Nerd³ Plays… Wrestling Revolution 3D – Outta Nowhere

Nerd³ Plays… Wrestling Revolution 3D – Outta Nowhere

Several years ago, I played a game called Hard Time, and Hard Time was a prison game based around a wrestling engine made by somebody called M Dickie. Well, this here just appeared on Steam, it’s called Wrestling Revolution 3D and it’s in the same engine, and it’s made by M Dickie. Oh God, oh God, oh God! We got several options to choose from: Training, Shows, Exhibition, Wrestling Career or Booking Career. We can do the training to learn how the game works. Okay! I think I know how to wrestle now! Yep, that’s all there is to it. Alright, that’s the training done. Let’s go to exhibition mode. One on one, Boomtown versus Geno White with Mat Dickie as the referee. We can change the script category. I mean we can add things – We can genuinely add interference and things. Anyone at any time! Rules – ah, okay, so preset, one-one-one – oh, I’ve skipped one, that’s good. Ironman, Last Laugh, Submission, Last Man Standing – To The Death! Wrestlers found to have no health will be eliminated! Ooh, shit. First Blood, Fist Fight… Shoot Fight? Opponents can be defeated by submission, knockout, or stoppage! Ooh. Triple Threat, Handicap, Tag Team, Tag Elimination, Simultaneous, War – War? Okay, I’ve had a play in a war game. It’s a team format. You can have 29 wrestlers! 29! But unfortunately, that’s not a double-ring mode. You can, however go to the arena and, apparently, set the ring to double, so you might actually be able to do… a war game sort of thing. Oh, I’ve just tapped over to that screen, and it’s started. (laughing) Holy fucking shit…! Do I have to go through 29 entrances now? OK – oh, no, the – (hysterical laughing) Fuck it… they all come out at the same time, saves money! (choking on laughter) There’s the Great Khali, there’s Big Show… There’s… I think I just saw Kane around the back there? I don’t know who these people are. This is “Team Boomtown”. They seem to be stuck behind Team Other Thing. There’s Team Police Officer. That one’s stuck – oh, is that one me? Oh, I look like a right tit on my appearance – hang on, am I champion? Oh, yeah, I’m champion! Oh shit, you do your actual own entrances. Oh, actually, from this view, that looked really cool for a second then. Alright, let’s get myself in the ring. All right, I’m in the ring and I actually just look like I’ve come out of Hard Time. Interesting. Okay, so um… Yeah, the camera you can’t really control very well, but I can tap my own little belt. I don’t actually know who’s on my team or if there’s any camera controls, but um… Maybe the start’s – I’ve done a roll – Oi! My championship! Mine! And the match has started! (laughing) Holy shit! So… Whose side am I on? Block Buster has been eliminated? It’s not me. No, it’s not me, I’m over there, the camera just decided to swing over there. Alright, I’m still…Still fraught with orange. OK, so we’ve been counted out there… Oh my fucking God, this is literally the best thing. “Get out” – is that the Rock? What? Why is the Rock there? I mean, he’s probably not called “The Rock”, he’s probably called “The Stone”. Woulda given his future then – Mr. President! Holy shit, that move was impressive, though! Did you see that? From one ring post to the other? Oh my God, is this actually a semi-decent wrestling game or am I just very tired? Don’t know. Probably a little bit of both. I’m actually here ‘cuz I don’t know who’s on whose team, so I’m just gonna hang out up here with a chair. Oh my God, I can jump off and clang someone with a chair… and then miss and then crawl over a man. Which is what I like to do in my free time. Bam that guy! Oh, he tried to hit me. I think he tried to hit me. Nobody’s – There’s no indicator of who’s on my team. Although I can swap control to… Anybody, actually, I think… Oh my God, I gotta get control of me back! Where am I?! I’m in this barney somewhere – Is that me? It might be – no, that’s not me. Is that me? No I’m standing up with a chair and I’m bapping someone with it – I’m better when I’m not playing! Basically, I’ve just got to hit this 29 times – where am I? Is that me? Think that’s me – yes! I’m back, baby! Well, somebody over here must be my enemy, so kill! I missed. I missed everyone and then I fell down. I’m gonna leave. I’m not cut out for this wrestling thing. Oh, somebody got my chair, OK – Let’s flee, let’s flee, let’s flee – the referee’s attacking someone! The ref – Oh, I accidentally swapped control and now I’m the ref! Yeah! Alright, I can count things. Oh, actually, I think I’m just… I think the ref just does whatever the fuck he wants. Alright, let’s go back to me. I think that’s me – yeah, I just got – Oh my God! Big Show’s a bit bloody… I think someone’s touching me inappropriately… Am I – yeah no, that’s me. I’m crawling out of the ring, it’s definitely me. Oh, I’m up on the table! I mean, there’s nobody near me – Shit, you want a barney? You want a fucking barney, mate? Oh, I’ve fallen through it – (laughing) He got put into the arena because the stairs slid under a thing and… It all makes sense. Uh-oh – okay, I’ve picked up the stairs. I’m just extracting them from the Arena. Wow. This is, ah… this is quite a sight. We’ve got a one there. Are we gonna get a two or a three? No. I’m going to jump in! Go! Clonk. Yeah, I got