Keith Lee is challenged by Dijakovic & Priest: WWE NXT, March 25, 2020

Keith Lee is challenged by Dijakovic & Priest: WWE NXT, March 25, 2020

100 thoughts on “Keith Lee is challenged by Dijakovic & Priest: WWE NXT, March 25, 2020

  1. This is a dream triple threat match from Dominic and Kieth Lee rivalry to now having Damien Priest in the match up next week on NXT will steal the show.
    The prestige of the North American championship will go up and be amazing and great legacy.

  2. Wwe has to stop all these shows and stop making wrestlers wrestling for some weeks,and delay wm36 for some weeks too,wwe keep wrestlers at their home or at their accomodations,stop forcing them to get in contact with other wrestlers

  3. This freaking division is wonderful with these awesome superheavyweight superstars which are even able to fly despite the weight

  4. If I were to ever join NXT, the North American Champion would be the top prize in my eyes. I've loved the build of this title and ultimately see it thrive; Lee has been a solid champion this far with Dijakovic following the lead. Meanwhile you have Damian Priest waiting in wing, ready to pick the bones. I look forward to a plausible triple threat and even more so to who else they could throw in the mix.

  5. Lee, Priest, Dijakovic, just gave the NA championship a massive level up in prestige, and at this rate the NA championship is gonna match or surpass the IC championship in relevance and prestige

  6. Why isn’t Damian booked instead of Dominick, he’s more interesting he has a gimmick, a cool voice Dominick can jump a lot

  7. I'm loving this 3-way for the NA championship.
    Can't wait until Adam Cole loses the NXT championship so we can get some fresh match ups for that title as well.

  8. These guys are making me care about the North American Championship way more than I care about the NXT Championship right now. Hopefully after this feud ends and Adam Cole finally drops the belt to Dream the NXT title scene will freshen up.

  9. Methinks there’s that one his triple tussle of titans will not be for the faint of heart to see come next week is what I’m thinking right about now!

  10. "Maybe it's time you don't stand anymore."
    *takes nightstick*
    *drops microphone*
    That was incredibly ominous sounding.

  11. 2:36A white man standing above a knocked out black and knocked out Hispanic man
    No that's libtards perception of every cop in existence.

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