for several months. What is that shite?

  27. !! is there a clause in the 'bill' that has a 'rider' pork for 4 trillion smackeroo's for corp america bond bailout???!!!! wtf!!!! is this true! somebody

  28. "We".. So trumpka is an elected official? This is added waste. Why give $2trillion straight to people and business when you can suck 20% out in bureacracy before it even goes out.

  29. Screw the post office …screw the Kennedy building …screw planned Parenthood…screw daca…this such a joke…this not for the people…get nancy chuck and there leader aoc in gittmo…god help us all

  30. The Real Impacts from tRUMPs Tariffs: Say an automaker was buying a part from China that cost $100 last year. Tacking on the new tariffs is forcing the Chinese producer to raise its price to $120. So the U.S. manufacturer shifts orders to a Malaysian supplier that charges $110. The U.S. gets no tariff revenue from that sale. But the carmaker is paying $10 or 10% more, strictly because the duties prevent it from sourcing from the world’s most efficient producers in China. When those differences are multiplied by hundreds of thousands of products, U.S. consumers end up paying a lot more for much of what they buy than they did in the pre-Trump-tariff era.

    That extra cost—the $10 in our example—is the deadweight burden. Every dollar in deadweight cost reduces national income by the same amount and is a direct hit to our economy.

    In a paper published last May for a New York Federal Reserve website, economists from Columbia, Princeton, and the N.Y. Fed calculated the deadweight costs of Trump tariffs then covering around $350 billion in Chinese products. They put the annual burden at $620 per U.S. household, or a total of $80 billion. Keep in mind that Trump also hit over $30 billion in steel and aluminum imports with heavy duties. All told, a reasonable estimate of the deadweight costs on almost $400 billion in exports is around $90 billion. The trade war’s toll doesn’t stop there. Trump’s offensive prompted China to fire back with high tariffs on $110 billion in U.S. exports, chiefly agricultural commodities and steel. Those big taxes have hammered our sales to China. By Fortune’s estimate, the retaliatory duties are subtracting another $20 billion a year from the U.S. economy.

    If the administration erased tariffs only on Chinese and global steel and aluminum imports, and China responded by erasing duties on our exports, our economy would swell by roughly $110 billion a year. That’s the $90 billion from eliminating deadweight costs on Chinese goods plus steel and aluminum, plus $20 billion from boosting our farm and steel sales to China. On last year’s GDP of around $21 trillion, the extra $110 billion would add 0.5 points to growth.

    But if Trump managed to eliminate the additional tariffs we impose on other nations, mainly for textiles and farm products, and those nations returned the favor by dropping duties on the goods they buy from us, the zero-tariff policy would likely add another tenth of a point or two, adding, say, 0.7% of GDP to our future rate of growth.

    That may not sound like much in a year when most banks and research firms predict that national income will plummet by 5% or even more. But it’s a big number. Adding 0.7% to the widespread forecast of 2% that prevailed before the virus struck would have lifted growth by 35%. That cushion could offset one-seventh of a 5% downturn. Or more. The greatest gift to U.S. industry: the signal that Trump is switching from trade warrior to peacemaker. It was the ratcheting up in tariffs during 2018 that took the spark out of the Trump economy. Assurances that protectionism is no longer a core policy could unleash animal spirits that went dormant even before the virus hit.

    Trump already shown flexibility on the issue. In 2018, he reversed course by removing duties on steel and aluminum imports from Canada that he’d previously imposed. In January, he signed the Phase One deal that lowered tariffs on $112 billion in consumer goods from China and put threatened tariffs on another $160 billion in its exports to the U.S. on hold.

  31. So now we have the labor union telling the government how to run things. Not even voted in!!!!!
    How slowly the curtain is being pulled back…

  32. This is going to cost US around $4trillion by the time it's all said and done, the bill will be taken out of China for sure

  33. These union scumbags are the reasons why jobs are overseas in the first place, most of the pensions are underwater because of these current and former Union presidents, artificially raising the price of labour while taking their cut of the proceeds and then they complaining when there's not enough money. You pieces of crap are the root cause of all this

  34. Solar panels have been made almost inefficient due to chemtrails
    No sun, no power. Demand the end of spraying.

  35. The people who that are on social security should get a stimulus checkwe don't have no money to pay our bills we spend it on food and toilet paper we need to check to just like the American$1,200 to just like everybody else

  36. This whole bill could have been avoided if they just lifted the income tax and made it pro active starting Jan first

  37. With 2 Trillion—you could give every tax payer in America a million dollars———and that would stimulate the economy

  38. Richard Trumka said he became a union leader not to help workers, but to be a socialist activist. He and Wade Rathke were big hitters for getting union votes for Obama. Of course this stimulus package isn't socialist, er….. expansive enough.

