No immediate plans to place ban on domestic travel: Acting DHS Secretary

No immediate plans to place ban on domestic travel: Acting DHS Secretary

100 thoughts on “No immediate plans to place ban on domestic travel: Acting DHS Secretary

  1. 340 deaths in the US, is less than 1 in a million. Is than worth destroying, everything? I guess it is.

  2. Someone needs to ask why a lowlife scumsucking liberal socialist democrat commie has shut down everything down in my state which is now called Illinoischicagocrookedcounty. He has even shut down parks, not allowing fishing, has shut down sporting goods stores, gun and ammo stores. Can't go fishing or practice Archery. Illinoischicagocrookedcounty is showing it's true colors of Communist Country. No more freedoms in Illinoischicagocrookedcounty

  3. What are Dems and Congress saying about this for godsakes….. closing the borders? omg!!
    Yeah things are looking serious for sure but not about the flu/virus…. the hunger games are on.

  4. Hey you can go traveling around if you want too , but where are you gonna go ? every state in America is infected lmao . My govenor is telling people to out to the parks and lakes , go fishing and camping lmao , go get infected and infect some more , great thinking man , so where I live nobody is paying attention to anything your'e saying ..They are just going like there's no big deal going on , no mask , no gloves , no whipes , no distancing . Oh yeah , I live in a red state , our second biggest industry is tourism , sure go to the lake, camp out , go to our pay parks and camp lmao

  5. This may have a serious impact on the spread of the flue virus. You may end up reducing the spread of many viruses.
    Power to the people.

  6. I went to the grocery store today , it was empty . Lot's of people , but no food , I'm there with my gloves on and my mask on and my whipes in my hand , everybody else , nope , people in the pharmacy all masked up and gloved up . I picked up my medicine and did get milk and eggs , Now all my medicines will be mailed to me from now on too . Whipe down the mail box too , whipe down everything man . Stores here do not spray the shopping carts , they do not spray the counters , the people stocking the shelves , no mask no gloves , I'd say the store is two thirds empty , freaky .

  7. I watched a church have sevices today , they did it outside so as not to be all bunched up in the building , not one mask in the whole group and sitting side by side in chairs , some people just don't get it .

  8. California and New York are on a stay-at home, mandate. Is this means the states' borders are also closed from vehicle travelers to enter and exit the borders as part of stay-at home strategy?

  9. Hi. I have commented on your make-up before and just have to say again, you really need a new make-up artist. Your under-eye make-up looks smudged and as if you have been crying or rubbing your eyes. You really need some lip liner to define you your lips. You should look crisp and awake, not like you just went through the hardest workday ever. This is only meant as constructive criticism.

  10. I did hear of people having church at a drive in movie theater , not many of those left , but great ideal .

  11. It's up to the Governors of each state so cannot blame Trump if your state locked down! That wall.that all the crybabies did not want sure would help right now. Meanwhile California! You wanted to be sanctuary city deal with your mess and stay out of ours!

  12. Funny the way anyone in law enforcement has a problem with language. A person becomes an individual. This individual. that individual. Individual, individual, individual. Sheesh already!! Try "person" for a change. Any cops reading this try, just once, replacing "individual" with "person" and see if the meaning changes. It doesn't. I understand why those in authority like to use words that have more syllables but it's getting more than a little tiresome. The guest speaker from DHS on your program is a fine example. Soooooooo predictable. But, "person" only has two syllables while "individual" has four. You cops are all the same. Take a few classes in English composition why don't you?

  13. censor anyone pushing shutdown, lockdown, or fake stats! in other words, all these idiots pushing the globalist agenda! all the politiical criminals gotta go, and this is the time! china lies, made in wuhan!

  14. Stop all flights now ! Why does government wait till the horses have left the barn before thinking to shut the door ? Do these people understand exponential growth. Why wait till it’s out of control ? If we locked down for 21 days we could stop the virus and have a much better chance of saving the economy. If we follow the current course the virus wont be controlled , the economy will be unrecoverable and we might loose the country. China is chomping at the bit for the US to show weakness. What country has a successful control on the virus, right, there isn’t one

  15. Are these people sick? Mentally yes but soon respiratory. Luck Canada keeping the Yanks out! You do it, Justin!

  16. Bioweapons are considered "the poor man's atomic bomb." China has poisoned the entire planet with an evolving virus– Red China just nuked us, gentlemen. Maybe Liberals can save us, by playing the race card???

