Naito is victorious after brutal war with Goto

Naito is victorious after brutal war with Goto

My third match,
I finally got my first win. It’s kind of… I have the same old bad habits.
I had to be more ‘Tranquilo’. Anyway, I was glad that he
was my third challenger, Now I’ll keep his name in mind. ‘La Dojo? La Dojo?’ That’s a pretty good name. I don’t know how many more matches are left,
but his G1 is over already, right? Just try your best
to at least reach the end. I may have become a ‘La Dojo’ fan. I think it’s a pretty good name.
Don’t you all agree? He’s due for a name change, isn’t he? If he wants to reinvent himself,
he should start with the name. Señor La Dojo.

37 thoughts on “Naito is victorious after brutal war with Goto

  1. Great Match, honestly if Goto was 2-0, this match will be more little more interesting to see but was a great match

  2. Wonder how long it'll be before some tells Naito that the shirt Goto is wearing actually is a part of the Los Angeles New Japan Dojo hence the term "LA Dojo".

  3. Not only did Goto lose both matches to people he lost to last year, Naito even got to bury him afterward, I'm losing my faith with this "New Goto"


    Señor LA DOJO – Naito
    Well… I guess is no IWGP IC Championship title shot for Goto. Oh well, he still has a chance to win this. G of G1 stands for Goto.

  5. Goto deserved to beat him!! We don't need Naito to be a finalist again. He's already the #2 champion in the company and needs to lose more in order to have more future IC title challengers.

  6. ここで内藤がやっと2連敗という地獄から脱出できて良かった

  7. あぁ、そうか ロサンゼルス道場か
    LA DOJOでラ・ドホね やっと分かった俺、鈍いなあ😅

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