Nintendo References in WWE

Nintendo References in WWE

– [Zach] Wrestling and video games are like the two best
things in the world, and WWE and Nintendo are both leaders of their respective industries. While both companies produce different forms of entertainment, that hasn’t stopped
them from crossing over. It’s rare, but we have
seen Nintendo references slip into WWE, so let’s
take a look at a few. Long before he was smashing
thrones with sledgehammers, Cody Rhodes was a happy go lucky, second-generation star in WWE. Cody’s attire has always
been pretty simple, but during his early WWE days, his ring gear did include a reference to one of the greatest gaming
franchises of all time. If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan and you take a peek at Cody’s boots, you’ll notice a very iconic
symbol, the Triforce. No wonder his kicks were so devastating. He’s hitting you with
power, wisdom, and courage. Cody also confirmed
that it was the Triforce resting on his boots and even mentioned that he replays A Link to the Past yearly. Zelda is my favorite video game series, so I may be a little bias when
I say this is pretty cool. Before the Women’s Revolution was a thing, WWE had a habit of doing these sexy, costume battle royales around Halloween. 2011 was no different, as 11
of the current female stars got into the ring dressed up as all kinds of pop culture characters. Amongst the group was the Bella Twins who competed as Mario and Luigi. Nikki even had a Princess Peach doll that she used as a weapon. The match went pretty well for
the Bellas until Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres got their hands on them and eliminated the Super Mario Sisters. (Mario death sound) I guess 2008 was the year for
Nintendo references in WWE, as another member of the roster was also showing some gaming love. Having just returned at the Royal Rumble, John Cena still had
some unfinished business with the man who injured him, Randy Orton. They faced off at No Way Out and while everything was pretty normal, Cena came out sporting a new T-shirt. The tee is designed to
look like the box art you would see on an NES
game and it looks awesome. Seriously, it might be my
favorite John Cena shirt ever. I love that Nintendo Entertainment System is replaced with Sports
Entertainment System and that hustle, loyalty, and respect is made to look
like the official Nintendo seal. The back of the shirt
also displays the D-Pad with the corresponding
actions and animations. Good stuff. Now, let’s go back to the Attitude Era, specifically during late 1999, when Test and Stephanie
McMahon were engaged. Backstage during SmackDown, the two were opening wedding gifts, or more accurately, Stephanie
was opening the gifts while Test was playing WrestleMania
2000 on the Nintendo 64. Although, if you ask me, it
looks like he’s just pressing the exact same button repeatedly. As the presents got unwrapped,
Stephanie opened a letter saying there was a gift
waiting outside the arena. Test offered to go and retrieve it, and didn’t even pause his game. DX was so angry by this, they beat up Test and stuffed him in the trunk of a car. At least I’m pretty sure
that’s why they attacked him. Mauro Ranallo is a great
commentator for a lot of reasons, one of which is that he
name-dropped a Nintendo game during an NXT Takeover special. At the WarGames event in 2017, Audree was ready to compete
for the NXT Championship and was just waiting for
his opponent, Drew McIntyre. During the Scottish Psychopath’s entrance, Mauro Ranallo was recapping
McIntyre’s journey to becoming the NXT
champion and said this. – [Mauro] Nigel, McIntyre, more king than Super Mario Odyssey, and what an odyssey it has
been for the Great Scott. – [Zach] Maybe I’m easily impressed, but I thought this was pretty awesome. So any of you guys Nintendo fans? Let me know in the comments and which Nintendo
franchise is your favorite? Also, hit the left click button or tap the box on the right
to unlock more videos. With that, I’m Zach from Tap
Out Corner and take it easy. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. What about R Truth playing Pokemon Go for a Pikachu and a Jogglypuff in the arena and ring?

    And if he tried enough I heard those places could have fighting types. So look out for Poliwrath, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Machop etc. You might catch em Truth!

  2. Now this is great, My favourite YouTuber (Tap Out Corner) is talking about my favourite gaming company (Nintendo)'s references in my favourite sports show (WWE / Pro Wrestling)

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