QUEEN OF THE SOUTH Season 3 | Episode 4 Recap Clip Compilation | USA Network Series

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH Season 3 | Episode 4 Recap Clip Compilation | USA Network Series

Arizona’s carved up
by five narcos. JAMES: Nothing comes in and
out without their say-so. They’re called “La Comisión.” But the power between
the five isn’t an even split. There’s Taza.
His tribe controls the border. So everything
goes through him. And Pecas,
he brings in the most product. He’s the boss. We’re gonna ship
out of state. We won’t be cutting
into anyone’s territory. No, but we still need
to transport through it. JAMES: They cut a deal with
that corrupt Sheriff Mayo. He makes sure no one else’s
product can get through. And they pay him
a pretty penny for it. About seven miles out that way
is a mass grave. It’s filled
with the bodies of dealers who thought just
what you’re thinking now. Set up business here. And don’t give
La Comisión a taste. (indistinct shouting) JAMES:
The graveyard of ambition. Trust me. We wanna break into this
market, it’s gonna cost blood. He asked me
if I have any comment before he goes
public with it, like he’s fixin’
to stick it up my ass. Gonna stick it up my ass. -Like he’s got me by the balls.
SAM: (grunts) MAYO: So, you know, he says
that to me, and suddenly, I got a question for him. (suspenseful music) ♪ ♪ Hold this.
Hold this pen! Stick it out there. That’s good.
You keep it there. (breathing rapidly) Okay, so, my question is… Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Don’t do this. (muffled whimpers) MAYO: Ah!
SAM: (muffled screams) It would appear not. (whimpering) (blade swishes, sloshes)
SAM: (gurgles) (grunts)
(body thumps) From the look of things, you should not
have sent that video. MAYO: This is my town. His tribe put all
their assets into it. When it failed, that’s when
Taza turned to selling drugs. They meet on Taza’s territory, but it’s Pecas
who calls the shots. He’s the redhead
with the temper to match. We don’t wanna cross him. ♪ ♪ TERESA: And the others? JAMES: They carry
their weight. But it’s Pecas and Taza
we need to convince. If they like us, we live. They don’t, we disappear. PECAS: That’s the business
you should’ve learned. Ooh. Because you have bigger balls
than any man I’ve ever met, to come and sit at our table
with a $10 million bounty on your head.
(chuckles) Saludos, chica. 10 million is a finite number. I’m here because I’m confident I can make you more than that. JAMES: Thank you
for meeting us. We know you’re busy men,
so we’ll be brief. We?
(shushes) PECAS: Go ahead, Miss Mendoza. I’ve come to ask for
safe passage for my product. Each one of you kicks in
8% of your profit. You share risks and provide
each other with protection. What I’m offering
is an extra contribution. You have a lot of enemies
back in Mexico. PECAS: We would not want
those enemies to become ours. Perhaps you’d be better off
taking your business out of Arizona,
while you still can. What if I brought something
else to the table? Oh, I’m sure we could
think of something. (chuckling) Sheriff Mayo. What do you know about Mayo? He’s setting up roadblocks
on your routes to get more money out of you. ♪ ♪ (grunts) ♪ ♪ Mami! Mami, no. (groans) ♪ ♪ Isabela, it’s okay. We’ve got some company. TERESA: It’s La Comisión.
You guys stay here. (tense music) ♪ ♪ TAZA: You have a lot
of heart, girl. I’ll give you that. Just give it to us straight. TAZA: Mayo’s in a coma. Not expected to regain
consciousness. Good news is the undersheriff
who’s taking over for him comes cheap. There’ll be
a little bit of heat to keep up appearances, but he’ll play nice, seeing what happened
to his predecessor. PECAS: You lucked out,
mera mera. You put us all
in a world of shit, but still we come out
smelling like roses. Do we have a deal? But you haven’t heard
the punch line yet. The guy who found Mayo,
maybe saved his life, he’s an illegal.
(laughs) PECAS: Tell me God
doesn’t have a sense of humor. Answer the question. (speaking Spanish)

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