NXT Women’s Championship Battle Royal | WWE NXT 1/15/20 Full Show Review & Results

NXT Women’s Championship Battle Royal | WWE NXT 1/15/20 Full Show Review & Results

ladies and gentlemen all the time I get
called Negative Nancy folks all the time I get called Negative Nancy because all
I do is come here and complain people come at me and tell me eh see all you do
is complain all you do is complain about Monday Night Raw all you do is complain
about Friday Night Smackdown nothing fucking satisfies you this is the shit
that I get in my comments section down below this is the shit that I get on
Twitter this is the shit that I get on Instagram and Facebook people coming at
me and telling me that I’m nothing but Negative Nancy then all I do is come on
here and absolutely love bashing the WWE folks because nothing satisfies me folks
but for all those fucking clowns out there that call me Negative Nancy then
all I do is want it and I love to complain about the WWE folks well well
when WWE gives me something not to be negative about when they give me
positivity I will talk about positivity folks kind of like today’s episode of
NXT folks there’s nothing to talk negative about folks so today I’m not
going to be negative Nancy ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna be positive Nancy
tonight folks I’m gonna be positive AC ladies and gentlemen
because tonight’s episode of NXT folks was the absolutely perfect
professional wrestling show ladies and gentlemen
perfect okay absolutely perfect from start to finish folks NXT ladies and
gentlemen hit a fucking absolute grand slam ladies
and gentlemen they’re by far going to be the best fucking show of the
week and I even I haven’t even watched fucking Friday Night Smackdown yet folks
I don’t think fight a night Smackdown is going to top NXT tonight folks
you think Roman lanes versus fucking robbery are gonna fucking outperform
anything that’s fuckin NXT did tonight folks
I don’t think so ladies and gentlemen you think Lacey Evans and Sasha banks
are gonna outperform that fuckin woman’s battle royal
I don’t think so ladies and gentlemen NXT ladies and gentlemen hit a grand
slam tonight with this episode folks I’m even going out of the limb I’m going on
a limb in saying that this was the best NXT fucking episode ever produced ladies
and gentlemen ever produced folks because we had these two fantastic tag
team matches folks that they could probably be right now tag-team matches
of the fucking year ladies and gentlemen this women’s battle royal was absolutely
epic we got fucking surprises we got fucking great professional wrestling in
this battle royal ladies and gentlemen we got swerve versus Leo rush versus
Tyler breeze in a triple threat match to determine who’s gonna be in the fatal
4-way for the cruiserweight championship ladies and gentlemen we got Kushida and
Alex smiley versus the grizzled young veterans and another fantastic tag team
match ladies and gentlemen the storylines in this show folks were
chiefly getting attacked by the undisputed era was absolutely money
folks then the undisputed era coming on and
attacking Tomaso Champa recreating DIY ladies and gentlemen the storylines in
this man in this show was fucking phenomenal folks the professional
wrestling in this show was fucking phenomenal ladies and gentlemen and just
the overall quality of the show folks this was one of the
best NXT episodes ever Purdue’s ladies and gentlemen if this week’s episode of
NXT folks didn’t destroy aew folks I will be absolutely shocked folks that’s
how good this show was folks because if you turned on your television set folks
and you’re debating on which show the watch
AE w or NXT folks and you clicked over the NXT folks
you did not unclick that channel folks because from start to finish
you are glued to your television set you didn’t want to get up from your fuckin
chair and leave for one single minute because you were gonna miss something
fuckin awesome folks that’s how good this fuckin show us it had you at the
edge of your seat because you didn’t know who the fuck was gonna win any of
the fucking matches folks Matt riddle and peak ton versus Morgan Webster and
Mark Andrews folks you didn’t know who was gonna win that fucking match it
wasn’t fucking predictable Kushina and alex smiley versus young the
young crystals veterans you didn’t know who was gonna win that match neither
Tyler breeze Leo rush and oh Isiah swerve in a triple threat match you
didn’t know who was gonna win that match either folks and in the women’s fucking
battle royal you didn’t know who was gonna win that match either so and left
you in fucking all and left you in excitement it left few in a thoughts who
the fuck are gonna win these matches folks but when you see a match between
Roman fucking lames and Baron Corbin you automatically
fucking know who’s gonna win that damn match folks
you already know who’s gonna win that match folks it is very predictable who’s
going to win the match ladies and gentlemen and that’s why NXT stands
apart folks because they showcase their talent folks they give you matches that
we haven’t seen before folks Triple H continues to push the fucking