  17. How many cases of the H1N1 before Obama called in an epidemic? No reports everyday about how many died and there was no horror or panic. This is bad but not as bad as the H1N1 that killed thousands including children. The news people and the liberal government employees have caused hysteria in the US citizens. Back off from causing more chaos and give the people hope.

  18. What is very frustrating to me is that this that so many viewer and comments lead me to believe people think this video is not only about the North and South borders but about shutting down "domestic travel" which is travel from state to state and city to City with in the United States of America. I pray I am wrong that people are blind to the meaning of this video and the possibility of this reality. "Aggressive measures"



  20. "Get your information from trusted sources like federal officials and state officials"???
    In Australia… 8 weeks ago our Chief medical officers and politicians were saying "nothing to worry about, no need to close the borders, just keep going about your business…"
    Yeah.. a real trusted source would have told us the truth from the beginning.

  21. With regard to trade carrying on between USA and Mexico/Canada, I trust border controls are checking contents of all trade trucks. The amount of illegal immigrants that came into UK from France via trucks comes to mind. 🤔

  22. The problem is the gov officials don't know the number of infection unless they test them, and they don't have enough test kit. Mean while the infected walk about spreading the virus without knowing himself asymptomatic and contagious. The incubation period it a time bomb. Better lockdown now and contain it before it too late. I just isolate myself and my family from this point on.

  23. 42 million babies were aborted last years. If we don't stop that, the plague keeps coming. (hint: human emotion did not come from amoeba)

  24. all states that have no infections should be quarantined in the effect that they keep working and drive the economy

  25. 2.4K Upvotes by people who still think Trump and Fox is telling the truth.
    "It'll miraculously go away".
    "It's no worse than the flu".
    "It's contained".
    "It's a media hoax".
    "I took it serious from the begining".

  26. Fox and Trump said from day 1 "'s no worse than the flu".
    Well 340 deaths out of 26,000 is 1.3%. THIRTEEN TIMES GREATER than the 0.1% of common flu.
    CDC estimates an infection rate of 40%-70% of total US population of 331M.
    That's 1,700,000 to 3,012,000 deaths.
    Trump was told in Dec, Jan, and again in Feb as to the severity but he disregarded each time. So yea:
    F Trump
    F Fox
    F Trump supporters.

  27. nobody should get one penny unless thier income qualifies them for welfare due to layoff. they will get Unemployment etc..

  28. You can transmit the virus with no symptoms, why ban domestic flights – that would make too much sense. This is being handled poorly on levels, and I could only imagine how much worse this would have been if Biden or Clinton were president – we'd still have flights coming in from Europe and China right now with those two PC-morons. Biden called shutting down flights racist and Xenophobic. Thanks that we at least have President Trump who is a Masculine Alpha leader who will pull the trigger on a non-popular PC decision when this gets to the breaking point.

  29. I am a longtume supporter of the president if they bailout big companies who movexd to China I will not support him I say that with heavy heart.

  30. Speaking of travel bans, you guys should see the amount of idiots who did not show up for work for fear of the spreading virus but congregated in a small town on the Oregon coast, which brought fear to the older local people there.

  31. Except to get home, I cannot imagine ANYONE wanting to get on a plane and breathe the same air in and out that everyone else is breathing, some of whom for sure are at least carriers, because well that's life in the corona lane. Many people have rspiratory problems all year long after flying so its a real hazard. Can't you disinfect a rental car and drive home in the states, why breathe that in?.

  32. Yeah, not going to happen. If I need to get somewhere and I don't get into contact with people I'm going. I'm not going to be part of this hysteria.

  33. 250,000 people die every year from the flu, and we don't shut down business or travel. 13,000 is a very small number!

  34. We cannot do a nation wide shut down. If we do then it’s martial law and we will lose our rights for sure and we will be no different then China. Trump has to act swiftly but not give in to the deep state plan. They are taking advantage of this pandemic too tank the economy by promoting a lock down and in the process our rights get suspended during that time. There will be guns blazing between the law abiding citizens and the tyrants if we go into martial law.

