Lacey Evans shares a special moment with her daughter: WWE Day Of: Crown Jewel

Lacey Evans shares a special moment with her daughter: WWE Day Of: Crown Jewel

100 thoughts on “Lacey Evans shares a special moment with her daughter: WWE Day Of: Crown Jewel

  1. Lacy is the only female WWE super from the state of South Carolina she is from Paris island besides Shelton Benjamin he is the only male WWE super star from the state he is from Orangeburg South Carolina

  2. That's more like it. Without make up like some 1960 cartoon gimmick. I like no lipstick, no makeup only straight up badass like sonya deville.

  3. Lacey, why do you have to show us what a lovely, sweet, caring and likeable person you are with such a cute little Daughter? WE'RE TRYING TO HATE YOU!

  4. Lacey Evans- Marine Corps Veteran, WWE Superstar and a mom. Give her some love, guys from a person who’s father was also a Marine Veteran

  5. So great to Lacy talking to her daughter just an hour before she had to get into character and be Lacy Evans where history in her match with Natalya at WWE Crown Jewel!

  6. Now that Lacey Evans is officially a baby face after giving the Women's Rights to Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks in just one freaking week, I salute her! Win that SmackDown Women's title and defeat Bayley!

  7. Lacey Evans is super underrated, this is literally the first time I've seen her break kayfabe and it's because it's a history making moment she wanted to share with her daughter.

  8. She low-key looks like Lily Rabe from American Horror Story. Especially her recent 1940's look from the latest season.

  9. Alicia Silverstone Bat Girl Lacey Evans Hailey Baldwin Bieber Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jaismine Alicia Silverstone Bat Girl Hailey Baldwin Bieber

  10. Lacey is a one lucky girl! Her daughter sounds cute and sweet. I'm glad Lacey got to shine in the bright lights of Crown Jewel. Her family must be SO proud of her!🤞❤❤❤

  11. SyedArsalan Asif Comingsoon is?Ronda Rousey Monday Raw material to no nights in the Next is in night and Tomorrow 🤔👱‍♀️

  12. 1) Lacey would have flourished in the attitude era with how committed she is to kayfabe
    2) she’s a real life badass. A former marine who could probably be the one to fight Ronda
    3) I feel like they haven’t had her reach her full potential. I want to see her go full rage in matches

  13. I like Heel Lacey, it’s a character, and very satirical. But with her being a mom, and her uniformed background. It’s so appropriate for her to have a solid push as a face.

  14. Oh lacey evans is married 😮😮 even she has a daughter omg she looks so young even i dont belive she is married 😴😯

  15. My feeling was to strong next time I will tone it down I love The WWE I been watching the wwe when it was called WWF when I was a child you are one of my favorite characters and I think you should have more opportunities to be grate in your carft I want you to win all your matches.

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