Matt & Jeff Hardy Broken Gimmick Update! WWE Releases Former Tag Team Champion! | WrestleTalk News

Matt & Jeff Hardy Broken Gimmick Update! WWE Releases Former Tag Team Champion! | WrestleTalk News

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Matt and Jeff Hardy, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Revival, Tye Dillinger, Emma, Finn Balor and,
of course, Big Red Everything Erick Rowan – with all these wrestlers either returning
to or debuting on the main roster, a few current talents are going to lose out. And ahead of
next week’s Superstar Shake-Up, we have our first. WWE have announced the release
of former NXT tag team champion Simon Gotch, with their usual copy and paste statement:
“WWE has come to terms on a mutually agreed upon release with Simon Gotch as of today,
April 5, 2017. WWE wishes Gotch the best of all of his future endeavors.”
Gotch first signed with WWE in 2013, where he formed The Vaudevillians tag team with
Aiden English. The two would go onto become one-time NXT tag team champions before their
call-up in April last year. They were quickly inserted into the WWE Tag Team championship
picture, losing twice to The New Day’s longest ever title reign, and then started to slide
down the card. Backstage at last July’s WWE Draft episode
of Smackdown, Gotch reportedly had an altercation with Sin Cara, which brought the latter’s
undefeated backstage fight streak to a then 3-0. The former Hunico would later bring this
to 4-0, overcoming the fearsome Chris Jericho on a tour bus in November.
There have been various rumours on why WWE have released Gotch. Reddit user AdamRFox,
who accurately leaked Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger debuts before this week’s
Smackdown – actually posting footage of WWE production staff testing Nakamura’s entrance
lighting – claims that Gotch “was just ‘Bad’ as they put it. Simon put too many people
at risk everytime he wrestled. As far as the Vaudevillians go, there will be no new member.
Aiden English will be getting a singles push as time goes on.”
Dave Meltzer has backed this up on Wrestling Observer Radio, noting Gotch had his enemies
and the company wants to give English a solo run.
There was another rumour that Gotch had a fight with his tag team partner English backstage
at Wrestlemania, but this has been heavily debunked by the former Vaudevillian on Twitter:
Literally not one part of this is true, though props on possibly the worst fanfic I’ve ever
read. I’m in the process of lining up some interviews
and such. I’ll address everything soon. The post-Wrestlemania episode of Smackdown
drew an average of 2.89 million viewers, which is way up from last week’s 2.7, and even
more from last year’s post-Mania show, which only pulled in 2.44. That was pre-taped and
pre-brand split, though. 64% of you thought it was a ⅘ show at SmackTastic, while 18%
thought it even better, awarding the top rating of SmackDamn.
Wrestling News World are reporting a few interesting details about the Hardy Boyz’ DELIGHTFUL
WWE return, along with how the company are handling the Broken gimmick ownership battle
– where Impact Wrestling claim to hold the character rights.
The site claim that Matt’s wife Reby Sky has been working with WWE lawyers in the lawsuit,
and it was hoped to be cleared up before their Wrestlemania return. Unfortunately, the case
wasn’t resolved in time. WWE reportedly don’t want to give Impact
Wrestling any money for using the Broken gimmick, and will likely stay away from the actual
lawsuit. But this “does not mean they will not give Reby and the Hardys all of their
legal aid now that they are signed.” Wrestling News World note the TNA used the
‘Charismatic Enigma’ name for Jeff – which was used and developed in WWE – and that “may
be used as a precedent in the suit”. How should WWE have turned Sasha Banks heel
at Wrestlemania? Hear me fantasy book that in the brand new episode of The WrestleTalk
Show. And a former tag team champion has been released from WWE! Find out who by clicking
the videos to the left and subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Matt & Jeff Hardy Broken Gimmick Update! WWE Releases Former Tag Team Champion! | WrestleTalk News

  1. Not sure I'm the only one that thinks Aiden English needed a push ever since put on smackdown

  2. Summer Slam 2017: Broken Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt w/ special guest referee Brad Maddox

    make it happen WWE!

  3. 70,000 persons chanting delete, delete, delete….strange how the best part of WWE is characterized by stories developed out of struggles in tna/impact.

  4. TNA is salty af. What good is the gimmick to them anyway? The whole management of that company are pieces of shit.

  5. No in ring promo from the Hardy's on the post WM Raw. Plus very first match on the card. Not a good start for their return.

  6. I'm going to miss simon gotch I was hoping they would've put a team together with him tyler bate and jack Gallagher

  7. Gotch and English are horribly underrated. Something tells me English won't be far behind Gotch. I could see him as IC champ, but I don't know how far he can go with his current gimmick.

  8. So why won't they released Paige? She wants to leave I think it sucks they released others but keep someone that wants leave.

  9. Please. If TNA had the ability to come up with something as bizarrely entertaining and original as the whole Broken thing, they would be in the place they're in now, and have been in for years.

  10. If you go back and watch the Hall of Fame, Simon can be seen "photo bombing" every time the camera was on in his general direction. His eyes are always very wide open with a serious smirk… it's quite humorous, I have a few screen shots. The funniest is when he was 3 rows behind HHH and you can see him and Tyler Breeze both doing the eyes wide open while HHH is smiling and clapping.