Bro… Bro Bones! I don’t actually know how to pin people, but I can pick up a chair and clonk people with it. Aha, I can change who I target like this… Okay, so I can go after Mike Bail. Oh, who’s this guy? Hang on. How do I know who I – Oh, there’s actually literally a physical crosshair on them. OK, can we physical crosshair… is this guy coming after me? You coming after me? You gonna come after me?! Bosh! Bosh! Gonna take you down, Gary Mullet! (chuckle) Gary Mallet, not Gary Mullet. Can I just walk away? I feel like this is a horrible idea. I’m going backstage! Oh, I can! Just fuck off backstage – Here we go. No, it’s fine! Leave, just leave, just leave. Shh… Nobody knew, nobody even knew you were here. Oh – (laughing) Well, that one’s going on Botchamania. Focus on the guy with the door. He looked defenseless a second ago. Don’t – Can you just beat yourself up? I was just targeting myself then. Kill myself! (laughing) Look, I’m – (failed attempts to speak while laughing) (squeaky laughing noises) (through laughter) What’s happening?! Look how much bigger I am than the crowd. Look at me in the crowd, it’s like “Which one’s he?” It’s like the shittest Where’s Wally. Oh, off the ropes! Shit the bed, that was awesome! You know what? And this is going to be the weirdest thing to say for this – This game is actually put together really nicely, like the actual… not the camera. Definitely not the camera. But, like, the dynamic… movement of everything. Like, if I go near the ropes and attack, you will use the rope to attack. It’s genuinely… Just genuinely sort of wellish, but- I don’t know! It’s a really good N64 game. That’s what I’m thinking so far. (fuzzy static noises)
Holy shit, what’s happened to the noise? Sounds like everything has exploded in the world. Whoa! Over the ropes I go, into the floor… Where, um, I’m not doing very well to be perfectly honest. I’m getting the shit creamed out of me… Where do I live? Where are all these people coming from? Crawl to the exit. Just crawl to the exit! I can see you through that gap! Just get up! Go! Just crawl! This is nothing but madness! Nothing but madness! Well, that was an… interesting match…! Anyway, um, maybe not a war. What about just a flow – Battle Royal. Wrestlers thrown on the floor will be eliminated. Yeah, fuck it. Venue. Gym, office! We’ll do it in an office. Four times furniture outside. Four times…Wait, hang on, so I can put, like… so I can put, like 26… um… tables… inside. That’s not gonna work, is it? (hysterical laughter) It’s worked! Oh my God, what’s happening?! Okay, good… So… There’s a – there’s just… furniture, furniture everywhere, a thousand tables all stacked up… I don’t know what’s happening. Apparently God of War is kicking the shit out of me, or I’m kicking the shit out of God of War… That – Oh my God, all of those tables are in a stack! Can I just climb this stack of tables? Keep climbing! so up there they go because it’s awesome Oh, oh – there they go! Look at them fall forever! Well, okay, so they all came on one big stack. That makes perfect sense. Eh… gyuh! Yeah, you need to fix the camera, and then you’ve literally got a great… stupid wrestling game here. Alright, always a dangerous move when your head’s already touching the ceiling, but here goes an attack! Oh my God, wait, shit shit, okay? We’ll ignore the strangeness there – Is there a dude on the right there who’s just standing on a book case? Yes, there is! There’s just a dude… on a book case. Can I jump out and join him? I wonder if I can just join – Can we target him? Or is he completely out of this? Oh my God, yes! Join him on the bookcase! No! Oh, fuck. Well, that was almost a great idea. Alright, we’re gonna do a one on one, just to see how the game actually works, between… All these people, et cetera… oh God, there’s a lot of them. Oh, we can select different rosters, as well. Aww~. All American Wrestling, Wrestling School, United Kingdom Wrestling, Strong Style Wrestling – Brock Laser! Brook Laser. Yes! Yes, I’m Brook Laser. And we’re going to go up against… Hang on – we go to Strong Style Wrestling…. We’re going to go up against Kirk Angle – Angel. Right yeah, none of that sort of shit, one on one, standard, a regular normal match, although it’s in a hexagon and there’s 30 chairs in the ring and 50 weapons outside the ring. Perfect! Ah. When it said chairs, what I thought was blue ones, I didn’t think – (laughing) (sputtering laughter) (gasping for breath while laughing) Oh, so – (laughing) Jesus Christ All right, we’re gonna try that again, but this time it’s 30… Ladders, all stacked up! Now, I can’t actually see where I am – oh we’re gonna do the entrances, of course! Do I have to come out myself? Are you going to bring me out? It’s gonna be – Oh, there you go, there’s – there’s Kirk Angel. (chuckle) There’s 30 ladders stacked up. Brilliant. Right – oh, he’s picked a ladder up. That’s a risky game – The referee’s climbing a ladder! That’s a riskier game. Oh yeah, here comes… Brook Laser! I get to control this! I get to do some taunts. No way! No way! No way! This is a terrible light – This is a hell of – Stop the match! This is a health and safety hazard! Stop! Kay, I came into the arena and immediately fell over. That’s a good start, that’s a good start… Alright, control! Fight! Why is the camera going up here? Oh, there we go – What’s happening? Oh no, it’s because I’m climbing up… There’s, like. 50 ladders – (dissolves into laughter) … on top of each other – Jump! Yes! No, he’s given me the pin! You piece of shit – okay, good. Good. Yeah, go fuck yourself – I can’t see a thing. Fucking… ladder prison match, this! Alright, shit, Brook, start climbing! Oh, no, the sheer weight of Brook Laser has pulled down many of the ladders! Think I’m jumping off – Oh, no. I’m still climbing – I’m still climbing, I’m just tired – I’ve climbed even higher! Jump! Smash him! Oh, smash him! Yes! Yes! No! No! Fight it! Fight it! Fight it! Fight it! Fight it – are we just gonna stay there? No – ooooohhhhh, ho-ho~! (applauding) Best wrestling game ever made. Best wrestling game… ever made! Holy shit! This… This just needs… Better camera control, and it is the definitive wrestling game. Alright, restart the match, or no the match is over. Alright, restart the match! Yeah, screw it! I’ll face you again, and I will battle you on the top of this place, on the precipice – Oh, he’s fallen off. Now, only a coward would leap onto the top of him – (loud laughter) I missed him! (soft laughter) I think I’m dead! Alright, go back in, neither want a three-count. I still haven’t worked out how to do basic things like Irish whip and pin and stuff I don’t think I’ve seen anyone get Irish whipped, also, the controls are all over the place. This is a… beautiful mess. I love it. I love this. Oh, referee’s just – why’s the referee got a mask on? Y’know what, I don’t need to know that. I don’t need to know that. Ow. Okay, the referee’s actually just trying to clear some fucking space – No! No! Rigged! Riiiiiiigged! So what if I bring the size of the arena way the fuck down? 25 – is that the size of the ring – if we just now go for, like, a standard ring, will that be 25, the size, but with… You know, 30 ladders in it, because that would be a beautiful thing, because then they’d have to stack even higher. We could climb even higher! Oh my fucking God! Best game ever made! hundred percent, hands down, the best wrestling game… of all time, ever! (chuckle) This ring ain’t big enough for the two of us – no, it’s not! He doesn’t know where he’s going! He’s doing some fucking tidying! Okay, just don’t knock that shit over… (chuckling softly) (distant thud)
What was that noise? I think he fell off! Alright, I’m doing the only logical thing: I… am… climbing! Oh, dear! The cameraman has gone weird! Did I teleport up there? Am I up there? Or am I still climbing up there? I’m gonna jump and see what happens. …I think the camera’s broken. I – oh – We got some movement, but I dunno if anything’s happened or not… I got – am I on the roof?! Oh, no, there we go! (laughing) Oh, he’s broken his neck…! (while laughing) Somebody call the paramedic! What is this mess? I love it! I am in love! I’m still – this is still my entrance! I can’t even get in the ring! Am I in the ring right now? Yes, I think I’m in the ring! Boom! Alright! Yeah, wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, and grab him and wrestle him… And what’s happened? I’m now crawling away – Oh, I kicked the ref in the back of the head… I’ve been skewered on a ring post… This is wrestling! Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap! Alright, that’s it… I’m going for a climb – oh, as the tower collapses around me – And – ah, fallen off it! C’mon, I can make it, I can make it! I can climb this! Alright, I’m climbing. I get to a certain height – Oh, there he goes! And he just falls off of it! These 30 ladders stacked on top of each other, that is quite a… Inconsiderately large amount of stuff… Shit, we’re gonna get counted out! In most games, you really don’t get counted out! C’mon! C’mon! C’mon! No! No! Stop! Kirk, you prick! Oh, 8, he’s trying to get back in! No, I’ve climbed the ladder by accident! Nonononono! Jump off! Jump off! We’ve both climbed the ladder! (chuckle) (laugh) (uproarious hyena laughter) (coughing) (coughing while laughing) (abortive attempt at talking, resumes laughing) (coughing) (laughing) Fuck! (slowly recovering from laughter) Never gonna beat this. Best video on the channel, calling it now, calling it now! So, um, 30-man Battle Royale – Pfft – (giggling madly) (snort) (wheezing laughter) I don’t even know where I am in this – I mean, there’s so – I don’t know who I’m playing as – Krindle is out – I mean… I’m somewhere in there, who am I – Oh, there you go, I’m Brook Laser still… Good, well, I’m still in, I think… I don’t know, who’s being elim – I – I don’t know what’s happening! (sound of a plane passing overhead)

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  1. I played this game when I was 4 I was good at the game but now I'm 8 I was 3 when hard time came out I was good to

  2. Weird thing is this game is actually pretty good despite it having the same budget as Lenny from The Simpson’s, also change the camera to No Mercy cause that current camera is WOOF

  3. This game is fantastic, someone needs to mod it and actually create somewhat of a story mode to it and 10/10 better than any WWE game ever

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  5. 9:45
    Dan makes the same mistake (reading angel as angle) in his google draw video, though it's much more entertaining there.

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