right buttons and McMahon continues to push the wrong
fucking box box when oh when are they going to give the keys to the kingdom to
this fucking genius Triple H Vox he proves he week in and
week out that he knows how the fucking run a professional wrestling show but
they don’t let this guy just fucking operate and take over all operation of
Monday Night Raw in all our operation of fucking Friday Night Smackdown so we can
turn those two brands back where they need to be folks it is absolutely
mind-boggling folks that Triple H has not taken over the main roster ladies
and gentlemen folks NXT tonight was 110 percent a perfect shell folks and if you
don’t fucking agree with me if you do not agree with me that NXT tonight was
110 percent the perfect wrestling show ladies and gentlemen you have to be
mental you have to have some fucking sickness you have to be some fucking
absolutely lunatic or you must be absolutely blind if you didn’t think
that this episode of NXT was absolutely perfect
fucking show ladies and gentlemen my god ladies jedem this was an absolutely
perfect perfect perfect shoelace gentlemen TAC team wrestling
was phenomenal the fans chanted tag-team wrestling the fans chanted this is
tag-team wrestling folks the fans were chanting this is awesome the fans were
chanting Mamma Mia the fans were chanting fight forever
ladies and gentlemen when the fans are chanting those fucking chance you know
you’re watching fucking perfection folks you’re watching perfection do you hear
any of those chants when you watch Monday Night Raw let’s be fucking
serious right now do you want do you hear any of those chants during Monday
Night Raw Friday Night Smackdown ladies and
gentlemen the answer is fucking no you do not hear anything folks you hear
cemetary silence ladies and gentlemen you hear fucking is so silent that you
hear a fucking pin drop in the arena folk because everyone is bored and
everyone is falling asleep when they’re watching a fucking boring match between
Roman reigns and Baron Corbin ladies and gentlemen when they’re watching the
fucking lucha house party and they’re fucking pinatas versus fucking no way
Jose and some other fucking clown ladies do gentlemen
seriously NXT was the fucking absolute perfect shell folks from start to finish
you were glued to your fucking television set your ass was on that seat
and you if you fucking had to go pee to go to the bathroom you peed on yourself
folks you absolutely peed on yourself if you had to go to the fucking bathroom
and take a fucking shit you shit it on yourself to folks because you didn’t get
up from that chair and miss not one second of those not one second of this
show that’s how good this show was tonight so for all those clowns that
call me Negative Nancy folks when WWE gives me something positive to talk
about I will talk positive about it but if they’re gonna fucking bored me to
death I’m going to tear them to smithereens folks and that’s what I do
here on the channel I give you my most honest review that you’re not gonna hear
anywhere else ladies and gentlemen that’s what you can hear right here on
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you know to this past week Monday Night Raw our viewers streaming live right now
on the channel the show can never keep their fucking momentum going folks
Monday nitro started out great but momentum went straight down the fuckin
tube Monday Night Raw cannot keep the momentum going go and check that video
out streaming live right now on channel aew review is streaming live right now
on the channel Cody Rhodes answers mjf challenge and stipulations to his match
go and check out that aew review is also streaming alive right now on the channel
folks but enough of that folks let’s get into this NXT review folks one of the
best NXT shows that I’ve ever seen folks ladies and gentlemen we start this show
we start the show with Keef we start the show with Keith Lee folks Keith Lee
probably one of the hottest WWE Superstars right now on the planet folks
the guy is fucking absolutely Red Hots and Triple H is keeping Keith sleaze
red-hot momentum going folks the man is called limitless folks Keith Lee is
called limitless folks when you think about limitless superstars folks you
think about ricochet you think about drew McIntyre folks you think about
fucking Keith Lee folks the man is fucking absolutely limitless ladies and
gentlemen the man is 350 pounds and he moves in the fucking ring like he’s a
goddamn cruise away folks the man can do it all the man can do it all and now
he’s the number one contender for the North American Championship folks that’s
gonna take place next week against Roddick strong folks so the man comes
out and says that the undisputed eras era and their reign of terror in NXT
folks of them having all the gold in NXT is going to come to an end folks he’s
challenging the NXT in saying that he’s gonna stop the NXT NXT undisputed era
folks so I’ll come the unexploited they attacked Keith Lee folks they beat
him down they even injured his leg with a fucking steel chair they put his they
put his leg through a steel chair and I think it’s rhotic strong or wanted me a