  11. I personally hope the broken gimmick stayz where it iz, I'd prefer if the Hardy Boyz were the Hardy Boyz and not that crap gimmick.

  12. WWE might have to consider creating another show. There's just too much talent and they don't have the time to properly develop everyone. Remember when we had Raw, Smackdown, and ECW? A lot of wrestlers got developed during that era and some of our favorite mid carders made the jump to the main event. Jeff Hardy, RVD, Punk, etc. I know we got NXT but that's for development. Sending vets there is kinda a demotion. WWE is operating at a unbelievably high level right now (the brand split is a success, ESPN coverage, record setting PPVs), it's not that crazy to think about adding another weekly show. I just hate to see so much talent get released.

  13. ive got a better name for this video:
    "Broken hardy gimmick put on hold due to Anthem lawsuit & Simon Gotch released".

    we can stop clickbait, but it starts with the content creators.

  14. What Anthem is doing with the legal battle is stupid, but I think that people forget that WWE aren't the good guys in this. How many times have they not allowed people use the names they've had even before their WWE run after they've left. It's not like WWE is looking for the best of the Hardys, they just want to put every other wrestling promotion under.

  15. ill be replying to as many comments, replies to nobody. And thank god that intro "support wrestletalk" is gone, that shit is unecessary as fuck

  16. WWE wouldn't put the time and effort into Broken Matt Hardy the way TNA did. TNA was basically a sinking ship, and when Matt started being Broken, they really had nothing to lose at that point. And for some reason I get the feeling Matt & Jeff are just dropping in to say hello.

  17. That broken gimmick not going to fr its the wwe all we know is Jeff hardy the crazy MF jumping off ladders that gimmick only works at TNA cause they have no talent there fr

  18. I think they wanted to get rid of English too but Vince has promised that anyone from Eddie Guerrero's family will always have a job in WWE and English is Eddies son in law.

  19. mind jeff can use the broken and obselte music in wwe as jeff owns both of them as it his music and when matt 1st came in he was called cold blooded matt what matt used in another wrestling company and jeff can use willow as jeff used willow before tna and wasnt the hardys using broken in other companys like in japan and when they wrestled the bucks of youth then tna used the house of hardys when they didnt have no where to go untill they got orlando umm i think impact is screwed

  20. To go off of what you're saying, Wwe could also argue in that lawsuit the characters that tna used when Kurt angle and Christian joined the company since they are the same

  21. I'm not exactly a legal expert but I don't think the Hardy's charges of hypocrisy will help WWE any. In other words, just because Impact/TNA might have engaged in trademark 'infringement' in the past doesn't mean the WWE can do it to Impact. Even if it involves the same people. Even morally speaking I don't think the current owners of Impact Wrestling are necessarily very hypocritical. Because they did not own the company when Jeff was enigmatic. But with that said they are still a little hypocritical because they have to take moral and legal ownership of the company they now own – of past, present and future misdeeds. But about this specific case, I'm not even entirely sure Impact has a case here.

  22. Oh and if TNA does have a case then the WWE should really involve themselves by saying that they will do the same thing to them. Both for future shows and past shows (i.e. DVD releases). For example, Impact used the 'black crow' Sting character, which was developed in WCW and WCW is now owned by WWE. WWE can then threaten to sue Impact if it keeps selling and promoting DVDs that feature that gimmick. As well as all content, including You Tube content (which Impact Wrestling either directly or indirectly makes money from). And there are other examples they can use, as well. Perhaps involving Kurt Angle and his gimmick.

  23. Doesn't matter If they are Broken or extreme they are the greatest tag team in all the space and time 🙌

  24. I hate Simon gotch the guy blocked me on Twitter and instagram for no reason 😣 I'm so happy that they fired his ass

  25. With the broken gimmick we dont know what is in their contracts maybe impact own a percentage of that gimmick who knows.

  26. With the broken gimmick we dont know what is in their contracts maybe impact own a percentage of that gimmick who knows.

  27. I thought they should have given Heath Slater more of a push. Maybe they cashed in on that gimmick, and dropped it before it got old. If only they'd do the same with the new day, ginzo and big trash.

    Really though, as long as smackdown has good writers, and VKM keeps making raw stupid with his bad ideas, Smackdown will be the better show.

    And it also strikes me funny that they'll keep Sin Cara. That dude must wax a mean car.

  28. That's a good observation that the "Charismatic Enigma" was used in TNA, maybe that is leverage for the BROKEN characters to be used on WWE.

    I just hope that the BROKEN gimmick isn't reintroduce in a way that WWE has to re-do everything that was done in IMPACT in WWE, because that might hurt the BROKEN gimmick, which might turn into a broken idea.

  29. am i the only one who hopes reby king maxel and senor benjamin is on tv along Matt especially if they separate him from Jeff

  30. This is why wrestling is declining in popularity and is a bit shit these days because of the fact when a wrestler leaves For instance WWE or TNA, they have to either change their names and form a new character. This I think is destroying the business let the wrestlers take their names wherever they fucking choose

  31. If only he could turn heel,Jack Gallagher could have fit in with The Vaudvillains?Maybe I was in the minority,but I liked The Vaudvillains and thought Jack would have been a decent fit in their group?

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