  35. This needs to happen. Do you realize how many idiots went to Florida for spring break? One kids said I’m young and it really doesn’t effect young people so if I get it I’ll will be ok.

  36. Just paid for two one-way tickets from Europe to Canada on Delta/KLM.
    $2,260 each.
    I said ONE WAY.
    Not business class. In COACH.
    Yes, $2,260 for an economy ticket, one-way, from Europe to Canada, March 30, 2020, which is a week from now.
    They’re not even selling round-trip tickets.
    In a way I hope the flight is cancelled and we’re stuck here!

  37. 29,000 cases in the US is destroying our complete economy because we don't have room in the hospitals to care for them. How did anyone survive 2018-2019 when we were told that over 167,000 were hospitalized for the flu and 1,000's of people died. What's up?

  38. See….this is the double talk that is confusing people and causing the spread of this virus. One minute the media and government is preaching social distancing, staying home, etc. Then you dont shutdown entirely which makes it appear less serious. I'm convinced that most of those in government are incapable of doing their jobs. Most of them are probably well off individuals who never worked hard a day in their life and their positions were handed to them because their families are connected. A bunch of idiots!

  39. I'm glad they have chosen not to totally shut down our country. Do want the companies who are serving the public, hospitals and their staff, the military who are still working on our behalf BIG Thank You.

  40. 2 months ago the Wuhan virus was on the news and so far the USA gov has done very little to prevent it from spreading. PEOPLE ARE DYING

  41. So mortality rate in the US is 0.013 percent right now. Why are we trashing our economy? The regular flu has killed over 20,000 just this year in the US. This has to be democratic media fearmongering to collapse our economy just to point at Trump and say "Orange man bad". Even Italy is admitting that a significant number of their deaths isn't even Corona related.

  42. That ad and especially the announcer at the beginning of this video is annoying and mostly irrelevant. This is below Fox News. Drop this crap, please.

  43. Canada: "Because of COVID-19, Canada won't be sending its team to the Japan Olympics unless they are postponed at least 12 months."
    Trump: "Canada is a terrible country!! Nasty of them, showing the world they don't believe in my promise of a miracle coming in April that will have the virus disappear!!"

  44. Don't travel unless absolutely necessary, just because your not working and have some extra cash doesn't mean it's time for a vacation somewhere else. Close the border to all except citizens returning home ( medical screening required). Only way to defeat the virus is to severely restrict it's ability to transmit among the people.

  45. You'd think this would be the first thing they would have put restrictions on if they were really worried about this virus spreading. You can't leave your house, but you can fly anywhere in the country you wish to? Doesn't make sense.

  46. They well as the medical department pushes they are putting 50,00 to with virus I’m sure there’s more cases not tested and more cases not reported 

  47. No interviews of anyone who has had it. Over 99 percent of those that have it, fully recover. Where are they? Where's video of people in hospitals? I don't know anyone who has it or anyone who knows anyone that has it. This is very odd. Something else is going on.

  48. Maria you are moving farther and farther to left daily. Who is really paying you? Are you helping or hurting? Menopause is a nasty thing. Try dieting or exercise. Do not become another Juan Williams

  49. Here is the stupid thing, they are forcing everyone to stay home but they are keeping daycare's open, babies and small kids are germy, talk about virus carrying, when my son years ago was in daycare, I was sick all the time, I got the flu two weeks in a row once, just got well then was sick with the flu 2 days later. So keeping daycare open is stupid, if the entire United States get sick and dies from the coronavirus it will be from that brainstorming idea, what a bunch of morons. Oh, and my son, he was never sick when I got sick, he carried the germs to me, once he was finished with daycare, I didn't get sick anymore.

  50. You know because governments have always been concerned about the health of their citizens.  That's why we have fluorinated water, GMO round ready up foods and a medication and vaccine for everyone.  Don't cha know?  Lock us down please.

  51. We need to distance ourselves from China. It makes no sense to be so dependent on a country that can not be trusted. We need to return the manufacturing to the US. Let’s start to depend on ourselves again. We have the capability. Why don’t we use it?

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