member from an undisputed era come down on his leg and hurt his leg ladies in
general so they attack Keith Lee they’re trying to keep him out of commission
because they don’t want him to take the North American Championship next week
folks so they attack he flee to start to show folks so not right off the bat
we’re getting a storyline developing folks fucking money absolutely money I
absolutely love this spot folks then we move on from that we get the first the
the first round matchup in the dusty rose tag team classic folks and we get
Pete Dunn we’re with Matt riddle vs flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews
ladies and gentlemen and when I say holy shit ladies and
gentlemen this match was holy shit this match was fucking awesome people were
chanting fight forever people were chanting disis tag-team wrestling ladies
and gentlemen folks when you hear chance like that folks the fans are not
chanting just a chant it folks defending us not chanting it just to be cool the
fans are chanting it because they feel excited legitimate they appreciate what
they see in the ring ladies and gentlemen and I was very SPECT skeptical
of seeing Pete Dunn and Matt Wright on a tag team match together as taxi partners
first I didn’t know what to expect but folks
Matt riddle and Pete Dunn making excellent fucking taxi please Joe to
know that Matt riddle came from the UFC ladies and gentlemen and see what he has
become now in the WWE is so the phenomenal latest chapter if you
really want to think about it this guy has grown into a superstar in
the WWE folks the guy used to be an MMA fighter the guy used to be an MMA
fighter and now he is one of the biggest stars in the WWE and his wrestling
skills are just getting better and better ladies gentlemen this tag-team
match was phenomenal legitimate absolutely phenomenal folks I’m going
out on a limb right now this is probably gonna be a fucking tag-team match of the
Year contender ladies and gentleman that’s how good this tag-team match was
folks this is tag-team wrestling why can’t we get this tag-team wrestling on
the fucking main roster folks absolutely mind-boggling that we can’t just can’t
get this type of taxing wrestling on the main roster folks but Pete Dunn and Matt
reto bead flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews and a phenomenal match folks I
never seen flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews wrestle until I saw NXT fucking
a Blackpool takeover last week I didn’t know until I saw these guys wrestle they
could fucking go in the ring ladies gentlemen and they fucking brung it
tonight against Pete Dunn the Matt riddle the match was phenomenal folks
but the right team won paint done Matt rare to win the match they move on to
face imperium next week which should be another fantastic tag team match folks
what a fuckin match folks moving on tomaso chompers in the ring too macho
Champa makes his way down to the rim I’ll rent ramp and into the ring as his
music sounds and enters the arena the crowd chants Champa starts speaking
saying Adam Cole is on his hit list no more waiting no more decisions I am
taking back my life as he drops the mic Champa fights off undisputed era of Adam
Cole Champa all races stays down even as they stomp him into the corner
Johnny Gargano out folks Johnny Gargano comes out to
help Tommaso Champa folks they fight off on this Peter arrow ladies and gentlemen
and DIY is reborn folks DIY we have a reunion we got DIY back
tomaso Champa gets saved by Johnny gargano and DIY is back ladies gentleman
DIY is going to face mustache Mountain at worlds collide folks and that’s gonna
be another fantastic tag team match folks folks worlds collide is fucking
shaping up to be one fucking hell of a pay-per-view relationship my god the
matches that we’re gonna see on that fucking show we’re gonna get rare ripley
versus tony storm now we’re gonna get DIY versus mustache mountain we’re gonna
get on dispute of error versus fucking Imperium ladies and gentlemen that
fucking pay-per-view is gonna be phenomenal folks and when I first heard
that we’re gonna have another worlds collide pay for you I didn’t think
nothing of it folks but you know damn well I’m going to be watching that show
folks because that show it’s gonna be fun alkylation channel so DIY is reborn
again reunited Johnny Gargano comes out and helps
Tommaso Champa from the undisputed era moving on Kishida and Alex smiley versus
the grizzled young veterans folks another fantastic tag-team match this is
another match from the first round of dusty rose classic folks
Kushina and an addict smiley loose shockingly loose folks the grizzled
young veterans beat Kushida and alex smiley and a fantastic fucking match
folks another great tag team match on NXT and so far folks the show was
fucking phenomenal ladies and gentleman this was just the beginning of the
fucking shell folks an hour and a half into the show and nothing but
professional wrestling folks is what we thirst for folks this is what we call
for and Triple H gives us to us every fucking week and we can get this a
Monday or Friday fuckin nights folks Kushida Alex smiley lose to the grizzled
young veterans the grizzled young veterans move on next week to face the