  39. No Fly Nancy, wanted to Impeach Our President for delaying funds to Ukraine. What is the penalty for withholding funds from Americans in a pandemic, crisis, Nancy? 🇺🇸🗽

  40. The President requested those items to be in the bill early on. No Fly Nancy, wanted to Impeach Our President for delaying funds to Ukraine. What is the penalty for withholding funds from Americans in a pandemic, crisis, Nancy? 🇺🇸🗽

  41. Hey Richard; nurses don't have enough face masks because Obama didn't authorize the replenishment of the inventory after H1N1 pandemic. He was to busy w/ his WH parties & approving surveillance on Trump staffers. Don't lay everything at Trumps feet, Obama had to do his job & he barely did it. Also Richard; why are you just talking to Pelosi? She was the one that tried to add unrelated items to the bill & that's why the Republicans veto'd it the first time. If anything, why can't you talk w/ the Republican? Afraid they may give you new insight into reality, something the Dems don't want you to know?

  42. The only people in today's modern economy that have pensions are government workers federal workers Congress the Senate so the only thing that was left out I already going broke federal pensions so person this was an attempt to thunder swamp and it didn't work

  43. Let’s hear about the problems and fix them, but stop the whining which is what this sounds like especially coming from the unions!

  44. This guy is so full of it. And his wish list is like a communist dream. Union leaders are leeches on society.

  45. WTP (We The People of the world,) What are we going to do about it. Donate 4 hours of your time a week to design and create the future we all agree on, in out Mankind membership club, like Sam's Club. So we can fight against their Principality. Not all battles are fought with weapons, first, We have to win at their rules. But those who are Called or "moved" to do it. It takes all of us, and most can be done in your home, we need to enlist our Pony express, for memory cards, to keep our Union like Co-Op from having our records invaded. Homeless delivery service, get those you trust involved. We need necessities first open the home front food water, secure those laws and policies, even if you have to make them put you on the board Of water and EPA. Each of you have a talent, skill or a gift of something that you might not know what it is, We can create CVL (Computerized Video Lessons. POV eye glasses cams,) narration that can be translated into any language, so even poor country's have the tech to do what their country needs to make it better as we try to expand self abundance world wide. You can't have your normal life so do something NEW.
    Farmers are needing Co-Op's to save their farms, and we need Food for our movement to continue, because we want the products and services but do not want to have to take the mark of the beast in order to obtain them, even if we work more than just our membership dues, to get what we want and needs, lets design our future, maybe not as grand as the Venus Project or maybe even grander.

  46. Government people always think more about their pensions and benefits before the taxpayers that pay them for them

  47. Confirmed cases= China 81,285, America now in second place @ 75,075, Italy 74,836. America is set to reach the same number as China by this Sunday. America is set to have the highest confirmed cases by next week. It's your guess it could be by Easter, 150,000 or perhaps 200,000 +++ Already a quarter of the world is now in lockdown, why have you not done the same because the perfect storm is just days away now. Stock up on Paracetamol and Vitamin D. Both can help

  48. Trumka is complaining about pensions being protected well if they quit spending the pension money it would be there

  49. This money is for the people who are losing money not for Dems pet project money so now the people get less

  50. BS! Solar in was Pelosi's 1400 pages including carbon credits and a postal bailout. His union is a large part of the PO's problem. They want to be treated like government employees when they're a "private" business, one that can't compete in a market with competitors like UPS and Fedex, in addition to Amazon's extensive shipping network and their contractors. The P.O. accumulated all that debt despite annual subsidies of tax dollars! Let's be real! Regarding pension funds: should taxpayers underwrite state funds heavily invested in China? Between the new trade deal and global dissatisfaction with China over their hiding the virus those plans likely lose money. CA, for example, is said to have overloaded their pension fund with Chinese investments made by a Chinese individual who publicly stated that he was supporting the "motherland.". Sorry, that can't be the taxpayer's problem! It's time CA had to admit their fault and be accountable – balance their budget and stop supporting illegals!

  51. Those extra's were all talk ???
    Ok bud…why were they EVEN talking about adding THEM???


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