Olympic Champion Helen Maroulis reacts to viral wrestling videos | Level Up!

Olympic Champion Helen Maroulis reacts to viral wrestling videos | Level Up!

We got a overhead throwing. Wait, wait, wait, what? Hey guys, I’m Olympic Gold
medalist Helen Maroulis. And it’s time to level up. Ooh, nasty shove… Oh my gosh. That was so beautiful. He did a suplex with his arm
around the head, that’s like, I know I got this, boom! Literally probably every
wrestling family has an experience like this. Where you end up probably
talking trash and before you know it, you’re wrestling your
family in your living room. We have a girl wrestling a guy. This looks like freestyle. Ooh, ooh, okay, that this
looks like this is Greco. This is Greco, that’s awesome. Going for the turn,
that’s going good. This is… Oh my gosh! And she goes right
back into it. This girl is literally
not afraid to throw. Which is actually pretty hard
to do especially sometimes when you’re wrestling guys. The strength difference
can be a challenge. Crystal you’re the bomb. Okay, taking down the dummies
into… wait, what? That’s awesome. We have these things
called dummy drills and you’ll do it for
conditioning, explosiveness. How did he not know that
there was a guy in a suit? Look it’s Nahshon. Hey, very crisp Nahshon. I like it, single to the trip. Nahshon, I’m scouting you Okay, we got a crash pad. And a mirror? Who thought that would be
a good idea to put a crash pad against the, ooh. Yeah, that’s what I was saying.
It just cracked. That’s how you know you’re addicted to the sport
when you literally just wrestle anywhere. That’s me It’s so crazy to look back on
myself wrestling when I first started out because
that was seven and there just weren’t any girls. So I just had to grow
up wrestling boys for about the first ten
years of my career. I just went out there literally
was oblivious that it’s a tough contact sport. I just thought, it’s this thing
where you do moves and it’s fun These are two sisters and
they’re just wrestling. One got pinned and
just put her hands up. That’s not correct defense but
you look great We got a overhead throwing,
wait, wait, wait, what. Why would you throw
somebody on a car? That was literally a
terrible idea. He was just not giving up. Ooh, into a throw, nice. That was a front headlock. Two on one to a front headlock. I don’t know old this kid
is but that’s awesome. Winning a gold
medal is amazing. I remember when I won,
I was just crying. And I just remember thinking,
wow God, normal people can
win the Olympics. For those of you out
there that are training and then wanna win Olympics one
day, there’s no secret, there’s no super power. You are enough.

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  1. Poxa vcs colocam o titulo do video em português no canal,mas nao tem o trabalho de subir uma legenda em português?da hora hein?

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