undisputed era folks moving on triple threat match the
winner of this match will be inserted in a fatal 4-way match for the
cruiserweight championship at worlds collide Tyler breeze Leo rush and Isaiah
swerve Scott ladies and gentlemen and the right man won this match folks the
right man won this match because angel Garza is the cruiserweight champion
folks we already seen ain’t your Garza vs. Leo rush folks I don’t want to see
angel Garza versus Tyler breeze folks let’s give someone else a chance
let’s give someone else an opportunity and Triple H does that Triple H gives
fucking superstars up with two opportunities triple a’s gear superstars
a chance folks and isaiah swarf Scott got his fucking chance and got his
opportunity this man is gonna be inserted in the fatal 4-way match for
the cruiserweight title our worlds collide on a fucking pay-per-view so he
can showcase his talent ladies gentlemen what else can you ask for a fucking
chance folks and that’s what Triple H does he gives these guys a chance to go
out there and make a name for themselves folks
Isaiah swarf Scott wins the match he beats Tyler breeze and Leo rush and he’s
moving on to worlds collide for the fatal 4-way match for the cruiserweight
championship folks and then ladies and gentlemen the main event of the show the
women’s battle royal and the winner of the battle becomes the number one
contender for rail Ripley’s NXT Women’s Champion here folks
we had some surprises in this match folks we had some surprises we had
Kievan nut cake even Knox returning from injury
we had a Mercedes Martinez making her NXT debut
we even had Shayna Baisley return these gym everybody thought Shayna Baszler had
a one-way ticket to Monday Night Raw or a one-way ticket to Friday Night
Smackdown folks but Shayna Baszler appears
this Royal Rumble absolutely shocked me when I saw her I said okay Shayna bridge
is gonna win the battle royal she’s gonna win she didn’t win folks she
didn’t win the four women in this battle royal left standing folks was Bianca
bel-air Chelsey black hearts Shana Bay’s there any of Shorai lives if I was gonna
pick one of the four folks I’m going with Shayna Baszler because she has
dominated NXT folks she is dominating angsty but NXT did not
go down that route they did not go to the same shit over and over again he um
Chelsea Blackheart eliminates Shayna Baszler folks eliminate Shayna basil
then Bianca bel-air eliminates Chelsea Blackheart and then the final two women
in the matches yoshua and Bianca belly relationship and I desperately want to
go so I the win I desperately want it you’re sure right away but I’m hearing
rumors that yes your eye has a one-way ticket to the main roster because her
contract is gonna expire with the WWE so WW wants to try to keep her so they’re
gonna promote her or fucking demote her to the fucking main roster ladies Gino
so he’ll sure is probably heading into the main roster to the fucking demotion
folks the main roster supposed to be a fucking promotion but no now in 2020 is
a fucking demotion ladies gym because Monday Night Raw and Smackdown ah
fucking god-awful shows folks so I don’t know what the fuck you’re
sure is smoking I don’t know what drug dealer she’s dealing with now that she
even wants to go to the main roster she’s out of her fucking mind
but um Bianca Bella eliminates yosh Riley’s general Bianca Baylor wins and
now we have a match set up between Bianca bel-air versus Raya Ripley for
the NXT Women’s Championship and Pratt probably NXT poor little aged German you
know what I can’t wait I can’t wait because take my fucking money this match
is going to be great Bianca Paris Israel Ripley for the NXT
championship take my fucking money ladies take my
money take my money right now folks that’s gonna be a fucking one hell of a
match but Bianca brother’s not gonna be for here Ripley let’s be serious right
rheya Ripley is on a whole fucking another planet right now and I cannot
see NXT taking the title for this quickly folks
Bianca Bel Air is in the wrong place at the wrong time it’s rare Ripley’s
division folks it’s rare Ripley’s division indigenous lining up
competitors against her and Bianca Breyers gonna fall to the feet of ray
Ripley folks but it should be an awesome match folks well Briana Blair wins the
battle royal and she’s gonna go at it with ray Ripley I probably NXT Portland
folks and I can’t wait ladies gentlemen fantastic episode of NXT folks this show
was perfect absolutely perfectly yet but if you guys liked this review you guys
know what to hit that like button subscribe the channel don’t forget to
hit that Bell for all notification when I upload a video and I will see you guys
unfortunately for Friday night Samantha thank you guys so much

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  2. NXT is the perfect wrestling show! Triple H. does everything right running NXT! Each and every week NXT gives us professional wrestling and not a circus like Raw and Smackdown! wish Vince would hang it up already and let Triple H. takeover the whole WWE so he can make raw and smackdown great again.

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